tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 08

Countermove Ch. 08


Summary so far:

Day 1: Onyx vs. Tyger- Onyx loses for the first time ever and pays the price.

Day 2: Onyx vs. Jewel- Onyx defeats Jewel to stay alive in the tournament but realizes she is slowly changing into a bimbo.

Day 3: Onyx vs. Chaos- Onyx defeats Chaos to make it to the final 4 but discovers she has been set up.

Interlude: Onyx travels to Darkview to investigate Tyger.

Interlude- part 2: Onyx learns more about Tyger while coming to terms with being pierced and tattooed.

Interlude- part 3: Onyx trains under Diane.

Day 4: Onyx vs. Fury- Onyx defeats Fury. Viper agrees to give Onyx one hour of training.


Day 4- interlude

I had just beaten Fury in an elimination match. Fury had battled and scrapped her way through the tournament but the little redhead had finally gone the way of Jewel, FireNIce, Whirlpool and Chaos. There were now just three of us left battling for the twenty thousand dollar prize. Of course, some of us were battling for more than that but that was hardly on the advertising posters.

Besides myself only Tyger and Dominatrix remained. Tyger and Dominatrix were both still undefeated at this point but they were facing off against each other in a match that would be starting in a few minutes. This was a highly anticipated match; both Tyger and Dominatrix had dispatched their opponents with ease and neither had lost a single article of clothing to this point. The winner would be in the championship match Sunday night; I faced the loser tomorrow night.

I found a place close to the ring where I could watch the match without interruption. I wanted to watch this match for strategic reasons, inasmuch as I faced the loser tomorrow night. I felt a knot of anxiety forming in my belly at the thought of facing Tyger tomorrow night. I still didn't feel ready to face her again.

Of course, facing Dominatrix would be no picnic either. She was taller and stronger than Tyger, nearly as fast and had a collection of moves designed to embarrass and humiliate her opponents. She often collared those who lost to her in the ring; Dominatrix was a lifestyle Domme outside the arena.

I had difficulty hearing the introductions over the swelling cheers of the crowd. The air was buzzing with anticipation and fans were placing bets in the stands. Both wrestlers positioned themselves for the opening bell. Dominatrix, sporting her every-present confident smile, strutted about in a black leather bikini, while Tyger moved with the lethal grace of a predator cat in her tiger print bikini.

At last the bell sounded to start the match. Tyger moved towards Dominatrix while the domme assumed a slightly more wary stance. They circled each other for a moment, then Tyger's hand shot out and grabbed Dominatrix's wrist. The domme reached over and grabbed Tyger's wrist, spun and twisted Tyger's arm in a manner that Tyger was flipped completely over. Tyger landed on her back with a jarring thud and appeared to be momentarily stunned. Dominatrix immediately straddled Tyger's chest, her round ass planted firmly on Tyger's boobs. The domme slid forward then and pressed her pussy against Tyger's face. Dominatrix hadn't pinned Tyger's arms firmly enough, however; Tyger worked her arms free and wrapped them around the domme's legs, then slapped her hands on Dominatrix's boobs. Using the domme's chest for leverage, Tyger pushed Dominatrix backward until she was able to lock the domme's head between her thighs. Then she rolled over so that Dominatrix was face down on the matt. Tyger released the domme's head but used her knees to pin Dominatrix's arms to the ground. The position was interpreted as a pin by the referee, who dropped to a knee to slap the mat three times. Tyger slapped Dominatrix's ass in sync with the referee slapping the mat. The crowd roared as Dominatrix was pinned for the first time in the tournament.

Dominatrix was an artist. Her serene smile never wavered as she stood and did a little pirouette, making a show of removing her top and handing it to the referee. The confidence in her smile had dropped a notch, although that wasn't apparent to the fans as she brought her shoulders back to display her full firm breasts to the cheers of the crowd. Dominatrix was the oldest competitor in the tournament but also one of the most glamorous and she knew how to play the audience.

That exchange set the tone for the match. Dominatrix's greater strength and experience was offset by Tyger's unnerving speed, while Tyger's concentrated intensity was matched by the domme's stolid implacability. They were nearly evenly matched.

