Cake Wench

byMistress Drusilla©

The knife slid easily into the large cake sitting on the meeting room table. Birthdays were always celebrated in her office. It was one of the nice things about working there. That day's celebration was for her.

"My turn to be cake wench!" she joked as she handed pieces to her co-workers.

Another nice thing about working there was her boss. He was down-to-earth and enjoyed having a laugh with his team. She had always found him attractive. The cheeky look in his eyes when he smiled was particularly sexy. She wondered if he would be shocked to know she had fantasies about screwing him.

"Thanks for the cake, everyone," she said. "It's my favourite, especially the icing! But I'll try to be good and not have too much."

"Chill, cake wench," he said, showing his sexy smile. "You deserve a treat once a year." Everyone laughed.

That evening she had to stay late to finish an urgent report. A few workers remained in other areas, but everyone in her section had gone. Except him. He usually worked late. When people commented on his diligence, he always quoted his favourite saying: "No rest for the wicked!" She had no idea she was about to discover just how wicked.

She was concentrating so hard on the report that she did not notice him stride out of his office and head for her desk. She jumped in surprise when suddenly he was in front of her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. "Keep quiet, wench," he quietly ordered as he dragged her past the workstations and into the meeting room.

She barely had time to wonder what was happening before he demanded she remove her skirt and shirt. In a daze, she did so. He watched as she unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor, the usual mischief in his eyes now replaced with obvious lust.

She began to unbutton her shirt but was nervous and fumbled. He stepped forwards and with one forceful movement, ripped open the shirt and pulled it from her shoulders. Buttons flew off in all directions.

"Now that's a good look for a wench."

His gaze drifted over her slim body as she stood in front of him wearing only her long black boots, thigh-high stockings, lacy bra and panties.

She felt exposed and shy, unsure what to do, yet a twinge of excitement was beginning to form as she wondered what he would do next. She could hear herself breathing more quickly.

Suddenly he pushed her against the wall. She gasped as he produced a knife and gently ran the edge along her bra cups.

"I know a much better use for this," he murmured in her ear.

She glanced down and realised the knife he held was the same one she had used earlier in the day to cut the birthday cake.

His sexy smile reappeared as he sliced open the front of her bra, revealing her petite but firm breasts. He leaned over and she let out a tiny moan as his tongue flicked over her nipples, instantly making them harden.

"I see you're enjoying this, you little slut," he whispered as he brought his lips to hers and kissed her so deeply she could hardly breathe. Their tongues danced and she moaned more loudly, gently biting his lower lip as the kissing became more passionate.

His knife went to work on her panties next, cutting them down each side. He pulled them off in one swift move. Her eyes widened in surprise as he then pushed them into her mouth.

"Wouldn't want anyone to hear you scream, would we?" he teased. He lowered his head to her smooth, shaved pussy. His tongue found her already swollen clitoris. She wailed with pleasure as he penetrated her with his tongue, devouring her.

"You're very wet down here," he taunted. "Horny, are you? Good, because I'm going to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before, slut."

He pushed her to the table and bent her over it. She heard his zipper open and felt the tip of his hard-on rub against her from behind, teasing her wet pussy lips. She let out a muffled cry as he plunged deep inside her with one hard thrust.

"Oh baby, you feel so good," he moaned as he violently fucked her.

He grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard. The panties in her mouth muffled her squeals. She had never found pain arousing before, but now her nipples grew even harder.

"You like that, you whore," he whispered in her ear.

She could feel her orgasm building as he pounded her even harder. When he finally exploded inside her, she felt wave after wave of pleasure flow through her body as she climaxed and his hot cum filled her. She had never felt anything so intense. They were both panting with exhaustion.

"We haven't finished yet, my sweet slut." He withdrew from her soaking wet pussy and removed the panties from her mouth, then dragged her from the table and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

"Clean me," he demanded.

She hungrily took his penis in her mouth, licking and sucking their combined juices from him.

"Better than icing?" he asked mockingly. She nodded, still sucking. She had never tasted anything so good.

"Thank you, wench." He calmly zipped up his trousers, then turned and walked out of the meeting room without looking back.

After a few moments she stood up slowly, still catching her breath. His sticky cum began to run down her thighs. She scooped it up with her fingers, then licked them clean so she could taste him again.

She gathered the remnants of her destroyed underwear and put on her skirt and shirt, tying the shirt in a knot at her waist since the buttons were long gone.

She could not quite believe what had just happened, but already longed for the next time he would take her. Her body could be his toy, to have whenever he desired. When would he come for her again?

Suddenly her head spun and her knees weakened as his words from that morning came flooding back.

"You deserve a treat once a year."

No, it couldn't be! Was he that cruel? Would he really make her wait a whole year?!

She sank to the floor, whimpering.

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