tagErotic CouplingsChocolate or Mint?

Chocolate or Mint?


I smiled when I heard your footsteps on the stairs, but I didn't look up. I was chatting with a mutual friend of ours online, confirming that you had arrived safely and were now taking a shower. Rather, had been, until a moment ago.

When you saw what I was doing, you snorted. "Dork."

"Yup," I replied cheerfully, even as I closed the laptop. Before I could turn over, I felt your weight on the bed behind me. You knelt lightly, straddling my hips, and leaned forward to nuzzle my neck and murmur,

"But you're my dork."

I reached over and ran my fingers through your wet hair. "Mm-hmm."

There was a spark of playfulness in your dark eyes as you tilted your head to kiss me. I pressed forward when you started to back away, running the tip of my tongue along your lips until they parted to admit me. We explored each others' mouths briefly before I let you break the kiss. You had a slight smile on your face. "I love you."

"Love you," I echoed. You rested a little more weight on the backs of my thighs, letting me feel that you were getting hard. I lifted my hips to push back; a dozen fantasies of being taken that way voiced themselves in a throaty, "Mmm."

You wrapped your arms around me, propping yourself on your elbows and running your fingers over my breasts. I was only wearing a long shirt, and you could easily feel that there was nothing underneath. A few loose buttons proved this further as you reached inside to caress my soft skin. You found a nipple and rolled it between your fingers, making me squirm underneath you.


I spread my legs so you could settle between them, your now-hard cock trying to push into me through your pants. You ignored it for the moment, rubbing and lightly pinching my nipples and making me wriggle against you.

"You like that, hmm?" You teased me with your voice just like you teased me with your hands. I said nothing, but pulled a couple more buttons open. When you felt what I was doing, you paused to let me turn over; the one or two remaining buttons worked themselves out of their holes, leaving the shirt to fall wide open.

Your eyes roamed over me appreciatively. "You're beautiful."

I blushed faintly, looking you up and down as well. This close, I could smell my soap on your bare chest, and a bulge in your pants seemed to want some attention. "Well, you look good enough to eat."

You raised an eyebrow. "Do I now."

"Mm-hmm." I licked my lips for effect.

"Prove it."

I smirked and you sat back so I could crawl over to the edge of the bed. I batted at your hand when you reached over to pinch me from behind, and pulled two condoms out of my bag.

"Chocolate or mint?"


"Chocolate or mint?"

". . . it's up to you."

I closed my eyes, let one fall, and looked. "Mint."


I could hear you taking off your pants as I opened the package--when I turned around, you were gloriously naked, stroking yourself slowly and watching me. As soon as I'd put the condom on, I gave a quick lick to taste. You inhaled sharply, then asked,

"How is it?"

I thought for a moment--"Minty."--and bent down for another taste. Even through latex I could feel the heat radiating from your cock. I gave slow, flat licks around the head, then licked my lips and pressed them down onto the tip. They were tight enough to not quite slip over the ridge between head and shaft.

You groaned softly, placing your hands on my head and gently pushing. I tensed, but didn't pull away, pleased to make you want it that much. I slid my mouth onto you slowly, savoring the mint flavor covering your stiff cock. When you arched your back I tilted my head, rubbing the tip against the roof of my mouth.

To my disappointment, you pulled away when I began to suck harder.

"Something wrong?"

"Mm." You nudged me onto my back and straddled my hips. "No. Just want something else more."

"Oh?" I teased, pulling your body down onto mine. "And what would you rather do to me?"

You pretended to consider, which must have been difficult with your hard cock rubbing me through my underwear. "Hmm . . . fuck your brains out?"

"Well, in that case."

I rolled my hips up against you and slid my underwear over them, leaving you to get them the rest of the way off. You immediately obliged, then slipped one fingertip into my pussy to find me already wet and ready. "I guess you want it too, hmm?"

I pulled you back to me by way of reply, kissing you fiercely. You pulled away and slowly pressed just the tip of your cock into me.

"Nng. More."

"More? Like this?" You slammed into me suddenly and I gasped, arching my back.

"Ohh! Yes!"

You pulled almost all the way out and then drove back in, giving long, deep strokes. I began to thrust back, quickly meeting your rhythm.

"How does that feel, love?" I asked breathlessly.

"So good . . . god you feel good." The bed quivered as you began thrusting faster, and for several minutes the squeaking of springs and our heavy breathing was all that could be heard. "Unh--I'm getting close."

"Come for me, love," I panted, riding each forceful stroke.

"You first . . ." Such a gentleman.

"No . . . want to feel you come in me . . ."

"Ohh, yes . . ." I could feel you start to lose control, pounding quicker but more erratically. "Coming!" You gasped and tensed as you gave a few final thrusts before collapsing with a groan. "Oof."

I smiled and stroked your hair, which was a bit drier now. "How was it?"

"Mm. Good." You planted a kiss in the crook of my neck. "But I'm not done yet."


"I still owe you one." You looked up at me, grinning, and I knew whatever you had planned was going to be good.

(I need a little inspiration to find what happened next, though--take a moment to vote and show me you want to find out.)

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by Anonymous

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by Sman444401/22/18

That was great!

Great but I'd still like to hear what happened next even though it's 15 years later!!!

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