Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 6


Just then Nicole began to see stars as she laid there face down across the alter. Nicole began to tremble and shake as her pussy and ass hole convulsed in orgasm. As her attacker continued to stroke her clit Nicole felt wave after wave of pleasure racing throughout her body. She felt her pussy juices squirting out of her body like never before. She felt her own juices hitting her outstretched legs and feet. She could her cum splattering on the floor beneath her as her attacker continued to stroke her clit and fuck her ass. "Oh god yes" Nicole hissed as she felt her attacker begin to swell to even greater proportions inside of her bowels. "Oh god yes" she screamed as she felt his cum jettison out of his cock and into her intestines. She felt his hands squeezing her hips and ass tightly as he continued to grunt and cum in her ass. She felt every wonderful squirt of his cum hitting her insides.

Slowly she felt her attacker withdrawing is long massive cock. Nicole laid there across the satanic alter with her wrists still bound and hooked on something. Suddenly it was all quiet and Nicole wondered if she was all alone. The events that just occurred were too much for Nicole and she fell asleep.

It wasn't long before Nicole came too and realized that someone was unhooking her wrists and standing her up. She felt her wrists being untied and for the first time in a long time Nicole was able to use her arms. She wondered who was helping her as her head still had a black covering tied around it.

Nicole was led out of the demonic temple and into the cold damp dungeon. She could tell there were several people escorting her as she heard what sounded like several pairs of high heel shoes along with hers. Along the way to where ever that were heading Nicole felt her torn open night gown being removed from her body. She knew she was completely naked now except for her shoes. suddenly they stopped walking and Nicole wasn't sure where they were at in the dungeon. She thought that maybe they were going up the spiral staircase and back to her room.

Just then Nicole heard a purring sound of a motor and she knew one of the doors that leads to a secret room was opening. The purring noise stopped and again they continued to walk silently. Nicole smelled a scent she had never smelled down here before and couldn't figure out where she was. After walking another twenty five feet or so they all stopped again.

Nicole felt the soft hands of a could people on her body push her down as if she was to kneel. Nicole followed the lead of whoever was now controlling her and knelt down. She was surprised when she felt her knees rest on something that was softly padded. With her head covering still on her head Nicole felt someone push her head from behind and forced her to bow down.

"What the hell is going on" Nicole wondered as she knelt down and bowed her head. Suddenly Nicole heard soft music begin to play. It sounded eerie to her as it grew louder and louder. "My god it sounds like a pipe organ" Nicole thought as she continued to bow her head and kneel.

As Nicole continued to kneel she heard people to her right and left also begin to kneel. Suddenly she heard the people next to her begin to softly speak. Nicole tried to ask them questions and talk to them but they continued to ignore her. It was then Nicole figured out that the people next to her were women. She also realized that the women next to her were also praying, praying for her. Nicole couldn't figure out what was happening. She wondered if this was the secret room she had been looking for or was this just some elaborate set up.

A few moments later Nicole felt her arms being pulled up. She rose to her feet and was led up a couple of soft steps. She walked about another ten feet before she was turned completely around. She felt her arms being pulled out from her sides and held strait out. Suddenly she felt her wrists being tied to something again. Nicole tried to struggle but it was too late as her wrists and arms were fastened to something behind her. She felt her ass and back pressing up against what seemed to be a wooden beam.

Suddenly Nicole felt a sharp tingling sensation on her nipples. It felt like someone placed her nipple rings and hoops on her. Nicole heard everyone walk behind her. She felt someone begin to untie the rope around her neck. Slowly the black bag was pulled up and over her head. Nicole opened her eyes and looked in disbelief as she saw something she never saw before in this dungeon. She knew she was in another secret room. It was the same room she was looking for earlier. Nicole was in a small church.

Looking around the best she could, Nicole knew she was shackled to a giant cross. She could not tell who was behind her and who brought her here. The organ music continued to play as slowly four nuns walked past Nicole. They were facing away from her and she couldn't see their faces. As the music continued to play Nicole stood there shackled naked to the cross.

Suddenly the nuns slowly turned around. As Nicole's eyes scanned their faces she recognized who the nuns were. "What the fuck is going on" Nicole mumbled as the nuns knelt down in front of her in a semi circle. The one nun was dressed a little differently. Nicole now realized that the one who was different was Sylvia from the salon. Nicole also realized that the other sisters were Brandi, Mandy, and Tina. Mandy looked at Sylvia and spoke. "Mother Sylvia, we need to save our sister Nicole" Mother Sylvia nodded her head and spoke in a low seductive tone "yes we must save our sister".

