Dear A,

A little thank you for earlier.

I wake, burning. I cannot quite say from where comes this all-encompassing fire and yet, I feel it the moment I wake my eyes and greet the day. I lie, disconcerted for a few moments, as I don't know what to do with myself- I don't know how to respond to the fire. Idly, I yawn and get up- and still this feeling follows me, coursing through my body.

I shower, and though I make the water come out cool, I still feel my flesh is flushed...my body is burning. And suddenly, like some sort of thunderclap has hit me, I think of you, and the burning becomes hotter.

As I let the water course over my body, I realise that unless I can have you this burning will not desist, this day will bear no fruit until I am filled with you. Wet, naked, with cool drops sliding down my skin I cut my shower short. I go to message you, to come as soon as you can. And so begins my vigil.

I return once more to the shower, turning up the heat, now having sourced the cause and cure for this burning, I let the river of heated water caress my body as I was every inch of myself, making my body totally clean for you. You are my every thought as I slide a finger inside my core. Wet from the outset, hot with this lust that must have gripped me in the night.

Padding through to my room, I begin to swathe myself in scented cream, making sure every inch of me is smooth and scented.I dress simply- clothes that are designed to be taken off. A cotton dress over my favourite underwear. I choose white, knowing how you enjoy the purity of white underwear. I clad my body in the close fitting white lace and silk, viewing myself in the mirror. Over it I slip the red dress. It is clinging and revealling, but I think in delightful anticipation that it will slide easily over my head, when you are there to undress me.

Sliding my feet into black high heels, I tie the straps around my ankles. They make me tall, my legs so long as though they are not to stop. And I begin to wait.

As I do, I slide on the veriest whispers of make up- but I stain my lips dark red. Lying back on the bed, I wait the long minutes until you can arrive- tearing away from whatever shackles keep you from me.

Eventually the door opens and I feel my body combust- this burning reaching fever pitch as you come up the stairs. A shiver creeps down my body. You throw back the door and lying on the bed, the skirt of my dress sliding up, I am waiting for you.

"You took so long," I whisper, walking over and greeting you with a teasing kiss. My lips find yours and caress them, our bodies beginning to press against each other, and you can feel my heat. I slide a finger underneath your top and begin to tug at it. Tonight there is no disguising what it is I want- you.

My kisses creep down to your neck, I let my tongue flick against it and I feel you harden against me. I pull you over towards my bed, the bed in which I have lain in wait for so long. I guide your hands to the hem and let you pull the dress over. I stand before you in the virginal white underwear, the lace so tight against my round breast, the silk so minimal in my little tiny thong. It's virginal but the look in my eyes is anything but. I pull off your top so that our skin is closer together, brushing against one another. The temperature in me increases as slowly but surely we undress.You begin to push me down but I resist, sliding from you, standing over you, completely bereft of clothing, and I slowly lower myself til I'm kneeling before you. I let a hand run down your chest, caressing your skin, taking you in, each inch of you.

I let out a little sigh of greed as I survey your now completely hard cock. Taking it in my hand, I gently stroking it, enjoying the power of being in control of your pleasure. Then after a few inquisitive strokes, I lower my head, my long hair falling and tickling your skin, and let my tongue roam all across your girth, enjoying the sensation of hardness meeting my lapping tongue. Then, when I am ready, my eyes never looking away from yours, I lower my mouth and take you inside, and begin to suck. The pleasure is so sweet, the sound of your soft groaning as my head moves upwards and downwards, my mouth tight, wet and teasing around your cock. The feeling of you hard in my mouth is incredible. My hands gently caress your balls. Occasionally I pull away, and begin to lick once more, before taking you back into my waiting mouth. By now I am aching to having you inside me.

When I can bear it no longer, I murmur, " I can't wait," and stand up, pushing you gently back onto the bed. Our bodies entwined, my pussy by now so wet, so waiting and willing for you, I straddle you and gently position myself so you can enter me. You feel so incredible inside me- filling the tight space that is made for you. Immediately darts of pleasure shoot through my quivering, moaning body as we move together. Our eyes meet for a moment and I lean forward to give you a long, hard, feverish kiss. Our bodies are one as we move, spurring each other on to greater heights of pleasure and desire. Nothing is more perfect than this, this release that I have waited for, finally cascading throughout my body, shaking my entire core until the deepest recesses of my soul are satisfied. I feel your realise, pushing my further towards the limits of pleasure. Then, utterly spent, but the fire still burning, I fall down beside you, allowing myself to be pulled into your arms. It was worth the wait.

My love,

S x

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