Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 6


Opening her mouth Mandy slowly ran her tongue up and down the full length of the unknown man's cock. She continued to slide her tongue up and down until finally accepting his head into her mouth for a quick suck. Pulling away Mandy looked at Nicole and said "baby this is just like I taught you with the fake cock." "Just pretend that this is your daddy's cock baby" Mandy said as she reached up and placed her hand behind Nicole's head and guided her face to the hard cock in front of them.

Nicole let the hard cock covered with Mandy's saliva slide across her face before she slid her tongue down the length of the cock. Nicole imagined that it was her father in front of her. She licked up and down the shaft before giving the fellow's head a quick suck just like Mandy did. As she pulled away Mandy lowered her head and opened her mouth allowing the hard cock to slide past her lips and teeth. Mandy lowered her head and began bobbing up and down as she sucked on the hard shaft. She pulled off for a second and Nicole lowered her head and she too began bobbing up and down.

The girls took turns back and forth before Mandy stood up and turned around. She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. She eased her ass back until she felt the hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks. She felt Nicole's hand parting her cheeks as she repositioned herself. Nicole grabbed the cock and pointed it at Mandy's glistening pussy as she sank backwards until she felt her pussy stretching open and the cock sliding in. Nicole watched as Mandy began bouncing back and forth as she fucked the cock that was poking through the wall.

Nicole sat on the bench and lifted her leg so she could rub her pussy. Nicole slid a finger under her panties and felt her wetness as her finger easily slid into her soaking wet hole. Nicole had enough of her panties so she reached up and pulled them down off of her ass and down her legs. Her fingers returned to her now naked pussy and she began to finger herself furiously as she watched her best friend fuck some total stranger.

On the other side of the wall Steve was in heaven. He thought there were two different women on the other side of the wall. He knew he was fucking some strange woman. He had his eyes closed while he continued to thrust his hips and picture his daughter.

Nicole stood up and switched places with Mandy. Lifting her skirt to her waist Nicole slowly eased back against her father's cock until she felt his head part her labia. Nicole eased her daddy's cock into her dripping wet love hole unaware that it was her father just on the other side of that wall. Nicole closed her eyes and imagined that it was her father as she began to gently rock back and forth against the protruding penis. It didn't take long for Nicole to get that tingling sensation started in her body. She felt her toes and her fingers tingle first as she now felt the protruding penis begin to thrust into her harder. Nicole's knees grew weak as she opened her eyes and saw Mandy.

Mandy was furiously rubbing her pussy and clit as she watched her best friend getting fucked by a stranger. Nicole closed her eyes and concentrated on the image of her father fucking her. "Oh my god" Nicole moaned as the first spasm of an orgasm ripped through her young body. "Oh daddy" Nicole screamed inside the private booth as she continued to cum. Nicole's knees gave out and she dropped to her knees in front of the hard twitching pussy juice lubricated cock. Mandy moved to the wall and grabbed Steve's cock and began to stroke it. Mandy reached out and grabbed Nicole's head and guided her face towards her father's cock. Nicole's mouth was positioned at the tip of her dad's cock as she opened her mouth. She slid her tongue under her dad's head and held her mouth open as Mandy continued to furiously pump Steve. Suddenly without warning A rope of cum shot out of the tip of Steve's cock and splashed against his daughter's face. Nicole closed her eyes as her father's cum splashed off her eye lid and her nose. Nicole felt spurt after spurt of cum shoot deep into her mouth as she continued to hold her mouth open for her unknowing father.

Within seconds the cock was pulled back through the wall. The girls straitened themselves up a bit and then left. As they drove back to the salon Mandy commented on how she missed out on cumming in the booth. Looking over at Mandy she saw how her legs were parted as she drove. Nicole remembered that Mandy pulled her panties off in the booth and never put them back on. As they drove down the street Nicole reached over and placed her hand on Mandy's thigh. She gave her thigh a quick squeeze and then began to rub her soft skin.

