tagBDSMClass Rules Ch. 02

Class Rules Ch. 02


One afternoon during the following week, Mr Gallagher was casually looking out of his window onto the lush green lawns below his study and saw something that took his eye. He rang his bell and his faithful secretary Miss O'Hare entered his room quietly. "You called me Head Master?"

The Head nodded. "I have just seen Mrs West crossing the lawn from the gymnasium, Miss O'Hare. She looked very nice in her very short pleated skirt." Mrs West was the young English Mistress while her husband, Julian, taught History.

Miss O'Hare crossed the room and looked out with him. Mrs West had now reached the small road directly under the window. Just then a young schoolgirl rode her bicycle erratically across in front of Mrs West. They saw the girl laugh as she managed to keep the bike upright but in doing so her skirt did flip up exposing her white pantied bottom.

Miss O'Hare smiled. She knew what the Head was thinking. "We would have to think carefully before we start dealing with Mrs West, Headmaster"

"What do you suggest, Miss O'Hare?"

"Well Sir, she and her husband Julian are up for salary review next week. I know they are desperate for money as they live with her father who is being very awkward with them."

Mr Gallagher nodded his head, adding, "Julian West finds it difficult to maintain any discipline in his class already, and Shirley, his wife, is only on probation"

Miss O'Hare smiled; she could see how the Headmaster's mind was working but she had to make sure he understood her position. "It will be difficult for me to deal with Mrs West in the same way as I controlled Amy Turner, Head Master."

The older man was very sharp and knew what she meant. "I presume you mean because Mrs West is a teacher and not a student?"

Miss O'Hare nodded "Yes and she is a little more mature but she still shouldn't cause any great problems for you, Sir."

"What about her husband?"

"He will be even easier for you, Sir. He is very weak. Afraid of his own shadow. A little effeminate."

The Head Master was pleased. "Will you send them a formal warning that their performance is well below acceptable and that I will be assessing them both next Monday?"

She laughed "They will be petrified" and added "May I make a suggestion, Sir?" He nodded.

"Mrs West and her husband don't drink alcohol now ever since they became intoxicated very easily at the last Staff Party. I suggest that after you tell them off next Monday you could give then a couple of glasses of wine to appear benevolent and kindly. They will be afraid to refuse."

The Head smiled. His secretary was quite a clever woman "You think she will be more amenable then"

"Definitely Sir! Her fear about her job followed by a few glasses of wine and she will be more than amenable." Mr Gallagher smiled, especially when his secretary added "And so will her husband." He appreciated what this could mean and what his secretary meant so he suggested, "I know you can't act in the same capacity as with Amy Turner, Miss O'Hare but I would you like to be present anyway."

Miss O'Hare smiled. Her Headmaster really looked after her. "Certainly, Sir. I would really enjoy being present when you deal with Mr and Mrs West. I think it will be fully in order if I assist you when you require it."

Mr Gallagher liked his secretaries efficiency, especially when she advised "I think we should change the date of the meeting to Tuesday morning Sir. Mrs West always does some exercising in the morning and always wears her shortest pleated skirt."

"Usually with little, white knickers," she added.

Mr Gallagher nodded "That sounds excellent Miss O'Hare. Send them their warnings today."

When Shirley West received her formal warning she felt petrified. When Julian also had a similar letter he almost cried. He just fell apart. Shirley felt so upset but, even more, she was angry with her husband's pathetic weakness. He was absolutely useless in a crisis. She first of all tore a strip off him and then said, "It's no good you sobbing like a big baby Julian. We have to face up to it and do our best."

Julian was distraught. "You don't understand how threatened I feel, Shirley. I am terrified of the Headmaster and Miss O'Hare his secretary is so intimidating."

Shirley nodded. She had some sympathy with her husband. She was just as nervous. She then took a deep breath saying, "The main thing Julian is that we must not upset the Head or Miss O'Hare in any way. We have to keep on the right side of them. Anything they suggest we can do to improve our chances we must agree to and we must do it with a smile."

On Tuesday morning Shirley started early. She told Julian she would meet him in the Headmasters Office. He was still frightened and wanted to wait for his wife but she was adamant.

"No, Julian. Pull yourself together. I want to go to the Gym first for some light exercise. Then I will pop back here to change into my suit and meet you outside the Headmaster's office." She seemed so well organised but she didn't know what Miss O'Hare had planned.

After her exercises Shirley left the gym and made her way across the lawns to her own office intending to change. She was only sweating slightly but she wanted to feel her best when she faced Mr Gallagher so she knew she couldn't afford to be the least bit uncomfortable and her knickers always ran up her bum during her exercises.

Unbeknown to Shirley, Miss O'Hare had been waiting and watching and suddenly her mobile phone rang. It was Miss O'Hare telling her to come straight to the Head's Office. Shirley tried to explain she needed to go to her office first to change.

Miss O'Hare sounded cross "Mrs West, when I said the Head wants you to come here immediately, that is exactly what I mean. Your husband is already here. Don't make us angry Mrs West." Shirley had no option but to change her plans and go directly to the Heads Office.

As she entered the large office she could see her husband sitting there trying to look insignificant. He didn't really have to try. Shirley felt conscious of her very short skirt as she looked at the Head behind his big desk and Miss O'Hare nearby with her notebook out ready to take notes.

There was only one seat available a very high stool. Miss O'Hare beckoned to the stool "Take a seat Mrs West."

Shirley could see that the high stool was directly in front of the Head. She hesitated and murmured apologetically that her skirt was too short.Miss O'Hare pretended to look puzzled.

