tagErotic HorrorCedar Tree Resort Ch. 04

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 04


Ethan and Jackson had been reading a book in the upstairs library when the power had gone out. Cassie was fast asleep in the overstuffed chair and they had decided to leave her there. Ethan wondered if she had slept horribly as well. She was good at hiding her feelings. Jackson knew that the reason she was tired was that he had tired her out from over two hours of sex before bed.

They had stumbled their way downstairs and then exited the main building. It was very dark outside and it confused both of them.

"What time did we get into the library?" Ethan was breathing hard, trying to calm down, but he was not succeeding. He wanted to grab hold of Jackson's hand, but that would be lame.

"I have no fucking idea. Let's just head back to the cabins.


The two men walked carefully down the path to their cabins. They were both scared, but were too ashamed to admit it to the other. Neither one of them said a word and soon Jackson arrived at the cabin. He turned to let Ethan into his cabin, but he was gone.

Jackson quickly entered his cabin and gasped when he saw a figure lying on his bed.

"Who the fuck are you?' Jackson was trying to reason with himself. He was a football player. He had to make split second decisions all the time. He figured he was either dreaming, asleep in the comfortable old chair in the library, or Cassie was playing a trick on him.

"Cassandra. Come here and let me please you."

Jackson believed it was Cassie, but her voice was softer and more sensual than normal. He didn't want to walk towards her, but it was like he had no choice. He stood by the bed, trying to determine what Cassie was wearing. It was dark in the room, shadows being cast against the walls. Jackson was about to say something when his pants were unzipped and she began to suck on his cock. He cried out and leaned over the bed.

"Holy Fuck!" Jackson's cock was burning with cold. Her lips were cold as ice, but he was hard as a rock. She was sucking so hard he could feel his foreskin sliding up his cock. She deep throated him roughly, swallowing. Her small mouth closed around the tip of his cock and he grunted. Jackson tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let him. She was kneeling on the bed, her hand jerking his cock so hard and fast. She was holding his cock so tight that he could feel every ridge on her fingers. She wasn't stopping, but kept going faster.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum." Jackson's whole body was shaking. Every part of his body was aroused and had he not spent the morning jerking off, he would have cum a lot sooner. When he did, it was loud and explosive. His hot fertile semen shot out of his cock and landed on the back of Cassandra's throat. He tried to pull away, but she sucked on his cock like an ice cube. He could feel the burning coldness, but also the heat from his cock. He looked down and the room had gotten darker. He couldn't see a thing. He could only feel her.

"Oh god baby. You are amazing. I want to fuck you so badly." Jackson knew how wrong it was to sneak around on his best friend with his other best friend. Ethan didn't know that Cassie and he were dating. It had been a decision that all three of them had made. No dating each other, they could only be friends. He wanted Cassie so badly right now.

"Let's go skinny dipping." The figure stood up and made her way to the door, waiting for him to open it. Jackson ran over and opened the door, watching as she wandered down the path to the beach. They had been told the beach was off limits, but he didn't care. All he thought about as he ran down the path, stripping naked as he went, was how great her pussy would feel in the water.

Jackson got to the beach and looked around. The water was dark and still and he could see her in shoulder deep water. He entered the water and scooped her up in his hands. He sank her delicious pussy down on his cock and moaned. She was so tight and so wet. He was standing on the bottom and was bouncing her up and down on his cock.

"Oh god baby. You feel so good. Cum for me."

"Oh yeah. I'm going to flood your pussy." Jackson grunted and pushed up harder. He was moving into deeper water, but didn't realize it. The bottom of the lake was moving under him until he could no longer touch. He began to kick his legs, but his muscular body along with the weight of Cassandra was pulling him under the water. He tried to pull her off him, but she wasn't letting go.

"Let go." Jackson gulped the cold lake water and tried to breath. He was still hard and as the moon shone on the lake, he realized it was not Cassie at all. It was someone who looked very similar to Cassie, but wasn't. He dug his nails into her arms, struggling to pull her off.

"Cum and I'll let go." The ghost hissed those words, desperate for him to climax.

Jackson didn't know what to do. He was partially under water and was scared to death of drowning. At the same time, he needed desperately to cum. He felt her pussy tighten against his cock and he couldn't hold back. He unloaded his cum deep into her pussy. He could feel the temperature change between her pussy and his cum. He barely had time to recover when he was pushed under.

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