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Charles in Charge


It was my favorite way of meeting men...the old-fashioned way, the Internet. I was thirty-nine, divorced with children and had a full-time career. Who had time to screw around with dating just to get a good screw every now and again? It was much simpler for me to just log-in to a chatroom, use a bit of verbal banter and let the chips fall where they may. I had a routine actually. We would meet for coffee in a very public and perfectly safe place. Someone always knew who I was with, where we were going and when I would be back. And I always carried my own protection...Magnums, of course.

So Charles was no different. Except that he stood barely five foot four inches tall and a stiff breeze would have blown him away. His glasses were so thick that you could start a fire with those lenses. As cliché as it may seem, he even had a pocket protector hanging from his slightly rumbled green plaid shirt. Thankfully though his hair was not slick or combed across his head to hide a balding spot. Its soft brown curls more resembled the disarray of a young Albert Einstein. He definitely was NOT my type.

But I always prided myself on being polite; as well as remembering how I had just lectured my teenage daughter on how unfair it was for her and her friends to judge others solely on looks. So I squared my shoulders; proudly thrusting out my 38D breasts against the thin white silk material. I extended my hand towards my coffee companion and formally introduced myself. After all, it was only a cup of coffee.

The conversation was stimulating, if a bit boring. Since my 'date' turned out to be a researcher working for one of the top cosmetic lines, I learned things about chemistry and cosmetics that I would rather not know. But each sip of my Venti black-eye brought me closer to my escape. Then I could not fight nature's call any longer. I politely excused myself for the ladies' room.

After answering the call, I spent a couple of moments straightening my appearance and gathering my courage. Looking into the large mirror over the lavatory, I reminded myself that I was still a handsome woman for my age. I had no problem attracting male attention; even now I had noticed more than one male head turn as I conversed with my 'date.' Picking up my purse, I headed back to my 'date.' Five more minutes was the thought that filled my mind at the moment.

I smiled politely as I returned to my seat. I picked up my coffee and took a large gulp; attempting to empty it quickly so I could excuse myself. I could hear my 'date' droning on about his research with pheromones for a perfume line, but my thoughts were more focused upon the fiery itch that seemed to be spreading from between my legs: an itch that begged to be scratched...erotically speaking. I could also feel my pink nipples harden within the silky confines of my underwire bra. They were painfully roused as they brushed against the warm material. But the flood between my legs was actually beginning to soak through the matching silk thong and was threatening to begin leaking down my inner thighs. I was a woman accustomed to indulging my sexual appetites, but nothing like this had ever happened to me before. It was embarrassing to say the least.

My odd friend looked me over slowly and smiled. 'Perhaps we should get out of here?'

I was confused and dazed; so I simply nodded my head in agreement. The little man, whom I had learned was named Charles, Dr Charles Henderson, held out his hand and helped me to my feet. I was a bit wobbly as we walked through the coffee shop; I was actually thankful for the steadying effect of his hand on my back, despite the fact that it seemed to only heighten my overwhelming sense of arousal. I had hoped that the fresh air would alleviate my condition, but the warm Southern California breeze drifting over my skin seemed more like an intimate caress.

It was a sign of just how confused I really was that I did not even notice that Charles had directed me towards a white van rather than my economy car parked nearby. I tried to protest a bit when he opened the sliding side door, but it was in vain as he half pushed me into the darkened interior before climbing in behind me.

He calmly took off his thick glasses; folding them and placing them inside the same pocket with the protector. 'You are feeling the effects of the pheromones I placed in your drink while you were in the restroom. It is relatively harmless. It will though make you extremely sexually excited and very fertile.' His hand went boldly to his pants and began to unzip them slowly. 'You will be the first of my human trials.'

I wanted to scream or run or scratch that smug look off his face, but my body seemed incapable of doing anything except...well, except what he obviously had on his mind. My eyes were glued to his hands as he brushed his pants aside to reveal tighty whities made even tighter by his obvious erection. Although not the largest I had seen, it was respectable nonetheless; although at that moment I would have humped an Oscar Mayer wiener.

If it was possible, he smiled even wider as he pushed his briefs aside to reveal an average, circumsized cock. But at that moment, it was the most wonderful penis I had ever seen. He held his cock with one hand; almost waving it about. With the other hand, he extended it towards me in invitation. I hated myself, but I was powerless to control the urges that were sweeping over and through me. On my knees, I crawled the short distance along the cool bare floors of the cargo van.

I am mortified to admit it, but the moment I touched his hard cock I actually moaned. Within seconds, it was engulfed in my mouth. I sucked and gulped at it for several moments. I always prided myself on being a damned good cock sucker, but never had I put as much into it as I did for this mad scientist. His hands were laced through my hair guiding my movements to match the thrusts of his bony hips against my face. I whimpered and pleaded afraid that he would cum in my mouth and deny me the relief that my aching loins craved so very, very much.

But that was not his plan either. With resolve, he pushed me back so that I fell against a pile of rags. I shamelessly opened my legs further; displaying for his greedy stare my feminine treasures encased in the wet silk that clung to my shaved mound. But even that was too much as I pushed the material aside to expose my bare flesh to this stranger.

It was his turn to moan then as he crawled over to me. Without a word, he shoved that delicious cock inside me to the hilt. He started to pound me. It was a ferocious mating like I had witnessed among the horses on my grandfather's farm as a child. He slammed into me over and over; mindless of my pleasure...which only seemed to actually heighten my pleasure more. When he tired of one position, he flipped me into another; taking me missionary, doggy, and spoons, but it was when I rode that cock that I felt most free.

We spent the whole afternoon and well past dinner time indulging this appetite inside the dark confines of that van. I wonder how it must have seemed to passer-by's: the obvious noises of lovemaking as well as the swaying of the van. At that moment, I doubt very much that even the police could have stopped me from scratching this itch.

Finally, I simply passed out from the drugs or the pleasure, who knows. I awoke to find my 'date' typing hurriedly away at a laptop. My head hurt a bit, but the ache between my legs was a very different type than earlier. I was not sure I could walk; let alone drive. He must have noticed me wince as I tried to sit up. 'I will drive you home and get you settled,' he replied as if nothing had happened.

My mind was panicking at all that had happened. It was my ex's night to have the children for movies and dinner, but he would be bringing them home by bedtime. 'What time is it?' I managed to mutter between parched lips.

'Almost eight,' he calmly replied as he continued to type.

'Shit...fuck...dammit,' I cursed along with a litany of other things. I scrambled around the darkened interior searching for my clothes that had been discarded during the mad lovemaking.

He stared at me a moment before moving to the front of the van and turning the keys. The fact that he was perfectly attired as before did nothing to calm the anger growing inside of me. He had used me; against my will. Hell, what will? He had stolen my will; his drug had anyway. But at that moment, it was not the time to indulge my desire for revenge. I needed this man to get me home before my children arrived.

I should have been really alarmed when he pulled up outside of my town home. I had never shared such private information as my address with him, but somehow he knew exactly where I lived. But my mind was so addled; consumed with anxiety about my children seeing me this way, anger at him and myself for the whole situation, and more than a tad confused still. It was not until he had helped me into the house and I was soaking in a tub of warm water that I even realised it all. By that time, he had excused himself with the only explanation being that he had left his business card on my desk...if I had any adverse events from the experiment or wished another trial.

As if...

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