tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 04

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 04

byDeckard Kincaid©

As Darla lay nude on the bed next to all of her new sex toys, the alarm clock awoke her out of a strange erotic dream. Despite the eight-hour nap, which she took after having arrived home after a long and exhaustive double-shift at the hospital, she suddenly awoke and had a sudden sensation that her session at the gym yesterday had been all a dream. She had been so tired after arriving home from the hospital that she had forgot to check her messages. As she awoke, as she looked at all the sex toys that laid around her, she smiled wickedly as she remembered what it was that had she had been dreaming about.

As her stalker, Pierre, and others on the Internet watched, Darla slept on top of her bed fully nude as she began to experience the first of numerous destiny fulfilling dreams. In this dream, the first of such ones that she would begin having after her orgy at the gym, Darla was Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, and she was in the heart of Africa on an expedition to find the Lost Mines of King Solomon. During her incredible journey, Lara, meaning Darla, was only able to find the lost treasure after having been subjected to numerous gang bangs and rapes at the hands of the alien creatures who protected the mines.

In her final battle to wrest control of the mines to her, Darla, as Lara, was forced to fight a large eight foot humanoid monster, whom intended to impregnate the tomb raider with his seed. It was only after enduring the hardest fucking that she had ever experienced, and after the monster had cum in her, that Darla was able to kill the beast who was weakest when he began spewing his seed into her. Then after having stabbed the beast with her dagger, Darla got off of the wet and glistening cock of the monster and savored the taste of his sweet and salty cum, and then, finally feeling sated, she mounted the monster cock again and rode it to an earth crushing orgasm, at just the same exact moment that the alarm clock signaled to Darla that it was time to awake.

At around 9 p.m., the phone rang at Darla's, however, Darla was preoccupied with her shower and impending orgasm that she had to let the machine answer for her. Once out of the shower, Darla listened to the message. The message from Isabella said, "Bruno and I live at 515 Lafayette St. Be here in one hour. Remember to wear the outfit we gave you, as well as the sacred objects. See you soon! (Click)."

The message from Isabella got Darla's juices flowing again, for she now knew that her time at the gym had not been a dream. She then went over to the gym bag and pulled out what looked to be a toga miniskirt, with a golden head band, matching white thong, and sandals that tied up around her calves. Then after seeing herself in the daring Isis type outfit Darla remembered about the metal butt plug and Ben Wa balls that she had been instructed to insert into her. Going back into the apartment, she reached into the gym bag and took the semi-heavy metallic objects to the bathroom, rinsed them off, peeled down her thong, and then proceeded to lube the butt plug up.

As Darla stared at the gleaming tapered metallic invader, smiled, drew a deep breath, and then ever so slowly, she inserted it into her ass. The coldness of the gel and metal on her anus forced out a low moan as she inched the plug up her tight bottom until about midway, when the widest point passed her sphincter and her rectal muscles pulled it in deep, until finally the four inch metal dagger was firmly anchored in. After that, Darla had to force herself to concentrate on inserting the Ben Wa balls into her already wet and now bald pussy. Once the large metal balls were in, she put back on her thong panties. lowered her toga skirt, grabbed her keys and license, and then headed for the car.

As Darla walked to the car she could hear the metal clinking sound of the balls, and she could feel the objects moving up against the thin membrane that separated her love canals. Yet even though it felt wonderfully strange and erotic to walk with the pieces of metal bouncing up inside of her, that was nothing compared to the feeling she experienced when she sat down in the car seat as the butt plug seemed to expand as she moaned loudly in pleasure as the plug and balls used the force of gravity to bury themselves into her to the hilt.

After several minutes of getting adjusted and calming her already turned on and nearly naked body down, she mentally focused herself to the task at hand, driving to Isabella and Bruno's house. After about 15 minutes of searching, Darla found their house. Once out of the car she entered the open door, after having gotten no response from knocking, and noticed that the lights in the basement were on and the stereo playing smooth jazz. As she made her way into the candle lit basement, she found Bruno slowly eating Isabella's pussy, who was outstretched on a wooden alter underneath a Star of David begging for him to make her cum. However, since both of them were so lost in their own pleasure, neither one noticed that Darla had entered the room.

As Bruno made passionate oral love to his young wife, Darla could not help but become flushed with desire at the site of Isabella's spread eagle legs bent all the way back toward her knees, as Bruno's muscular body hunched over and drank from her essence. Suddenly, not to soon, after she silently entered the basement, Darla watched intently as Isabella climaxed with a loud shriek and matching convulsions, as she pushed Bruno's head deeper into her crotch. Then, after a few moments’ Isabella, with perspiration on her forehead looked up at Darla and reached for her hand, while at the same time Bruno came over to her and gave his guest a deep wet and pussy flavored kiss.

As Isabella pushed herself upright, she held Darla's hand tight and said, "That was so incredible! Tonight you'll find out how good of a pussy eater my husband and me are. I am sure your pussy is incredibly sore and sensitive from yesterday still, but we need to have your cunt ready for Pierre tomorrow night. He has a special surprise for you." Bruno then reached for Darla's hand and told her to follow him to the backroom where he ordered her to take over her top and to lay face down on the massage table so he could give her a simple no sex massage to help relax and prepare her for her erotic spiritual awakening. As Darla lay face down in the cold and unfurnished concrete massage room, she asked what it was that Pierre had planned for her tomorrow night. To which Bruno simply replied, "I can't tell. Remember, its a surprise."

