tagSci-Fi & FantasyConfirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 04

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 04


In this offering, Vala tries her hand at diplomacy, Sam and Tammy dispense justice for an indiscretion, and Boris gets introduced to the court...


Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes

Chapter Four

Four Days Later

Interior-Sandy Wildon's Suite

0520 Hours

"Mmmmmm, you got a big 'ol hard-on, don't you baby?" Sandy giggled, squirming closer to O'Neill. "Are you thinking about fucking me? That's it isn't it? You want to stick that big, hard dick in my tight, wet little pussy and just fuck the shit out of me, don't you?"

"Huh? What?" O'Neill grunted as Sandy pushed him over onto his back. He struggled up out of the fog of sleep, then groaned, his eyes going wide as she rested her hand on his stomach, pressing down on his bladder. "Unggghh! No, stop! Fuck!"

"What baby?" Sandy laughed as she wiggled her hips, sighing as his stiff cock slid slowly into her pussy.

"Get off of me." He growled, pushing her to the side and rolling off the bed. "I have to pee, that's why it's hard. You never heard of morning wood?"

"Really?" Sandy laughed, scrambling off the bed and following him into the bathroom.

She went over to the shower and turned it on, then turned and looked at him.

"Don't pee yet." She told him. "Come over here, I want to try something."

"Oh god, you don't want me to piss on you do you?" O'Neill asked, staring at her, his cock twitching in front of him. "I don't know if..."

"Not on me silly, in me." Sandy laughed. She turned around and bent over, spreading her legs wide so he could see the close cropped lips of her pussy. "Come on, Jack. Stick it in baby. You can piss while you're fucking me. I bet that'll feel wild!"

"Are you sure?" He asked as he came over behind her.

"Yeah, I want you to pee in me, then fuck the shit out of me." Sandy laughed, reaching back between her legs and grabbing his cock. She fit the spongy knob between the lips of her pussy, then pushed back at him, grunting at his thick cock plowed up into her. "Or fuck me then pee in me, I really don't care. Just do it!"

"Okay." He grinned, putting his hands on her hips as he started stroking in and out slowly.

"Oh god, that feels so fucking good, Jack. I love it when you fuck me in the morning." Sandy sighed, rotating her hips in slow circles. "Keep doing that, but go a little faster, stick it in all the way, I want to feel all of your big beautiful cock in me!"

"It's not that big." He muttered as he started fucking her faster.

"Eight inches is way above average baby." She giggled, pushing her ass back at him. "And you use it so well. God, I just knew you were gonna be good in bed."

She looked back over her shoulder at him as she pressed her ass against him. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed his balls, pulling on them gently so he couldn't pull back.

"Do it now, Jack. Pee in me." She whispered. "I want to feel your hot piss in my pussy."

O'Neill spread his legs a little wider apart and closed his eyes. It was hard enough trying to piss through a hard-on, but the way her cunt was clenching and working around his cock, he wasn't sure he would be able to do it.

Sandy squeezed his balls gently, massaging them with her fingers as she waited for him to cut loose inside her. She gasped when a small stream of piss spurted into her, filling her pussy with a sudden heat.

"Oh God! More, Jack!" She squealed. "That felt so kewl! It's so hot...come on baby. Do it, pee in me for real!"

O'Neill sighed as he relaxed, and a strong stream of piss rushed up his cockshaft to spray from his piss slit. He started stroking his cock in and out slowly as he pissed in her, surprised at how much he was enjoying the sensation of her pussy sucking the piss out of his cock.

"Oh my fucking god!" Sandy screamed as her pussy spasmed around his cock meat. Her knees almost buckled as an orgasm surged through her, and she started pounding her ass back at him frantically, fucking herself mindlessly on his cock.

Grinning down at her as he tightened his grip on her hips, O'Neill began fucking her hard and fast, and in seconds, felt his balls twitch in their wrinkle sac, then eject a load of hot cum. He groaned, burying his cock balls deep as the first jets of jizz burst from his cockhead, then pulled back and started plunging roughly in and out of her cumming cunt channel as the rest of his load spat from his cockhead in irregular spurts.

"Oh shit! Fuck me, Jack! Oh god baby, I love it! I love the way you fuck me." Sandy babbled as she came again and again, her cum and piss soaked cunt sucking and milking his cock wildly. "Pl...please, oh god, don't stop. Please don't fucking stop!"