Nicole watched as Sister Mandy stood up and walked up to her. Sister Mandy cupped Nicole's face and stared into her eyes. "We will save you from the demons within you Sister Nicole" Sister Mandy said. With that Sister Mandy lowered her head and lips to Nicole's lips and kissed her softly on her mouth. Nicole felt her mouth being forced open as Sister Mandy slid her tongue past her lips and into her mouth.

After that kiss Nicole felt her pussy begin to ache. She also felt her nipples begin to stiffen as the hoops hung from them. Next Sister Mandy returned to her spot and knelt down. Looking at the nuns in front of her, Nicole watched as Mother Sylvia nodded her head to Sister Tina. Sister Tina slowly stood up and walked to the shackled Nicole. Tina was shorter that the other Sisters so she held onto Nicole's waist as she stood up on her tip toes to place her lips onto Nicole's. As her red lipstick lips landed on Nicole's lips the girls lingered in a soul searching kiss. Nicole realized that Sister Tina had a very talented tongue as she felt her tongue slide deeper into her mouth than any other. She felt Sister Tina's tongue all the way in the back of her throat. Nicole sucked gently on Sister Tina's tongue as she slowly withdrew it and returned to her kneeling position. Next Mother Sylvia nodded to Sister Brandi. "Go ahead my child" Mother Sylvia said softly. Slowly and quietly Sister Brandi rose to her feet and walked towards Nicole. Looking lustfully into Nicole's eyes, Sister Brandi ever so slowly lowered her lips to Nicole's. Just before their lips met Nicole heard Sister Brandi whisper "keep your eyes open Nicole." As Sister Brandi placed her lips on Nicole's they stared into each other's eyes and souls. Their mouth's opened and their tongues danced in each other's mouths. After the kiss Sister Brandi smiled as she turned and walked back to her spot and knelt down.

As Nicole remained shackled to the cross naked, she looked down upon the sister's kneeling and praying for her. The sensual kisses she had received were turning her on and it was evident as her nipples were erect and her pussy lips were glistening. Nicole looked around this new room in amazement. There was an alter with candles on it, there were statues of Joseph and Mary, and there were pews for people to sit in as if they were attending mass.

Slowly Mother Sylvia rose to her feet. She ever so slowly walked towards Nicole until she stood directly in front of her. "My child you are about to have the demon cast from your soul as we will pray for your well being" Mother Sylvia said. With that she reached up and placed a rosary over her head. Nicole felt the cold rosary lay on her shoulders with the gold cross dangling down between her naked breasts. Looking down Nicole saw the cross between her tits and her nipple hoops.

Mother Sylvia returned to her kneeling position with the other sisters when they all heard a door open. Looking up Nicole was surprised to see Father Joseph. Walking towards the alter in his robe, he stared into Nicole's eyes as he prayed aloud. He stepped up on the alter and walked in circles around Nicole while he continued to pray.

Father Joseph picked up a bucket of holy water and sprinkled some across her naked body causing her to scream in pain as the cold water touched her naked flesh. The water was cold but to Nicole it burned the hell out of her. Still screaming as she stood there shackled to the cross, tears began to stream down Nicole's cheeks.

Sensing the need to help, Sister Mandy and Sister Brandi walked up to the shackled Nicole and stood before her. They all shared glances with each other before the two sister's lowered their faces to Nicole's neck. Together the two nuns began to kiss and nibble at her exposed and vulnerable neck. A slight moan escaped Nicole's lips as she wanted so badly to reach down to caress both of their heads.

Sister Tina was urged by Mother Sylvia to go help. Sister Tina walked to Nicole and knelt down before her. As Sister's Brandi and Mandy kissed their way to Nicole's breasts, Sister Tina began licking Nicole's toes and her legs as she headed for Nicole's pussy. Ever so slowly the two nuns kissed and licked their way towards Nicole's breasts while Sister Tina began licking up Nicole's thighs. Nicole was helpless except to enjoy what was happening to her.

Trying to free herself Nicole realized that she was shackled securely. Suddenly just as Nicole felt two holy tongues lapping her nipples she felt a hot holy tongue sliding up and down the length of her wet slit.

