Breeding Station



The next day, both girls were back in the mothership. Valerie was still resting from the unbelievable fucking and Hanna was lying next to her, admiring her friend's gorgeous body.

Valerie finally woke up.

"What happened? Where am I?" she asked.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. How are you feeling?" Hanna responded.

"Are we back in the mothership?"

"Yes. I carried you here after the monsters... well, you know."

"After the monsters fucked our brains out! I remember. I was supposed to save you and you ended up saving me," Valerie exclaimed.

"We saved each other my darling and I want to thank you for that," Hanna answered.

"You don't have to tha..."

Before Valerie could finish the word, Hanna kissed her. Valerie kissed her back with excitement, feeling a heat-wave spread across her entire body. All the memories of her recent monster-sex encounters came back to her at the same time.

Hanna moved on top of Valerie, straddling her body. They looked at each other with true passion in their eyes. Their bodies were different and so were their minds. This was what they were supposed to do. Have sex. Always have sex.

Valerie saw Hanna's eyes lose focus as she moaned softly. The brunette couldn't see that the reason for this reaction was a flexible and lubricated tentacle slithering out from Hanna's pussy.

Hanna's pregnant belly shivered slightly as the tentacle protruded more and more. It curved down aiming to Valerie's tight anal entrance. And penetrated her! Valerie moaned loud in response.


She was hoping for this and she almost reached an orgasm right at that instant. But Valerie knew that more was coming and she wanted to enjoy every second of it.

The beautiful girl felt the tentacle pushing deeper and deeper. She remembered the Captain. She pictured the tentacle coming out of Carrie's mouth, waving in the air. Valerie climaxed!

In the middle of the blissful spasms, the lubricated appendage rushed between the brunette's lips.

Hanna watched within an astonishing haziness how the tentacle projected from Valerie's mouth, approaching her own. Every time her pussy twitched, the limb moved a little closer to her lips.

Moments later, the inevitable happened. The tentacle entered Hanna's mouth, pushing past her throat and even further. It seemed to have no end!

Valerie and Hanna were now deeply submerged in a world of never ending ecstasy. All they cared about was remaining together and bringing joy to each other.

But the wonderful experience was not over yet. The tentacle moved across Hanna's body, coming out of her ass...

...just to bend down and penetrated Valerie's constricting pussy. The circle was complete!

The long time friends had become one, bonded together by a gift from the DNAR.

And not far from the entwined couple, the DNAR was right there! Watching everything, hearing everything, always in control. Hanna had brought it to the mothership. It was too beautiful to be destroyed. It brought too much joy.

The mothership was scheduled for arrival at the Central Base in a few weeks and all would change there too. The large population of the base was up for a pleasant surprise!

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story. If you feel like it, you can see some images at my free website.

Best regards.

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by belle110/06/17

Yet again

You have remained my favorite author for years and none of your stories disappoint me. In fact, with every one....


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