Dominatrix had a seemingly endless store of maneuvers but Tyger proved too fast each time. Dominatrix appeared to catch Tyger in a complicated arm lock that would display Tyger's boobs to the crowd and force Tyger into her first lost point but Tyger's lightning reflexes enabled her to shift just before the domme made the final adjustment. Tyger broke free of the hold and sent Dominatrix reeling with a blow to the domme's chest. The domme tried a complicated twirl on the axis of her waist that appeared to catch Tyger flat-footed but once again Tyger's speed enabled her to leap back, evading the whirling kick.

The match continued without pause for several minutes, with neither opponent gaining an advantage. Unable to catch Tyger unaware with any of her complicated signature maneuvers, Dominatrix stepped up to grab Tyger so as to use her size to greater advantage. Tyger broke the hold and dropped straight down, then hooked Dominatrix behind her knees, causing the domme to topple backwards. Tyger cradled the fallen domme quickly, bending her legs back so that the domme's knees were close to her ears. Tyger pressed down, using leverage to prevent Dominatrix from getting up and displaying the domme's ass to the crowd. The referee dropped and slapped the matt three times, indicating a pin. Tyger released Dominatrix, allowing her to get up. The implacable domme slipped off her bikini bottom and handed it to the referee without display.

The tension level in the arena rose as the opponents squared off once more. What had been an even match was beginning to imperceptibly tilt towards Tyger and the crowd sensed Tyger's growing confidence. Dominatrix was now gloriously naked and trying to fight a fully dressed champion with no apparent weaknesses.

The bell sounded. Sensing it was time for the kill, Tyger moved in, hands spread. She shuffled her feet, then snatched at Dominatrix's wrist. Dominatrix then grabbed Tyger's wrist, locking it against her own, and rolled sideways, sending Tyger over her hip. Tyger hit the mat hard and Dominatrix wrapped herself around Tyger. Tyger struggled and appeared to slip free but the domme was simply shifting herself. Too late Tyger realized she had been tricked into turning around and she suddenly found herself on her back, with Dominatrix straddling her chest. Tyger tried to use her feet to flip the domme off but Dominatrix trapped Tyger's calves under her arms. She then slid forward so her bare pussy was pressed against Tyger's face. Tyger's shoulders were pressing against the mat so the referee dropped and slapped the mat three times. Her face pressed against the domme's bare pussy, her ass in the air and displayed to the crowd, Tyger had been pinned for the first time in the tournament. The crowd went crazy and even I was tempted to cheer.

Tyger undid her top and handed it to the referee. Her face was thunderclouds. The bell rang and she went after Dominatrix again. She lunged at the domme but Dominatrix spun gracefully and slapped Tyger on the ass before stepping back out of range again. Tyger whirled in fury and reached out with both hands to grab Dominatrix but the domme's hands caught Tyger's hand in mid-air. They clenched fingers for a moment, but then Dominatrix stepped up and pushed both their hands in the air. She did another spin and suddenly she was behind Tyger, with Tyger's hands pulled over her own shoulders. With her hands trapped over her shoulders, Tyger's bare boobs were on display and Tyger couldn't do anything about it. Then Dominatrix pressed her knee into Tyger's ass, forcing her to jump up slightly and causing Tyger's boobs to jiggle. This elicited strong and appreciative applause from the crowd. Tyger dropped to her knees trying to get out of the diabolic hold but Dominatrix went down with her. Then the domme leaned forward and forced Tyger to her belly. Dominatrix slid up and straddled Tyger's ass while still keeping Tyger's hands locked behind her shoulders. Dominatrix leaned back then while still sitting on Tyger's ass; Tyger's shoulders came up, prominently displaying her boobs once more. It was a great hold; there was no escape and it would time out soon, resulting in another pin against Tyger. There was an excited buzz among the audience as it became more and more clear Tyger couldn't get free. Tyger tried to struggle free, failed, then looked over shoulder at Dominatrix.

I saw it happen, though no one else understood the significance. Tyger looked at Dominatrix and narrowed her eyes. Dominatrix flinched. It was only a momentary flinch but that was all Tyger needed to slip her hands free and roll, sending Dominatrix to the mat. Tyger was all over the domme then and although Dominatrix tried to fight back, she had lost something and the outcome was no longer in doubt. Dominatrix was slammed to the mat a final time and the bell was sounding. Tyger had reserved her place in the championship match; I would be facing an angry Dominatrix tomorrow night.

