The events of which I am now writing did indeed take place. My name is Eric, I am 35 and until now I have never considered myself to be superstitious, a believer of myths, ghosts or anything supernatural. I work as a doctor, so facts and what can sense has been my guide. My life was about to change forever.

I had just completed a medical conference in Harrisburg, Pa, and was driving home. I crossed the state line into Maryland and then into Virginia. The night was cloudy and a rain began to fall. At fist gently and then gradually the light fall of rain became torrents limiting my visibility to almost nothing. I had to get off the road, it was already midnight. Despite the poor driving conditions I was able to make out the sign for a bed and breakfast, which I immediately headed for. The winding road traversed a mile or so, when I came upon the establishment. The house was an old Victorian mansion, a large ominous building with a sign reading "Cruentus Bed and Breakfast: Vacancy."

"An interesting name for a travel lodge " I thought, considering Cruentus was the Latin word for blood red. I ran from my car to the front door the rain was falling in waves, and then thunder and lightning began. Brilliant flashes of light illuminated the sky and claps of thunder shook my very core. I came upon the front door. I was completely soaked. I shook the rain off as best I could and headed inside.

I entered this house with a certain feeling of panic, as if I should have not come here. The inside was very ornate. Victorian elegance at its finest. The home was decorated lavishly with large paintings decorating the walls…people long gone from a different era. A large winding staircase was off to the center of the room going to a platform then turning both left and right. There was a scent that filled the air; it smelled like honeysuckle, although none was to be seen. I stood taking in the grandeur of this house where time had stood still.

"Hello and welcome to my home." I was taken by surprise, I jumped and turned, no one was behind me when I came in, and of that I was certain. There behind me was a woman of pure elegance. She was captivating from the first moment. She stood before me, the smell of honeysuckle, which I had detected, emanated from her. I was speechless, standing there like a complete ass with my mouth wide open. She had a charisma, an aura that exuded pure decadence with the charm of a proper lady. Her eyes were emerald green. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a prim and proper bun. She wore a dress that fit the period style. Her breasts were pushed together tightly, and around her neck was an amulet. It was no ordinary amulet. It was dark crimson red with jet-black striping, and it was fashioned into the shape of a tear. It was held around her neck by a chain of gold.

I quickly composed myself, and introduced myself. I explained to her my plight and that I needed a room for the night. "Of course you do" was her solitary reply. She walked to a small desk and produced a key. "Room C. Take the right staircase at the platform." I asked if there was any ledger or form to register. "Not necessary Eric." I kindly thanked her and walked toward the staircase. I had never seen a more sexually attractive woman. I turned to look one more time and she was gone…no open doors no noise …nothing. A chill went up my spine as I turned and ascended the staircase, and walked down a long hall that had many doors, the one I was assigned was at the end…of course.

I entered my room. A large canopied bed greeted me. Old styled Victorian furnishings complemented the room. And ahead of me was a large fire place…I t was ablaze with an inviting fire. "Odd." I thought. "A fire lit in a room that was vacant until moments ago?"

I was too tired to figure it out. I went into the bathroom to shower. As I stood there, my mind shifted toward my host. Her scent was still on my mind. I pictured her standing before me taking my hand and leading me toward the bed. I grew more aroused as I pictured her riding me my hands being guided up from her hips to her breasts. Caressing her. Feeling her wetness. Her moans softly rising into the night. Needless to say I finished my shower with my cock rock hard. As I exited the bathroom, there she sat on the love seat directly in front of the fire. She was leaned casually across the cushion with her hands supporting her chin. The gown was gone. In its place was a garter with fishnet stockings. She wore a see through robe, which was draped around her shoulders half on half off. Encompassing her breasts was a jet-black bra, which complimented her attire.

I stood there for a moment with the towel draped around my shoulders. I was no body builder but I had a good shape for a guy of 35 years. I didn't move. I slowly removed the towel and wrapped it around my waist. The outline of my cock was still visible. My eyes met hers. Her eyes penetrated my very soul. She just sat there gazing at me completely emotionless, as if she had seen men a thousand times before. "You never told me your name," I said without hesitation.

"You never asked…. its Evanna." I could feel a lump in my throat. She possessed a sensual charisma that I had never felt before in my life. It was calling me…beckoning me toward her. I froze. I could not move as if I was completely paralyzed, and strangely I felt as if she knew it, as if she was willing it to be this way. She stood and walked toward me. She seemed to glide across the floor.

"Love me Eric…. Please…I haven't felt love in…." Her voice trailed off. She reached her hand up and removed the pin holding back her blonde locks. Her hair fell helplessly past her shoulders. Her hands embraced the inner portion of her thighs. Deliberately and slowly her hands moved upward until they reached her mound. A small wisp of blonde hair shadowed her pussy. Her clit was pink and swollen. With one hand she traced the outline, the other caressed her clit. She removed her right hand and placed her finger into my mouth. I could taste her sweetness.

