tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 06

Captured Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Cleansed

I felt rested as I awoke, eyes remaining covered; I tried to move. I heard the clink of chains rattling at my wrists, my breath quickening, in anticipation and fear. I was hesitant to move any further, not wanting to alert him that I was awake, not wanting to know what else may be held taut.

A low whimper escaped my lips as I heard his steps behind me. This deprivation of sight allowing me some extra measure of senses, knowing it was him, just by the tread of his feet. I felt him come up behind me, his calloused fingers running over my now perpetually naked curves. I could feel the heat rising over my skin, as I felt my body respond to him. I was still in denial of it all, some small part of me, and showing the desire he cultivated was to admit that I was losing who I had been before. Whenever before was.

Thumbs and forefingers pinched my nipples, tugged the soon turgid tips until pain crested the pleasure. His words caressed far lighter upon the shell of my ear. He promised me ecstasy, promised me that after he was done I would want for nothing other than what he provided. He weaved the spell so well. I found myself nodding after each of his declarations. I felt myself arching back into him, in supplication and need. Even as I realized what I was doing, I pulled away, knowing I couldn't move far at all.

That was of course, the worst of all things I could have done. My nipples stretched further, lifting the heavy globes, my voice crying out at the rush of pain. The action must have been the exact thing he was waiting for. Before my lips could close upon the scream, I felt a solid object shoved between them. I drew in a shaky breath, as my tongue tentatively reached to feel it. It was cool to the touch, a circle shape, and as he set it in place fully, it forced my jaws to remain open.

He stayed there against me, the thick hard length of his cock lewdly pressing between the cheeks of my ass as he reached for something else. I heard but was unable to guess at first, at least until the sound of water reached my ears. He whispered a threat or promise, I was not sure. This was the last step in losing what I was. The first step to truly becoming what I was meant to be. It was cold as he stepped back; the air upon my backside, the water suddenly sharp against my front.

His grip was unforgiving as he grabbed mussed tresses. My neck arched back, I would have seen the ceiling if I was allowed sight. Sharp needles of water coursed upward over my body. I thought my skin was split as he raged it over upthrust nipples. Sudden understanding hit me, I tried to turn my head, but his hold was strict. Unable to close my mouth, it quickly filled. I could do nothing but try and swallow the deluge. Some of the spray filled my nose as well. Sputtering, I heard his praises of 'good girl' as I tried to keep up with flow. With an inconsistent pattern, he would pull away the icy water, allowing me a breath. My entire body frozen from within and without.

I lost any trace of thought beyond what he forced me to drink, stolen breaths, and the harsh hold he had on me. I thought there was nothing more I could hold long before he ever pulled away the hose for the last time. I had become so weak, I could feel the tension in my wrists as my legs seem to give way. Pressure building long before he quit; almost pain now consuming my abdomen. I need to release all that water; but, I guessed it would be a long while before I was allowed to go to the toilet. The harsh spray of water now continued to my back side; seemingly stripping layers of skin in its wake. Almost impersonally it seemed, he pulled apart my ass cheeks, forced the water over the tender pucker hidden there. There was no way to close my legs on the assault. I thrashed slightly, I knew what was next.

He did not disavow my premonition as the ice water next on my clit. His random praises still offered as if I had asked for such treatment. He almost made it sound as if all that had happened under his control was some reward. The relentless pounding of water stayed steady upon my clit, the pain was too intense. Forced to focus upon that alone, almost brought some sense of transcendence. With nothing but what had been deemed pain, my body and mind seemed to snap from reality; the scream that followed was nothing short of pure pleasure. My hips rocked infinitesimally against the thrum.

His body was fire as he pulled away the water and stepped against my back once more. I leaned into him, craving the heat. As perhaps a reinforcement, I heard him murmur, "Everything you need, I will give. Pleasure, pain, sustenance, release; all of it is mine to control, to reward, and to take away. Never forget that." I nodded, there was nothing else that I could do.

He moved away only long enough to grab some piece, I felt it against my hips, guessing perhaps that it was a sawhorse of sorts. As I felt his hands gliding up my sides, a trail of heat in their wake, I hoped this was the last of it. It was a futile hope. The spreader bar attached to my wrists was merely repositioned, forcing me to bend at the waist. To lean over the piece he had brought in for support.

His hands caressed down my water slicked thighs to release my left ankle. Pulled upward, it was affixed at what seemed higher than my waist level. The same action was taken upon my right ankle. My body angled downward. My only support the restraints and the bar at my waist as it pressed into my lower abdomen. My legs seemed even further stretched than they had been before; bordering on pain.

