At about three AM two cops burst in the door. "What is going on here," one exclaimed.

"Just a little party," one of the men answered.

"The cop turned to one of the younger looking guys and asked," Got an ID?"

"They got some coke here," the second cop yelled.

"Well, looks like we have a real bust here, underage drinking, prostitution, and drugs. Looks like a lot of people are going to get thrown out of school," the first cop said.

"Look officer, we were just having a little fun here. She is not a prostitute, and no body's getting hurt. Can't we work something out?" a man asked.

"Are you suggesting a bribe?" the Cop asked. "No, I am just asking for a break," the man said. "Can we talk privately for a minute?"

"Sure," the cop answered. They stepped outside for a few minutes then the cop returned. "Jimmy, let's search the bedroom for more drugs."

Both cops left the room, so of course all of the men ran. When the cops returned Camille was still lying on the mattress. "Oh my, they all ran away," the Cop said feigning surprise. Say lady, if you aren't a prostitute, you won't mind taking care of a couple of hungry officers would you."

"Of course not," Camille answered. He moved close to her and she sat up and unzipped one guys fly. His cock flopped out and Camille started to relieve his ache.

"Give me some room, the other guy demanded, "I want some of this cunt." Camille rolled over and offered her pussy while still sucking the other cock. The second guy pulled out a huge cock and rammed it into her with all of his force. Camille was in heaven, moaning and crying in ecstasy. Both guys filled their respective holes and then switched to do her again. Finally they did something that I could not imagine. One cop got underneath and slid his cock into her pussy. Then the other cop got on top and forced his rod in too. Camille screamed in pain at first, but she soon adjusted and fucked them both until they shot into her stretched hole again. As they readied to leave the first cop turned to Camille and said," Hey babe, this is an installment thing. We get it when we want it, and no one bothers you during your parties. Ok?"

"Oh, you guys were so good, how could a girl refuse an offer like that?" Camille stated. With that the two guys left and Camille reclined on the mattress and started rubbing her sloppy pussy. Her vaginal opening must have been over and inch across."

Chapter 5

When we got to her apartment Betty ushered me inside. "Let me have your coat, Bill," she said with a smile.

"Let me just hold it. I have to be going soon anyway," I answered.

"Want some coffee?" she asked almost disregarding my answer.

"I think I have had enough," I answered.

"It will be ready in a minute," she said reentering the room while still ignoring my answers. "Look Bill, let me have the coat. I know what is in the pocket, and I have a deal for you. Give me the coat and finish your story, and if you still want to go out by yourself after you finish I will say nothing."

"Ok, I will have that coffee then," I said.

"Good," she answered. "You are confused about how you felt, aren't you? You know a lot of guys get hot watching their wives getting fucked. You are only human, right?"

"But husbands are supposed to get angry and throw their unfaithful wives out!" I exclaimed.

"Who says," she answered. "Evidently you really loved this woman and you expected her infidelity to end when her education ended. Then everything could return to normal, right?"

"Yes," I answered, "but it didn't work out that way."

"Stop beating yourself up for being an understanding guy. There is not enough forgiveness in the world as it is. I think that deep down, you thought this was something that she needed, and you were unselfish enough to let her have her fling. You had no idea what the outcome would be. There is nothing wrong with being compassionate and forgiving. Remember that. I think the coffee is ready," she advised.

"There was one other strange encounter I should talk about. One evening a woman appeared at the door, and pushed her way in as if she owned the place.

"Hi, Rebecca," Camille said.

"What did you say you bitch, "She replied. "How did I tell you to address me?"

"I'm sorry, Mistress, but I thought that was only for one time," Camille answered.

"You will be my slave when ever I want for the entire semester if you want that A," she replied. "Now get my things so we can get on with this."

Camille exited the room and returned with a black satchel. "Undress, Camille!" the Dom demanded. The command was followed without comment. The woman attached some equipment to a previously installed hook in the ceiling, and proceeded to hang Camille from a rope and pulley. She put a pair on handcuffs on her, and she put a bar between Camille's legs and secured it to her ankles with cuffs on the ends. Then she spread her open so she could not move with her feet barely touching the floor. "You are not to cum Camille, do you understand?" she advised. "If you do I will leave you secured as you are, and phone someone to come get you. You will be punished for every wrong deed too. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Camille answered.

