tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCompany Conference Ch. 02

Company Conference Ch. 02


© 2010

At 11:30 I knock on Roger's door. He's in casual attire, and I'm in my sweatsuit. He invites me to make myself comfortable. I go to his honor bar, and pour myself a glass of wine.

I am ready for this conference to be over tomorrow, but I sure am going to miss you."

"We have a great reason to look forward to the next one now, right?"

"You must think I was joking about that transfer."

"You'd better be," I laugh. "My fantasy is not too unlike the dream you had, and I think I want you to help me with it."

It takes him a second to connect what I'm talking about, "I'll do what I can."

"I have fantasies of being seen, but I don't want my identity on blast, you know what I mean?"

"I think so."

"That's why I couldn't do a club."


"But one of the things that I liked about your dream was your friends being there with you, watching me."

"They all loved you."

"Do you think they would for real?"

"Watch you?"


"How could they not?"

I took a breath, "Are they online?"

Roger sits down and sits at the desk and logs on to his instant messenger. He sends a message out that he has something to show them that they will not believe, and then we adjust the webcam so that nothing above my neck is showing when I sit down.

Five messages boxes pop-up. Roger says these are his poker buddies. I ask if I can type to them, and let them know that I have a fantasy of being exposed that Roger is going to help me with. None of them believe that I am not Roger pulling their leg. When the cam is turned on, they see Roger at first. I take off my sweatsuit; I have on a white wifebeater and boyshorts underneath. I then go and sit on his lap -- and they go nuts.

As Roger's hands rubbed my legs. I let them know that they can take requests, within reason, but for the most part I wanted them to enjoy the show Roger was going to give them. With that, Roger got up so I could sit in the chair. He stood behind me rubbing my shoulders, causing my breathing to get heavier with anticipation. Each of my audience members makes a comment about the way my chest is heaving, exciting me all the more -- my hard nipples straining against the cotton of the tank top.

Roger asks how I am doing, then he takes the glass of he was drinking from off the desk. I think he is taking a drink, but I see him hold the glass over my shoulder and pour some onto my breasts. The cool sensation gives me a chill, causing my nipples to draw tight, and the liquid immediately soaks the area around my nipples. My audience loves that!

Roger rubs my shoulders a little longer, as the calls for my shirt to come off get stronger. Roger is laughing at their eagerness, and I tell them how much he is enjoying their torture. "Are you ready?"

I smile, "Pour more water on my top."

He laughs, "You're bad." Roger takes the glass of water and asks me lean my head back. He kisses it, and licks it with his tongue.

"Ohhh yesss!"

Roger begins to pour the water right next to his tongue. The water begins to slowly trickle down my neck. My tank top begins to soak it up, and clings. He moves the glass lower and pours water right over my right breast. My tank is transparent at this point.

I look at the screen, and the guys are clued to their screens.

Roger then moves the glass over to my left breast, and soaks it too.

"He's gonna fucking kills us!" one guy types

Roger and I both laugh. He puts the glass down and runs his hands from my neck, across my shoulders, down to grab my breasts. He cups and gently squeezes them, only to perk my nipples up higher -- and harder. He moves his hands down to the bottom of my tank and starts lifting. I watch as my breasts come into full view on the screen. The messages start flying in. I raise my arms for Roger to left my tank off, then answer the most frequent question -- 36C.

They also ask how I am feeling, sitting there topless, and I try to describe how being on display for them is making me feel. "I love having his hands on me, and having your eyes on me. It's very exciting."

"Is your pussy wet?"

"Oh yes," I respond.

"Let us see."

I look over my shoulder to Roger, and then covey his message of, "Later."

He keeps feeling my breasts; I lean my head back at how good it feels. Roger takes that as an invitation to kiss my neck. I jump at first, but then reach up to pull him closer. As he kisses, he grips my breasts tight. "Squeeze it, baby," I say through the kiss.

