tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 03

Blackmail Ch. 03


Mary didn't like to admit it even to herself, but she had been extremely turned on by her little display on the motorway bridge, and once inside the privacy of her own lounge, her fingers immediately went down to her pussy. She wasn't surprised to find her inner thighs already wet with her juices. She groaned as she thrust two fingers deep into the warm wet pussy. She fell back onto the sofa slowly pleasuring herself.

She knew this guy, whoever he was, was getting to her. It had been a little scary out there on the bridge, but it had also been exciting. She still couldn't work out who he was, and she wondered how long things would go on. But for the moment, secretly, she didn't want them to stop.

The following morning the mobile rang while she was still in bed. With some apprehension she picked it up from the bedside table.

"Good morning, Mary," the now easily recognizable voice spoke in her ear. "I hope you slept well. I bet you enjoyed yourself when you got in, didn't you? Did you use your fingers like last time, or have you a plastic friend?"

Mary did not speak. She just listened. It didn't seem to bother him that she did not speak to him.

"I thought we might have some fun at work today. That's why I've rung you so early. I don't want you to wear any underclothes at work today--just your blouse and skirt. You can of course wear your jacket. I wouldn't want your nipples to show to everyone because I'm sure they will be hard all day. I bet the thought of you wearing nothing under your clothes will keep you turned on all day. Oh, and by the way, don't think you can cheat me. I will be checking up on you during the day."

The phone went dead. Mary slipped out of bed and made her way to the shower. As she soaped her body, she was already feeling a little aroused by the thought of what she was going to have to do. Underclothes were part of a woman's wardrobe. You felt restrained by them; it was certainly going to feel strange without them. After her shower, she stepped into her skirt and slipped her arms into a fresh blouse. It felt exciting to feel her nipples rubbing against the crisp white cotton, and it felt strange and somewhat indecent not wearing any panties.

Yes, he had been right. She could tell that as soon as she started to drive into work. It was a peculiar feeling, almost as though she were naked. She could feel her unrestrained breasts move with every bump in the road, the already erect nipples rubbing up against the cool cotton of her blouse. By the time she reached work, she knew she was already starting to feel wetness between her thighs.

Once in the privacy of her office, things were a little easier, although it was a constant reminder every time she got up and walked about the office. As the day passed and he didn't ring, she began to think he was not going to contact her, but it was just after four thirty when finally the mobile rang. She clicked on the earpiece.

"Good afternoon, Mary. How are you feeling? Excited, I would guess. Have you managed to keep from dipping in your fingers?" She could sense he was smiling. "Now I want you to go downstairs to the basement where you keep the archives. You have ten minutes; then I will ring you again. Okay, off you go. If anyone inquires, tell them you need to look for an old file."

Mary rose from her desk and left her office. She smiled at Christine, her controller. "Need to go down to archives."

Christine smiled and looked at her watch. "It's nearly home time. Take care down there. It's untidy and dusty; the place could do with a good clean."

Mary took the lift down to the basement. She swiped her card through the lock. It clicked and the door slid back. The place was dimly lit as the high shelves of documents obscured the lights. She walked slowly down one of the rows. She wrinkled her nose; the whole place smelled musty. The place itself was quiet with only the buzz of the air conditioning and she jumped when her mobile went.

"It's a bit dusty down there, isn't it? Right. Well, let's see if you have done as you were told. Walk to the end of row C and on the table you will find a small lap top. It's already switched on and it's got its own web cam."

Mary slowly made her way down to row C, and there on a small desk was the lap top. The small illuminated neon showed that the web cam was on. The screen was lit up and she saw the dark silhouette of a man; well, it looked like a man. The only thing she could see was the short hair. She did not recognize the shape.

"Just stand where you are, Mary, and lift your skirt up around your waist."

Mary looked quickly around her making sure she was alone. She hitched up her skirt, holding it up to her waist, displaying her bare pussy to the small computer. She felt rather foolish.

"Very nice, Mary," the voice in her ear said softly. "I'm so glad we are communicating."

She dropped her skirt, wondering what was coming next.

"I want you to take down one of those boxes off the shelf behind you." She turned around and saw the filing boxes he was speaking about. She reached up for a box and was surprised to find it felt empty. She placed it on the desk beside the lap top.

"Now I want you to remove all your clothes and put them into the box."

"I can't--not here," she gasped. "Anyone might come in."