After about 20 minutes, Bruno had Darla sit upright and then told her to put her white dress back on. By now the pleasure of the Ben Wa balls and the butt plug were becoming unbearable as Darla felt the mini orgasmic jolts of the metallic devices beginning to go toward the base of her spine. Soon they both went back upstairs to find Isabella swimming in the pool nude, and without the need for any encouragement, Darla stripped down to her white thong and jumped in. As Darla treaded water, Isabella swam over and wrapped her arms and legs around her, and then asked "Darla do you want to experience what true erotic awareness is all about? If you let us we can introduce you tonight, for the sake of your relationship with Pierre, to a whole new world of both mental and physical erotic stimuli." To which Darla simply nodded her head "yes," and then lowered her lips to Isabella's ample bosom at the same time she reached for and began fingering her tutor's shaved pussy.

Soon Isabella's ass was on the edge of the pool as her new student held her tight to her face and eagerly lapped away at her own shaved pussy, as Isabella reached out to her husband and motioned for him to take his Speedo's off and join them. Then, as Darla slowly mouth-fucked Isabella's pussy, Bruno knelt next to his wife, poured suntan oil on his cock and proceeded to fuck her tits as he pressed them together, and then after several minutes of licking and fucking, Bruno timed his climax perfectly with that of Isabella's as she screamed out in an explosion of desire, while at the same time she grabbed her husband's exploding cock and aimed his wad at her face as she sucked in every salty drop.

After watching from below, Darla, who by now was feeling a bit left out, jumped out of the pool and got on top of Isabella and French kissed her hard, as their cum and pussy juice filled tongues met and danced erotically while they humped each others mound. The sight was so erotic, and the Ben Wa balls and butt plug were adding so much pleasure friction that Darla soon began to cum until she finally collapsed teary eyed on top of her buxom new lover.

After a minute or two of watching the girls attempt to recover and regain their senses, Bruno told Darla "now it's your turn! I want you to dry off and follow me in the house after you help Isabella get her footing." Darla then helped Isabella up, but Isabella was so weak from her last two orgasms that she was barely able to stand or walk. However, with Darla's help they slowly followed Bruno into the house and down into the basement where Isabella said, "first the three of us will take a shower together then we'll start your session."

The two women then followed Bruno into the back of the large basement where the weight machines were, and then entered a separate room that looked like a cross between a medieval torture chamber and a church. In the back was a large industrial type shower stall that was big enough for about 15 people. However, the stall had no curtain and contained several plastic stools and removable showerheads. Bruno then instructed Darla to remove her wet thong, which Darla did, and then she was told by Isabella to bend over. Darla then grabbed her ankles and felt Isabella slowly remove the butt plug and Ben Wa balls at the same time. The intense sensation of both objects being removed caused Darla's knees to shake as she moaned in both ecstacy and sadness, for she was sad to now be so empty.

After the objects were removed, Bruno then took Darla's hand, led her to the shower and then ordered her to cross her wrists and place them over her head. Isabella then slapped a pair of cold steel padded handcuffs on Darla and attached them to a chain in the ceiling, and then, before Darla could relax, Isabella began raising the chain until Darla stood only on the tip of her toes. The position the two were putting her in caused Darla's posture to take an awkward position as her breasts now stood out and were proudly on display. Then after having secured Darla to the ceiling, and making her completely helpless, Bruno and Isabella then began to explain the philosophy of the erotic meditation.

After now having nodded that she understood, and that she desired to learn the ancient erotic ways of the Raelians, Bruno said "Now my dear Darla, this first test will be a test of both mind and body. If you can endure and find pleasure in a nice ice cold shower than you will be able to enjoy the candle session later. Are you ready?" To which Darla nodded yes as she felt the water sprinkler above her rain down ice cold water, while Bruno and Isabelle simply watched in amusement as Darla tried to focus on the pleasure of the coldness.

However, no sooner had the water from above started above it suddenly stopped. Isabella, upon Bruno's instructions had set up the garden hoses in the basement where they each took one and applied a more hands on approach to testing and pleasuring Darla, as they sprayed her with powerful streams of cold hard water. Darla shrieked with both pain and pleasure as the ice water made contact with her strained and sore body, as her nipples hardened even more as Bruno worked them over with the hard spray of the shower head, while Isabella concentrated on shooting hard streams of cold water over her clit and pink rosebud as their sexy novice and student begged them to stop. Which they finally did, but only to leave Darla there in the cold basement shivering as Isabella and Bruno gave Darla a practical demonstration in the art of anal love.