The woman reached into the bag and took out a cat of nine tales and abruptly struck Camille across each breast creating red whelps. "Yes what, slave?" Before she could answer she hit her again.

"Yes Mistress," Camille said with tears in her eyes.

"Good," the Mistress said. Now let's get on with it. She started kissing Camille and Camille reciprocated as best she could in her immobilized state. Her mistress kissed up and down her body and licked her breasts. She pulled and sucked her nipples until they were long and hard, and then she reached in to the bag and retrieved some nipple clamps with a gold chain. She attached the clamps, took a small bag out of the case, and attached it to the chain. It must have weighed a good bit because Camille's nipples stretched and pulled almost an inch.

She really got rough after that. She lowered Camille so she could bend at the waist and whipped her ass with the cat-o-nine tails. Camille was crying loudly now, but the mistress showed no mercy. She lubed her rear door and plunged a huge dildo from the bag into her. Camille let out a scream because the black plastic cock was very large. She pumped the tool into Camille's ass and caressed her pussy until the cries turned into moans of pleasure. Camille started to fuck back on the dildo and scream, but the mistress stopped and lashed her cunt with the whip. "Don't you dare cum without permission, bitch!" the Mistress commanded.

"Yes Mistress," Camille answered, "but please don't hit me there again. It really hurts." With that the mistress lashed Camille's slit again and laughed. Camille screamed in pain.

The Mistress then straightened her up and gently rubbed her pussy. Camille was so hot that her juice was running down her thighs. The strange woman then took more clamps out of the bag and attached them to Camille's inner lips, and then she attached another weight to them that pulled her lips to an unbelievable length. I never thought they could have stretched that much. She then pulled the rope again to pull Camille toward the ceiling. With a gentleness I didn't think she had the mistress then began to lick the hard love bud until Camille was about to cum again. She would alternately bring her to the edge and then lash her clit again. Camille stopped crying and started begging, "Oh please let me cum mistress. I need it so badly. Please, please." She received no reward though as the mistress kept torturing her for over an hour. The weights on her nipples had extended them to over an inch now, and her pussy lips hung between her legs.

The Mistress then loosened the rope that was holding Camille, and lay on the floor with her legs spread. No command was required as Camille dropped to her knees and started licking her juicy love box. I knew the mistress was very hot because her thick black fir was matted from her juice. She writhed under Camille's ministrations. Her hips were rising off of the floor and she moaned and squealed with pleasure. Finally she exploded into Camille's face, and I could see her juice actually squirt all over Camille. "Cum slave!" she commanded, and strangely enough Camille climaxed without stimulation. I could hear her guttural groan and watch her thighs contract as her juice began running down her legs like a river.

Camille was no stranger to this routine. After she stopped licking the woman she picked up the strap-on in her mouth and presented it to her Mistress. It was fastened to Camille and the woman got on her knees. Camille fucked her pussy for what seemed like hours while the woman had explosive orgasm after explosive orgasm. A huge wet spot was evident on Camille's rug under her. Camille had several climaxes too while she played her male roll.

Eventually they both collapsed on the floor. Camille was released from her bonds and they cuddled together until they fell asleep. Sometime during the night the Mistress left without waking Camille after giving her a kiss on her forehead.

During the rest of that semester things continued as they started. It was like watching a porn movie studio with one actress and many studs. Every night after getting the kids to bed I would go down to watch, and each night I would get so hard that I had to relieve myself. My little computer room started to smell like a whorehouse. Betty, I was so ashamed," I said.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of Bill," Betty advised." I understand that you didn't want to lose your kids, and if she got them, what kind of life would they have had with a mother like that? Of course you did have the ammunition to get the kids by this time."

I know I did Betty, but if I used those tapes I would destroy her image in her kid's minds. They would think less of themselves, and I couldn't have that now could I?" I pleaded.

