tagMind ControlControl Ch. 07

Control Ch. 07


Josh could not believe the rush he had obtained after having his first real fuck. It was great and he was now hooked with the power he possessed coupled with the passion he felt. It was around 5:00 pm that he arrived home to find his mother, Julie preparing supper.

“Hi, Mom,” he said as he came into the kitchen.

“Hi, Josh,” she replied. She had just gotten off work from the diner and was still in her diner dress.

“What did you do today?” she asked.

“Oh, Ralphee spent most of the day in the woods, just hanging out. Don’t have much more time to do that before school begins,” Josh complained.

“No, it won’t be long now,” Julie said as she put the potato casserole in the oven.

Josh’s hormones seemed to never be satisfied and after his earlier fucking he continued to be horny. He sat at the table watching his mother. Even in her diner uniform she looked good. When she bent over to put the potatoes in the oven he got a nice look at her legs up to her thighs. Josh thought to himself, “Why not have a look at Mom? I have the power. I can make people do whatever I want.” And Josh did have this power.

“Take off your dress,” Josh sent his Mom these thoughts.

Julie suddenly felt rather hot and her dress was suffocating her. “I must be having another anxiety attack,” she thought to herself. Josh found he could hear her thoughts. “I have to get out of this dress but Josh is in the room,” she thought.

Josh interrupted her thoughts, “Take the dress off right now and stand right where you are.”

Julie complied. She quickly unbuttoned the buttons and let her arm slide out of the dress. She stood there with her bra and slip feeling the relief of being free from the dress’ confines.

Josh just watched her. “What are you doing Mom?” he said in his best actor’s voice.

Julie now noticed her situation. She had just taken off her dress in front of her son. He had seen her without a dress many times but not suddenly like this in the kitchen.

“I think I’m having an anxiety attack,” she said as she looked down at her son.

“Pull off your slip and just stand there for me to see,” Josh sent this thought.

Julie felt another wave of anxiety flow over her and she quickly removed her slip. She was now standing in front of her son with nothing but her bra and panties.

“Are you ok Mom?” Josh asked.

“Yes, it is just the anxiety,” Julie wanted to go to her bedroom but for some reason could not move in that direct.

“Mom, you really look good,” Josh said.

Julie blushed and said, “Josh you shouldn’t really be seeing me like this.”

“I like the view,” Josh said and laughed.

“Pull off your bra and let me see your tits,” Josh sent another thought command to his Mother.

Julie again felt a wave of anxiety. She had to remove her bra. It came off easily and she now stood before her son with her lovely breasts exposed to him.

“Mom, your titties are fantastic,” Josh exclaimed.

“Please Josh; you shouldn’t be looking at me like this. It is not right.” Julie was feeling strange feelings.

Josh sent another thought, “Mom, you are becoming sexually excited by this. You can feel your nipples harden.”

Julie was shocked by what she was feeling. Her nipples began to harden as she looked at her son staring at them. It was not right but it was beginning to feel very good.

“I don’t know what is happening,” Julie whispered.

“I don’t either Mom, but I loved looking at you. It is making my dick hard,” Josh said.

Julie could not believe what her son was saying but knew it was her fault. She looked down at her son’s short and could see a bulge. She had seen his penis many times but she had never seen it hard. She had always thought about how cute his little penis was and when he was young she played with it sometimes. A few times she even kissed and suck on it. He always seemed to enjoy it.

Josh decided it was time his Mom had a bit of a show. He quickly raised himself up and slipped his short down his legs. He was sitting facing his mother with his 4 inches sticking straight up pointing at her.

Julie could not believe what she was seeing. Her son was sitting before her with his hard penis in his hand. He was masturbating while he looked at her exposed breasts. She could not believe how hot this was making her even though she knew it was very wrong. She was his mother.

“This is not right Josh. You should not be doing what you are doing,” she said in desperation.

“I love playing with my cock. It is making me really horny looking at your titties while you look at my cock,” Josh replied feeling very excited.

Josh decided it was time for another thought sending, “Mom, take off your panties. When you do your pussy will feel very hot and wet.”

Julie was appalled at what was happening when suddenly without warning she had the irresistible urge to pull off her panties. Before she could comprehend this feeling her panties were lying on the floor and she felt the warm flow of air against her now very wet pussy.

“Oh Mom that is fantastic. Your pussy looks good enough to eat,” Josh exclaimed. He was sitting close enough he could see the pink lips and the bud of her now swollen clit.

Julie was gasping for air. Too much was going on. She was standing completely naked before her son who was masturbating. To make matter much worse Julie was more excited than she had been in a long time. Her hand was moving toward her pussy and she could not, did not want to stop it. She felt her hand caress her stomach as if moved down her hips through her patch of dark pubic hair to her wet pussy. As he fingers made contact with her clit, she gave a long sigh that was full of electricity.

“Oh my God,” Josh heard her cry.