As Darla hung limply from the ceiling chains, Bruno wheeled in a padded saw horse, grabbed Isabella forcefully by the hair, bent her over, and slapped her ass hard as he proceeded to ignore Darla and started shouting expletives at his young wife who was by now meekly draped over the wooden horse. Bruno then applied a fair amount of Jergen's lotion on Isabella's now upturned ass and poured even more on his rigid 12-inch monster, and then told Isabella to explain the next lesson. Isabella, who by now had blood rushing to her head, turned to Darla and said in a desperate voice "Now watch as we show how years of practice can make for an easy ass fucking! I have been loving it like this, rough and tough, since I was 16." Bruno then grabbed his wife by the hair with one hand, and with another spread apart Isabella's cheeks as he slowly inserted his raging member up her petite ass.

As Bruno slowly entered his meaty member into her, Isabella screamed in pleasure as she begged for him to go deeper, until finally, after Bruno slowly sank his meaty member all the way in, he began slapping her ass and ordering her to take her free hand and to finger fuck herself, while he forcefully rammed her asshole like a piston. As she watched, mesmerized as the violent intensity with which Bruno sodomized his wife, Darla's ass tingled at the thought of being nailed and sodomized with the same kind of raw and violent animalistic intensity by such a large cock up her very small and tight hole. After nearly 15 minutes of intense fucking, as Darla watched helplessly, Bruno yelled "I'm cumming!!!!" as he slapped her ass, leaving welt marks, and emptied his entire load in his young wife's ass. As he came so did Isabella who moaned loud and heavy with so much passion that she nearly passed out from the intensity and the eroticism of doing it in front of an audience.

After a minute or two of afterglow, Bruno pulled out of Isabella's gaping asshole, and then helped his wife to her feet. Isabella then turned around and, with her breasts, cleaned his cock up with her mouth, all the while bent over in front of Darla so that she could get a good look of Bruno's cum that now slowly drip out of her tiny ass. Then, after they were done, they then turned their attention back to Darla, and released their willing captive. By now Darla's muscles were terribly sore from the tension of being strung up, but at this point it didn't matter to her, especially after the scene she had just witnessed. As the three of them put the terry cloth robes on that hung in the basement, Darla asked Bruno if he could take her in the ass. Bruno however declined the invitation, saying only that Isabella had someone special in mind to fulfill that request. They then went upstairs for a few drinks before moving on to the next lesson.

Soon, after about the third vodka and orange juice, Darla was feeling a little buzzed as Isabella and Bruno led her to their bedroom where candles were now burning and around a large alter type table. Isabella then turned to Darla and ordered her to disrobe and for her to "get up on this table and lie on your back with the pillow under your tail bone." Darla did as so instructed and instinctively and even crossed her wrists and placed them over her head. When Bruno saw what Darla had done, he laughed and said "I see she is a quick learner!" Bruno then went into the closet, and put on his silk boxer shorts, while at the same time Isabella came out of another bedroom wearing a simple shiny nightgown and a carrying a large bottle of skin lotion.

As she lay on the table, Isabella poured nearly half the bottle over Darla's breasts, belly, legs and bald pussy, while at the same time Bruno and her began massaging it Darla's, all the time enjoying Darla's heavy sighs of sexual desire. Soon though the massaging stopped and Bruno stepped up between Darla's legs and began to slowly tongue fuck both of her orifices, while at the same time Darla closed her eyes and moaned softly as she, for the first time since Chris made love to her felt a man's tongue assault her sore but aroused love holes. However, just as she was enjoying the pleasure of her clitoris being gently bitten, Darla opened her eyes to see Isabella standing over her with a burning candle.

However, before Darla could blink or react, the first drop of hot wax landed on her left nipple. The hot searing wax caused Darla to scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the wax quickly hardened and was wiped away by Isabella. Before she could regain her composure and beg her to stop, the second drop hit her other nipple and sent a shock of electricity throughout her entire body. Soon, Darla felt a rain of scalding wax drops hit her clit, nipples and breasts, while at the the same time Bruno held her wrists and thighs tight so that she could not escape the pleasure and pain that she now was begging to be released from. Bruno and Isabella continued their wax and mouth assault on the struggling Darla, until finally, as the pain and pleasure merged, Darla came and screamed with such a force that Isabella had to shove her tongue down her throat to keep her from waking the neighbors.

As Isabella silenced Darla's screams and moans of passion, Bruno removed his mouth from Darla's puffy lips and removed his 12 inch monster from it's silk pouch. Isabella then moved Darla's head over the edge of the table and then straddled her so that her pussy was even with Darla's mouth, after which Isabella ordered her to open wide. Darla knew what it was that she wanted, and she found it as Bruno slowly forced his meaty member down Darla's willing throat, as Isabella traded places with her husband and set about finishing the oral mission that her husband had started.

Darla wanted to taste and savor Bruno's cock with so much abandon that she almost gagged as she swallowed every inch of his 12 inch dick, until finally he could take it no longer and emptied his thick load down Darla's throat as she reached for his cock and rubbed off as much semen as she could get into her begging lips, while at the same time herself she began convulsing from the latest in a series of orgasms that seemed to be constantly emanating from her loins. Darla's sweat and cum covered body soon went limp, and as her pussy slowly convulsed and calmed down, Bruno carried her to he and Isabella's King size bed where the three of them continued to make love and pleasure each others bodies until they slowly drifted off to sleep.

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