tagBDSMCaught! Ch. 03

Caught! Ch. 03

byEnglish Gentleman©


Heather did not recognise the number, but as soon as she read the text she knew who it was from.


Blushing again, Heather checked her watch. The class finished at 11:45, it was now just gone half 11, so she had to work quickly.

She cast a nervous glance around. She knew no-one in the room well, but recognised one face a few rows in front. She had no idea of his name, but he had smiled at her flirtatiously for a few days last week. Surely she couldn't do this with someone she didn't even know? Yet beneath her doubts rose a delicious feeling. How hot would it be just carrying out this act, without even speaking to him. Her mind made up, Heather scribbled on her notepad.

'Meet me in the projector room at the back of the classroom, at the end of the lecture.

Heather. x x (The brunette three rows back)'

The note sealed, Heather tapped on the shoulder of the girl in front and whispered to pass the note to the intended recipient. As the paper made its way forward, with every pass Heather's heart skipped a beat. What if someone were to read it first? What would they think of her?

Thankfully, the note made its way safely to the target. She saw him unfold the paper, freeze as he read it, then, as casually as he could manage, cast his eyes backwards. She caught his eye and gave him what she hoped was her most flirty smile. As he returned his gaze forwards, a pleased grin on his face, Heather left her seat as quietly as she could, whispering apologies to those she squeezed past, classmates who were already sure there was something very wrong with this girl. As she reached the back of the class, she checked behind to make sure everyone was still engrossed in the lecture, before sneaking into the side door marked 'PROJECTOR ROOM'. Not daring to turn on the light, she waited against the far wall for the class to end, thus giving herself plenty of time to reflect on the morning and what she was about to do. Her body was still highly aroused, and the thought of taking this unknown guy's cock into her mouth, at the command of her mistress, stimulated her more. She considered sliding her hands under her skirt to play with her clit. However, she thought better of it and instead waited silently, listening as the students made their way out from the now finished class.

As the noise subsided, Heather had just long enough to worry that he had jilted her before there was a shy knock on the door.

'Come in' she exclaimed seductively (she hoped).

As he entered the darkened room, and his eyes adjusted, he caught sight of Heather leaning against the far wall, skirt pulled up slightly to reveal a shapely thigh. Just as he was about to make a remark about this being a pleasant surprise, Heather stepped forwards, her finger to her lips.

'Shh!' she whispered.

Reaching him, they embraced, their mouths colliding in a passionate, needy kiss. Heather's hand ran down his firm body to his crotch, where she took hold of his rapidly hardening cock, eliciting a low moan from her lover. With no time to waste, she dropped to her knees, tugging at his jeans, pulling them down around his ankles before slipping his now erect penis from his boxer shorts. As her lips passed around the tip of his manhood he let out a blissful sigh.

Heather took his entire length into her mouth, almost gagging as he touched the back of her throat before sloppily running her lips along his shaft, her tongue caressing the head of his engorged cock. As she sped up, she glanced upwards with her big brown eyes, watching his reaction.

'Oh fuck yes! That feels so good!' he cried.

Heather doubled her efforts, one hand caressing his balls, the other reaching around to his buttocks to pull him closer. She let out a low moan, enjoying being able to cause such pleasure. It didn't take long before he reached the point of no return.

'Oh wow, you wonderful, naughty little thing! I'm going to fill that pretty mouth with cum!'

With one final suck, and a huge sigh from him, he climaxed, spurting his hot cum into her mouth. She lapped up every drop, tongue circling his tip. Pulling his length from her mouth, she stood up, kissed him with closed lips on the cheek and left the room, leaving him stood, trousers round his ankles, wondering what just happened.

Making her way along the pre lunch crowded corridors was a nightmare. With her lips sealed all she could do was smile at any acquaintances that recognised her as she tried to prevent the sticky fluid dripping down her throat. The smell of it in her nostrils meant she had never felt so wanton and slutty. Eventually she reached her room. Of course, Lisa was already there, eyeing her watch.

'Two minutes to spare, well done slut,' her mistress praised. 'Now, on your knees, hands on your ankles and open wide so I can check on your success.'

Heather did as commanded, her head tipped backwards, mouth open, filled with spunk and saliva.

'And you didn't spill a drop?' enquired Lisa.

'Nnngh,' muttered Heather, shaking her head.

'So, how did that make you feel, sucking the cock of a boy you've never met then leaving him like that?'

Heather tried to reply, but with her mouth full she could only manage a low moan. In fact, she felt dirty, slutty and humiliated, but still her pussy burned.

'Now, tip your head forward, let it all pour out.' commanded Lisa.

Tipping her head, she let the cum dribble from her lips and down her chin. Slowly it dripped onto her chest, running between her breasts. As she spat out the final drops, coating her chin and chest, she felt it cool into a sticky mess as it trickled down over her stomach. How could she allow herself to do this? How could one woman have so much control over her? And was this really what she wanted, to be made to feel like a slut and be denied a release over and over again?

'You dirty bitch!' exclaimed her mistress excitedly. 'You've carried out my request to the letter, so I believe its time for a reward. What is it that you most desire?'

Heather thought about the answer. Her pussy burned, and she longed to be able to reach a climax. But something about her predicament didn't feel right. Slowly a plan began to form in her mind.

'Mistress, I would like to thank you for showing me my true, submissive nature,' she lied. 'Also, I would like to try something fun.'

Intrigued, Lisa allowed her to continue.

'I have a fantasy that we could take your boyfriend, tie and gag him, then force him to watch us make love.'

This interested her mistress greatly.

'You horny devil, I like the sound of it, and since you have behaved so well, I see no problems. Let me go and find him while you arrange the details.

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