tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalle Ocho Shower Ch. 03

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 03


(Author's Note: I wonder how Sagia would react if I tried this little hygiene experiment with her in real life! Once again, I mean no disrespect. Enjoy!)


Sagia Castaneda suddenly stepped forward in the giant shower/bathtub, the porcelain floor of it dripping with soap. She winked at me and sidled around to Pitbull, whispering in his ear. Suddenly bursting into a fit of boisterous laughter, he stepped out of the tub, dried off a little, and dashed toward Sagia's bedroom as fast as he could. When he returned, he was carrying a bottle of something--Summer's Eve Feminine Wash, with Morning Paradise fragrance! I slapped my right hand over my mouth to keep from laughing as hard as he had, to no avail. Why on Earth would Pitbull need THAT?!? He was such a manly man!

Then it hit me--duh! It wasn't for him, but her...

Sagia pressed her right hand to my breast. "Lie down in the tub," she said gently in English. "It is more than big enough for how I want you to soap me up." Kissing her gently on the lips, I obeyed. She took the bottle of Summer's Eve from her rapper friend and licked her lips. "Watch the show," she said, "and then you'll have a turn!"

My heart leapt into my throat--with her, or me?!?

I was lying on my back in the tub, the hot spray of the shower cascading over me like a waterfall. Sagia turned it off for a moment and opened the bottle of feminine wash. Kneeling down so that she straddled me, with the wet mound between her legs pressing against my breasts, she told me what she wanted to do to get herself fully clean.

"I'm going to squirt the wash gel all over your two lovely 'pechos'," she said with a smirk, "and the way I'll get myself clean down there is by using them as scrubbing sponges. I'm going to rub myself against you, esclava, and I want you to soap up the area that I shave with your hands. Comprendes?" I almost died right then and there!

She had called me her slave, and now she was going to use my breasts as washrags for her...! All I could do was nod furiously as Pitbull sat down on the back ledge of the tub to ogle us.

Sagia laughed, her eyes sparkling, and she pressed the tip of the bottle to my breasts. Applying the cool wet gel to first my right one, then my left, she pushed back her wet hair and spread a final line of feminine wash upon her pubis, the area that she shaved regularly.

Pitbull could barely take this. He was as hard as a slab of granite, his "Como?" still covered with Sagia's sticky salt and his own torrent of semen. "One, two, three, four! Uno, do', tres, quatro!"

My favorite model began to rub herself against my slippery breasts, straddling them expertly, as I stroked her pubis with my soft, wet hands. I let her expose and scrub the outer lips of her vulva, making both Lefty and Righty saturated with soap. As the part she shaved got covered with suds, looking like whipped cream against her tan skin, Sagia spread herself apart further with her fingers and started rubbing more vigorously against my flesh. I felt her tiny sweet spot nuzzling Lefty, and I shrieked out in ecstasy.

You may wonder: Why wasn't I having 16,000 climaxes right then and there? The thing was, I wanted to, but I was pleasuring Sagia, not myself! I continued to wash the area below her navel and between her legs, but not the folds. Just the part that Pitbull saw if she took off her silver bikini bottom! This was phenomenal...

Sagia scrubbed herself against me for five minutes straight, as I bit down hard on a wet washcloth to keep from screaming too loud and puncturing Pitbull's eardrums. As for him--

"Okay, okay, stop, stop, stop!" he cried. "Alto! Alto!" Sagia froze, and Pitbull looked down at me. "You are a--how do you say it--двустволка, yes? A gun with two barrels? Two of your holes can be occupied at the same time?" I nodded.

"Then, Sagia," he said, turning to his mistress, "you can soap up the hole between her legs, and after she washes my 'Como?' and gets all the sweat and cum off of it, her mouth hole will certainly be...occupied." I licked my lips. If this paradise was to end immediately, I'd die a happy "mujercita", but it was far from over yet!

Sagia agreed. Pitbull stood over me, his "Como?" within reach of my hands. As the girl slithered down the length of the tub to my own "Hole #1", I shut my eyes and prayed the phone wouldn't ring...

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