tagErotic HorrorCedar Tree Resort Ch. 03

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 03


"Hey Cassie we're over here." Cassie grinned and saw her two best friends sitting at the table near the floor to ceiling windows. She walked over and sat down next to Ethan.

"How did you guys sleep?" Cassie looked back and forth between her two best friends and was happy when a man her age brought over eggs, sausage, and toast. She smiled up at him, but his face was blank. He turned and left without saying a word.

"Great". Jackson grinned, but then tried to hide his blushing face. He and Cassie had spent the evening having sex and she had worn him out. By the time he got back to his cabin, he was exhausted.

"I slept fine. This place is so creepy though. Seriously." Ethan pushed his glasses that were sliding down his nose and smiled. He had actually not slept at all. He was so scared at what would happen when he fell asleep that he had lain awake all night. Every creak, whistle, and animal in the forest startled him.

"So after breakfast, we should go for a walk and check out the place. I definitely want to go to the beach."

"The beach is closed and there are hunters in the area."

The three teenagers looked up. Standing over them was the woman that had checked them in the night before. She was wearing a green dress that went down to her ankles. Her orange hair was in a ponytail.

"Hunters?" Jackson was truly a city boy and was curious to find out about what she meant.

"Yes. Hunters that have guns and shoot animals. If they see something moving in the forest, they will shoot. The beach is closed off. You can go upstairs to the library if you want." Her voice was so cold and angry that they didn't know whether to thank her or ask her to leave. She didn't wait for them to answer, but simply walked off to clean up a table.

"A library. Oh, cool. I brought the book from last night. I want to read it. Let's go." Cassie was overjoyed and the guys just went along. The staircase was along a back wall and was dark and dusty. They got up to the second floor and luckily found the light switch. The library was large with chairs in a circle. Three of the walls had bookshelves from floor to ceiling and one wall had two big windows that overlooked the front of the resort. They could see their blue truck in the parking lot.

"I hate this. I fucking hate this. Cassie what's going on? I'm in a shithole of a cabin. I have a dream of you sucking my cock. We can't leave the buildings and now we're in this spooky library." Ethan was getting worried. He knew something was up.

"Oh come on. Stop being a baby." Jackson turned back to looking for a book and Cassie had settled herself down to read the book that was left for her. She was so enthralled in the book that she didn't notice that both Ethan and Jackson had found books to read and were sitting across from her.

The book she held was old and dusty. When Jackson had grabbed it, only the first few pages had writing in them, but now there was more. She continued to read and gasped when she got to the last page. Surely, she wasn't reading about them.

Cassie opened her eyes, looked up and the room was empty. Ethan and Jackson were gone. She didn't remember falling asleep but either way she was mad that her friends would just leave her alone in the library.

"What the fuck?" she whispered under her breath. She stomped down the stairs and into the main lobby. Cassie's heart was thumping in her chest. There were candles lit against the walls and there was piano music coming from the main hall. She spun around. Where were Jackson and Ethan? They had been upstairs with her, hadn't they? She was trying to think, but it was giving her a headache. She wanted to burst into tears.

"You are the chosen one. Come." Delilah gestured for her to follow her.

Cassie let Delilah guide her into the main hall. Candles were burning from every possible shelf, table, and counter. The music had stopped and the women in the room were chanting. She gasped when she saw Ethan sitting in a chair in the middle of the circle, completely naked.

"Come. You are to take his virginity. It is the only way." Cassie locked eyes with Ethan and at that moment, time stood still. Everything that had happened was making sense.

The book she was reading was not about the past, but about the present. She had been reading about her and her best friends. Just before she had noticed she was alone in the library, she had been reading about how the quiet reserved man would suffer an unfortunate death after losing his virginity to a young red haired vixen that shared the same birthday. It had been a scary passage, but now she realized what the letter meant.

Cassie knew that she would be forced to have sex with Ethan and then he would die. There was only one problem.

"He's not a virgin."

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