"You will have to risk that. Now be a good girl and do as you are told."

Her shoulders slumped. She knew there was no point in arguing with him. Resignedly she started undressing. She had removed the lid from the box and was placing her discarded clothes inside it. At last she stood there in just her shoes.

"I think the shoes as well this time."

She took the shoes off and placed them in the box.

"Now replace the top and put the box back on the shelf. "

Again she followed his instruction.

"You look very sexy, Mary, naked in this dusty old cellar. I see your nipples have already perked up; that's exciting! Do you feel excited standing there naked knowing that at any moment someone might walk in?"

Mary actually did feel excited and a little frightened. Yes, he was right; anyone might walk in at any moment. She could feel her heart thumping.

"Now I want you to walk away from the desk. Walk down the aisle towards the door."

Mary looked at the box on the shelf containing her clothes, and slowly she began her walk towards the door. She was about halfway down the aisle when she was shocked to hear the door click as someone swiped their card in the lock. She was frightened; who could it be? She looked around for a place to hide and darted behind some shelving. She heard the sound of voices.

God, she thought, there must be two of them. She slowly eased aside the files on the shelf. She needed to see who they were and where they were going. She recognized them straight away. It was the two young guys who worked in the post room.

"God, it stinks rotten down here," she heard one of them say. "Let's get the boxes he's asked for and get out."

From her hiding place she watched as the two guys walked down the row towards where the desk was.

"Someone's left a lap top on the desk here and it's switched on," she heard one of them say.

"I guess someone must be working on something down here. I'd leave it alone," the other one advised.

Then she heard them moving boxes. "You take these two and I'll take the others and let's get out of here. It's almost clocking off time."

She watched as they carried the boxes down the aisle and out through the door. She heaved a sigh of relief when the door finally closed.

"That was a close call," the voice in her ear said. "What would you have done if those two had come across you? I'm sure they would have loved seeing you bare arsed; it would have made their day."

"Look, let's get on with whatever you want me to do. It's nearly finishing time."

"Alright, alright, don't start getting tetchy (testy); it won't help things. Just continue round the cellar, and when you get back to the desk, you can retrieve your clothes and get dressed again.

Mary glanced at the door making sure there was no one around. Then she continued around the cellar. She was glad when she was finally back at the desk.

She looked at the small lap top, still with the neon showing. "Is that it? Can I get dressed?"

"Yes, that's it for the moment."

Mary turned and was about to reach for the box when to her horror, she saw it was missing. She looked around. She was sure that was where she had put it; then suddenly it dawned on her. The boxes the two lads had taken out: her clothes must have been in one of them.

She turned and looked at the lap top. "They've taken my clothes, haven't they?"

"I'm afraid so."

"You bastard!"

"Now, now, there's no need for that. I just thought I'd like to see how you coped with the situation."

"How am I going to get out of here? Please get my clothes back. I will do anything you ask."

There was silence for a moment. She wondered if he were considering things. He just couldn't make her do this! This was going one step too far.

"No, I am looking forward to this. It's after closing time now, and in half an hour, the place will be almost deserted. Only the security men and the cleaners will still be here. You could try to slip out then."

"But I need to get to my office to get my car keys."

"Yes, I guess you do. Best of luck, Mary, and don't forget, I will be watching you." And with that the phone clicked off.

Mary felt almost like crying. Here she was, totally naked in a cellar. She had to get out and get to her office, and then she had to get to her car. She suddenly remembered the spare rain coat she kept in her office cupboard for emergencies. If she could get back there, she could use that to get to her car. Then she could buy something; her handbag was in her office.

She made her way to the door and looked out through the small window. Outside, the corridor was deserted. She slowly pulled open the door and slipped out. The lights were brighter in the corridor and she felt more exposed than ever.

Suddenly she heard the door behind her click shut. She panicked even more as her last avenue of escape was shut off, for her swipe card to get back in was with her clothes.

She moved slowly down the short corridor listening for any slight noise that would mean someone was coming. At the end were the lift and the stairs. Which one should she take? Once in the lift, she could go straight to her office on the forth floor, but if someone else wanted the lift, she would be caught with nowhere to hide. If she took the stairs, she could at least have some control over the situation.

She began to slowly climb the stairs. It was so strange; she had climbed these stairs many times before, but never completely naked. On the ground floor she could see the outside door and people passing on the street. The reception desk was manned, but the guard had his back to her and was engrossed in a newspaper. She quickly moved on to the next stairs and made it safely to the first floor.