Bill, you are just too caring. I understand what that knowledge would do to your kids, and I admire you for thinking of them first," she answered. "What happened next?"

"It stayed the same for the rest of the semester. She must have fucked a hundred guys during that time and her mistress paid a weekly visit too. I saw her take it is all three holes and I watched a bunch of guys form a circle around her and jerk off. They covered her with cum from head to foot.

She stayed in her apartment during the summer too that year with the same consequences. She never used a condom, and I really feared catching something from her, but I guess I was lucky. She came home more often during that summer, and she was a great wife while she was there. She still didn't take up much time with the kids, but at least she gave me the attention a husband expects. Believe it or not I was still getting more sex from her then before she started school.

Her final two semesters were a re-run of the previous ones. She still had her mistress, but in addition she had several other women. She had four gangbangs each semester as if they were scheduled. In addition Ed told me that he had made several tapes of her fucking her professors. It seemed as though on some days she fucked from early morning until she passed out at night. Finally graduation day came and I thought the ordeal was over.

Chapter 6

"Let me guess," Betty asked. "She picked up where she left off when she went to work, right?"

"I didn't know anything for a while, but she started working a lot of overtime. Most of the time, she went to work at eight AM and came home around ten PM. She must have started cleaning up after her sessions because when she came in she was properly dressed and had no sexual odor. I even checked the laundry. I found no soiled panties, so there was no evidence there. I believed that she was actually working.

One day in September I took her car to work so I could get some work done on it. I accidentally dropped my keys, and when I reached to retrieve I found four pair of panties that were stuffed under the driver's seat and were crusted with cum. I looked at the back seat and found numerous stains, apparently the result of a lot of sexual activity.

Betty that was all I could take. That night when I got home I finally told her I wanted a divorce. She almost ignored me. "Let's talk about it tomorrow night," she said. I couldn't believe what I saw the next day when I got home. All of Camille's things as well as the kid's belongings were gone. I searched everywhere, but I found not a trace of her or the children. I was outraged, but defeated at the same time. The next morning I went to her office in Towson to see her. Her boss intercepted me and invited me into his office. I told him I wanted to see Camille.

"She transferred to San Francisco and left yesterday. You mean that you didn't know?"

"No, I got home last night and she was gone, no note, nothing. Can I have her address there? Why was she transferred?" I asked.

We don't have an address yet, but she was transferred because of her conduct here. She was a good worker with good ideas and a sound approach to research, but she was fucking everyone in the office to get ahead, and that caused too many problems. We told her that this was her last chance. I hope she can learn to control herself."

A week later I found her address and flew to San Francisco to see her. There was a guy in the living room when I entered, and she asked me to leave.

"I want to see my kids," I said.

"Fine, I need a baby sitter anyway," she answered tersely.

She rounded the kids up and I took them out to Mac Donald's. We talked and cried a lot, but I had to take them back home. I returned the next day to see them again, but she said they were out. I actually begged her for mercy, and she laughed at me. As I was leaving Gina, my eldest came racing down the stairs, bag in hand. "I am going with you daddy!" she exclaimed. She and Camille had some heated words, but I left with Gina and flew home. "Today little Bill called me secretly and told me that his mother said that she was filing for divorce and that she would get Gina back. She told them some awful things about me, Betty."

I burst into tears. Betty put her arms around me and hugged me. "Go on and let it out, Bill. I can't believe the gall of that bitch. She almost sounds like a sociopath with no conscience," Betty observed.

"Oh, Betty what am I to do. I can't go on like this," I said.

"Where is Gina now?" she asked.

"She is at her girlfriends for the night," I answered.

"Great, so you are going to let her come home in the morning to find a police officer waiting to tell her that her father blew his brains out. Do I have that right?" she said in demeaning tone.

"What can I do?" I asked.

"How about fighting back," Betty wisely offered.

Betty wrapped her arms around me, and I felt a real comfort that I had not felt in a long time. "Let Betty take care of you tonight," she offered. "I am an expert at making men feel better."

"Betty, I," I started.

