tagNovels and NovellasBlue Heat Ch. 02

Blue Heat Ch. 02


As he drove back to the station, Rick's thoughts returned to his most recent conquest. It had really been easy, and he wondered if Nancy Donovan hadn't actually seduced him, instead of the other way around. Could it really have been a coincidence, looking into her bedroom window and seeing her undress? Hmmmm... two hundred twenty-seven....

His mind travelled back in time, nearly seventeen years, to the first time he strayed. He'd been well-satisfied with his wife, but she was pregnant with twins, and her sexual drive was nearly non-existent. One of the guys at the station house had been bragging about getting a blow job while on a traffic stop, and Rick was horny... and jealous of the lucky guy.

It had started with a simple question. "Rick, will you teach me how to give head....?" Actually, it had started with a phone call at the start of his afternoon shift.

The phone in the Ready Room rang, and a guy called to Rick, telling him that the call was for him. "Officer Thorn," he said into the receiver. "Rick, it's Kellie." It was his wife's older sister.

"Hey, Kel, what's up?" he asked.

"If you have time, could you stop by? I need to talk to you about something." she said. She and her husband Andy lived in his beat, so it wouldn't be a problem.

"Okay, Kel. There's nothing holding right now, so I'll try to stop over right away."

"Thanks, Rick, see you then," she responded.

Rick checked his vehicle out and stowed his gear. Then, he drove the short distance to his sister-in-law's house, wondering what she wanted to talk to him about. He pulled into the driveway and got out, turning his portable radio on to monitor his calls.

He knocked twice as he walked through the kitchen door, and called out. "Kellie?"

"In here, Rick," she said, and he headed for the family room.

He found her sitting in a recliner, and she looked fantastic. She was tall and slim, with long, ashe blonde hair. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Today, she had on a thin summer dress that buttoned up the front. It's hem was at mid-thigh, allowing him a good view of her sheer nylons and very sexy stiletto sandals.

Her legs were crossed at the ankles and spread at the knees four or five inches. As he took a seat on the sofa across from her, he could see part-way up her dress. She had on a garter belt and stockings instead of pantyhose, and he could see up to where the clips attached to the expanded tops of her nylons.

"What's up, Kellie?" he asked, trying not to be obvious about checking out her sexy legs.

"Oh, Rick, this is so embarrassing... "

"Come on, out with it," he prompted.

"Well... Andy and I are having... problems. Sexual problems." She looked away from him.

"Kel, maybe you should be talking to your sister about this... " Rick said, trying to wiggle out of the conversation.

"Actually, I already have," she said, surprising him. "We were talking about... sex things... actually about giving... blow jobs." Rick was taken aback by that one! "I told her that Andy didn't like it when I gave him... head." Rick sat there, stunned and speechless.

"Anyway, she told me that you... taught her how to do it.... you know.... suck your dick."

Finally, Rick found his voice. "Kellie, that was a long time ago, and we were getting married, and..."

Kellie interrupted him, and as she shifted the recliner to the upright position, his eyes were again drawn to her legs as they spread. He could see all the way up her dress, past her stocking tops, past the straps of her garter belt, to where her panties should have been - but weren't. "Rick, please, teach me how to give a good blow job!"

There it was. Just like that. Rick's first impulse was to run. As he stood up to head for the door, he spoke to her. "Kellie, talk to somebody else about... "

She blocked his escape by standing up in front of him. Then, without a word, she started unbuttoning her dress.

Rick stood there, transfixed. One button, then another, then another, until finally her dress was completely open. She shrugged her shoulders, and it pooled at her feet. Naked except for her spiky high heels, sheer, dark stockings, their tops fully expanded and clipped to a lacy black garter belt that framed her pubic hair. That was it. No bra. Her hard nipples poked out at him invitingly.

"Come on, Rick. Let me suck your cock. Teach me how. Please?" Then, before he could make up his mind, she slid to her knees in front of him, and unzipped his pants. His cock poked out at her face, it's head already dripping pre-cum. "Wow, Rick, I didn't know they made them this big!" she said.

She took hold of it with both hands, and stroked it as she looked up at him. Then, she opened her mouth and her tongue slid out, tickling, and then licking the head, lapping up the clear fluid she found there. "Ummmmm, Rick, tell me what to do... '

He backed up slightly to the couch and sat down, spreading his knees as far as they would go. Kellie still had hold of his dick, and now she took the head in her mouth. "That's good, Kel," Rick finally whispered. "Use your tongue, lick the head, especially the hole at the end.... "

Kellie's eyes were nearly closed as she fellated her brother-in-law. She moaned loudly each time it leaked fluid onto her tongue. "Ummmmmm, Rick..."

"Okay, now stroke the shaft, but keep the head in your mouth. That's it.... Now, take more of it in your mouth... " She plunged her mouth down, taking him deeper. Nearly half of his nine inches was buried in her mouth now.

Her head bounced up and down in his lap, and he knew he would cum soon. "Kellie, sit up here next to me... " His dick plopped from her mouth, but she held onto it with her hands. She sat next to him and he kissed her hard. He could taste himself on her tongue as she probed his mouth, and for the first time, he was able to touch her nylon-clad legs.

The experience was electric in nature. These were the sheerest nylons he'd ever felt, and he'd felt a lot of them. After learning of his love for them, his wife had accumulated quite a collection of stockings, garter belts and sheer-to-waist pantyhose. "Yeah, Rick, I know all about what you like your women to wear.... "

Obviously, his wife had a big mouth! Before he could comment, Kellie's mouth returned to his cock, and resumed sucking. One of his hands caressed her nyloned thigh, and the other the back of his sister-in-law's head.

"Now, Kel, when I cum, don't let any get on my uniform.... "

She quickly responded, "Don't worry Rick, I'll swallow it all so it doesn't..."

"Yeah, Kel, keep sucking... stroke the shaft... yeah... that's great... you're doing great... faster now... " His urging had the desired effect. She now had her lips locked around the crown of his cock head, her tongue moved quickly over every part of it she could get to, and her right hand pistoned on the shaft. Her other hand cradled his balls, rubbing them gently.

His hands continued to stroke her stockings, running from her knee to her pussy.... "Okay, Kel, here it comes....!"

"Ummmmm, Rick, give it to me! Pump my mouth full!" The first spurt was handled easily, but the second one nearly choked her. She kept stroking him, and her tongue, which she put right at the tip of his cock, felt every spurt of his cream as it poured into her mouth.

Finally, he was done. Kellie continued to suck softly on his cock as it softened in her mouth. Then, reluctantly, she released it and looked up at Rick.

"Well, how'd I do?" she asked coyly. A drop of his cum was still on the corner of her mouth.

"Kellie," he mumbled. "If Andy doesn't like that, then he's too messed up for you. Dump him!"

"Oh, no, I could never do that," Kellie said as she put her head on his chest. "But, I'll try these new things on him.... tonight. Rick?"

"Hmmm?" he answered. "Do you think you could... teach me how to... fuck?"

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