tagLoving WivesChristmas Eve

Christmas Eve


Marcus and I had been talking for months about getting together with his friend Julia for a threesome. I had never been with a woman before and liked the thought of doing it for Marcus. Julia had agreed to the idea too; she wanted to find out just what a good little slave I can be. The problem was that we all had such busy schedules and finding a convenient time was proving to be a nightmare. Finally, we set the date for Christmas Eve.

Being a woman, the first question on my lips when we finally got to the day was, "What do I wear?"

"Don't be such a daft bugger Beth," was all Marcus could say. "Whatever you wear won't be on for long."

There are some things a man will never understand. Being new to the two-woman thing, I wanted to make a really good impression on Julia when we got there. It meant a lot to me that she would be turned on. After much deliberation (and after trying on several outfits) I settled for a pair of black shorts and a slinky red tie-dye top which accentuated my breasts. Marcus put on the first thing he saw when he opened the cupboard and still managed to look great.

All the way there I shivered with anticipation. We had all agreed that we would have a nice relaxing dinner first and see how the night progressed. Being the submissive type, it was not for me to start things off. Marcus would lead the night when both he and Julia were ready. Lucky for me, we started just after dinner had finished.

"Don't move" Marcus ordered, "I am putting your collar on."

"Will she do as I say now?" Julia questioned; the eager anticipation showing in her voice.

"She will now that I have told her to." Marcus replied giving me a tap on the head to make sure I understood.

"I will be good!" I swore.

"Then get up and take off your clothes please," he commanded.

Nervously, I rose from my seat and stood at the end of the table. I felt like a little kid waiting for praise for a picture I had drawn.

"Come on then; off with those clothes!" Marcus demanded.

"But I am shy!" I managed to rely timidly.

"Don't be silly" Marcus reprimanded, "You have your collar on and will do exactly as I say with absolutely NO question!"

I love Marcus more than anyone can imagine and his pleasure meant so much to me at that moment that I really would have done anything. I slowly removed my top and shorts, leaving my black lacy bra and g-string on for appraisal. Marcus' voice became a little huskier as he ordered me to remove the bra and panties too. I abided by his instructions and discarded my underwear with slow seductive movements. I could see the lust in both his and Julia's eyes growing with each piece of clothing being shed.

It isn't as if I have the most beautiful body in the world. Not that I am ugly either; I never seem to be short of admirers when we go out. I am an average Australian woman: about a size 12 (equivalent to about a size 10 in American sizes) with size 36D breasts, brown hair and eyes. I guess the most attractive parts of me at that moment were the passion in my eyes and (of course) my shaved pussy which was puffy and wet with anticipation of the evening ahead. Boy, was I horny at that moment!

"Over here" Julia said huskily.

I shuffled over to her chair at the other end of the table. She ran her hand gently over my left breast and rolled my nipple in her fingers. My nipples are the cute type; a bit over an inch in diameter when erect (like they were). Julia then ran her other hand over my right breast and leaned towards me, lips reaching for my right breast. She brushed her lips against the nipple and then extended her tongue towards me. I could barely control myself and the juices started flowing freely inside me. By the time her tongue flicked against my nipple and her lips closed around it I was ready for the first orgasm of the evening.

Seeing how horny I was, Marcus assisted Julie in getting her top off so that I could return the caresses she was giving me. It was my first experience of playing with a nipple (other than my own of course!). I approached it gingerly but once it was on my tongue I couldn't resist sucking and squeezing her breast. Her moans of pleasure encouraged me and I spent the next few minutes sucking, kissing and massaging both breasts.

"Okay, enough for now!" Marcus ordered.

"Why stop her?" Julia wanted to know.

"You need to take the rest of your clothes off too" Marcus declared as he himself shed his clothes.

Together, Marcus and I stripped Julia's shorts and underwear off her. I can honestly say that for the first pussy I had ever seen swollen and very obviously horny, it was beautiful. She had a nice fine layer of dark pubic hair which begged to be stroked. I started to move my hands toward her but Marcus stopped me with a curt order to stand still and wait.

