tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 07

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 07


She stood frozen, unable to move a muscle.

He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, not saying a word. The acoustics in the confined area amplified everything. She could hear his fingers lightly rasp over the material of her shirt as he went from button to button. She could hear her breathing getting heavier with each one undone.

Two buttons left. He pulled the blouse out from under her skirt to reach the final ones. She could feel the smooth material slide against her skin as he did so.

It was now unbuttoned. He slipped it from her shoulders, down off her body and onto the tiled floor. He did so smoothly, fully intent on having the material move ever so lightly against her. Goosebumps sprang into existence wherever she felt the light caresses.

Oh god. She felt his hands on her shoulders, sliding down her body as he walked around to her back. She could feel and hear him sniff her hair, feel his nose nuzzling against her neck. Her breathing was becoming more labored.

He unbuckled her bra, then gently slid the straps off her shoulders. The bra cups tenuously hung off her breasts, her erect nipples catching the material and preventing it from falling further.

He kissed her shoulder, and she felt his fingertips run down her back. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She wanted him, no... she needed him. She wanted to grab him, to shove her nipples into his mouth, to force her cunt down upon his stiff cock. She wanted to feel her nails dig into his back, wanted to... but she couldn't. She was frozen, unable to move a muscle.

He bent down and pulled her skirt off her body. She felt his fingers slide up her legs; first the left, then the right. Her knees felt weak. He reached for her panties and then pulled down one side, kissing where the fabric had been. The heat from his mouth felt scalding. She was so damp between her legs. She knew he could smell her, could sense the torrid humidity there, but he didn't reach toward her boiling need. Instead, he replaced where the panty had been covering and moved on.

His hands slid down her thighs again. Then, he placed one hand on her buttock. His firm grip weakened her knees again. She wanted to fall to the floor and onto him, but she was frozen, unable to move a muscle.

I'm frozen, unable to move a muscle. Oh god! Every time that realization hit her, she felt her arousal reach a little higher. Except, the greater her pleasure went, the more she wanted to move, to kiss and touch him. The conflict was driving her body insane.

He stood up and turned away from her momentarily to turn on the shower.

How did he know? I never told him about that. The day she had been exposed to the potion, Dan had told her to enter the lab's shower... and when she had, a part of her had somehow imprinted the experience into her. Ever since, standing in a shower or the rain was incredibly erotic to her. She would orgasm for minutes on end as her shower head sprayed onto her cunt... it's pulsating force almost as pleasurable as Dan was to her. She would take two or three showers a day, stopping only after the hot water would run out. She had been embarrassed by this new and addictive fetish, never telling or hinting to anyone, not even Dan.

Yet, here she was standing in Dan's bathroom, next to a running shower, and about to be driven insane by desire, being punished for trying to slip him the potion and instead, accidentally dosing Jennifer the cheerleader earlier that day. .

"You are frozen, unable to move a muscle unless I tell you otherwise. You cannot climax until I tell you to do so. You know you get turned on anytime you obey me... so every time you even think about moving and don't it makes you hornier. Every second that you don't climax excites you more. You are going to get so horny that you will want to beg me for release, but you won't be able to beg." He had said this before starting this slow and exquisite torture of her.

He now pulled her bra off and leaned over. She could feel his breath on her nipple. It felt like ice, like a blast furnace. He placed his hand gently under her breast and teased its underside. She could smell herself and also the water pouring down in the nearby shower. The sound of the shower, Dan's presence. She was already so close to cumming. If Dan would just touch her fully, just kis...

He kissed her nipple and Beth felt her body tremble. She couldn't stop it, she could feel the orgasm churning up her body. She tried to think of other things, anything to dampen her desire and arousal. She felt him slide her panties down her legs to her feet. Feet....

Dan previously had attempted to embed a foot fetish into her, succeeding far easier than he had expected. Now, that training was hitting her too. She wanted to, needed, to worship at his feet...

No, no, no!. She needed to obey him and stay frozen, unable to move. Oh god! Her body was failing her though. It was succumbing to the pleasure. Her body started to tremble harder as she fought to hold it absolutely still.