O'Neill pounded his cock into her as hard as he could, then leaned over her, reaching around and easing his hand between her legs. His fingers found her clit, and he started stroking it lightly as he slowed his movements, finally bringing his cock to a rest still deep inside her.

"Cum for me bitch." He whispered harshly as he teased her clit bud. "You're not done yet, and neither am I."

Sandy moaned as she felt a fresh spray of hot piss flood her pussy, and her legs collapsed under her. She fell to her knees, and O'Neill's cock slipped from her cunt slit, a stream of piss still spraying from it.

Stepping up over her, he aimed the stream at her ass, then moved it downed so it sprayed right into the gaping gash of her pussy. Sandy grunted, then sighed as she brought her hand down, holding her pussylips open, letting his hot piss fill her cunt.

O'Neill groaned as the flow of piss trickled to a stop, he shook his cock so the last drops fell on her, then dropped to his knees and pushed his cock back into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, I liked that, baby." Sandy moaned as he pressed her down till she was laying out on the wet floor. "We're gonna have to do that again. Maybe next time, you can do it in my ass!"

O'Neill groaned, but couldn't ignore the way his cock throbbed at the prospect. He smiled to himself as he started fucking her slowly, knowing that it wouldn't be the last time they did it today.

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0645 Hours

"The guards said that you've been down here for over an hour." Tammy said as she came into the lab. "I didn't kno..."

She stopped when she saw that Sam was over by a workbench talking to a man with his back to her. "What's going on here, Sam? I thought this was our secr..."

"Boris?" She gasped as he turned around. "Is that really you? Oh my god! What did she do to you?"

"You don't like him?" Sam asked as she stepped up beside him, brushing a piece of lint off his jacket. "I still didn't like those cheeks, and I trimmed his hair so it's more like Cisco's, just a little longer. I like that look, neat, but a little wild at the same time. And I put some clothes on him."

"I love him!" Tammy gushed, coming over for a closer look. "He's beautiful Sam. You did a great job!"

Sam nudged Boris, giving him a look. "Aren't you going to say hello to Tammy, Boris?"

"Good morning mistress." Boris said in a deep baritone voice. "My cock is getting hard just from the sight of you. I can't wait to fuck you and empty my balls in your hot little pussy."

"Holy shit!" Tammy gasped, grinning wickedly. "You messed with his audio package too!"

"And I put your favorite dick on him." Sam laughed. "I talked to Jenn last night, and she said that you're healed well enough, so I thought you might want to..."

"You're damned right I do!" Tammy laughed as she started unbuttoning her vest. "I'm hornier than a three tailed cat in heat! Come on Boris, get naked and get your ass up on the table, I want to..."

"Why don't you use the bed?" Sam asked, pushing a panel aside, revealing a large, plush bed covered with pillows and surrounded by sheer curtains. "You'll probably be more comfortable."

"Wow, you've been busy down here." Tammy said, staring in wonder at the lavish setting. "What else have you been up to while I've been stuck all alone in my sickbed?"

"You haven't been all alone, I've been keeping you company." Sam smiled. "But I think I'll let Boris show you what else we've cooked up for you. I have a meeting with Andi in a little while, and I want to grab something to eat first."

She turned and looked at Boris.

"Program 'Welcome Home Tammy', Boris. Execute."

She winked at Tammy as she headed for the door.

"Have fun sweetie. I'll see you for dinner." She grinned.

"Do you want to see what Boris has for you, you little slut?" She heard him ask as she went through the door, barely managing not to laugh as the door closed behind her.


0710 Hours

Sam was wolfing down a plate of biscuits and gravy when Andi came in. She smiled at her and waved toward the coffee pot.

"Coffee is hot, I just made it." She mumbled around a mouthful of food.

Andi smiled and got a cup of coffee, then came over and sat in her usual place.

"I talked to Ladin Radim last night." Sam told her as she took her plate over and sat it on the counter. She got a fresh cup of coffee, then sat down and looked at Andi. "He thinks he's ready to go to his people about what we're doing, but he's getting resistance from his advisors. Apparently, Phrenum is balking about what we have in mind, and is stirring up dissent in the government."

"What does he want us to do?" Andi asked her. "This sounds like it's an internal matter. I really don't see where there's much we can do. He doesn't want us to kill him does he?"

"Nothing that extreme." Sam laughed. "I asked him the same thing. But apparently, Phrenum has contacts all through the government, and Radim can't kill him. No, what he wants us to do is send an emissary."