I felt his hands caress along my inner thighs. Slicked fingers probed my displayed pussy. Again and again three fingers drove inward, forcing me to accept them, to accept the pleasure. His touch refocused my attention from overfilled bladder. Scissoring his fingers, he widened me further, a fourth suddenly added. Small whimpers were coming from my lips. Regardless of the pleasure, to have so much inside me only added to the torment of needing to relieve myself. I could not even try to beg the option. The ring gag ensuring nothing but unintelligible sound escaped.

His hand curled, suddenly the largest part of his hand was trying to make it in to the small space. Other hand on my lower back, he held me still, forced me to take whatever he would give. The pressure eased for a moment only, as his hand slid into me completely. An action I had only ever read about. The relief was short lived. Expertly his fingers curved, forming around my bladder, massaging it, pressing it down.

His voice was almost cruel as he reminded me... "Anything and everything to come is mine, there will be nothing left from before." Tears flowed between my covered lashes, as the first droplets turned into a stream of hot liquid. He forced every drop, I was unable to staunch the flow once it began. An almost pleasure at being able to relieve myself overshadowed the embarrassment.

The smell of it rose around me, even as I heard the last of it drained away. His hands once more caressed, parted the taut globes of my ass. A small item was slipped into my puckered hole. I tried not to tense. Confusion ruled, the item was too small to be all that there was, that I knew well enough. I felt it expand. Pain started to replace bewilderment. My incoherent cries rose in force. Just past when I was sure another moment would explode the tender channel, he finally relented. But the respite was another ploy. His soothing tone suggested that if I relaxed it would be better, that tensing would only ensure agony on the road to perfection.

I did not think I would be as bad. I thought the worst of it was over. Even with the attempt to relax there was nothing to prevent the shock. It did not start out as a trickle, or even a light flow, the force of cold water left be breathless as it because to fill my bowels. The pressure of the expanding ball making it impossible to void the contents filling me. Fingers clenched and unclenched. Nothing detracted from the attention focused upon the cold that seemed to coil through my stomach. It may have been minutes, it may have been hours; it certainly seemed like hours.

Lowering the bar at my waist, my legs seemed painfully stretched as hips followed downward with the bar. Finally, the pressure released, denial seemed my only recourse, as his fingers splayed my cheeks. The fouled water, warmed by my body sluiced forth, following the pull of gravity to the drain.

The bar raised once more, a cloth passed between my splayed cheeks took away any last traces. I could almost feel his gaze wandering over me in assessment. I tried to beg for nothing more. I was certain I could take nothing else being done. My words trapped within my mind as surely as I was trapped within his hold. I trembled in the coldness of sweat drying upon my flesh; the coldness having invaded me too thoroughly.

I should have moved past denial by now; I knew he could and would do anything he pleased. I knew, too well, that most everything he did, regardless of how it began, the end result was always pleasure and comfort. Perhaps he sensed this understanding touch me once more in the way my body relaxed. His hands lightly petted along my back. His words soothing as he said there was only one more thing to be done. Only one last step to take, to leave me perfect to realize my potential.

I am sure there would be a time I thought the final step one that included such ingenuity; now was not that time. I felt him step between my thighs. I momentarily thought he meant to fuck me. Instead a long thick item was inserted into my shockingly still slicked pussy. Slowly he pulled it back; a small adjustment made and the item began to vibrate my silken walls.

It took what seemed only moments, for the pleasure to replace all thought. There might be a time I would associated such degradation with the chance of reward. For now though, my body did not seem to care. After what seemed torture, any respite was relief; one to be seized upon. As my climax began to ascend any other thought was wiped away. I lost myself into the sensation.

Just as the scream began to echo, another sensation overtook one of pleasure. Cold water assaulted my most tender flesh. Filled as if my womb was just a vessel, the residual heat of my orgasm leeched away. I was left mute suddenly by the invasion. After an indeterminate period, my hips were again lowered to allow the now only cool water to pour forth.

I was beyond care for anything beyond getting warmth in that moment. A chill had taken hold and refused to sever its bonds. I registered the sound of water, tears wetting the drenched blindfold. The lightest of mists covered me, warmth left in its wake only fleeting. Every inch touched by the gentlest of spray.

The bonds released as he gathered me into a large cloth. I felt it wrap around me like a cape just as his strong arms lifted me into his hold. Cradled against him securely, I let go... of thought, emotion, and sensations. Unseen lashes closed downward fully, sleep claiming me.

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