"Shhh," she answered. Betty undid my collar and tie and then unbuttoned my shirt. I didn't think that sex was what I wanted, but her warmth and tenderness was. Slowly she removed my shirt and she kissed my nipples. Gently she licked my chest and neck and started my arousal.

"Oh, Betty. That feels so good. Oh, you know just what to do," I purred. She licked down my body until she came to my navel. She undid and removed my pants and shorts and softly licked my hard dripping cock. She took it in the mouth while cupping my balls and worshipped it as if it were the only one in the world. She licked my cock up and down its length and swirled her tongue around the ridge. She took my balls ever so gently into her mouth and sucked them, driving me crazy with passion. She returned to my shaft and sucked hard as I began fucking her mouth, She was so tender and gentle, I could hardly believe it. She must have felt my orgasm approaching because she stopped just as I was about to unload into her mouth.

"Oh, Betty, don't stop!" I cried. She said nothing, but she smiled, stepped back, unzipped her dress and let it puddle on the floor. She stood there smiling in her pretty lace bra and matching mauve bikini panties.

She then leaned forward and pressed her mouth to mine. Our tongues played together as I undid her bra and let it fall. Her breasts were not large and sagged slightly on her chest. Her nipples were large and dark compared to the rest of her skin, but at this moment they were beautiful to me. I took one in my mouth, but I didn't mall it as I usually do. It was comforting to me to hold her close and nurse on her like a baby. I realized that I was showing my neediness, but comfort was what I needed at the moment. As I sucked my hand ranged to her thigh and then her panty covered pussy. I had never been with a whore before this, so I didn't know what I expected to find, but what I felt was a warm sopping home for my now raging cock.

I started kissing her down her stomach, but she stopped me. "This is just for you Bill. Don't worry about me, just take me and make real love to me," she said in a soft knowing tone. I slid off her panties and gently started pushing into her wonderful soft nest.

"I need a condom," I said with a start.

"Shhh," she answered in a soft tone. "Let me feel you and you feel me. Let's just be lovers without that. I want to feel your sperm in my pussy." I hesitated no more and pushed onto her until my pubic hair meshed with hers. Without losing contact she rolled me over so she was on top and started fucking me so slowly. I know she was just a whore, but for the first time in years, I felt as if I was receiving a real woman's love. Ever so slowly she picked up the pace until driven by urgency she was pounding me with all of her weight. It felt so good. I wanted to hold off, but I just couldn't. I started bucking under her, pushing into her luscious body until my throbbing dick exploded into her. At the same time she started shaking and moaning. I could see ecstasy in her face, and she trembled and squeezed my cock with her vagina.

We laid together for a long time as I softened in her. She held me closely and caressed my face with her smooth gentle fingers. "That was not what I expected," I confessed.

"Oh, what did you expect,' she asked with a puzzled look.

"I'm not sure," I answered. "But I didn't expect that kind of tenderness. Your customers must really love you."

"My customers, as you say, never get the part of me that I just gave to you," she said. "You weren't my job, tonight you were my lover. Just for tonight, please let me believe that."

"Betty, I" I started.

"Shhh, you need to say nothing. Let's just hold each other for a while. I have never met a man quite like you before now, and I wish things were different," she murmured.

"Betty, I haven't felt like this about a woman in a long time. You have made me realize that what I felt for Camille was not love, but acceptance," I offered.

"I feel the same way about you Bill, but let's go slowly and give things a chance to fall into place, Ok?" she said.

With that we fell asleep in each other's arms. I felt genuine warmth that I had missed for a long time, and deep inside I hoped that this would not have to end. She might be a whore, but she was the kindest, gentlest, and most caring woman I had ever met. Perhaps I needed a new direction, and my steel companion was not the answer. In some way she had aroused hope in me. I didn't know how things would turn out in the end, but I believed that I could face anything with her beside me.

Chapter 7

The bright golden sun blazed through the window of the dank little apartment. I could smell bacon and coffee as I arose, so I edged toward the kitchen. "Use your cell phone to call Gina and let her know you are alright," Betty demanded.

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