Gasping for air Nicole suddenly felt relaxed as she stood there helplessly shackled to the cross. Nicole began thrashing her head from side to side as the two sisters began sucking and biting her nipples while the other nun began fucking her pussy with her tongue. Nicole opened her eyes just enough to see Mother Sylvia praying for her.

As Nicole stared into Mother Sylvia's eyes she watched her pull her nun dressings up. Nicole was amazed at the six inch platform heels the Mother was wearing. As she pulled her dress higher, Nicole realized that Mother Sylvia was wearing stockings and garters as she saw her creamy holy upper inner thighs.

As Mother Sylvia pulled her dress up higher Nicole saw she was wearing crotch less panties. Nicole watched as Mother Sylvia slid her middle finger up and down her slit as she prayed. Nicole watched as the mother's finger began parting her lips and disappearing inside of her.

That was all Nicole could take as she felt her knees getting weak from all the sister's ministrations. Jolts of electricity raced through Nicole's body as her nipples continued to be sucked and her pussy lapped. Just then Nicole let out a low guttural scream "OOOOHHHHHHH GOD" as she began to cum. Nicole hung there by her arms as her legs gave way beneath her. Panting heavily Nicole continued to cum as the sister's continued to feast from her naked body.

"Oh god yes I'm cumming again" Nicole screamed as her body rocked into a second more powerful orgasm while she hung helplessly from the giant cross. Nicole felt her pussy juices running out of her pussy and on to Sister Tina's face. While Nicole continued to cum she managed to open her eyes enough to see Mother Sylvia gyrating her hips as she worked two fingers in and out of her now gaping hole. Mother Sylvia was thrusting her hips up and down to match her finger's strokes as she tried to pray aloud.

Suddenly while the sister's were still feasting off of Nicole's naked body, Nicole felt another presence. Opening her eyes and looking across the dimly lit room Nicole saw two priests sitting in the pews. Trying to focus her eyes Nicole couldn't tell who they were. She only saw them kneeling and praying.

Nicole moaned loudly when she realized that Sister Mandy was no longer nibbling on her nipple. She was now kissing, licking, and biting her ass cheeks. Sister Brandi continued to work on Nicole's nipples by biting on one while pinching the other. Nicole felt her nipples and nipple rings being ravished like never before while Sister Tina continued to work on her cunt.

Just then Nicole felt her ass cheeks being spread open. "Oh my god" Nicole moaned as she felt Sister Mandy's hot tongue licking her inner thighs. Slowly Nicole could feel Sister Mandy's tongue joining Sister Tina's on her pussy. Nicole couldn't believe that she had two tongues lapping at her pussy, one from the front side and one from the back side.

Just then Sister Mandy slid her tongue across Nicole's taint and onto her puckered ass hole. "AAAGGGHHHHHHH" Nicole screamed in pleasure as Sister Mandy pressed her tongue on Nicole's tight ass hole. Suddenly Nicole felt her juices beginning to flow again. As she hung there helplessly from the cross, she had it all. Sister Brandi was pleasuring her nipples while Sister Tina sucked on her clit. The most intense feelings were coming from Sister Mandy as she began to flick her tongue rapidly on Nicole's ass hole.

Gasping for air, Nicole was losing all self control. She opened her eyes to see Mother Sylvia how she never thought she would see a nun. It was then Nicole knew who the priests were. Nicole saw Mother Sylvia sandwiched between the two priests as her dress was lifted and her pussy was stuffed by Father Joseph. What surprised Nicole was that it was her father who was dressed as the second priest. Her father was fucking Mother Sylvia in the ass.

As Nicole watched the two priests servicing Mother Sylvia, her own orgasm was imminent. As Mother Sylvia began to tremble in orgasm, she saw her head thrashing from side to side. Nicole too began to rock in orgasm as Sister Mandy began to push her tongue into her ass hole. Nicole felt her tongue as it slid past her sphincter and into her bowels. It was a feeling never before experienced by Nicole. Again Nicole's knees gave way as her cum poured out of her pussy and onto Sister Tina's eager mouth.

Still watching Mother Sylvia in front of her, Nicole saw Father Joseph pull his cock out of the nun. Nicole was surprised as her own father pushed Mother Sylvia down by her head in front of Father Joseph. Steve forced the nun's head down onto Father Joseph's pussy juice coated cock. Just then Nicole watched As Father Joseph's cock exploded and a rope of cum squirted from his cock to her face. Mother Sylvia reached her hand out and grabbed Father Joseph's cock and began pumping him as she opened her mouth to catch the rest of his cum. She pumped and sucked Father Joseph until his cock deflated and was limp.

