tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 1

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 1


Counselor Troi looked at herself and beamed. She was a beautiful creature and worthy of all the adulation that she received. She thought about some of her fellow women on board the Enterprise and smiled. At once she thought of Beverly. As well as being very intelligent (She was the Chief Medical Officer), she was gorgeous. Beverly's 36 C breasts were as beautiful as could be. Beverly's red pussy was also an incredible find. On a recent stardate, she had found out how tasty Beverly truly was.

As Counselor Troi reflected on this, she started to breathe harder. She looked at herself and watched in interest. Her breathing was faster, her eyes were dilated, and her lips were fuller. Diagnosis: Horny the counselor told herself. However she knew it would not be this simple. Even though she had been with most of the people on board, she was in a special situation. As she was nearing her 25th birthday, she was entering a stage called Euphonesmia. This was a condition where a Betazoid women reaches sexualmaturity. She also triples her sex drive.

She started thinking what she could do about it. She thought about going to Beverly's quarters, but she had been away for nearly 6 months at Start Fleet Command. Beverly had become the Chief Medical Officer in all of Star Fleet. The woman who replaced her was an older woman named Pulaski. Deanna never liked Pulaski in the same way she looked at Beverly.

She thought about Jean Luc Picard. He was unfortunately on a vacation on Risa. She had just told him to go 3 days earlier. Will Riker, her old sexual partner was currently seeing a young Lieutenant and couldn't be bothered. She then went to the replicator and said, " Computer, I would like a nice big dildo." After giving specific instructions to the computer, she got what she wanted. A large purple dildo measuring 9 earth inches in length and 2 earth inches in girth was in her hand. She placed the tip in her mouth and started licking it. Just as she had placed it at the edge of her pussy her door rang. Deanna quickly hid it, and opened the door.

Lieutenant Commander Data was standing there. "Hello Counselor," he said. " How are you this morning?" "I'm all right Data," was all she could muster through her horny state. "Can I help you?" she asked. "It is your turn for bridge command. I am here to help you through it, until you feel you are ready to do so by yourself."

Deanna's turn was uneventful. Nothing of importance occurred during her 4 hours of command. When she was finished Data walked her back to her room. "Is there anything else I can do for you Counselor?" he asked. Deanna thought for a moment. Data was an Android and not a man. He may be able to satisfy her sexually and not tire out.

"Yes Data, can you come in for a moment." Of course Counselor, was all he had to say. "Data are you fully functional," Troi asked him once her door had closed. " What do you mean Counselor?" he asked not quite understanding. " I mean are you anatomically correct?" "Oh, yes I believe I am" he replied.

Good she said, "maybe you can help me" and she outlined her problem to him. Within a few minutes her uniform was on the floor and she was kissing Data. His movements seemed a little programmed but she didn't care, all she wanted was to be fucked. As data sucked on her breats she couldn't believe what was happening, he was making her even hornier then she was before. Finally she couldn't take it anymore. She dropped to her knees and removed his pants. There stood a 12 earth inch dick. "Data!" she exclaimed, " You are huge!" Data simply smiled and guided her head to his massive cock. It took a little time but soon she was giving head to the only Android in Starfleet.

After a few minutes, she removed her pants to show Data her beautiful cunt. Data dropped to his knees and started eating her. She started screaming as his tongue started making her cum right away. After drinking all she gave, he carried her and placed her on the bed. While she tried to recover, Data lifted her legs and started pushing his dick into her cunt. She screamed in pleasure and urged him to go on. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, OH DATA, FUCK ME HARDER!!!" She was soon screaming as her second orgasim built up inside her. Finally she let out a scream that was clearly heard down the hall.

As she recovered, Data went to the replicator. " Computer, KY Jelly" Deanna looked confused and wondered what this might be for. Data took a fair amount in his hand and then proceeded to lube his dick. Then he lubed the counselor's ass. "Data, what are you doing? I have never been fucked there before." "Allright, I will be gentle." He started slowly guiding his massive cock into her ass. Soon, he picked up the pace as Troi's moans grew. Then he pounded her ass for all he was worth. The pain was mixed with pleasure as Troi's screams certainly filled 2 or more decks. Then all of a sudden she orgasimed again. This one was the most powerful that she ever had, and it engulfed her whole body. She immediately collapsed. Data still continued to fuck her ass. Suddenly liquid escaped from his dick and filled her ass.

"Data?! How is that possible? You are not a biological organism." He smiled and pulled his giant dick out of Troi's ass. Then he put it near her face and said, " Counselor, I am more human, than you realize." With that Troi liked his cock clean and was surprised at the taste. His "cum" was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. " Thank you so much Data," was all she could say after the greatest fuck of her life. "You are welcome Counselor" and with that, he put on his uniform and went to the bridge for his duty.

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