My cock was bulging from under the towel. I watched her every move as her hands continued their journey upward. They found her breasts next. She pushed them in ward and upward, squeezing and massaging them. I moved my eyes for only a moment and met her eyes in a glare. Something wasn't right her body was saying one thing but her eyes told a different story. They were void of all emotion. No passion was present no anticipation. She looked away and withdrew partially as if she knew what my thoughts had told me.

I pursued her. I reached out and grasped her arm. Evanna abruptly turned and asked me " Are you willing, where so many have not dared go." Without a word I pulled her to me. A body so soft and sensual I had never before felt. Our lips met. Soft wet passionate kisses ensued as my tongue mixed and danced with hers. I moved slowly toward the nape of her neck kissing gently. Now instead of cold emotionless feelings I felt a passion emit from her as a soft moan parted her lips. I began a journey down the front of her body, kissing the top of each breast but leaving her bra intact for the moment. I traced her abdomen down to her perfectly formed navel. I drew closer to her pussy I felt her body shake. I ran my cheek against her wisp of pubic hair, before turning my face into her.

My tongue found the top of her clit that was already swollen. I flicked slowly up then down. Her hips began to match the rhythm, slowly at first and then faster. She moaned loudly. My mouth now was molded entirely over her pussy. My tongue darting inside of her, tasting her sweet juices. Her hands caressed my wet hair. I could feel with each penetration the strong contractions of her hole. I began to french the outside of her pussy tracing her lips. Her hands no longer caressed my hair, but now were pulling sharply, pushing and grinding my face into her. For a split second the moans ceased, then began again with each subsequent moan becoming louder as she came.

I stood up slowly her eyes met mine. I was taken aback they weren't green any longer, but coal brown. Her lips parted as she smiled at me. "Are you willing?"She again asked me. I smiled back as we both moved as one in front of the fire. A large plush fur was on the floor, as if right out of a movie. We lowered ourselves to the ground as one. We kissed passionately. She licked my lips and face seemingly to enjoy the taste she left behind. I leaned back as if to invite her to return the favor. Evanna mounted my body facing away from me. She bent forward and grasped my cock, and began to caress it with soft gentle strokes. Her ass was in view, a perfectly shaped heart. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her to me, until we formed a sixty-nine. Her pussy was so wet, clear droplets of cum dripped onto my chest. I began licking her ass cheeks. Then I began nibbling.

I tongued her asshole, amidst her passionate moans. Her hand strokes along the shaft of my cock grew more intense. Her grip tightened, and with each ensuing nibble and lick, I could feel her stroke up and down. She took me into her mouth where I could feel her tongue swirl around the head of my cock. The sensation was exquisite. My hands grasped her ass cheeks as I pulled her farther into me. I ran the finger of one hand to her asshole and the finger of the other hand to her pussy. I felt her take my cock all the way into her mouth as she began to slide her mouth up and down. I slowly placed one finger into her hole and the other just lightly pressing into her ass. She began to rock slowly into them. I kept the tempo of my tongue and finger constant. My cock was throbbing inside her mouth. She sucked and licked the head and softly caressed my balls with her dangling hair. As our bodies were becoming one I felt a sudden sharp pain. She was biting the head of my cock. I jerked back and as I did she lunged forward and turned to face me.

She now faced me while kneeling on all fours. I looked down and the head of my cock had a small scratch that had a tiny drop of blood formed. Evanna looked at it and then to me "you are WILLING are you not?" I stared at her for a moment and minimally shook my head 'yes'. I did not know what she meant. I didn't want to. She had made me feel things no woman ever has, and she knew it. She leaned forward and licked the drop of blood from the head. Her tongue circled several times around it thoroughly enjoying her task. I could see the stain of my blood on her lips. She licked them hungrily and swallowed. She crawled forward with her face partially obscured by her hair, only her lips visible. She stopped and lowered herself onto my cock. I felt the spasm channel itself around my cock her wetness the utter ecstasy ran through me. She sat fully upright. She raised her hands and unfastened her bra and slowly opened it from the front. Her hair still obscured her eyes as if she wanted it that way.

As Evanna removed her bra her breasts came into full view. Her breasts were not large, rather perfectly formed. Her areolas were a light shade of pink. Her nipples were hard she caressed them and took my hands and placed them upon her. I had her in full view. I could see her riding my cock her clit sliding along my shaft with her every thrust. Her breasts protruding ever so slightly her moans of passion growing louder with each thrust. She was a site that would destroy the strongest man's heart. Passionate, exquisite, irresistible. Her hips began to rock into me with greater force her pussy was beginning to spasm around my cock. Her moans grew load approaching a scream. With her orgasm she rocked three times with such force I thought my hip bones were going to break. Then she stopped.