Ever so slowly Nicole rubbed farther and farther up Mandy's thigh until her hand was under her skirt and resting on her inner thigh. Nicole could feel the heat that Mandy was radiating as they drove towards the salon. Slowly Nicole slid a finger onto Mandy's pussy which was completely wet and already parted open. Nicole easily slid her finger into her friend as she drove down the road. Nicole then slid a second finger into Mandy and noticed the effect it had on her. She saw how Mandy began to breathe heavier. She saw her eyes roll into the back of her head every now and then.

With two fingers in Mandy's pussy Nicole used her first finger to palpitate her clit as she slid her two fingers in and out. Mandy began to moan and buck her hips as she tried to stay on the road. Mandy stopped at the light and her hips were humping at Nicole's hand. Mandy reached over and grabbed Nicole's face pulling her to her. Mandy kissed Nicole hard on the mouth as she exploded into an earth shattering orgasm. Nicole could feel Mandy's pussy juices flowing out of her pussy. A car horn sounded and Mandy realized that the light was now green. Mandy tried to concentrate as she drove towards the salon. Finally her orgasm toned down and she began to giggle. They pulled into the salon parking lot and parked.

Mandy turned towards Nicole and kissed her hard on the mouth and thanked her for the wonderful time they had. Nicole responded by opening her mouth and offering her tongue to her friend. They giggled and hugged for a bit before Nicole told Mandy that she had to get going. They kissed one final time and Nicole stepped out of Mandy's car and stepped into her own car. Nicole started her car and waved to Mandy as she drove off. Looking in her rear view mirror Nicole watched as Mandy pulled out of the salon parking lot and drove in the other direction.

Nicole pulled into her driveway and was a little bummed out when she realized that her father's truck was not there. She went into the house and looked on the table for a note from her father. She found what she was looking for and read it. The note read that Steve would not be home tonight and that he had some take out in the refrigerator for her. Nicole walked to the refrigerator and opened it and found the Chinese food that her father had left for her. She took out the food and re heated it in the microwave. She sat at the table and began to eat her dinner. As she ate she leafed through the news paper that her father had brought home that morning. As she sat there eating and leafing through the paper, Nicole felt something happening to her body again.

Nicole tried to fight that feeling but as she tried to resist the feelings intensified. Nicole finished her dinner and cleaned up her mess. She went to her room and stripped naked and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Nicole adjusted the water and stepped into the shower. As she soaped up her young hot naked body she couldn't believe how aroused and turned on she was becoming. As she soaped up her breasts she realized that her nipples were now harder and longer then ever before. She looked down at her pussy and saw how open and wet she was. She couldn't believe how far down her pussy lips were hanging. Nicole rinsed off and then shut off the water. She dried off and hung her towel on the rack. She walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway back to her bed room.

As Nicole walked to her room she felt something hot on her leg. She looked down and realized that it was her own pussy juice running down her thighs. She went to her night stand and grabbed a tissue and wiped up her juices. She reached into her drawer and took out the crotch less teddy that she was given as a gift. She stepped into it and adjusted it in the mirror. A wicked smile flashed across Nicole's face as she admired herself in the mirror in her room. She gazed at how hot her breasts looked with her nipples sticking out that far.

Nicole then pulled the tiny strings that held the material over her breasts and let the dainty material fall down completely exposing her left breast. She did the same to the other one. Reaching up Nicole cupped her breasts and pushed them up and squeezed them together. Nicole then pushed her breasts up as high as she could. She lowered her head and then stuck out her tongue and licked her own nipples for the first time. Nicole was now on fire as she continued to tongue her own nipples.

Nicole reached over to the small bag from the porn store and pulled out the tiny pack that contained the nipple rings that she had bought. Nicole opened the package and reached in with trembling fingers. She took one nipple ring and raised it to her right breast. She opened the clamp and moved it ever so slowly towards her nipple. Slowly Nicole placed the clamp around her hard nipple and began to close the clamp. Nicole could feel the clamp digging into her hard but yet sensitive nipple. As she let the clamp go she felt a burning sensation that was quickly replaced by a euphoric feeling. Nicole thought that if she just touched her pussy that she would cum right there. She took the second clamp and again with trembling fingers she placed it on her other nipple. Nicole felt her knees weakening as she looked at the sexy rings hanging off of her hard nipples in the mirror.

