tagBDSMBreaking in a New Sub Ch. 05

Breaking in a New Sub Ch. 05


As I left the bedroom that evening after shaving I saw her, naked, watching the moon come through the window as she stood there. Now was the time I decided to make two of her fantasies a reality. I reached inside my overnight bag and pulled out a pair of leather wrist cuffs. I knew that I could secure them to the eyelet above the window that you were able to hook a clothing line in. I had already surveyed that much of the room.

Silently padding up behind her I wrapped my arms around her and before she knew it had locked her wrists into the cuffs. I raised her arms by the cuffs and slipped the little loop over the eyelet holding her in place.

"Diane, I am not waiting any longer, as you stand naked before the window and everyone nearby can look in and see I am going to whip your sweet ass and then fuck you right there for all to see.

"Please sir, don't do it like this, I thought..."

"CRACK!" the whip went and snapped against her ass. She silently shut her mouth and whimpered a moan of pleasure or pain at the time I wasn't sure. Then I decided I would rather just spank my new slut with my bare hand as to make the contact more personal. Diane winced but managed to moan out, "One, sir," exactly as I had instructed her to do if I were to spank her ever.

I reared back and swung again, cupping her ass as I hit it and lifting her slightly off her feet swinging on the eyelet above. "Two Sir," she whimpered again. I continued the assault on her ass until she couldn't cry out any longer. She was moaning and squealing in pain with each blow as I stood back and looked at her ass noticing the deep red marks. She was definitely going to be bruised and need some loving later.

I slowly stood behind her and let her sob and shake for a few minutes before I ran my hand up the insides of her thighs and found just how turned on she was her pussy was drenched and she easily accepted my digits as they probed her further. I reached back inside my bag and pulled out the non-piercing clamps for her nipples and walked around standing in front of her. I gently reached out and rolled her nipples as her eyes locked on mine. As the nipples became even more erect I pulled them taunt and then slid the little clamps down over them. I gave the little linking chain a good tug to make sure it was secure and she moaned once more as the pain and pleasure ripped through her body.

"I'm going to fuck you now my little one," I told her sternly as I looked into her meek little eyes.

"But, sir, we agreed..." her voice tapered off.

I slapped her lightly and told her to hush, she was mine and I was going to claim all she had to offer.

I unhooked her from the eyelet and pushed her down on her knees, with a wicked smile she complained no more but opened her mouth and licked her lips as she leaned forward resting her head on my stomach as I pushed the tip of my cock against her lips. She teased me opening her mouth and lapping at the mushroom top before sucking it into her mouth and then pulling away, as she pulled away she blew over the tip and then lapped again at the slit leaking precum. I enjoyed the teasing so I let her continue, knowing that she was hoping to save the fucking for the next day if she pleased me with her mouth this night.

I pushed her back a bit and took her pigtails in my hand and thrust forward, right into her open mouth and she swallowed most of my cock minus a few inches. Her tongue danced along the veins and head as she bobbed her head and allowed me to use her mouth for my pleasure. She was moaning and that's when I noticed that her hands were between her legs, still cuffed and she was playing with her pussy. I pushed forward and choked her with my cock stuffing her mouth full and into her throat it went. She tried not to gag and managed rather well but still now I was determined to fuck every hole she had before letting her loose.

I pulled away and stood her up, quickly pushing her back and onto the bed. I grabbed the silk tie that went to her robe that lay there on the bed and then the one from my own robe which she had lay out and tied each around an ankle as I put her legs spread eagle and fixed the ties to the bedposts.

"Please sir, no, not tonight, let me finish you off with my mouth and you may fuck me in the morning any way you wish, I'll wake you up with a little oral action if that pleases you my master."

I cut her off by slapping her face again, "Slut, you are mine, you know this and you touched yourself without permission earlier, yes, I saw it. Now you're right that I will fuck you in the morning and how you will wake me up but I am also taking you tonight."

With that I slid over her and opened her delicate pussy with my fingers and pushed my cock just inside. Her hips raised up despite her own protests and she resided to the fate that I was going to fuck her tonight. I slid a few inches inside her as she whimpered and pleaded still and tried to offer anything but penetration tonight. I wasn't having it though. I worked in and out until she could take a little more and then rammed the rest of my cock inside her as she screamed and moaned.

"Sir, yes, I mean no, I mean oh...fuck me sir, make me your whore if you must."

I knew she was giving in but still going to protest as I started fucking her harder and faster. I continued to slide in and out making circles with my hips touching every inner inch of my pleasure toy. I fucked her hard, I fucked her slow, I mixed up the pace so that she would remain on edge longer and to prolong my own orgasm.

She was finally squealing and moaning "Oh gods" when I untied her as I pulled out and put her face down on the bed. I rammed my cock back into her wet slit and was greeted by her pushing back this time, eager to accept it all.

It was then that I started rubbing her tiny asshole and working a finger into the puckered opening, she relaxed enough for me to work the whole digit in as I filled her pussy with my hard cock. I then pulled out and went down, starting to lick her ass and tease her asshole with my tongue as I paused to tell her to finger herself and rub her clit with permission this time. She was giggling and moaning and crying so overwhelmed with her desires and needs as I straightened back up and nudged her asshole with my cock.

"No sir, not there, I fear I can't take your big cock back there yet."

I swatted her already red ass and pushed feeling the head slip past the tight ring and deep inside her asshole. I worked it in and out until my balls were finally slapping her ass. As soon as I accomplished this she screamed out, "Yes, fuck me in the ass master, give it all to me please. Take your slut and use her."

I did just that holding her hips and driving my cock down and into her ass deep with each thrust, I soon felt the sweat rolling down both our body and knew that I had to cum, I couldn't hold back any longer. I slammed in and out as fast as I could and ass I started to cum I pulled out and spun her around, she opened her mouth and waited patiently.

A few more strokes and I was painting her tongue with cum, warm and thick and just how she had claimed she loved it. I pulled and jerked my cock until no more cum would spurt and then reached down to untie her and uncuff her hands. Once free I led her to the bathroom and turned on the shower, washing her off and feeling her little hands doing the same to me.

We stayed under the water until it began to get cold and then dried off and ran out to the bedroom. I told her to kneel down and when she did I put a blindfold over Diane's eyes. I pulled one last item out of my bag and then bent down and kissed her forehead as I placed the thing around her neck. It was a simple item really, remembering it now, a light blue choker that would be her collar, easy to wear out in public as a symbol of our bond and discreet. But also a hint to those in the lifestyle that we would pass when I took her the next night to a club for our lifestyle.

But to return you to the collaring I stood her up and took off the blindfold and kissed her lips, "Now you belong to me and the little charm here says so," I said, lifting it and showing the charm to her. "Master J's pet," is what the little heart with the lifestyle symbol on the back said.

As she started to cry I kissed her and lay her down on the bed and slid back inside her and made love to her, she may be my submissive but that doesn't always mean we have to be rough. I whispered that sentiment to her through her tears she just smiled and wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails into my back.

Thanks for reading and remember to vote there may be more added to this story but I will wait and see what feedback comes. Thanks MV.

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by 90skjnk11/18/17

Yes I like that master j pushes her limits but just because she says no does it mean yes. I would be more comfortable if they had a safe word eatablished otherwise most of this story was nonconsent

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