tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons: Introduction

Business Liaisons: Introduction


Syllables: busi-ness
Part of speech: adjective
Definition: 1) of or relating to commercial business.

liaison (liaisons)
Syllables: li-ai-son
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: 1) a communication link between groups or parts of an organization, or a person or group that performs this function. 2) a close relationship, communication, or connection. 3) an adulterous or otherwise unpermitted sexual affair.

Guess which definition of liaisons applies to this story!


Cyndi had first met Sean when he started at InterCore. She'd been assigned as his 'mentor' since they would be working on the same program and she was the senior person on the project at the time. In the time that Sean had been employed there, Cyndi had come to respect his abilities as Sean had her experience.

As Cyndi was nearly twenty years older than Sean, he sometimes referred to her as 'Mom'. Initially Cyndi was bothered by the obvious reference to her age, but soon learned that Sean was quite a tease and took great pleasure in joking and kidding with everyone in the office. She quickly got over the 'Mom' jokes when she learned that Sean was not only a tease but a real schmoozer as well. He often complimented her on being the best-dressed woman in the office. Perhaps she was a creature of habit, but Cyndi refused to conform to the 'business casual' dress code that most companies had adopted and almost always wore a dress or a skirt and blouse to work.

Cyndi's 5' 6" trim figure was due in large part to her regular visits to the company fitness center. Her best physical asset was her long shapely legs, which she accented further by almost always wearing heels. Although she wasn't a dancer, her legs definitely looked as if she was. Once Sean had gotten to know her better, he often teased her about wearing shorter skirts and higher heels since she certainly had the legs for it. He did it for two reasons; first he enjoyed watching Cyndi blush when he made sexual innuendoes; and second he really did like her 'gorgeous gams' as he often referred to her legs. The thought of seeing Cyndi in a skintight mini skirt perched atop a pair of 'fuck me' 6" stiletto heels always made his young cock stir.

Cyndi had gotten used to Sean's sexual innuendoes and would occasionally fire back a few herself. She certainly didn't mind the attention of this tall, muscular young black man. There had been more than once that she had thought about complying with his request for her to show more of her legs. It did wonders for her self-esteem to think that she could turn on someone other than her husband.

Cyndi and her husband, Reg, were very happily married and had a very active sex life. They had reached what she often thought of as the recreational phase of their love life. They were done with their child bearing and now sex was strictly for pleasure, and they did have a lot of pleasure. Based on the frequency that many of her friends claimed to 'do it', Cyndi thought that she must be a nymphomaniac as there were some weeks that she and Reg had sex every night. Based on the 'old husband's tale' of putting a penny in a bank for every time you made love in the first year of a marriage and then taking one out for every time thereafter and never being able to empty the bank, she and Reg were definitely overdrawn!

It would have shocked anyone who knew her at work to find out what a sexual tigress she really was in the bedroom. She certainly was the perfect wife, prim and proper in public, but she could be a total slut in the bedroom. Not only would people have been shocked to find out how active Cyndi was sexually, they also wouldn't believe some of the things she and Reg did. Reg, like Sean, appreciated her fabulous legs and trim figure and especially liked for Cyndi to 'dress' for sex.

Because of this, Cyndi had a rather extensive bedroom wardrobe with dozens of pairs of very high heels, stockings of every color, garter belts, bras, corsets, mini-dresses & skirts, as well as quite a collection of fantasy costumes. Her costumes included a naughty nurse outfit (complete with cap and stethoscope), an upstairs maid set (she usually only wore the apron), a schoolgirl plaid skirt & white blouse (complete with white ruffled panties), a couple of leather body harnesses and many others. They had also acquired a large collection of sex toys ranging from dildos of all shapes/colors/sizes, anal plugs, nipple clips and clamps to blindfolds and lengths of rope for their light bondage play.

Cyndi and Reg certainly had progressed well past the making out in the back seat of a car since they had started dating in high school. They also had purchased a digital camera a few years earlier and Cyndi often 'posed' for Reg in many of her boudoir outfits. At first she had been a little apprehensive about getting naked in front of the camera, but she quickly found out that it really turned her on. Not only had she assembled a rather substantial 'portfolio' of her 'modeling', she and Reg had even posted some of it on an amateur site on the internet. Her virtual exhibitionism certainly had spiced up their sex-life. It allowed Reg to share Cyndi with other men (at least virtually) and Cyndi could fantasize about causing hundreds if not thousands of erections.

As active sexually as Cyndi was, Sean was experiencing just the opposite. He'd had his share of girlfriends in high school and college, but when he had relocated to work at InterCore his love life had evaporated to just about nothing. He had been living with his last serious girlfriend Linda during his senior year in college and they had continued to see each other while Linda finished her senior year. She'd even moved in with Sean during the summer after her graduation, but eventually took a job a couple of time zones away. They had continued to write and occasionally got together, but the distance and time apart soon ended their relationship.

Since that time, Sean had dated a couple of local girls, but nothing serious ever developed. He sometimes commiserated with Cyndi about how his sex life sucked. Cyndi wondered why a good-looking stud like Sean didn't attract a harem of girls.

Now it seemed that all he ever did was work long hours or workout in the company's fitness center. In the six months of celibacy since his 'official' break-up with Linda, Sean was finding that he certainly wouldn't make it as a monk. He thought he would surely go blind from all the masturbating he was doing. It wasn't helping any and he found himself getting hornier and hornier all the time.

On more than one occasion, he found himself thinking about screwing Cyndi. He wasn't exactly sure what it was about her, but he had a feeling that underneath her cool professional demeanor at work she was probably a sexual dynamo in the bedroom. He couldn't have fantasized about just how hot she really was in bed!


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