She gripped the stair rail; she was trembling. Halfway there. She looked at the next flight of stairs. Just then she heard voices, and looking down the corridor, she saw two cleaners come out of one of the offices. She panicked and made a run for the stairs. Had they seen her? She hoped not.

She was halfway up the stairs when she heard noises from above. It was someone humming to themselves as they worked. She crouched against the wall. Down below she heard the cleaners chatting and coming closer to the stairs, and above her someone was working on the landing.

She had a decision to make--either stop and face the cleaners, or carry on upstairs and face whoever was on the next floor. If she stayed where she was, the cleaners might alert the guard and then she would be in trouble. How the hell had she gotten herself into this situation? She knew the going up was her only option.

She gripped the rail and started to climb. With her heart thumping, she mounted the next few stairs, and then almost fainted, for there kneeling on the floor was a young colored guy scraping the tiles. He turned and looked at her.

At that stage only her head was visible. He smiled. "Not in your way, Miss, am I?" Then his mouth fell open when he realized that the woman coming up the stairs was completely naked. Not a stitch of clothing on her body. He just looked at her, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

Mary wanted to run, but she kept her calm and slowly walked past him, feeling his eyes on her body taking in every last detail of it. "Working late," she said lamely. "I am just going to get my things."

She could feel him looking as she made her way up the next flight of stairs. She wanted to get away from his searching gaze, but she knew if she ran he might call the guard, thinking she was an intruder. She just had to take her time and let him look. She could feel her breasts sway, and she knew her nipples were rock hard.

Ay last she was out of his sight and he hadn't made a sound. He was probably in a state of shock. Her office was only two doors down the corridor. At last she could make a dash for it and safety. Once inside, she dropped the lock and slumped against the door. Then it came to her what she had done. She had just exposed herself to a total stranger. She was shaking.

She could feel that her nipples were hard, and there was a wonderful sensation deep in her stomach. She could not resist slipping her hands between her thighs, and she wasn't surprised to find that she was leaking. She shuddered.

She slid her fingers deep into her warm wet pussy and bit down on her lip to stop herself from crying out. She couldn't believe she was feeling like this--so turned on by her actions. Her fingers worked furiously sending sensations through her body, and when at last she came, she slumped slowly down to the floor and sat there breathing heavily.

When she pulled herself together, she felt disgusted with herself. What was this man turning her into? She struggled to her feet and tried to clean herself up with tissues from her desk. At least now she could make her way home.

She opened the cupboard door, and where her spare rain coat should be, there was nothing. It was gone. She looked over at the shelf where she kept her handbag. That was gone, too. She groaned. What was this man doing to her, reading her thoughts?

She looked over on her desk. Her car keys were still there so at least her car would still be in the car park, and she could use the back stairs. There was no one left in the office so she wouldn't get caught again.

She picked up the keys and slowly opened the door. There was no one in the corridor. She stood and listened; there was no sound. She walked toward the car park door and made it without any trouble. Two flights of stairs took her down to the car park level. She looked outside. The car park was empty. Only her car stood there. It was at the other side of the car park, but there was no one in sight. With another quick look around, she made a dash for the car and quickly opened the door.

She slid inside and shivered as her bare bottom came in contact with the leather seats. She slumped down in the seat making herself less conspicuous. She opened the glove compartment and saw what she was looking for: a local street map. She smiled as she unfolded it and covered herself with it. Then she drove slowly out of the car park. At least the streets were quieter now with the rush over so it wouldn't be long before she was safely home.

She was within a quarter of a mile from home when disaster struck. She had been driving carefully making sure she kept well away from any high sided vehicles. The map did a good job of concealing her, but it didn't cover everything, and it was difficult to keep it in place as she was driving. She was concentrating on the road ahead when she suddenly saw the blue light flashing in her mirror.

The large police car pulled alongside her and indicated that she pull onto the side of the road. What had she done wrong? She hadn't been speeding. She did not think she had gone through any red lights. As the policeman exited his car, she tucked the map more closely around her and wound the window down.

"What's the problem, officer?" she inquired as he approached her car.

"We have had a report that this car has been stolen, miss. Would you please step out of the vehicle.

Now she's in a mess now. How's she going to talk herself out of this one?

Look out for more of Mary's adventutes in part four of Blackmail commimg soon.

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