Moving the chair so that Julia was facing me Marcus then allowed me my first touch of a woman's pussy. I don't know whose sigh of ecstasy it was as my hand slowly stroked through the pubic hair and down to the moist interior, Julia's or my own. Perhaps we sighed in unison...

"Is that nice?" Marcus asked.

"Oh yes" Julia and I answered in harmony, then giggled.

"Beth, you make sure you do what Julia wants" commanded the boss. "Remember you are our slave tonight and you must do whatever we ask."

"Okay" I answered.

"No!" Marcus barked, "You say 'Yes Master' or 'Yes Mistress' when you address Julia or I!"

"Yes Master" my meek voice replied.

Julia sighed at that point and wriggled to open more of herself to me. Marcus saw the movement and suggested that she join me on the floor so that I could access the whole of her. She lay next to me and we cuddled to feel our breasts pressing against one another. I still had my hand caressing her pussy and could tell that she was quite excited. Still, it was not for me to initiate anything so I continued just as I was, one finger sliding gently in and out of her moist centre.

"Would you like Beth to lick your pussy?" Marcus asked Julia.

"Oh yes please" she replied a little breathlessly.

I smiled as I moved down towards that wonderful area. I have always wanted to smell, taste and touch and I was finally getting the chance! My right hand slid down over her stomach, through her pubic hair and joined my left hand at the crevice between her legs. I used my thumbs to lead the way along the chasm and pushed gently on her knees with my elbows to open her legs a little more. Seeing my target, I leaned forward and tasted the core of her. A little salty, a little sweet. Her clitoris was extended and begging to be touched so I ran my tongue all along her from back to front. When I got to that pert little clitoris I sucked gently and was rewarded with a moan. This being all the encouragement I needed, I enthusiastically pursued my goal. Licking vigorously, sucking and manipulating with my fingers I made her so wet I thought I was in heaven!

I wondered what Marcus was doing at this time because I knew he had been looking forward to this moment as much as I had. When I glanced up at him with my tongue buried deep inside Julia he beamed at me and nodded as if to indicate that I was doing very well. I could see that his penis was extremely hard so I knew he was getting off on it all.

Julie grunted and shifted slightly so I looked at her. She had obviously had enough for the moment as she then slid up and ordered me to lie down. She then proceeded to lick me with the vigour that I had used on her. It didn't take long before I was absolutely desperate for something inside me and Julie could tell that. She slid a couple of fingers inside my pulsating pussy and made me orgasm immediately. I am fortunate that I can have a seemingly endless number of orgasms so it wasn't a concern that I had one so early in the evening. Sensing that there was more room that could be made, Julia tried another finger and then another. A few strokes later she inserted her thumb too.

"I can't believe it!" she exclaimed to Marcus. "I have my whole fist in her!"

Marcus smiled. "She is a good little slave" he agreed.

Having always had a fantasy of me in a jelly wrestle or similar, I understood why Marcus presented Julia and I with a bottle of baby oil and suggested we rub each other with it. Julia squirted some on my breasts and stomach first and we commenced writhing around on the floor rubbing all the different parts of our bodies together. What surprised me was my attraction to the feeling of some of the different parts of Julia's body. Naturally, I loved the way her breasts were so full and aroused but it was the curves of her hips and the skin under her breasts and on her neck which found me breathless. Such an exquisite sensation; rubbing my hands, my feet, my breasts and my pussy across another woman's body.

"I think you are getting your own way a little too much Beth!" Marcus growled at me.

"Sorry Master" I demurely answered.

"She does enjoy herself, doesn't she" Julia agreed with Marcus.

Slyly, Marcus then showed Julia a pair of handcuffs and asked her to put them on me. He then assisted her in putting my ankle restraints on and attaching them to the spreader bar designed solely for the purpose. This meant that I could no longer close my legs or control which way I lay. I then had to endure watching Marcus and Julia spend a bit of time caressing one another. It was probably only a minute but it felt like hours! I so wanted to join in and play with them.