Shirley stuttered "If I sit up there I am afraid that my underclothes will be showing."

Mr Gallagher sounded annoyed. "I did not tell you what skirt to wear Mrs West and I cannot make any allowances for how you choose to dress" Shirley looked at her husband for support. Julian looked at his feet. He was shaking.

Miss O'Hare asked "Are you saying that the Head Master is not allowed to see your knickers Mrs West?" Shirley couldn't answer.

Miss O'Hare addressed Julian. "Tell us Mr West do you object to Mr Gallagher seeing your wife's panties?"

Julian blushed and simply shook his head.

Mr Gallagher looked impatient and said "Well that's sorted out then. Mrs West please sit on the stool now. I am busy and want to get this assessment over quickly."

Shirley sighed. She felt defeated as she turned and climbed up onto the stool knowing full well that all her underwear was on display. Miss O'Hare glanced at the Head. He looked really lecherous. She smiled to herself as she knew the next couple of hours would be very entertaining and exciting.

The Headmaster continued to write at his desk for another few moments while Julian trembled in his chair and Shirley squirmed on her stool as her knickers were still fixed between her arse cheeks and tight against her pussy. Finally he looked up and stared first at Julian who seemed to shrink even further into himself.

"Mr West, although you came with the highest recommendations, you seem totally unable to control a class of girls. Is this true?"

Julian could only nod, keeping his head bowed, praying that he would be allowed to keep his job.

"Mrs West, you on the other hand seem to be becoming very popular with the girls, one might even say too popular."

"How can anyone be too popular?" asked Shirley in disbelief.

"Silence!" growled the Headmaster. "We have had complaints that you have been to friendly with some of the older girls; touching, hugging, even kissing one of them."

"What? I have never kissed anyone but Julian and certainly not any of the girls."

"I've warned you already, Mrs West. One more outburst from you and you will pay the price. Mr West, your wife has been accused of fraternising with some of the girls; together with your own inadequacies, there seems no reason why we should keep either of you on for another term, far less give you a pay rise. However, I understand from Miss O'Hare that you need to find a place of your own to live and so are desperate to keep your jobs. Is this right?"

"Yes, Sir," stumbled Julian, still too afraid to lift his head.

"So if I was to give you both a chance to redeem yourselves, you would accept it?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And you would do anything? Anything at all?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Very well then. You both have one final chance. If you both do exactly what you are told to do, right now, in this room, then you will both keep your jobs and you will both receive the pay rise you so desperately need. Agreed?"

"Agreed, Sir," said Julian happily, raising his head and looking at his pretty wife in pleasure. How bad could it be, he asked himself? Shirley, however, wasn't so sure. She had noticed how the Headmaster had stared up her skirt as she sat on the high stool and could feel her pussy tingle at the unexpected attention. She thought she should try to lay down some ground rules but was very quickly dissuaded of this when the Headmaster grabbed her by the arm, pulled her off the stool and, dragging her round the desk to his own high-backed, leather chair, he sat down and threw her over his lap.

"You have been warned, Mrs West. Now you must pay the penalty. Mr West, I am about to spank your young wife. Come over here and watch."

Julian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He would have loved to have been the one who was about to spank Shirley but he would never have had the courage to even suggest it. Looking at her upturned arse, though, as she lay across Mr Gallagher's broad thighs he could tell he was going to enjoy this. Even if she wasn't.

Shirley tried to fight but the Headmaster had a tight grip on her. His right hand was round her waist, pulling her tightly against his strong body. His left hand was holding her opposite arm up her back so that more she struggled the higher her arm went and the more painful it became. His right leg was hooked over her legs and she quickly came to the realisation that there was no escape. She started to whimper and tried to plead with Julian to rescue her but she knew even as she was saying it that this was a waste of time. Her poor excuse for a husband was just standing there as she was manhandled and was doing nothing to prevent her punishment.

She tried to apologise for any wrong doings (even though she knew she was innocent) but gasped in terror as short skirt was lifted up over her bum, to leave her knickers on full display. The Headmaster's hand reached for her waistband immediately and, as the tears fell from her eyes, she begged him not to pull them down. Paying no attention to her, he went ahead and did just that, tugging them hard to over her bare bottom. His hand came down and it started, a bare bottom spanking, the first of her adult life.

Shirley began to wriggle again, burning with embarrassment while her cheeks burned with pain. Her bum was becoming pinker by the second and she tried desperately to pull her knickers back up to protect herself. The Headmaster, however, was used to spanking girls and he was ready for her; he snatched her hand away and ordered her husband to pull her knickers fully off.Julian was rooted to the spot but Miss O'Hare simply pushed him out of the way, took a firm grip of the tiny knickers and tore them off. Shirley realised who it was and burned again in shame aware that her poor bum was now defenceless and in full view of the school secretary. She was in a terrible position, trapped, bum up, showing everything, and helpless to prevent it, or her spanking.

Worse still, she could feel the Headmaster's hard cock growing beneath her and she burst into fresh tears, not just from the pain, but in utter frustration at her helplessness and the way she was being held. It was so unfair too, she had done nothing wrong with any of her girls while her stupid husband couldn't even control a class. He was the one who deserved punishment, not her, but she was the one having her bare bottom turned red in front of him and Miss O'Hare, with her pussy on show and her arsehole winking behind her.

The Headmaster finally stopped, leaving Shirley sobbing with shame. Her bum was on fire and, when Mr Gallagher let her go, all she could do was fall down on to the carpeted floor. For a moment she just lay there, her poor red bum still on show, before she started to look for her knickers.

Her punishment had just begun.

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