tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch.6

Black Rose Ch.6


Tim smiled as he watched now from a distance Luis in his home environment, watching as the freak with fangs fed freely on young men and women. How he felt sickened by him yet at the same time curious on how he was alive yet dead. But he smiled as he watched the vampire feed, watching his every move and making sure he won’t get caught. Luis was moving around slowly as the nightclub began to dance faster in the beat and tempo of the music.

Tim turned to the side and sipped his drink, looking out into the crowd for anyone who could be of interest to him. But he did see someone, someone who did not belong. This big mass of muscle walked into the place and looked like he was sniffing the area. His hair was cut short like an army soldier who was ready for war, torn sleeveless shirt and blue jeans with brown dusted boots.

This guy was far from Kansas, Tim thought as he watched this new comer. His head tilted a bit now as the man seemed to glare in the direction of Luis. Tim leaned forward as the man took two steps and became a huge mounted growling beast like thing.

Okay that was fucking weird… this man who was new to the place just turned into a big growling furry monster with a wolf like head and claws that looked like swords. This freak was now scaring everyone save Luis who he was staring at. Tim blinked as the realization that the freak with the fur coat was a lycanthrope.

The hulking giant lashed a claw over to Luis as Luis was obviously taken back at the size of the monster. Then it began, he knew it was gonna be like this, there was gonna be a fight of the beasts. Vampire against werewolf, two creatures of the night that hate the shit out of each other had just started to fight. Tim shoved a scared guy out of the way and looked straight at the big ugly thing and Luis.

Luis stepped back quickly, the time span from both fighters was cut short, and each move they performed was a split second. Luis backed off into the corner quickly to dodge the big claw. But as he dodged it, another one came and then another and then another. The big Pitt bull was swinging at Luis trying to catch the guy with just his speed. But Luis moved away from each blow as if nothing was happening.

The hulking beast growled quickly as Luis spat out from his hands three shadows that hardened and started whipping at the beast. He looked like an animal trainer at the zoo, only the lion in question was ten times bigger than Luis did and was uglier to boot. Luis blocked off a few more slashes and then felt the wall hit his back. Luis blocked out from his fighting mode to look behind him.

Of course this was stupid being the fact that in front of him was a twelve foot hulking giant werewolf with claws, fangs and a lot of fur.

Blood sprayed as Luis was gutted, he let out a scream before the beast could do another move. Tim blinked and tried to move out of the way now, but Luis came flying over to Tim, knocking him off his feet and making Tim be a good old-fashioned cushion. Luis stood up slowly and brushed himself off as his blood began to do its magic, fixing him up as good as new, safe for the fact his blood was now dripping all over the place and his new Armani shirt and tie was ruined. Luis growled now to the beast accepting the offer for a fight.

It started out with a claw and bite from the beast, Luis let out another cry of pain as shadows went through the big beast and whipped around to tear the thing into four pieces. Tim looked up from the floor seeing blurs of both the fighters. They were slashing at each other as Luis let a snarl then a wicked laugh out. The beast was tossed around like a bag of peanuts at a baseball game. Another loud scream as it was slammed into a wall and then broke through it now.

Tim didn’t know any laws about the werewolves, he didn’t care as he saw it stand up and lick at its maw as if to enjoy the pain and then lunge at Luis once more. Luis gripped at its claws to try and grapple the thing now as if he could take it. Luis was lifted up and thrown through the wall now. Out into the street as if to get rid of the thing it had found. Tim watched as Luis growled and vanished through the wall.

The beast growled then howled now and fell to his knees. It began to slowly change, but some of the scars were staying still. Tim stood up and walked over to the thing, it was beginning to seem human now as the man who had originally came into the place growled and looked up to him. Tim smiled and held out his hand to the beast, as if to be a simple gesture of friendship.

The man looked up to Tim and held his open gut, trying to stay awake before the man fell to his face and made that sloppy wet sound before passing out of pain. Tim lowered and looked around now to make sure nothing bad was gonna happen. It was a fast fight made for only the movies it seemed. He smiled and tried to pick the guy up, grunting as the guy seemed like he was over four hundred pounds.

Tim sucked in his gut as he began to carry the guy out of the now soon to be closed club and quickly began to carry him out to safety.

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