A whimper escaped her lips as Dan slowly slid a finger up her inner thigh towards her sopping pussy. He paused, and even that momentary pause was a relief. Beth desperately forced her body back from the brink of orgasm.

Dan stood up and examined her critically. Beth's trembling stopped as she marshaled her defenses. Then Dan kissed her.

Beth couldn't help it, her knees started to buckle. She couldn't concentrate on standing anymore. Her mind was solely concentrated on not consciously moving or orgasming. Any thought required to maintain a standing position was needed elsewhere.

Dan caught her and helped her stand erect until she was able to regain her posture.

She felt her orgasm roiling just under the surface. The slightest stray thought would defeat her. The fact that Dan had to touch her to help her remain standing wasn't lost on her. If she thought about it too deeply, that could very well be the thought that broke her will.

Dan pulled her into the shower.

Each drop of water was another attack on her. Beth tried to retreat into her mind, concentrate on other things, other times and memories... but she couldn't. It felt too good. One part of her mind was desperately trying to maintain control and obey Dan, the other side was crazed with desire. Every second that passed, the part of her that obeyed Dan increased the pleasure and strength of the other side. She was going to lose and she knew it, but still she rallied on.

The shower was the breaking point... feeling the water coursing down her skin with Dan next to her, it was her greatest sexual fantasy, created and embedded deeply into her by the chemical concoction she had tasted weeks ago.

"Dan! Dan!!!" she cried as her voice broke into sobs and pleading. "I can't stop it... it's too much!" Her body was beyond trembling now, it was one step from full blown seizure. By speaking, she was disobeying Dan and it tore her heart from her, but if she didn't... then she'd orgasm, she'd feel intense pleasure while disobeying him and she absolutely didn't want that under any circumstances.

"Please! Oh god! Please, I want to obey you, but it's too much! I can't stop it... if you wait any longer, my body will disobey, it's too much! Please, please let me cum!"

She was begging, pleading with her very being. She didn't want to disobey him, but he was driving her to that point. Intermixed with the pure sexual pleasure she was experiencing was a horrible torture driving her to the brink of sanity.

Dan placed his mouth next to her ear and whispered loudly,


She did. The roiling, churning mass of pleasure erupted from within her. Her limbs flailed as she lost control.

Dan pushed her against the wall of the shower, holding her as best he could, as he slid into her from behind.

Beth howled in pleasure, her mind gone. She was just responding now, incapable of rational thought.

Her limbs half-drunkenly bumped into the walls as she tried to regain herself. Clumsily, she pushed back against him. She was so wet, she felt like she was pouring herself over the cock inside of her.

Dan moved his hands up over her breasts, sliding over her nipples. She could feel her breath catch as a series of quick little orgasms hit her. She had never felt anything like it before... like little electric shocks, one after the other, exploding in her mind.

She could feel Dan start to climax inside of her. She could hear and see a curtain of white heat come down inside her mind as her pleasure center overloaded, sending her into unconsciousness.


She awoke later, nestled deeply in blankets on Dan's bed. She started to think about what had happened, then she remembered the shower and felt herself start to moisten.

Dan was next to her, gently running his fingers through her hair.

"You had me worried. You really lost it in the shower. After we both came, you just passed out. You've been unconscious for about fifteen minutes. If you didn't wake up soon, I was going to have to call an ambulance."

She snuggled up against him.

"I'm sorry Dan, I know that trying to change you was wrong. You're perfect. I just wanted to make you happy. Just, please... don't ever do anything like that again. I can't take something like that."

Dan smiled down at her.

"Pretty intense, huh?"

"Yes, but you need to understand. I love obeying you. I need to obey you. When you ordered me not to cum and then brought me to almost cumming, it felt really hot. God, it felt super hot, but if I actually came, then it would have meant that I would have disobeyed you and gotten pleasure from disobeying you. I never want that to happen. If I did, it would feel like I tore out my soul, like I would have murdered a kitten or something."

