tagIncest/TabooBless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 7

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 7


Nicole pulled herself to her feet as she was cold and tired. Thoughts of the dream she just had caused her to shiver. She felt her nipples were still swollen as she reached up and caressed her breasts. All but two of the candles burned out since she came down to the dungeon. Nicole blew out the first candle on her way to the door. She opened the door leading to the spiral staircase before she blew out the final candle. Upon opening the door, Nicole realized that the candles that lit the stair case had also burned out. Nicole took the last candle in her trembling hand and carried it carefully and slowly up the staircase. When she reached the top of the stairs she blew out the cantle and set it on the floor. Quietly she opened the door leading into her mom's walk in closet. When Nicole walked into the closet she immediately saw the light coming in through the slots in the door. Nicole closed the door behind her and walked silently to the doors leading into her father's bed room. Nicole peered through the slots and looked at her father's clock.

"Holy shit"! Nicole muttered as she saw it was already 9:30am. Quietly Nicole opened the doors and closed them behind her. She ran to her room and called Mandy. Mandy answered the phone on the second ring. "Baby, I'm sorry I'm late, I'll tell you about it when I get there." Mandy said "that's all right, take your time and don't get into an accident." Nicole raced into the bathroom and showered. Quickly she did her hair and make up. She raced down the hall naked and ran into her room. Reaching into her dresser she quickly pulled out a skirt. Next she stepped into her blue denim skirt and then pulled a white tank top on without a bra. Nicole next stepped into a pair of her mom's strappy three inch heels that really showcased her feet. Next, Nicole grabbed her purse and left.

Racing down the freeway to work, Nicole did not watch her speed. Suddenly out of no where there was a police car behind her with it's flashers and siren on. Looking in the mirror Nicole saw the cop behind her. "Shit" Nicole screamed at the top of her lungs. Pulling over to the side of the freeway Nicole dug her license out of her purse. She waited patiently as she rolled the window down. Suddenly the officer appeared at her car window. "Can I see your driver's license please" the officer asked. Nervously Nicole reached her hand with her license out the window. Nicole was a bit nervous as the officer was a big burly black man. She could see the muscular development of his arms and figured he lifted a lot of weights. What a strong man she thought.

"Do you know how fast you were going Nicole" the officer asked after he read her name off of her license. "I'm sorry sir, I am just late for work and I understand I am wrong" Nicole said. Nicole felt the officer's eyes examining her body as she realized that her nipples were still hard from the dream that she had. She also realized that from sitting in her car that her skirt rode up really high.

The officer walked back to his car and called her license in to check if she had any warrants. Nicole waited nervously as she finally saw the officer get out of his car and walk back to hers. "Nicole, I need you to step out of your car please" The officer said. "Why, what did I do wrong" Nicole asked as she began to tremble from fear. Nicole reached for the door handle, pulling it to open her door. Nicole stepped out with her left leg and realized that she was showing the officer all of her leg. She knew that if her skirt would go any higher that her pussy would be exposed since she had no panties on. Cautiously Nicole stepped out of the car and stood before the black officer. "Please walk around to the other side of your car" the officer asked. Nicole walked to the other side of her car as ordered and the officer followed her. Nicole could feel his eyes on her legs and ass as she walked in front of him.

"Place your hands on the hood of your car and bend over at the waist" the big black officer said. "I didn't do anything wrong" Nicole begged. Suddenly Nicole felt the officer place his hand on her neck and forced her head down causing her to bend over at the waist. She felt the officer's foot as he kicked out her foot causing her legs to spread open. Nicole began to tremble from fear as she knew her ass was probably half exposed. The cool breeze rushed across her bare bottom and pussy as she suddenly felt a surge of excitement race through her naked cunt. Suddenly Nicole felt the officer begin to pat her down, Nicole froze as she felt his big black hands sliding down her sides and back. As his hands slid down her sides she felt his finger tips graze the sides of her breasts. As that happened, Nicole felt her nipples becoming erect under her white tank top.