Stepping into her sexy platform heels, Nicole admired her sexy body in the full length mirror one more time. She knew she was hot and she knew that her father thought she was hot. She knew that soon her father would be hers, and hers alone. Nicole's confidence was skyrocketing as she walked out of her room and walked into her father's bedroom. She walked to the walk in closet and opened the door. She closed the door behind her and lit a small candle inside the walk in closet. She moved the clothes rack out of the way and opened the door leading to the dungeon. Nicole felt herself being drawn to the dungeon. Again the candles lit all by themselves as Nicole descended down the spiral staircase. When she reached the bottom of the stairs the door leading directly into the dungeon slowly began to open.

Nicole walked into the musky damp dungeon and found that all of the candles were already lit. It was as if the evil force was welcoming her. Slowly Nicole walked to the part of the wall where the satanic room was. Nicole dropped to her knees and bowed her head. She raised her hands and the door began to slide open.

Looking up Nicole saw the hundreds of candles as she rose to her feet. She felt like she was in a trance right now. She felt like something or someone else was controlling her right now. Walking ever so slowly towards the alter Nicole bowed her head and began to pray to this evil force. She placed her hands on the alter and soon pulled herself up on the alter like she did last time as if she was offering herself to this dark demonic force.

Nicole laid down on her back. Her nipples were pointing skyward from the rings she was wearing. Her sexy legs were parted and her pussy lips were exposed because of the crotch less outfit she was wearing. Suddenly, Nicole saw fire under her eye lids as she felt her body being touched. Nicole tried to open her eyes to see who or what was touching her but she couldn't. It was as if her eyes were glued shut.

Nicole felt tingling sensations running up and down her legs. She felt like her toes were being licked. She could feel a hot tongue running up and down her toes. She felt a hot tongue sliding between her toes causing every nerve in her body to send impulses to her pussy. Nicole began to pant as she was near orgasm without even touching her pussy. Now it felt like her toes were being licked on both feet at once. Nicole began to see stars as she wanted to touch her pussy at once to relieve her urge to cum. As she tried to move her arms, she couldn't. It was getting hotter in the room. Nicole could feel a sheen of sweat covering her body as jolts of electricity raced through her body.

Suddenly Nicole felt her toes being sucked. Moaning out loud "oh god" Nicole began to gyrate her hips as her pussy began to twitch and convulse in orgasm. Nicole raised and lowered her hips as if she was fucking someone as her pussy continued to explode. Never before in her life had Nicole been able to cum without touching herself. When her orgasm ended so did the sensations on her toes.

As Nicole laid on her back on the demonic alter she seemed to be paralyzed. She couldn't move as she laid there with her legs spread and her arms at her sides. Suddenly Nicole felt something touching her. Looking down Nicole stared in disbelief as a large serpent began to slither over her naked body. Slowly, the snake slid up her legs and onto her stomach, as it ever so slowly moved towards her face. Nicole laid there terrified as the head of the snake went through the two inch in diameter hoop that hung from her nipple. The serpent continued to slither through the hoop towards her face. As the snake moved it pulled the hoop and ring causing Nicole's nipple to stiffen like never before. The serpent was now staring Nicole in the eyes when suddenly the six foot long serpent did an about face and turned around. This time the serpent slithered its head through the other hoop and continued to slide down towards her now soaking wet pussy. The sensations in Nicole's tits from the serpent pulling them were so euphoric that Nicole began to pant as she was on the brink of another orgasm. Suddenly Nicole felt the serpent's tongue flicking across her pussy. Cries of pleasure escaped her lips as she was no longer terrified. The serpents flickering tongue continued to dart over her now exposed clit. Suddenly Nicole felt her pussy being penetrated. She looked down and saw the head of the serpent disappear into her pussy. Nicole gasped as she felt the scaly serpent slowly slide inside of her, scraping against her clit along the way. As the serpent continued to penetrate her it also pulled harder on her nipple rings.