"What does he think that's going to do? And did you have anyone in mind to send?" Andi asked. "I have three or four assistants that could handle the diplomatic end for us, unless you want me to go."

"No, I need you here hon." Sam said, reaching over and patting her hand. "You've got enough on your plate without getting tangled up in this mess. And when we get done here, I want you to give me an overview of everything you have going, so we can look at what else you can split off from your department."

"Okay, so who did you have in mind to send as an emissary? And when were you planning on sending them?" Andi asked, opening a file on her tablet. "I can send..."

"I'm going to send Vala." Sam grinned. "I've already spoken to her, and she's ready to go. We already sketched out what we want to happen. Radim wants them to make an entrance at oh eight hundred local time, call it noon our time."

"Them?" Andi asked. "Who else are you sending with her, Daniel?"

"No, he's still working on St. Louis. They have the gate moved, and now he's working on getting a temporary runway put in." Sam told her. "She's taking two hundred marines with her as an escort."

"Don't you think that's a little...provocative?" Andi asked. "I mean, that's quite a show of force, Sam. Are they going to be armed?"

"Full combat rig with shields, which the Genii won't know unless they shoot at them, but they're standard equipment now that we're making them." Sam said lightly. "This was Radim's idea. He's going to welcome her in the plaza of their government center, and not even mention the troops. Or so he says."

"So why send them, I don't understand what you're trying to do." And said, looking perplexed.

"He wants to provoke a reaction from Phrenum, and hopefully, he'll do something stupid so Radim can get him out of the government, then get rid of him quietly." Sam told her. "The whole thing is going to be broadcast on state media, and he chose the time so there will be plenty of witnesses on hand as well."

"It sounds like the two of you spent quite a while working this out last night." Andi said, not looking at her.

"The three of us actually, I brought Vala in, and they worked out the details. They really hit it off." Sam said. "But don't feel left out. Tammy and I have been talking about this since Radim came to dinner. She wasn't happy with the way I handled him, then he reached out to us through his sister."

"I think I understand, Sam. But you've been shutting me out recently, and I'm not really sure just what my place is now." Andi said. "If you feel the need to repl..."

"You're the foreign minister of Atlantis, and my get it done girl, just like you always have been." Sam told her. "But no one is in on everything, Andi. There are things that Tammy and I are going to keep to ourselves, and you're not the only one that doesn't like it. Stephen feels left out too, but it's something you're going to have to get used to. We'll share what we need to when we need to share it, and that's just the way it is."

"Yes ma'am, I understand." Andi said, getting up and filling her coffee cup. She held the pot up, and Sam nodded. Andi poured her a cup then sat down, picking up her tablet. "You said that you wanted to see what else we could split off from..."

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0715 Hours

Tammy moaned as Boris pushed her legs wider apart. His mouth was plastered on her clean shaved cunt mound, and he was licking and sucking at her hungrily. Her hands were buried in his short, shaggy brown hair, and she stared down at him in wide-eyed wonder.

"Oh god, Boris, what has she being doing down here?" She gasped. "You're doing that just the way I like it. But I want to feel you in me! I want to you to fuck me!"

She tried to push him away, finally bringing her foot down and pushing on his shoulder with it.

Boris drew back and looked up at her blandly.

"You may not modify my program mistress." He said. "If you attempt to do so, I will be forced to restrain you so I may perform as instructed."

"Wh...what? Are you seri...what did she do, Boris?" She asked him, staring up at him in surprise. "How long does this program run anyway?"

"My basic program runs three hours and twenty-nine minutes, with subroutines based on your responses that extend up to a maximum of nine hours twenty two minutes." He said as he started to put his head back between her legs. "May I proceed?"

"It runs how long?" Tammy gasped, raising up to rest on her elbows. "You've got to be kidding me! Let me up Boris, I have to call Sam. I can't..."

"I cannot allow you to do that mistress." Boris said as he slid up over her quickly.

Before she realized what he was doing, he had both her hands locked in one of his, and was buckling a pair of leather cuffs attached to chains mounted on the headboard on her wrists. When he had her hands secured, he repeated the process on her ankles, using cuffs attached to the posts at the foot of the bed.

When he was finished, he lifted her hips and slid a pillow under her, then threw his leg over her, straddling her chest.

