tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChapter 1: The Discovery

Chapter 1: The Discovery


Jim and Marisa are a young couple on the fast track, both in their twenties married for four years they were college sweethearts.

Marisa is a beautiful brunette who works as an up and coming lawyer in a major law firm. Jim is a night supervisor at an international distribution firm, he is a handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes.

For the last two years, life has been crazy and with conflicting schedule the love life has slowed slightly. But little does Jim know it's going to start looking up!

CHAPTER 1: The Discovery

The first time was a Tuesday night in June, it was a warm evening and I noticed the lights were on in the bedroom and the window was open. Quietly I pulled in the drive. I was home early and I intended to surprise Marisa, but boy was I the one in for a surprise!

As I quietly shut the door of my car, I could hear a faint noise coming from the bedroom. Thoughts raced through my mind! I envisioned that Marisa had become bored and acquired a boyfriend. I became furious! I was boiling with anger! I really wanted to surprise her now only I wanted to beat this guy senseless.

Slowly and quietly as possible I slipped in the backdoor. Making my way up the stairs, all the time I was thinking that our marriage, our new house , the cars, were all gone, because I was being neglectful! I made my way past the bathroom door, the noises grew louder, but something wasn't right? It was obvious Marisa was in the throws of passion, I could hear her moaning and gasping as if someone was taking her in a big way. But no sounds from any partner, none! That seemed odd because I know from experience that if Marisa was the into it no man could be quiet much less be silent.

My curiosity was over coming my anger as I slowly tip-toed as quietly as possible. I almost forgot to breathe and my heart was pounding in my ears as I moved closer to the door. Despite my initial anger the sounds coming from the room were making me quite aroused! My cock was growing quickly and had to be adjusted to keep from being in an uncomfortable position.

Marisa was obviously in the middle of one hell of an orgasm judging from the sounds coming from the room. I knew this was a good time to peek in and see just what was going on.

As my head rounded the door frame I saw Marisa lying on her back diligently working this life like cock in and out of her sexy pussy using full length strokes at a jackhammer pace. I almost spontaneously lost it right then and there.

"See Marisa is just not like that" or so I thought. Toys were just something that wasn't or just hadn't been discussed in our relationship.

Relived that she didn't have another man my anger faded, and I was overwhelmed with the sight of my wife. Here was my wife on our bed fucking herself furiously while massaging and pulling on her nipples, and I had the perfect view. Our bed is situated in a way that put her facing me, and the above our dresser afforded me the most beautiful shot of my wife from the side.

God this was a beautiful sight! She was cumming as hard as I could ever remember, her hand moving from her breasts to her clit to stimulate herself. She was just about done by the sweat rolling off her head and glistening her body. With one last jackhammer barrage and few strategic rubs of her hard little clit she let out one last moan! AAAAAHHHHHH! As she slowed I could see her juices had soaked our sheets!!!

She made slow and deliberate strokes with her cock making sure to pull it almost all of the way out, then sliding it in all the way to the base, letting out a small moan as she hit the bottom grinding her hips against her hand, then slowly removed it again. After about a minute her body shuddered one last time....

I figured I was better off escaping instead of ruining the moment. I scurried back to my car and left. I stopped a couple of blocks away and stopped at the local quick mart. I mulled over what I had just witnessed and was positive that was the single most erotic sight I had ever witnessed in my life! I had just witnessed my wife pleasing herself in ways that I had never known nor probably understood. Extracting a level of pleasure from herself I didn't think was possible to achieve.

After waiting forty-five minutes to return home I arrived home at approximately the usual time. As I pulled in this time I noticed just he usual living room light was on. I walked in and Marisa was in her bath robe, awaiting my arrival. Had I not seen the events earlier I would have thought the glow on her face was from her nightly bath.

I walked toward her, giving her a sly smile and taking her hand, I had her follow me to the bathroom. I started the shower then turned and pulled the tie on her rob and slipped it of her shoulders. She started to speak, but I put a finger to my lips signaling her not to speak. I removed my pants and as I removed my boxers my swollen member caught her attention. Again she attempted to speak, again I raised my finger to my lips.

We slipped into the shower and she grabbed the soap and sponge and proceeded to wash my body. Slowly at first, but the longer she scrubbed the harder my cock got. The thoughts of earlier combined with the sight of my sexy wife bathing me was about to put me over the edge.

I took the sponge and put it away, pulling Marisa close to my body. I kissed her passionately allowing my tongue to venture beyond hers. Moving my hands across her body touching her all over. I moved her to the back of out sunken tub, and set her down, working my way down her body licking, sucking, and biting. I closed in on my target and she opened her legs, and laid back allowing me access to her clit. Running my tongue over it I could already taste her juices. Quickly I found my rhythm that she liked, and stuck to it. Moving my thumb up and down her lips I noticed she was extremely wet and judging by the way she was moving she was well on her way to her first orgasm, and it was going to be a good one! She arched her back as her juices covered my face and hand with every wave of orgasm that racked her body.

When she came sown she had a weird look on her face? She quickly stood us up and turned her back to me. Looking over her shoulder at me she raised her finger to her lips as I tried to speak. She reached back and rubbed the head of my cock on her clit. Her eyes rolling back in her head as she guided me inside her warm depths. I was hot inside her even hotter than the water beating on my back. Taking the lead I started to thrust as if it were the last time ever Almost instantly she began to cum again, and I felt her nectar surround me.

Thrusting as fast as I could trying to sustain her orgasm was taking a toll on me. The thoughts of earlier raced through my mind and the sensations of her climax around me cause my sex to boil and rise.

Marisa could tell by my urgency that I was about to cum and she trusted harder and harder against me till I could hold on no longer. Without missing a beat she pulled me out and spun around. Taking my length in her mouth all the way to the bottom. Her mouth was a totally different and exiting feeling and with two long slow strokes I unleashed my load all over her face. Licking up as much as she could and scooping up the rest she cleaned my cock. All the while she looked up at me with the sexiest look. That moment will be etched in my mind forever.

Quickly and quietly we cleaned up still not uttering a word. It wasn't till about thirty minutes later that we settled in the living room and chatted about or days, while watching our favorite late night shows.

We never discussed that evening till months later, it will never be forgotten!

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