Marcus turned me over so that I was on my knees with the handcuffs and spreader bar still keeping me from having freedom of movement. He then slid a couple of fingers deep into my pussy, so far that it made me squirm a little. He didn't like the movement and gave me a slap on the bum.

"Stop squirming little slave!" he ordered.

Julia then asked "Please let me play with her a little more?"

"Yes Mistress!" I begged, earning another slap from Marcus for speaking when not being spoken to.

I was released from the handcuffs and the spreader bar but the ankle cuffs and collar remained to remind me of my slave status. Rolled onto my back, Julia was allowed to stroke and play with my pussy again. I orgasmed again and she withdrew her hand and bent back to lick my pussy. I could see Marcus approaching her from behind. He slid his penis into her pussy and although I couldn't see it from where I lay, I knew when it was all the way in from the look of pleasure on Julia's face. He has quite a large penis and I could tell from the little jerk that Julia made that it had hit the core of her being.

For a few minutes then I closed my eyes and took the pleasure that was offered to me. Julia licked and sucked my clitoris and Marcus pummelled her from behind. I opened my eyes after yet another orgasm to see Marcus smiling down at me and Julia licking her lips with pleasure. Oh, what a glorious evening this was proving to be!

"What else will she let me put in there?" Julia queried Marcus.

"Oh - she likes all manner of things!" Marcus exclaimed. "What do you want to try?"

I was very pleased when a large cucumber was presented and manipulated into my eager pussy. It gave that exquisite pleasure/pain that sends shivers down my spine even in memory. Oh, the feeling of being stretched to the limits. Having every bit of the tender skin inside me in contact with this large thing moving in and out, in and out. The texture of a piece of vegetable matter is much different to that of skin. All of the little lumps and bumps that nature bestows on a cucumber manage to rub on the sensitive bits inside me. I could feel my G spot being teased with every movement of this large green organic dildo. My back arched, my legs spread as far as they would go and my entire body gave over to the feeling of ecstasy that was being given to me. Even the pounding on my cervix was exquisite. I could hardly breathe with the anticipation of each movement, in and out, in and out. By that time my orgasms were so wet and often that the floor was soaking and it was proving to be a very slippery place. Julia withdrew the cucumber and, teasing me with it, Marcus took a huge bite.

Finally exhausted (but never satisfied) I wondered if Marcus had been getting enough attention. He hadn't had much involvement for a lot of the evening, Julia and I had gotten off so much on the two women thing. As if she were reading my mind, Julia suggested to Marcus that she suck his cock. The suggestion alone was enough to harden him to the maximum amount possible. Julia nuzzled his penis and ran her tongue up and down the firm shaft. I watched and stroked my own pussy and then started licking Julia's clitoris. She smiled at me and nodded approval before continuing her assault on Marcus' dick. He groaned in pleasure.

The picture of me licking Julia and Julia with a face full of his cock and balls combined with the intense sensations on his body must have been an awesome feeling. Just thinking about it was getting me off! I could see Julia's lips moving over the rim of his dick, her tongue flicking over the tip and all around the edge of the eye. I think the sight of her nuzzling his balls and running her tongue from his arse to the tip of his cock was the horniest thing I have ever seen. The moans Marcus was involuntarily expressing showed how much he liked it! His cock could not get any harder or redder; I thought he was going to explode! Julia then started to slide her lips up and down the firm shaft, slowly increasing in speed. Her saliva started to dribble a little over his balls and she ran her hands over them and through his pubic hair while sucking his dick. More nuzzling, more sucking, more quick licks and incredible fucking sensations.

All too soon, Marcus had finally had enough for the evening. He came all over Julia's face and down her breasts. I used my tongue to clean some of it off, earning more praise for this action.

"You have been a very good girl Beth" Marcus crooned.

"Yes, she can come again anytime." Julia sighed in appreciation for my attentions on her body.

Released from my collar and ankle cuffs, we all showered and fell into bed completely exhausted. What a night it had been. I can't wait for the next!

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