Blue Heat


Chapter One

"Three King Ten....." the radio crackled, on a relatively boring night. Sgt. Rick Thorn picked up the mike, and spoke back to the dispatcher,

"Ten, go agead." "1345 Euclid, Apartment 1C, see the woman, possible prowler."

"Damn!" Rick swore to himself. Fourty-five minutes to end-of-watch, and she gives me a prowler call! "Ten, clear," Rick responded. As he made a U-turn to go to respond to the call, he was fuming. He WAS a sergeant, after all, the supervisor of the shift, and he shouldn't have to handle trivial calls like this one. He had twelve beat cars working for him, and one of them should have been given this call!

As he drove, Rick hit a button on his mobile computer, and checked to see what his troops were doing. He quickly saw that they were all busy, doing police work. He should have known. Kathy was a very good dispatcher, (among other things she was good at!) and she wouldn't have given him this call unless it was really necessary.

It was about three miles to the call, and as his cruiser made it's way down the deserted streets, Rick considered his current plight. Thirty-four years old, married to a beautiful, very sexy woman, a career he truly loved, and he was in line for a promotion to lieutenant. Two kids, eighteen year-old twins ( a boy and a girl), but something was.... missing.

That was obvious by the number of affairs he'd been involved in over the past few years - actually, nearly all of his married life. According to the secret list Rick kept, he'd had sex with two hundred and twenty-six different wpomen! Sure, most of them were one-night stands, but still - why?

His wife Lori, also thirty-four, was drop-dead gorgeous. Long, dark brown hair, cute face, and a body to die for. But, without a doubt, her best feature was her long, perfectly-shaped legs. She'd gotten pregnant at seventeen, and they got married. Back then, that was what you did in that situation.

Their marriage was pretty good for the most part. Lori was really good in the rack, but even so, soon after they were married, Rick started straying. He justified it by the fact that Lori had been his only lover. They were child-hood sweethearts, and had started having sex in the ninth grade, so he didn't have a chance to play the field.

His new job with the police department immediately started providing him with opportunities to stray, and he resisted the temptation - for a time. But it wasn't long....

Before he had a chance to ponder that, he found himself on the street of of the prowler call. "Three King Ten, on the scene," he spoke into the radio mike. "Three King Ten, twenty-three thirteen," Kathy responded back with the correct time. He killed the lights before he got to the address, and parked on the street a couple of doors down.

He got out and locked the door, heading for the building. It was a two-story, four units on each floor. He guessed that One-C was to the rear of the first floor, so he went toward the back. As he got behind the building, he saw that there were tall shrubs close to the building, and there were lots of windows with light shining out.

There was also a wooded area behind the small yard, no buildings to the rear. "Perfect for Peeping Toms," Rick thought. He got up to the building, and using his flashlight, noticed several cigarette butts on the ground below the window. He shined his light up to the wall of the building, and saw what was obviously semen running down the boards.

For the first time, Rick looked through the window. It was the bedroom, very nicely furnished, and well-lit. The mini-blinds were down but open. Suddenly, a woman walked into the room from a hallway, and Rick quickly turned his light out. He was seeing what had been the object of the Peeping Tom's lustful desire.

She was very good looking; about twenty-five, tall, blond, a little on the thin side, and still dressed in work clothes. A short skirted business suit, sheer, dark nylons, and spiky high heels.

As Rick turned to go back out front, she caught his eye again by taking her jacket off and laying it on the bed. It was quickly followed by her white blouse and then her skirt and slip. She now stood in front of Rick in her bra, sheer pantyhose and heels. Nothing else. Not even panties under her sheer-to-waist nylons!

Then, she reached behind her back in the way that only women can, and unsnapped her bra. It joined the rest of the clothes on the bed, and Rick was treated to an unobstructed view of her very fine breasts.

She sat on the bed, but before she could get her pantyhose off, Rick made his way to the front door and knocked. When she answered, Rick saw that she'd put a short robe on, but still had her nylons on.

"Hi," Rick greeted her. "I'm Sergeant Rick Thorn, Fairwoods Police Department. Did you call about a prowler?" "Yes, I did," she answered.

"Please, come in." Rick followed her in, placing his clipboard in front of the bulge in his uniform pants. She directed him to the sofa, and he sat down at one end. She took a seat at the other end, immediately crossing her legs with a distinct "hiss" from her nylons. Her short robe parted at the bottom, exposing her sleekly nyloned thigh, and she did nothing to cover it up.

"Your name, please," Rick prompted. "Nancy Donovan," she answered. "Why don't you tell me why you called, Ms. Donovan." She took a deep breath, and started in. "Well, I got home from work about an hour ago, and, I started to change clothes." "Go on... " Rick chided.

"Well.... this is so hard... " she hesitated. "Look, Nancy, can I call you Nancy?" She nodded. Rick went on, "Well, anyway, you're not gonna say anything that I haven't heard before, so just go on and tell me what happened."