Softly she leaned to me and whispered into my ear "are you willing, I'll not ask again" I never answered; instead I pushed upward on her hips so she would finish what I longed for. In an instant she knew I was willing. She smiled her hair still obscuring her eyes. She rode me wildly. She thrust her hips into mine. Moaning I could feel her tightening her pussy around me. I felt a wave shoot through my body. I knew this was it. I let out several moans and then sat upright meeting her body. Pressing my face into her breasts. I felt the first small spurt of cum shoot into her. Then the second, and finally I came so hard I began to grip her ass tightly as my buried itself into her chest. She continued to pump me for several minutes after I had finished. Slowly she stopped. I collapsed backward and she fell forward into my arms. She began kissing my neck as I had done to her earlier. Then a nibble. I giggled with each sensation. Then pain. No nibble no lick, but a bite as if someone wanted to tear flesh.

"Fuck, what the hell are you doing!" I said as I pushed her up. I wasn't even able to fell my neck, for when she sat up her hair no longer obscured her eyes. They were not coal brown any longer, but red…blood red…. Her mouth was coated with my blood. She ran her tongue along her lips. Then I saw it but didn't believe. She had fangs not just pointed teeth but fangs. I pushed her away form me. "But Eric you said you were willing!"

I told her to "get the fuck away from me." I moved as far away as I could but the wall cornered me. Cut off with nowhere to turn except through her.

"Eric you had no idea did you? I've been looking for a suitable mate for sometime. Two hundred years to be exact. Many have come some willing, some not. Others didn't. …Please me the way you have. So you are my choice. Three times I asked you, three times you pursued me even more. Now you are mine for always."

"And if I refuse?" I asked her "what then?" Her red eyes focused in to my soul "If you refuse you would be foolish, certain death would await you."

Suddenly I was no longer in my room but in a cold dark dungeon. It reeked of death. The bones from souls long gone littered the floor. In front of me she stood, Evanna. Behind her, a coffin, of wood and ivory. She drew closer to me, but I had nowhere to turn. I backed up as far as the cold damp wall would permit. She did not speak she, didn't have to. I knew my fate; if I did not willingly go with her I would become one of the remnants that littered this place. She touched me, running her finger down my chest. I was paralyzed. She drew closer and began to kiss me tenderly on the nape of my neck. I could not resist. I felt my self-growing aroused. My cock becoming harder than ever before.

Passionately the kisses made there way around to my lips. I embraced her, as she looked at me with eyes of demon red. I caressed her shoulders. Evanna lowered me to the cold hard floor. Her lust for sex and blood, my blood, was evident as she mounted on top of me. Lowering herself as my cock, the sensation was even more exquisite than before. Evanna leaned over; pressing her breasts into me, and began kissing my neck only inches from where she had bitten me. I felt the wound open, the blood being sucked out of my body. As my hands fell to my sides, I felt something sharp. It was a bone. By its size I knew it had to be a femur, with a jagged edge.

My only chance was fading fast as I felt more and more under her control. My only recourse was to yell, "yes" as sensually as I could. Evanna then sat up, still mounted on my cock; she smiled and caressed her breasts, tempting me, wanting me to forever be with her. Then asking me again, only this time the answer meant death or living hell, "Are you willing Eric?"

Without hesitation I said "no."

She looked almost saddened "then I will be your final passion."

I peered into her blood red eyes. Pity filled my soul. "and I, poor Evanna will be your final passion!" I thrust the bone that I grasped in my hand right under her breastbone. I pushed as forcefully as I could. She reeled backward grasping the bone. A soul-ending scream filled the room; blood ran from the wound I held the bone firmly in place. She tried to escape the pain. Her feet trying to move, only to fling helplessly across the floor.

Evanna, drenched in blood, slumped forward. I caught her and rolled her to her back. The steak of bone still entrenched within her, she gasped for breath. Looking at me her eyes no longer burned of blood, they returned to a beautiful green with a look of final peace. The fangs now vanished forever. Evanna raised her hand and touched my cheek with a loving tenderness. "You have released me Eric. Peace and rest…. see you were willing." Her hand fell to the floor. She was gone. I leaned over and kissed her one final time. Her body slowly vanished from view. The only trace of her existence was the amulet she wore. Left behind as a memory or a token of thanks, ill never know. As I picked it up it exuded warmth that I cannot describe, as if part of her was still with me.

I suddenly found myself in the foyer of this house, I was dressed my bag there as I had placed it when I arrived. The only difference appeared to be the house itself. No longer a beautifully decorated home, but an abandoned house that appeared to have been without an owner for a long time. No portraits no fine furnishings, just abandonment, rotting wood and cobwebs. I left as quickly as I could.

As I drove only a short while through a small town whose name I did not catch, I happened upon a small local cemetery. Something pulled me toward it. I parked my car and began walking through the garden of white stones. I stopped abruptly and at my feet was a small head stone: Evanna Cruentus

Born April 4th 1786
Died Oct 30th 1806

I felt a sudden chill crawl up my spine, as if she was there beside me. I took out the amulet she wore and held it tightly in my hand. As I walked sadly to my car and began the long ride home I thought of her beauty. Rain began to fall as it had done before.

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