"Executing alternate program, running time, twenty-two hours, thirty one minutes." He grinned down at her evilly as he wrapped his hand around the shaft of his cock and pointed it at her face. "Suck my cock bitch."

Interior-John Sheppard's Office, North Tower

0805 Hours

"No, I want Stephen to take the Daedalus, John." Sam said, trying to hold back her anger. "I trust Evan, but I need Kevin at the controls of the Asgard beams. If this goes sideways, I want Vala out of there. She doesn't have the gene, and won't have a shield, just a kevlar t-shirt."

"I understand, colonel, but the only way Wilkins is going to get the experience is to go on missions like this." Sheppard said. "From what you've told me, you've covered all the bases, so..."

"No, John. It doesn't matter how many bases we cover, something can happen." She said quietly. "Tammy got shot because we thought the gate shield was enough. I'm not going to risk Vala when I have a way to protect her. I want you to make this happen, is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am, I understand. When do you want them to leave?" Sheppard asked.

"The Genii home world is less than an hour away by subspace, so we have some time. I want them on station just before the beam down." She told him, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes.

"You look like you're having a rough day boss." Sheppard said. "Anything I can do, besides everything what you want?"

"No." Sam laughed. "And it hasn't been that bad. I just spent an hour talking to Andi about this, then we went over what we're going to split off from her next. I think she suspects that I'm going to ease her out, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I need her, no one else can do the things she can. But I need to free her up to do the things that really matter."

"Well, you're sending the person you should send to talk to her off world, so how about I drop in and talk to her? I have a few things I want to go over with her anyway, so it's not a big deal."

"I'm not going to tell you not to do that, John." Sam said. "But I don't know how much good it will do. She ma'am'd me earlier, and she never calls me that. She's the only one that doesn't."

"She must really be pissed, or at least upset." Sheppard said. "Let me feel her out, and I'll let you know, okay?"

"Thanks, John. I'd appreciate that." She said with a small smile.

Interior-Robotics Lab, Central Tower

0830 Hours

"Oh god, Boris." Tammy panted as she writhed under him. "Keep doing it like that you wonderful fucking stud! Ram that fucking cock in my cunt...harder, fuck me like you mean it you wimp!"

She tried to pull her hands down again, but they were bound together over her head, still attached to the headboard with a short length of chain. The cuffs on her ankles were connected together with another piece of chain between them, and she was digging her heels into his asscheeks as she humped her crotch up at his stroking cock.

Boris extended the G-nodule, setting the vibrate to oscillate slowly up and down as a spurt of lubricant spat from the tip of his cock. He picked up the pace of his fucking, adding a hip twist on alternating strokes so his cockhead plowed across the sensitive sidewalls of her creaming cunt channel.

"Oh shit!" She screamed as she started to cum again. "I'm going to kill that bitch! I swear to god Boris, I'm gonna shove my fist in her hairy cunt while you fuck her in the ass and we're gonna fuck her to death. Oh fuck, that's so good, baby. Keep doing it like that. Oh god, I think I love you Boris!"

Boris didn't answer, but there was a small smile on his face as he stared down at her.

"Oh fuck, not again!" She groaned as he buried his cock balls deep in her spasming pussy hole, spurting an enormous wad of pseudo-cum against the knurled knot of her cervix. His cock started vibrating as he held it deep inside her, and Tammy saw stars as a fresh wave of orgasms surged over her.

Interior-Sandy Wildon's Office, East Tower

0845 Hours

"What do you have for me Sandy?" Sam asked as she sat down. "Is Radim legit, or is he going to screw us on this?"

"From what I got this morning, colonel, it looks like he's legit." Sandy said, holding out a small stack of file folders. "The state media has orders to quietly have a crew in the government quarter, but they weren't told what to expect. And he didn't go to the top dogs, he went through a low level contact, so the bosses may not even know something is going to happen."

"What do you think is going to happen?" Sam asked as she flipped through the files.

"My gut tells me that just before our people beam down, Radim is going to tell the media to be ready to go live for a major announcement." Sandy said. "He'll already have a crew onsite, so if they balk, or try to go to the other leadership, he'll still have footage he can use if a propaganda war starts. I think he's going to get his message out about it being time to do business with Atlantis, and what the benefits to the people will be."

"I hope you're right." Sam said quietly. "My gut is telling me that we're stepping into a puddle of shit that may not have a bottom. But there's no way around it, we either have to get them on our side, or kill them. Getting them on our side just sits better with me."

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