Slowly the black officer continued to rub his hands over her body as if he were searching for drugs or a weapon. Squatting down behind Nicole the officer placed his dark hands on Nicole's white tanned ankles at the top of her high heels. Slowly he caressed her soft skin as he slid his hands up her legs towards her hips. Nicole couldn't help but to get turned on as she now felt her pussy beginning to burn with desire. She felt her cunt leaking and realized that there was now a trickle running down her left thigh. As the black officer continued to caress her legs he slowly slid his hands higher and higher until they were at the base of her skirt.

"And what might we have hidden under here" the officer asked? "Nothing sir" Nicole responded. Slowly Nicole felt the officer slide his hands up under her skirt. She felt his black hands slide up her naked ass and cup both cheeks. "You call this nothing" the officer said. Nicole began to breath erratically as the office began to squeeze and knead her golden globes under her skirt.

Nicole begged, "please officer, let me go, I didn't do anything wrong." With that comment she felt the black officer slide his hands from her ass to her inner thigh's. "MMMMMMM" the officer said as he felt Nicole's pussy juice on his fingers. He pulled his left hand from Nicole's thigh and raised it to his face. "MMMMM" the officer moaned as he inhaled Nicole's musky scent. The officer reached up and placed his hand with her cunt juice on it in Nicole's face. "What is this Nicole" the officer asked? Nicole was silent as she felt the officer's other hand caressing dangerously close to her naked pussy. "I don't know sir" Nicole replied. "Lick it and taste it and then tell me what it is" the black officer ordered. Nicole trembled from the thought of licking the officer's hand. She was being fondled along the side of the freeway as other cars drove past her.

Suddenly Nicole felt a sharp pain as she realized the officer slapped her ass. "I said lick it Nicole" the officer screamed. Suddenly Nicole felt her arm being pulled behind her. She felt a cuff being slapped on her wrist. Next her other arm was pulled behind her and her wrists were cuffed together. Again the black officer pushed her down on the car only this time Nicole didn't have any hands to support her. Her face rested on the hood of her car and the steel was hot. The officer reached back under her skirt and cupped his hand on her soaking wet pussy. He rubbed her slit from top to bottom. Slight moans were now emanating from Nicole's mouth as she laid face down on the hood of her car. Again the officer pulled his hand from Nicole's cunt and again he raised his pussy juice coated fingers to her face. "Lick them bitch or I'll take you to jail" the black officer said.

Nicole was now terrified. She didn't do anything wrong but yet she still didn't want to go to jail. Nicole examined the big black fingers that were before her face. The officer slowly slid one of his cunt juice coated fingers across Nicole's lips. Instinctively, Nicole opened her mouth and slid her tongue along the officer's fingers, tasting her own juices. Again the officer began to rub her slit with his other hand while Nicole continued to lick his fingers. Nicole was helpless as she had her wrists cuffed together behind her. Slowly Nicole opened her mouth and drew one of the black officer's fingers into her mouth. Ever so slowly Nicole wrapped her soft lips around the black finger. She slowly began to suck up and down on the cop's finger as the officer slowly began to rub her slit from top to bottom.

The officer pulled his hand from Nicole's face. He reached up and grabbed her breast and squeezed gently. "Oh god" Nicole moaned as she felt her body begin to tingle from head to toe. The officer reached his fingertips to the top of Nicole's tank top and pulled hard on her shirt. He pulled her shirt down until her left breast popped free. Nicole moaned as the cool air rushed across her ever stiffening nipple. The officer returned his hand to her breast and began to pinch her bud.

As Nicole laid face down on the car with her wrists cuffed behind her and her legs spread all she could do was pant and moan from excitement. Suddenly Nicole felt her skirt being lifted from behind, Suddenly she felt the black officer's hot breath on her naked flesh as she felt his tongue slide across her naked ass cheeks. "Oh god" Nicole moaned as she felt the officer slide his tongue into her ass crack. Moments later, Nicole felt his tongue as it slid across her ass hole and into her dripping cunt. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole screamed as she began to pant heavily.

Suddenly, Nicole felt the officer's finger begin to part her wet cunt lips. "Oh god" she moaned as a semi truck flew past her. Nicole felt herself being on the verge of an orgasm as she felt the black officer sliding his finger deeper and deeper into her tight hole. Suddenly Nicole began to clamp her cunt around the officer's finger as she slowly began to ride up and down on it. The officer helped her out by thrusting his big finger to meet Nicole's thrusts. "Oh god, I'm cumming" Nicole moaned as she felt her pussy flood the cop's finger. Nicole's toes curled in her shoes as she came. Her stomach burned with desire as she came down form her orgasm. The officer stood up behind her and she heard him unbuckling his pants. "Oh god" Nicole thought as she heard the sound of a zipper coming down.