Roger broke the kiss, and kneels behind the chair. With a hand on each breast, he rubbed and squeezed them intensely. I try to type more responses, but it is hard to concentrate enough to respond quickly. His grip is turning me more on.

He sees the smile on my face, "You like that, huh?"


Roger gently rubs on my nipples; brushing over them to see how perky they are. Each time, they spring back. All the guys smile at the sight. Roger turns the chair to the side, and angles the camera so they can see him suck my nipples.

The guys cannot believe what they are seeing.

I try to read all the messages, but give up when the feeling gets too good. I lean back, and let his lips and tongue please my nipples. He moves back and forth, not leaving one unattended for long. Every once in a while he tugs on one, but mostly he licks and sucks me to the edge of an orgasm.

Roger starts talking as he licks, "All of them, right now, are sitting on the edge of their seats watching you. All of them with erections, and their hands in their pants -- if they have on pants. They are all gently rubbing themselves as they see your lovely, wet, topless body.

I laugh a little at him saying they didn't have pants on.

"What's funny?"

"Do men really sit at the computer without pants on?"

"When looking at someone like you they do."

I laugh again.

He turns to the laptop and tells the guys to show me how sexy I am.

All of them lower their cams to show erection.

I'm shocked that none of them have pants on, and are all very erect. "That's for me?"

"All for you," Roger goes back to my nipples. I look at the guys stroking as Roger sucks me over the edge of that orgasm. I smash his head into my chest as my body has a series of small convulsions.

When I calm down, I notice the guys still stroking. There are requests to see my pussy; demands and pleads, actually. Roger stands in front of the camera, and I remove my boyshorts and position myself so that my legs are over the sides of the chair. He lowers the camera, and steps aside. The guys see me rubbing my pussy. Roger kneels behind the chair to play with my nipples and nibble my ear -- increasing my sensations.

For a few minutes I run my hand back and forth along my pussy, letting my palm graze my clit. I slip my two middle fingers inside, then slide them around my clit. I do it two more times, then give into the requests to spread my lips. I know this isn't the proper thing for a Black, married, business woman to do, but all the attention is making me feel so good right now. Roger's strong hands all over my body, and the eyes of these strangers enjoying me, just feel so damn good -- and I go with it. I put my hands between my legs, and open my pussy.

One guy closes his eyes and shakes. Another one licks his cam. Another types, "Roger, you'd better fuck the hell out of that beautiful pussy!" And the last one adds, "Pump it a few times for me!"

I laugh, but turn my attention back to rubbing. I hold my lips open and rub my clit with just my index fingertip.

"It's a shame you didn't bring a toy with you," he breathes in my ear while taking a big squeeze of my titties.

"Guess that means there'll have to be a next time," I press my titties into his hands.

"Put your fingers in her, Roger!" one guy demands.

Roger types back that he's enjoying my titties too much, and goes back to squeezing them.

I increase the intensity on my pussy, working two fingers in and our between my lips. I close my eyes and just let my body enjoy, until I feel Rogers hand leave my titty. He slides it down my stomach, and moves my hand from my pussy.

He starts rubbing my clit with one intention. "It's time for you to cum so I can fuck you." His hand moves feverishly over my clit, and I lean my head back. When my orgasm hits, I make the chair rock.

Roger pulls me off the chair. We stand up and face the cam, with him behind me kissing and licking on my neck. "I love your taste," he wraps his arms around me, pressing his body to mine.

I groan at the impression of his dick at my ass.

"You are so fucking soft, it's incredible," he pull my nipples, "but hard in just the right places."

I keep my eyes on the screen, but my body responds to Roger's every manipulation. I move my feet to keep my balance as he rubs, pulls, and caresses.

"How much longer you gonna make me wait for that dick?" I moan.

He laughs, "No longer." He drops his pants, and sweeps off his underwear. He positions me sideways so my face is not in the frame of the cam when he bends me over. "I have never felt a pussy this silky in my life!" he says entering me.

I move the chair in front of me to hold myself up on, and spread my legs a little wider, "Give it to me!"

