By The Light Of The Silvery Moon


A cry, a howl of pure anguish shatters the silence of the forest even the constant hum of the crickets are silenced. Her heart in her throat, unable to even breath, she is frozen in her tracks like a deer seeing headlights.

"My god," She thinks, "Grannies ancient tales. Cold they be true? But we're not in Romania. Could these werewolf creatures have followed us here? But these monsters just can't exist here in America. This is the land of the free and the brave not the ancient lands of monsters and evil." With that she bravely marches on down the path through the old woods.

Something big crashed through the under brush not far away, Julia gulped and broke into a run. More crashing sounds come from behind her as she runs as fast as she dares down the moon lit path. A stray branch reaches out for her and snags the shoulder of her blouse. She jumps to the side as the thorns tear thru the thin material and rakes across her tender flesh. Blindly running she increases her speed, flailing with her hands to push aside stray branches.

Nearly out of breath and panting heavily she slows to a quick walk, realizing she has run off the trail in her panic. "Now where in the hell am I?" She notices the small streams of blood flowing out of the dozens of scratches covering her arms and legs. "Great, just great." Julia begins to look closely at her surroundings but nothing looks familiar. "All these friggin' trees look the same in the dark. Fuck." She picks a direction at random and makes her way slowly thru the dark woods gently pushing aside tendrils of wild raspberry bushes that jump up out of nowhere to snag at her clothes.

The under brush becomes thinner and thinner the more she walks on. Soon she finds that she's walking over a soft bed of pine needles between tree trunks at least five feet across. The only noise to be heard among the ancient pines is the crunching of the pine needles under her feet. With every step she cringes at the imperceptible sound. "I don't ever remember being in a part of the woods that looked like this. I thought I had gone every where in this valley."

A little ways off to her right she sees a moon lit clearing, she naturally gravitates towards it. The massive tree trunks part to reveal a small pool bathed in moonlight surrounded by soft ankle high grass. "Wow, this is pretty. I hope I can find this spot again and take Peter here. We could fuck and swim all day long here." She walks to the pool edge and kneels. The water is icy cold. "It must be spring fed." The moonlight dances across the surface, as she splashes the cool water over her harms and legs to wash the dried blood off them. All refreshed she lies back in the soft grass and looks up at the giant moon now directly overhead.

She awakes not quite aware of her surroundings. "Oh." She gasps as a familiar bolt of electricity shoots up her spine from her crotch. Heavy licking and panting sounds rise from between her legs. She moans again. And opens her eyes expecting to see the top of Peters head working on her. "Eieack!" she screams terrified to see a large dog like snout buried between her thighs. She starts to squirm away, crawling backwards on her elbows. "Get away from me. Shoo." About a foot of space was between them and the animal looked up at her. She could see its full shape. It was no dog. It was much bigger. I was a wolf but something about it seemed strange. The eyes were red and its legs seemed to long for its body.

"Grrrr." Came from clenched teeth. Then a giant tongue came out and licked its snout.

It then lunged at her and put its snout up into her crotch again. The pressure from its snout hit her clit and made her gasp allowed. "Get back. Shoo. Leave me alone."

She back crawled away and pulled her legs under her so she could get up. She slowly stood up trying not to make any sudden moves. The beast just watched following her every movement with its red eyes.

She slowly turned her back on the beast and took two steps before looking over her shoulder to see what it was doing. To her relief it was sitting back on its haunches just watching her. She picked up her pace a little checking over her shoulder ever few steps. She was almost to the woods. She looked back. It was gone! She started to run.

Her heart froze at the sound of the bone chilling cry echoing through the woods. She ran faster. She could hear panting coming from behind her. She dared a glance back, only to see the beast lunging at her. Its claws caught the back of her blouse and tore it completely from her body. She stumbled from the force but kept on running.

Dodging between giant trees she almost ran straight into it. It sat directly in her path. It's eyes glowing from the moonlight with a bit of her torn white blouse hanging from its muzzle. She turned and ran faster than before. Her heart beating so hard she thought it would burst. The next thing she new she was shoved down into the soft pine needles. It raked her flanks with its claws and tore at her jeans with its teeth. She wriggled free from the shards of denim and took off running.

She ran blindly through the trees breaking into the open, she exclaimed "Shit!" She had come full circle and was back in the clearing. His clearing. She looked back towards the wood to see the wolf beast standing up right walking slowly towards her. It stepped into the light and she saw it's full arousal. Inwardly she marveled. She tried to run again but found herself frozen to the spot. Her body would not respond to her mind telling her to flee.

The wolf beast slowly walked, albeit somewhat awkwardly, on its hind legs toward her naked form. It reached her and looked up at the moon and let out that piercing anguished howl that sent chills up her spine. It pushed her down so she was on all fours. It lowered itself onto all fours and sniffed at her crotch. Then lapped at her. Licking and teasing till she involuntarily began to seep. Her body betrayed her and thrust back into its snout. The massive tongue slipped up inside of her and twirled. She was gone she was lost. The beast then with drew and howled.

Its paws settled across her back and she new what was going to happen next. She wanted it. She wanted it like nothing she ever had before. She wanted needed that massive wolf cock inside her slamming her into oblivion.

She was almost disappointed as the wolf gently set the tip of its head against her labia and teased her open. She expected a hard quick penetration. It eased slowly into her. Slowly easing in deeper and deeper stretching her wider and wider as each inch burrowed deeper into her belly. Oh god she thought.

He slid out just as tenderly then back in a little faster but still slowly and yet deeper still he went. How big is that thing? How long does it go on for? Out it slowly slid then drove home fast and hard, the tip of its head slamming into her deepest wall. She released her own howl of pure ecstasy.

Harder and harder he pumped thrusting deep into her sopping pussy. She wanted every inch in her. Pounding, pounding. She could feel her wetness flow down the insides of her thighs. Without any warning or slow build up, she came. The top of her head blew off. Eyes rolled back in her head, she howled to the moon overhead in total animalistic release. Their bodies were one. Waves of sensuality rolled thru their melded forms as they rocked in the moonlight.

He continued to pound her for god only knows how long. She lost track at how many times she climaxed. Finally he stamina spent. They collapsed into the sweet grass and fell into a deep satisfied exhausted sleep.

The sun was hot and birds were singing. She opened her eyes to look at fluffy clouds blow care free overhead. She was still tired and sore and realized she had a grin plastered to her face that just wouldn't go away. She looked around the clearing for her wolf man. A few feet away she noticed something stir amongst the taller grass. She stood up and swayed. A flash of dizzying stars flew before her eyes. She steadied herself and slowly crept over to the high grass. The form sat up quickly. She shrieked.

"Huh." Was all the sound he made as he frantically looked around trying to figure out his whereabouts.

"Peter?" she said softly. Waves of confusion swept over her. The stars returned and she sat sharply down.

"Julia!" He focused in on her form and came over to her. "Julia, what are you…why are you…Julia." And he wrapped his strong arms around her holding her tight to his chest. Noticing the claw marks across her back. "Julia, your hurt." A wave of recognition and half memories drifted up from a black and white dream. "Oh my god Julia, did I do that to you?"

"You? You're the wolf man."

"Does it hurt?"

"No not really." She clung to him even harder. Tears flowing freely down her cheeks. "You scratched me Peter. You broke my flesh with your claws. According to grannies stories, I'm going to become like you at the next full moon."

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