Always wondering what a black lover with a large cock would be like, Nicole knew she was on the verge of finding out. Her only regret was that it was about to happen at the side of the road instead of in a nice bedroom setting. Suddenly Nicole felt her skirt being lifted slightly as she knew the officer as about to make his grand entrance. A low guttural moan escaped Nicole's lips as she felt the black cock touch her thigh's as the officer moved into position. As the officer moved closer to Nicole, she could feel her naked ass touching the officer's stomach. There was also something else that Nicole felt which terrified her but yet somehow excited her. She felt the officer's black cock touching her own stomach as she was bent over the hood of her car with her wrists cuffed behind her. She felt his cock rubbing against her stomach as the officer slowly squatted down enabling his cock to slide down her stomach to her heart shaped bush. She felt his hard head which was oh so soft to the touch slide through her bush towards her now gaping hole. Nicole shuddered from the chill in the air and the officers cock as the tip of his cock now touched the entrance of Nicole's womanhood.

Nicole began panting as she felt the officer slowly begin to stand up. She felt her pussy lips being parted by this enormous black cock. Slowly, the officer stood up sliding more and more of his black manhood into her dripping cunt. Nicole screamed "oh god it hurts!" The officer just snickered as he continued to slide more and more of his cock up into Nicole.

Nicole prayed that he was in her all the way. She found out that he wasn't as he continued to slide more and more of his massive cock into her stretched open hole. Suddenly Nicole felt him hit her cervix. "My god" she thought. The only problem was that the officer was still not in all the way. Suddenly he began to bounce his cock in and out of her, hitting her cervix with every stroke. Nicole couldn't help it as she came just from the mere size of his cock as it rubbed against her clit. Nicole saw stars in the middle of the day as she laid helplessly across the hood of her car.

Looking up Nicole saw the cars passing them on the road. Cars were slowing down to get a better look. Nicole couldn't help but to cum a second time. This time however was different. She felt her stomach begin to burn with greater desire then at any time in her life. There was something about being fucked out alongside the road that was really turning her on. She felt her toes tingle in her heels as she stood there being forced against her car. Her fingertips began to tingle along with her nipples. Nicole felt her one nipple that was exposed rubbing against the hot steel of the car. It was harder then she thought it could ever get. Just then, Nicole couldn't stop herself if she wanted to. Her whole body began to tremble and convulse. She shook almost uncontrollably as the massive cock from the officer pounded her pussy from behind. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole screamed. She felt her orgasm race through her cunt causing her juices to squirt out of her. She felt her cum spraying her own legs as she shot out a stream of cum from her cock filled pussy. Just then, the cop pulled his cock from her hole and Nicole thought that it was finally over.

Still forcing her head down on the car, Nicole was still helpless as her wrists were still cuffed behind her. She felt the officer slide his cock up her ass cheeks. Tears began to stream down Nicole's face and onto the hood of her car. She knew what was about to happen next and was totally helpless to stop it. She knew the officer didn't cum yet. As Nicole stood there helplessly, she felt his hard but yet soft cock sliding up and down the cleavage of her ass cheeks. Just then Nicole felt what she hoped she wouldn't feel. She felt her ass cheeks being spread apart by his big burly strong hand. Gasping for breath, Nicole clenched for everything she was worth. She tightened her sphincter muscle as tight as she could. "No" Nicole said weakly as she felt the tip of the officer's black cock press against her pink puckered ass hole.

Nicole knew he was too big to fit. She knew by how far he spread her cunt with it that it would probably tear her open. "Don't fight it bitch" the officer shouted over the sound of a passing semi truck. "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH" Nicole screamed as she fought valiantly to keep his dark hard massive cock out of her ass hole. Just then the officer got tired of fighting. He pulled Nicole's head up by her hair and slammed her head down onto the hood of the car. This caused Nicole to relax her sphincter momentarily. With that, Nicole felt her ass hole stretch open and the head of the officer's cock slipped inside.

"AAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH, GOD, FUCK NO, PLEASE STOP...IT HURTS TOO BADDDDDDDDDDDD" Nicole screamed as the traffic raced by. Nicole tasted blood as she realized that her lip must have become split from when the officer bounced her head on the hood of the car. Searing pain raced through Nicole's young body as the officer continued to press deeper and deeper into her bowels. Tears streamed down Nicole's face as she felt him sliding into what felt like her stomach. Suddenly, even with all of this pain, Nicole felt herself becoming aroused. She felt her nipples beginning to burn with excitement. She felt her pussy beginning to secrete its juices. She began to actually ease her ass hole to allow the officer to slide in deeper. Finally, she felt the black officer's balls pressing against her as she knew he was all the way in.

As Nicole stood there bent over with the officer's cock in her ass she felt something weird. She couldn't figure out what it was. Slowly, the officer began to slide his massive cock out of her ass. Just as she thought he was going to pull it out of her he slid it all the way back in. The pain was still searing but Nicole actually pushed back gently onto the impaling cock.

The officer stopped momentarily and Nicole could hear him fumbling for something. Moments later Nicole figured out what he reached for. She felt something pressing against her gaping wet pussy. Suddenly, Nicole felt pain in her cunt as she felt something trying to slide into her. "Oh god" Nicole screamed as she felt the end of the officer's billy club push past her outer cunt lips and into her love tunnel. Nicole screamed over the noise of the traffic as she felt the biggest object to ever penetrate her pussy sliding into her. As she stood there, Nicole realized that her ass and cunt were now filled completely.

Slowly the officer began to work the club in and out of Nicole's now well lubricated pussy. Gasping for breath Nicole began to get dizzy. She never felt so filled up in her life. As the officer worked the club in and out of her cunt, he started to slide his black cock in and out of her ass. "Please stop" Nicole begged to no avail as the officer continued. The tempo had increased to the point where Nicole was on the verge of cumming. She couldn't believe the pleasures of double penetration. Cars were now honking their horns as Nicole began to convulse into an orgasm. She felt her pussy juice running down the billy club. Suddenly, she began to cum a second time. This time she felt the officer's cock in her ass begin to swell. She knew that he too was about to cum. Her ass hole felt like it was tearing as she heard the cop begin to grunt. "UUUGGGHHH" the officer grunted over and over as Nicole felt his cum shooting deep into her bowels. Just as Nicole was about to cum for the third time the officer pulled his rapidly deflating cock out of her ass hole along with the billy club from her cunt.

Quickly the officer pulled his pants up. He straitened his uniform up before he UN-cuffed Nicole's wrists. Nicole reached up and shoved her exposed breast back into her tank top. Turning around she faced the officer. "Everything checks out fine ma'am, your free to go" the officer said. Quietly, Nicole walked around to the drivers side and got into her car. The officer did the same thing. Nicole drove down the freeway to the next exit. She got off the freeway and turned around and drove towards home.

Nicole parked her car in the driveway and walked into her house. She set her purse down and called Mandy at the salon. "Hello" Mandy answered the phone. "Mandy, I won't be in today, I'll be in the morning and I'll tell you all about it." "OK babe, we are kinda slow today any ways." "See ya in the morning" Mandy said. With a soft "good bye" Nicole hung up the phone and walked to the shower.

After undressing she tossed her clothes into the hamper. She stepped into the hot shower and began to lather up. She couldn't believe how swollen her pussy was. Her nipples ached as they stood out taught. As Nicole reached around to her ass she realized that her ass hole had taken a beating. It was sore beyond belief. After Nicole finished her shower she dried off and then walked naked to her mom's walk in closet. Reaching in as if she knew where to reach she grabbed her mother's short red satin robe. She reached her arms through the sleeves and tied it loosely in the front. Next, she stepped into a pair of three inch slipper heels. She looked at herself in the mirror at every different angle. "Oh Steve baby, your gonna love this" Nicole said softly.

As Nicole walked down to the kitchen she made her self a cup of coffee. She sat on the couch in the living room. She crossed her legs and her one heel dangled from her sexy toe. Nicole noticed how her robe opened on top allowing her breasts to be practically visible. Also, the opening in front came clear up to her hip, nearly exposing her still swollen pussy.

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