Meanwhile Nicole began to rock into another orgasm from watching the hot action unfolding in front of her. Sister Mandy's tongue was still deep inside of her ass as her pussy and nipples were still being licked. Nicole could feel her cum running out of her pussy and down her thigh's.

Looking at the action Nicole saw her father turning Mother Sylvia around. Father Joseph pushed the nun down and she grabbed Father Steve's cock. She lowered her cum drenched face to his cock and slowly began to blow him. Nicole watched as her father was getting serviced by Mother Sylvia. Nicole saw how her father enjoyed it when Mother Sylvia slowly sucked on his cock up and down. Each time she went down her nose went into his pubic hair.

Suddenly Nicole began to cum a third time. Just as she began to cum she watched her father begin to thrust his hips. She watched him reach down hold Mother Sylvia's head as his hips began thrusting faster and faster. It looked as if his cock was a missile and her mouth was getting drilled. Just then Father Joseph walked around to the other side of Steve. Father Joseph pushed Mother Sylvia away and held her head about a foot from Steve's cock. Father Joseph reached down and took Steve's cock into his hand and began to pump him. Nicole watched in shock as another man had his hand on her father's cock. Just then as Father Joseph held Mother Sylvia's head with one hand, his other hand pumped Steve's cock. Steve began to moan as a rope of cum squirted out and onto Mother Sylvia's face. Cum dripped from her cheek and chin as she now knelt before Steve with her mouth open. Rope after rope of Steve's cum shot into Sister Sylvia's waiting mouth. Nicole watched as Mother Sylvia began to swallow her father's seed. Placing her holy lips on Steve's squirting cock, Mother Sylvia cleaned up his member with her sacred tongue. Steve's cock went limp.

Suddenly Father Joseph turned towards Nicole as she hung mercilessly from the holy cross. The sister's backed away and knelt down at her side. Father Joseph slowly walked closer towards Nicole. Nicole began to get nervous as she watched his cock swaying back and forth as he walked towards her. The closer he came to her the harder his cock was getting.

Raising his hands, Father Joseph began praying. He prayed for the evil demons inside of her to be cast from her body. With that Father Joseph placed both of his hands on Nicole's breasts as they hung there before him. Nicole could feel the warmth of his hands on her flesh as she had become chilled from the cool damp dungeon.

As Father Joseph prayed he slid his fingers into the hoops that hung down from her nipples. Looking at her father she saw him sitting in the first pew watching while he stroked his beautiful cock back to hardness.

Suddenly Nicole felt pain. Taking her eyes off of her handsome father Nicole looked down and saw the reason she was experiencing such pain. Father Joseph was pulling her nipple rings. "Oh god please stop, that hurts" Nicole moaned as the pain became searing. Looking down Nicole saw how Father Joseph continued to pull her nipples out farther and farther.

Tears began to run down Nicole's cheeks as the pain became more painful. Looking down it appeared as if Nicole's nipples were pulled out about two inches. Even though there was a searing pain in her breasts, there was a burning desire inside of her now dripping pussy.

Father Joseph let the hoops dangling from her breasts go and they snapped back at Nicole. Nicole could see them as they were harder and protruding farther then ever before. Father Joseph looked over at his servants the sister's. He motioned for them to come untie Nicole from the wooden cross. Each sister helped unclasp the shackles at her wrists. Each sister took one of Nicole's limbs and carried her to the alter. They picked her up and laid her on the table that had two candles burning on it.

Nicole laid there naked on her back as Mother Sylvia laid a holy cloth over her eyes. Her legs were held open as well as her arms forced to her sides. Nicole could hear Father Joseph begin to pray again. Nicole felt the sister's hands begin to caress her legs and arms while she laid there helplessly on the alter. Suddenly there was a sharp pain and Nicole screamed out loud. Nicole felt something hot running down across her already sensitive breasts and nipples. "Oh my god" Nicole screamed. She heard her echo as her screams of pain bounced off of the church's walls. Nicole struggled to get free but the sister's held her down. The pain continued as she felt something hot running down her stomach and then her legs. Suddenly Mother Sylvia pulled the holy cloth away from Nicole's face and Nicole watched in horror as a lit candle was held over her legs. Father Joseph was pouring hot candle wax down her legs all the way to her toes. Slowly Father Joseph poured hot wax up her other leg. The farther up her leg he poured the more excited Nicole was becoming.

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