Josh was feeling quite good himself as he worked on his cock but decided this was not enough. His mother was close to a huge orgasm that he was not ready for her to have. He sent another quick thought, “Mom, you will remain extremely excited but you will not be able to have an orgasm until I give you permission.”

Julie was almost out of her mind with passionate desire but as much as her fingers massaged her clit she was not able to find the relief she wanted. She did not know what to do. She was going mad with desire but it was not being satisfied.

“Mom, I can fix that for you,” Julie heard her son say out of the fog her mind had created.

“What?” she managed to ask.

“I can make you cum. You have to let me make you cum or else you will not be satisfied,” Josh said as he felt a power surge that was almost as good as the sexual impulses.

Julie was having problems comprehending what her son was saying. Her focus was totally on her much swollen clit. It had never been so large and she had never had the amount of pussy juice flowing. She felt it running down her leg. But she still could not get the relief she must have.

“Please Josh, do what ever you can,” Julie said half crazy with desire.

“Come over here Mom,” Josh instructed.

When Julie moved she collapsed to her knees and crawled over to her son. She looked up to see the pink head of his cock right before her face. Julie suddenly wanted to suck this more than anything in the world. She licked the large droplets of pre-cum off her son’s pee-hole and then took his entire cock into her mouth. It felt wonderful and tasted delicious.

This was too much for Josh. He was watching his mother on her knees sucking his cock. He felt his balls twitch and his cock swell. The force building within him was blinding and as he exploded Julie felt a large blob of cum hit her in the back of the throat. She eagerly sucked his cock like she was starving for his cum. It was wonderful.

Josh felt wave after wave of pure joy flow over his body as his cock erupted into his mother’s mouth. As he enjoyed the bliss he let go of the mind restraint he had put on his mother’s pleasure centers. When he did so she reacted immediately.

“Oh my God,” Josh heard his mother scream. Her sexual tension had built to a point she was afraid she was going to loose her mind in the pleasure she was experiencing. She had never felt anything to compare with this pure animalistic passion. She erupted numerous times and slow slumped to the floor exhausted.

Josh watched his mother squirmed on the floor with multiple orgasms. As he did his young cock begin to gain new life. Soon his mother gyrations had brought his cock to full attention again. His mother was now lying on the floor but he had a good view of her pussy from behind. He lowered himself to the floor to obtain a better view as he pumped his cock. Just as he got down on his knees his mother made the mistake of rising up on her knees. This gave Josh a straight shot to her pussy from behind. He took the bait.

Josh rose up on his knees and before his Mom knew what was happening, Josh’s hard cock had penetrated her sloppy cunt.

“No Josh, this is not right,” Julie muttered as she felt Josh’s cock enter her. She was too exhausted to do much and could not believe that his cock felt so damn good.

Josh began to hump into his Mom’s pussy like a dog.

“Oh Man your pussy feels so damn good. I should have done this a long time ago,” Josh screamed as he rammed his dick into her pussy.

“No Josh don’t do this,” his mother whimpered but then her whimpering changed. “Oh God, Josh fuck me, it feels so good, fuck me hard. Fuck me with your little cock, Fuck mommy hard.”

This was too much for Josh. To hear his Mom asking him to fuck her made him erupt with another large load deep inside his Mom’s womb.

“Ahhhhh, I’m Cumming you fucking whore mother,” Josh screamed as he shot another load into his Mom.

They both collapsed on the floor as Josh’s cock finally lost it power and rapidly fell to its normal flaccid size.

After Josh recovered some he arose. Everything was too much for his mother. She was passed out on the floor. Josh cleaned her up licking up both his cum and her pussy juice from her cunt. He wiped her legs and managed to pick her up. He took her to her room and put her to bed. Josh had no idea this would be the last time he ever saw his mother.

Josh felt both elated and terrible. He had used his mother, the one person who totally cared for him. He felt he had done a bad thing and felt his mother would be very upset with him. Josh put back on his shorts and walked out into the backyard. He noticed the wind had picked up and there was a large thunderstorm coming their way. He did not care as he walked out toward the barn.

He sat in the barn alone. Ralphee, his trusted came to greet him but he pushed him away. He wanted to be alone. Josh heard the rain begin and felt the wind picking up but again he did not care.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and that was the last thing Josh remembered for a several hours. When he awoke again there were numerous boards lying on top of him along with bails of hay. He managed to untangle himself and sat up. As he massaged the large bump on his head he looked around. Every thing he had known for the past few years was gone. The old house, the barn, and most of the trees were simply gone.

It was not until the next day that Josh learned the extent of the damage. Thirty-three people had been killed including his mother. Just about everyone including Ralphee was gone. Josh was now alone and felt the world owed him a huge debt for taking every thing. Josh was staying at a local shelter and the plan was for him to go live with his Aunt in the next town. Josh had other ideas. He left early the next morning. He used his powers to borrow a vehicle and did not look back as he left the small town.

The world now owed him and he planned to collect.

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