Roger runs his hands over my ass, moaning, "I just love you lovely, full, sexy, luscious, curvy hips." He fucks me at a steady pace, smacking my ass and grabbing my swinging titty once in a while.

After my second small orgasm subsides, I put my knee into the seat of the chair, giving Roger a little deeper access. He grabs my hips and increases his pace, and I move my hips back against him.

"Yes baby, yes!" he starts fucking even faster.

I lower my head to shift the angle of his dick, "Damn, you feel good!"

"Put both feet on the chair for me!" he slows down a little.

Without letting him slide out, I squat in the chair with my ass sticking out.

"Perfect!" he speeds back up.

"Ohh fuck!" I scream at the new sensation.

He moves his hands from my hips to my shoulders, and grunts as he thursts into me. "Why does your pussy feel this good?"

I hear his question, but can't even begin to formulate an answer.

"Black silk," he thrust harder, making me grunt. "Your pussy is Black silk," he suddenly slows down. "My dick looks so good going in and out of it."

"I want to see it," I say between moans.

Roger strokes my pussy a few more times, then slides out. I gather my strength and turn to sit in the seat. When I see his dick, I'm amazed at how wet it is. "Yes, that's all you," he says when he sees me staring.

I look up at him, then lean forward and take it in my mouth in one motion. I'm not sure why; I've never done it before. But in that moment, I just really want to taste.

"Oh fuck!" he grabs my head

I pucker my lips around the base of his dick, then slide him out to the tip. His body shakes when I give his tip a lick, so I repeat the process.

"You do that one more time, and you're gonna get a face full of cum."

I laugh, and do it again.

Roger snatches his dick from my mouth, and pushes my shoulders back in the chair. He drops to one knee, and opens my legs. He pushes into my pussy, and goes as deep as he can in one stroke.

I scream out, grabbing his shoulders. As he pumps, I look down to see the contrast. "Ohhh damn!"

"Beautiful, huh?"

I bite my lip and nod my head.

"I'm cumming."

I feel his dick swelling, "Yessss."

He pumps faster and shorter, until he pulls his dick out and shoots all over my stomach and chest.

I immediately rub my clit until I cum too.

Roger rests on me; his drained balls just about my clit.

I stroke his back as we both calm down. "That was so hot."

"Are you okay," he leans up.


"Your pussy really is incredible."

"Stop saying that," I blush.

He laughs, "It's true, Silky."

"You will not start calling me that."

"Let's ask our audience."

I totally forgot we were being watched. He computer screen was full of messages. We positioned the chair so that roger could sit behind me as we read all the comments. He played with my nipples and clit the whole time, continuing to give the guys a show. We were just about done reading, when I noticed Roger's dick inching up my back. One by one, the guys signed off -- profusely thanking me for the show.

"You know I can't be seen coming out of here in the morning."

"I know," he squeezes my tits.

"If you know, you'd better tell your dick that." I raise up until I feel his tip at my pussy, then slide down.

"Don't wanna leave, huh?"

I'm feeling so good, I didn't mind saying what came to mind, "I never leave a hard dick behind."

He groans, "How's about a hard dick in your behind?"

I work my pussy up and down on his dick a few times, "Maybe next time."

"Yeah, next time, Silky."

I felt a charge when he said that, and took his dick deeper.

"Damn, you don't want me to last too long, do you?"

"No, I gotta get some sleep," I leaned over, and slowly bounced my pussy on his dick.

He smacked my ass, and left his hand in the spot a few seconds before smacking it again. Every few strokes his smacks get harder, and I feel his dick swelling again. My intention is to get off his dick again, but he starts to hit my g-spot, and I quickly change my mind.

Roger groans so loud, it almost scares me. I just know the people on the other side of the wall heard him.

When my orgasm subsides, I stand up to slide his dick out. I go to his bathroom to pee and wash my pussy off. Roger stands in the doorway and we talk about wild and fun the experience was. After I'm dressed, we give each other a big hug.

"See you next conference."

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