"Okay. When I started to change clothes, I got this feeling.... that someone was watching me. Have you ever felt that way?" she asked. Rick nodded his assent. "Anyway, I had my skirt up around my waist, and started to slide my pantyhose down, when I felt this... presence." Go on," Rick pressed.

"I looked toward the window, and I thought I saw movement, and I got scared. So, I pulled my skirt down, and came in here, and called 911." "Rick wanted more details. "Have you ever gotten this feeling - that someone was watching you - before?" "Well, now that you mention it, I have. A few times. Always when I'm dressing or undressing."

Rick broke the news to the frightened, sexy woman. "Well, Nancy, when I got here, I checked the rear of the building before I contacted you." Rick forged on. "Someone HAS been watching you. I found a lot of cigarette butts outside your bedroom window. With your blind open, you can see right inside." "Oh, my!" Nancy shreaked. "I had no idea. Who would do such a thing?"

"There's lots of men that like to watch, Nancy. Sometimes, they even get off while watching." She looked perplexed. "Get off?" Rick decided to be blunt. "They masturbate, Nancy. As a matter of fact, there was evidence of semen on the wall below your window, so it's pretty obvious that your Peeping Tom jacked off while watching you."

Rick noticed a tremble go over Nancy, and goose-bumps raise up on her arms. "I can't believe men would do that," she stammered, but it was very obvious that she found the thought of someone pleasuring himself while watching her, exciting to say the least.

"Well," Rick offered, "Why don't I do a security check of your apartment while I'm here, okay?" "Hey, that would be great!" she answered, and they both stood up. Rick's boner was still obvious, so his clipboard stayed in front of him.

They started in the bedroom, and Rick went to the window. "These blinds offer a perfect view into your bedroom when they're not closed, Nancy." He opened the window. "Look out here." He held his light out the window as she bent over and looked out. She saw the cigarette butts on the ground, and the steams of semen - some old, and some very fresh - on the wall.

"It looks like he's been here a few times, " she observed. "Yes, he probably has," Rick agreed. While she looked out in the bent-over position, Rick took the opportunity to check her out more closely. He bent over as well, his line of sight starting at her spiked heels, and moving up, sexy nylon-clad ankles, calves, thighs, and bending over to see more, her sweet ass.

"Hey, Rick, can I call you that?" she asked as she stood up, pulling herself back into the room. "Sure, Nancy," Rick responded. "Well Rick, when you were outside, checking the back, did you look in my window?" An alarm immediately sounded in his head, but just as quickly, he dismissed it. "Sure, Nancy, I had to check everything out."

"Well, what did you see... you know, when you were.... checking it out?" "I saw the inside of your bedroom, Nancy, that's all." "Oh," she answered. "Then, you didn't... see me?" Rick didn't answer right away, but his face turned beet red. "C'mon, Rick. Tell me what you saw," she said, her lips turning up in a slight smile. "Exactly.... what you saw."

Rick sensed the challenge, and responded. "Well Nancy, I saw you come into the room, look into the mirror. I thought you were very attractive - beautiful, in fact. Then, you took your jacket off, your blouse, skirt, slip, bra....." "You kept on watching, Rick?" she asked. "Yes. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I hoped you'd leave your nylons and heels on - I really love a woman dressed in them - and when you sat on the bed to take them off, I raced around and knocked, so you'd still have them on.... "

They were both silent for a minute. Then, "Wow!" was all she said. Her nipples were very prominent poking out in her silk robe. She walked over to where she stood in front of Rick.

Slowly, she opened the sash of her robe, and it slid to the floor. She reached out and took Rick's clipboard and threw it to the bed. Then, her hands went directly to his zipper, and slid it down it's track. Her hands then went inside and freed his rock-hard manhood. All nine inches of it stood proudly at attention.

She looked down at it, measuring it with her eyes - and hands. Then, she backed up, pulling him with her by his dick, until she was next to the bed, and sat back. He stood in front of her, between her sleekly nyloned thighs, and she leaned forward to take him in her mouth.

He knew it would be quick, so he just held her head in place, just kind of fucking her mouth. She stroked the shaft as she sucked on the head, her tongue probing every detail. Just to make sure, he whispered, "Nancy, don't let any get on my uniform... " He needn't have worried. "Oh, don't you worry, Sergeant Thorn, I won't miss a single drop!" and her mouth returned to it's job - cum recepticle.

He felt his orgasm approach, and looked down at the beautiful woman before him. Her mouth full of as much of his cock as she could manage, her hands stroking the rest. Her legs, clad in the sheerest pantyhose he'd ever felt, and.... that was it.

She moaned loudly as stream after stream of his hot seed poured into her mouth. She swallowed three times to get it all, and when she was sure she had, with a smug look on her face, she stood and kissed him deeply.

The kissed a few more times, and he looked at his watch - he had to get out of there!!! "Look, Nancy, I gotta get to the station..." "Okay, Rick, but remember - you owe me one!" He made his way to the cruiser, and headed in. "Two hundred and twenty-seven...." he thought to himself....

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