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Bridal Spirits


Damn truck! Every time I drive this stupid company truck the some-bitch breaks down! This time was different though, this time the damn thing had been stuttering and stalling all day long and of all places to quit, it had to stop here! 5 miles from anywhere!

I angrily jammed the gear shift into park and turned the key, the starter whirred and the engine coughed and sputtered. "Oh come on!" I yelled out loud and followed it with a long stream of expletives.

The head lights dimmed as the battery weakened, so I shut them off, and sat back in the seat, disgusted and pissed to say the least!

I got out and opened the hood, hoping to find a simple problem, as my tools were in my van back at the office. I couldn't find anything loose or un plugged, but I couldn't miss the smell of gas.

I thought back to the days when a problem like this could be fixed in a few minutes, but with all the "high tech" junk under the hood, this could be any number of things, and I was clue less! I slammed the hood down and got back in behind the wheel.

This stretch of road was a lonely place to be stranded especially between 11pm and 5 am. I was well aware of this road. I felt my air bristle as I recalled 30 years ago, when I and a friend had stopped in the very place where this piece of junk choose to quit! It was a night not unlike this night, bright moon light illuminating the night sky and highlighting the small puffs of clouds, that seemed to drift slowly across the night sky from the north east to the south west. Moon light so bright that I could clearly read the same "no trespassing" sign hanging from the chain link fence 15 feet from the edge of the road.

My friend Bill and I had been out dumpster diving and cruising the allies for resalable junk, neither of us drank nor partook of any drugs. Well, at least not until after that night!

We saw a column of smoke or steam rising from the ditch on the right side of the road, as we got closer the mist grew thicker and obscured the road ahead. Bill slowed down and pulled to his car onto the shoulder of the road. Both of us thought that there might be a car down in the ditch.

We had both been down this stretch many times and had never seen anything like this before. We both sat quietly staring as the mist, well lit in the headlights of the car and bright moon light, began to move up onto the road about 40 feet in front of us.

It was not like any fog I'd ever seen before, it went against the wind and gathered up in the middle of the road. Taking shape yet with out clear definable features, into what we both swear was a woman in a wedding gown!

The mist was wispy like smoke swirling and curling, yet unaffected by the direction of the breeze. Her face and full bosoms soon were visible, though shrouded in a white veil and the swirling mist, her gown seemed weightless within the fog as the train and layers of sheer white fabric floated and blended with the swirling mist.

The ghost stood in the center of the road as if pleading with us to help her. Her hands gesturing to us, as trying to entice us from the car. We could only stare as she turned into the wind and drifted gracefully against it, across the road and up over a bridge embankment.

We sat in shocked amazement at what we had both seen. My hair bristles even today, recalling what we had seen years later. That night Bill's mother told us that a young bride and two of her bridesmaids had been killed in a head on collision in that very spot 10 years before, on their way to the wedding at a local Fire Hall.

Since that time I have been up and down this road many times and never saw anything again.

This was a great place to be stranded! If I leave the car I can be sure that either the car will be stolen or at least broken into. I could care less about the car, but my equipment was in the trunk, so I decided to stay in the car.

Perhaps if I'm lucky a cop will come by and I can get a ride or at least call a tow truck for me. I turned on the radio and reclined the seat and relaxed. I laid my head back on the head rest and closed my eyes for a few minutes, it had been a long day and I was getting tired.

This car was real piece of junk but it did have comfortable seats and a decent radio! So I settled in and made the best of my situation. After a few minutes the radio started to act up, the volume blared and the channels changed rapidly from one to the next. The dome light came on and off over and over. i pulled out the key and it didn't stop!

The gasoline fumes seemed to be getting stronger and I sat up and was amazed to see the entire car totally engulfed in a thick swirling fog! I could only imagine that the gas must be leaking onto the hot engine and vaporizing into a cloud so I got out in a hurry and carefully closed the door.

Even in the bright moon light I could barely see to walk around the front of the car, the fog was so thick that I stumbled across the ditch and climbed up to the fence. The fog was slowly swirling around the car, at times rendering it invisible. I could see the lights in the car going on and off creating a flashing glow in the thich fog.

I stood there watching when the doors began openning and shuting one at a time, each time the dome light flashed on and off illuminating the fog but nothing else. I had the strong urge to flee and I turned to my left but the fog had moved up and began to take shape. Rising up and forming a column almost as tall as my self.

I looked to my right and watched in horror as wispy smoke like arms were reaching out of a rising column of mist for my arm.

Through my jacket I could feel icy cold fingers wrapping around my wrists then both my arms were yanked up and I felt my self being lifted from the ground and thrown back forcefully against the fence!

The back of my head crashed into the fence pole filling my head with bright flashes of light and pain. I couldn't move, but I could see the misty shape of two women holding my arms against the fence!

They were wearing matching gowns that at first I thought had floral patterns on them but as the mist seemed to solidify I could see to my horror that the patterns were blood and not flowers! I could see the terrifying injuries on the faces and bodies of what were once beautiful women.

Flesh torn and hanging, exposing bone and internal organs, I tried to break free but my arms were numb with the cold that seemed to flow through them from the grip of these two tortured souls.