The slow moving serpent was now sliding deeper into her cunt. Nicole could feel its head pressing against her cervix and traveling towards her womb. Nicole began to thrust her hips as she screamed "Oh dear god in heaven". Tears began to stream down her lovely face as Nicole began to cum. Moaning over and over and thrashing her head from side to side was all Nicole could do as she climaxed to the point of passing out. Suddenly the tail of the serpent began to pull on her nipple rings. Nicole looked at her nipples which were now a good inch in length. The sensation sent her over the edge and again she exploded into the strongest orgasm of her life. Suddenly, Nicole saw darkness as her orgasm subsided. She passed out.

Nicole came too and realized that she was in the dungeon yet. She realized that she was still naked on the satanic alter. Nicole slowly slid off the alter and on to the floor. She was so weak from the orgasms that her knees buckled and she fell to the ground. Fear took control of her mind and her eyes scanned every inch of the room for that snake that just fucked her. She saw nothing but candles as she sat there looking through blurry eyes. "My god, could that have just been a dream or a mirage" Nicole thought to herself?

Grabbing on to the alter Nicole pulled herself to her feet. She stood there for a few moments to regain her balance. Slowly Nicole began to walk in her platform heels towards the opening that led out into the dungeon. She made it to the door as she paused momentarily to look back at the alter that she just came on. Slowly Nicole began to walk towards the door leading to the spiral staircase. As she walked towards the door Nicole heard the door from the satanic chamber close behind her.

Finally arriving at the door Nicole paused for a moment as she looked back into the dungeon and how this eerie place was changing her life. She used every ounce of strength to pull the door open. As the door opened, all of the candles in the room blew out by themselves. Nicole closed the door behind her and locked it before slowly ascending the spiral staircase. Using both hands Nicole literally had to pull herself up the stairs. She was so exhausted and she was afraid she wouldn't make it to the top without falling down the stairs. After an extraordinary effort, Nicole finally arrived at the door leading back into the walk in closet. As she opened the door to the closet the candles leading up the spiral staircase magically blew out on their own. Nicole closed the door and proceeded to peek out into her father's room to make sure the coast was clear.

Nicole slowly and quietly opened the closet door and walked to her room. She knew that her father was not at home as everything was still just how she had left it. She stumbled into the kitchen still in her crotchless teddy with her nipple rings and hoops hanging from her still hard nipples. She went to the sink and turned the tap on and let the water run for a few seconds. She filled a glass with water and gulped it down before she lowered her hands to the cold running water. She cupped her hands and filled them with refreshing water. She lowered her face down and began to splash the cold water on her face. She grabbed a towel and wiped her face before turning off the water.

Nicole turned around and stumbled out of the kitchen heading towards her room. Along the way Nicole went to the bathroom and took a piss. Again she stopped at the sink but this time to brush her teeth. Nicole finally finished and then stumbled into her room, closing the door behind her.

Nicole kicked off her heels and laid down on her bed. She unclamped the nipple rings off of her now sore nipples and placed them in her night stand next to her bed. Leaving her teddy on, Nicole reached over and pulled her blanket over her and fell asleep immediately.

Before long the alarm clock went off and it was time for Nicole to get up for work. Shutting off the alarm Nicole laid there for a few moments realizing that it was now Thursday. Pulling herself from her bed Nicole stepped out of her teddy and walked naked towards the shower not realizing that her father was now home. As Nicole showered she took her razor and touched up her heart shaped bush. Nicole knew there was an after work party at the salon with the girls and she wanted to make sure her bush was neat and perfectly trimmed.

After showering Nicole walked completely innocent and naked down the hall towards her room. Just then her father came out of his room completely naked and for one brief awkward moment in time Nicole found herself staring into her father's eyes as they both stood there naked in front of each other. Simultaneously they both said "I'm sorry" As they hurried past each other. As they passed they did brush their naked flesh against each other as their eyes scanned each other's nakedness in an instant.

Steve went into the bathroom to take a shower and Nicole retreated to her room to get ready for work. Nicole was now so turned on again she just wanted to go back to the bathroom and join her father in the shower. Suddenly Nicole got lost in her daydream as she sat on her bed and thought about how it would feel to walk into the shower and kneel before her father and take his member into her mouth while the hot water rained down upon her. Feeling her daddy swelling in her mouth before he would cum down her throat. She imagined how it would feel to be turned away from her father and being forced to hold on to the towel rack while she would be pushed down and fucked from behind.

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