He looked at her confused. She continued, "Dan, you don't understand how much I get off on obeying you. If you made me get orgasm from disobeying you, then it would take away from that and I would lose that pure pleasure," she paused considering her words, "that 'perfect' pleasure of obeying you."

Dan looked at her carefully. Then he bent over and gently kissed her.

"I never meant for you to get dosed with that potion, but I hate to say it, I am so glad you did. I love you Beth."

She felt a warmth fill her as she gazed up into his eyes. All was right in the world.


Not all was right in Jennifer World.

She was still trying to cope with what happened between her and Myesha.

I just kissed my best friend's pussy. There was no way around that. She had done it and, truth be told, she still craved to do far more. Not to her friend though. Yeah, Myesha might be hot and all, but what she really craved was Beth.

Jennifer didn't know why either. She had never even noticed Beth until after the girl's recent makeover. Jennifer had asked one of her friends who the new girl was and found out that she had shared classes with Beth for several years. Granted, Beth did look hot since the makeover, damn hot, but was that the reason that Jennifer was so attracted to her now?

Jennifer shook her head, trying to dislodge the accompanying sexual thoughts rising in her mind. Every time she thought of Beth, the thoughts turned to lust. What was it about Beth? She didn't have feelings like this when she thought of other women, only Beth. Why?

She went up to her now tidy and organized room. She sat down at her desk and started to take notes about Beth. She was a smart girl, she'd figure this out.

The more she thought about the problem, the easier her mind drifted towards sex. I got Myesha off, but I didn't do anything for myself. I'm just still horny, she thought as she felt her lust again rising. At least, that's a problem a little more easily solved.

She laid down on her bed and idly started to touch herself as she toyed with thoughts of Beth. What was it about that girl that excited her so much?

Her hair? It did smell nice. She didn't remember ever smelling it, but as she thought about the scent, she had a dim recollection of that shampoo from the store. Could her attraction to Beth be caused by the shampoo Beth used? Could she have an erotic attachment to a shampoo? At least that would mean that she wasn't a lesbian, just that she had a weird shampoo kink. Her fingers teased her labia, feeling herself moisten as she remembered the pineapple/coconut smell.

Was there anything else? She remembered how hot she got with Myesha when she thought about kissing Beth. Fuck! That did it! Jennifer felt her lust leap higher and felt her fingers unconsciously press harder into her.

Why would kissing Beth make her so hot? She had never kissed a girl before, she hadn't even been really tempted. So what had changed? Beth was a smart girl too. Jennifer's fingers moved faster. Beth was intelligent. Jennifer's other hand pulled at her nipple. Beth was... fuck! She started to orgasm.

She'd need to find out, she didn't want to be a lesbian. She wanted to be normal. She'd need to ask someone smarter than her. She'd have to ask... Mr. Deering! She felt another orgasm coming, stronger than the last.

She'd have to ask him. He could help her. He could help her with Beth. She'd do whatever he said, she needed to obey him and maybe... oh God! Maybe! He'd help me obey Beth She orgasmed again, her mind not even realizing what her subconscious had slipped into her chain of thoughts, while she was preoccupied with concentrating on the heat and sensations coursing through her body.

As she drifted down from the high of her orgasms, she felt herself falling off into a deep sleep.


The next day, Jennifer felt strange. She couldn't place it either. She got up and stumbled into her bathroom. She looked into her mirror and was shocked at what she saw.

She stared down at herself in disbelief. What had happened to her tits? She thought they might have been larger yesterday, but they were definitely much bigger today. She touched them and examined her nipples. As she did so, she felt pure pleasure shoot down from her nipples straight to her clit. She watched as not only her nipples swelled from under her attention but her aureolas as well.

Two days ago, she had decent sized breasts, but now they were at least a full cup size larger and suddenly had puffy nipples?

She examined the rest of her body. Her eyelashes seemed thicker, her lips swollen and darker. She swore her waist was smaller and her hips wider.

Maybe she hadn't looked at herself so closely lately and was just noticing these things now. She didn't know. Maybe she needed to see a doctor?

Still, she didn't look sick. She actually felt pretty good. Her hands drifted down her to swollen aureolas. No, not "pretty good", she felt great.

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