I looked down toward the car and a third misty form, much whiter than the other two yet spattered with blood as well slowly drifted towards me. I was shaking with fear as the "bride" lifted her veil revealing her full cleavage and a beautiful face, but as the veil rose my fear turned to absolute horror!

There was a huge gash across her face where her eyes should have been! The wound was deep and had completely gouged out her eye sockets!

I screamed as she reached out and gently took my face in her cold dead hands, silencing my scream as she pulled her self closer and kissed me. She held my head in her grasp as her cold lips met mine, her tongue slithered between my lips and wrestled with mine.

I tried to push her tongue out but it was as if I had no will power, no control over any part of my body! Her kiss seemed to drain any emotions I had, as even the total state of fright seemed to ease as she pulled her face back.

I could only stare into her wounded face as she took the collars of my shirt and jacket in her hands and in one quick yank ripped them both open.

The other feminine forms ripped open the back of my shirt and jacket, throwing the two halves over the fence on either side of me. With my hands still in the sleeves, I was hanging from the fence with my arms spread wide.

The two female spirits that had held my hands began caressing my chest and abdomen with ice cold hands and fingers. The bride reached out and took my belt and jeans in her grip. I felt my leather belt snap as she pulled, then I could feel my jeans ripping and tearing as she tore them open and yanked them down to my ankles.

The other two spirits grabbed my jeans and the three together pulled my pants down over my sneakers and pulled everything off at once. Leaving me suspended by my arms, my feet no longer touching the ground as I hung on the fence completely naked.

The three forms began transforming before my eyes. Their once horrifying wounds closed up and appeared to heal as they crowded around me, their blood spattered gowns seemed to fall away melting into the air as they fell towards the ground. My fear seemed to melt away with their gowns as I hung there.

I watched as three incredibly well built and beautiful women floating just off the ground, caressed kissed and fondled me, their hands touching me and teasing at my most sensitive parts.

I could feel my passion rising as well as my cock, when the bride knelt before me taking my swelling member in her hands, I looked down expecting to see her disfigured face but instead found myself staring down into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.

I could feel her passion and the sadness in her gaze. I could feel her communicate with me pleading for what she couldn't have in life. She wanted my cock, and cum!

I watched as she took me into her pretty mouth, her eyes still fixed on mine as she mouthed and sucked my cock until I was hard and oozing pre-cum.

She raised up and I felt my self floating upwards as well! When my hips were parallel with the ground she rose above me and settled down on my cock, I could feel her unmistakable sleeve like pussy engulf my throbbing cock.

The other two spirits rose up on either side and began caressing and kissing both of us as we fucked floating almost 8 feet off the ground! The two spirits seemed to be all over us kissing the brides breasts and nipples their hands slipped in and out of my ass and hers as the long dead bride rode my erect cock.

I could feel the cold fingers of the brides maids pushing in with my cock and wiggling up my ass. I felt my balls being squeezed and pulled as my cum boiled within them.

The bride fucked me wildly as her passion rose with mine, her pussy pulled and all but sucked at my swollen member. My head seemed to fill with the pleadings of all three spirits, "cum, cum now, fill her with your cum, Cum now!"

I had no control over my cock at this point and I came spurting hot jets of my white pearlescent cream up in the beautiful figure that ground her cunt down over my pumping cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy gripping and pulling at my cock as the last of my cum oozed out.

My body fell crashing back against the fence, yet still hanging from my wrists. I opened my eyes to see the horribly disfigured and now rotting corpses of the three women transforming back into the fog and drifting away and up over the overpass embankment.

The horror that had once left me now returned as I struggled to free my self from my sleeves still hung over the fence. The harder I fought the tighter the sleeves seemed. After a few minutes I gave up and just hung there naked.

In the distance I could see a car coming, at first I was relieved that I would be rescued but as the car approached I could see two women in the front seat. They just stared in horror as they went by slowly then accelerated and flew down the road and out of site.

I hung there another half hour before a police car finally showed up with two officers. My rescuers soon became my tormentors as they sprayed my face with mace and poked and prodded at my naked body with their night sticks.

They cut me down from the fence swearing angrily at me and were aggressively abusive as they beat me down to the ground, cuffed me, threw me in the back seat of their cruiser, and took me to the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

They had no interest in my story and between the beating and the mace I wasn't doing much talking! No one believed my story and I had to spend three days locked up, dressed only in a hospital gown, with some real head cases.

Even my injuries couldn't help me convince the Dr.s., I had a large knot on the back of my head and both my wrists were badly bruised.

I was charged with indecent exposure and released, my attorney didn't even believe me. My boss fired me when I called him from the hospital, seems when he picked up the car at the impound, it had been stripped and all my own equipment was gone as well.

Two weeks later though another man was found hanging naked from the same section of fence, only he had suffered a massive heart attack and died.

His death made the news but my story was kept out of the news, and off the record. The charges were dropped and my record destroyed. The district attorney warned me not to talk to reporters under threat of having charges placed against me, listing me as a sex offender. But I had to tell my story! Even if no one believes me now, you will believe, when it happens to you!

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