Once the bell sounded Tyger appeared to relax again. She made Dominatrix kneel naked in front of her, her bare bottom sitting on her heels. Then she locked Dominatrix's wrists to her thighs using thigh cuffs. Once this was done, she pulled the domme up on her knees and slid the strap-on toy into Dominatrix's mouth. Tyger pumped the cock back and forth in Dominatrix's mouth until the domme's chin was covered with drool. Then she pulled out and walked behind Dominatrix. Tyger gripped the domme's hair and pulled her head back until the cords in Dominatrix's neck could be seen. She appeared to whisper in the domme's ears for several long seconds. Then she licked Dominatrix's face and released her hair. Tyger took a step back and placed a bare foot on the domme's back, giving her a shove forward. Unable to break her forward fall- her wrists were strapped to her thighs- Dominatrix landed cheek first on the mat, her rounded ass in the air. Tyger got behind the domme and made a show of sliding the thick strap-on toy into Dominatrix's pussy. Once she was completely inside, Tyger grabbed Dominatrix's hair and pulled back and she began to pound the domme silly with the strap-on. Dominatrix wriggled and moaned helplessly until, just before time was up, she exploded in a shuddering climax. Tyger slid the toy from Dominatrix's pussy and left the ring to scattered applause, leaving Dominatrix on her face and knees, trying to recover from a shattering orgasm...and maybe something else as well.

Day 5

I arrived at The Electric Raven at 9:45am. Malik had instructed me not to be late for the training session Viper had granted me and I was taking no chances. Despite the early hour there were several customers scattered throughout the café.

I attracted some moderate attention when I entered. I was wearing tight red jogging pants and a matching halter-top. My tits were pressed together and almost bulging out the top of the halter, which was designed to stretch and could accommodate up to DD so apparently my boobs were still growing. My blonde hair was full and reached my waist now. My hips swayed when I walked inside and my belly ring accented my bare navel.

I knew I was early so I sat down at a table. A waitress in a skin-tight full leather body suit walked up.

"Hey, gorgeous. Take your order?"

I giggled. "Um, something blue, like, I had the other day...ummm..." This was embarrassing. I was getting worse. My lips had gotten so thick I couldn't speak without a lisp and everything I tried to say was coming out in bimbospeak.

The waitress brought me my drink and I nursed it as I waited. I glanced at a clock and saw that it read 10:00am even. I wondered if I have made a mistake and I was supposed to locate the Lady Viper myself. Then Malik's broad shoulders and bald head were standing in front of my table. He gave me a nod of greeting, then turned and walked away. I got up from the table and followed Malik to a door.

I walked with Malik in silence. Finally I asked, "Why did Viper, like, you know, change her mind about training me?"

Malik did not changer his stride nor even look in my direction as he answered in his deep baritone. "The Mistress feels there is hope for you after all, despite your proclivity towards...self-glorification."

My hips wriggled as I did my best to match Malik's long strides. "Self-confidence is bad?" I asked, giggling.

"Self-confidence is fine," said Malik, "but self-glorification? Have something to glorify first."

They certainly weren't the type to blow smoke at you around here. We walked the rest of the way in silence. Then we entered Viper's "chamber".

Viper was sitting on the floor in the middle of the chamber with her eyes closed and her legs crossed in yoga fashion. She was dressed in skin-tight black clothing and appeared to be meditating. The chamber was completely silent and smelled strongly of honeysuckle incense. Malik and I stood quietly until the dignified black woman opened her eyes and looked at us.

"So," she said with her slight accent, "You seek to vanquish your enemy still. What are your reasons for doing this, girl?"

"Reasons?" I asked, puzzled. I had thought the reasons obvious. "Because she's, like, trying to mess up my life and stuff, you know?" I cringed inside. I sounded like the biggest bubble-headed bimbo in the world.

Viper didn't seem to hear my words, however. Her dark eyes rested on me, assessing, and finally she sighed and shook her head. "You are not what ye were, girl, but ye are not where ye need to be, either. I will teach you to defend yourself, girl, nothing more. It may not be enough, but it will have to do. There will be two conditions ye will agree to before we begin, girl. Without your agreement we will do nothing."

I released the breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. "Oh! Omigod, sure, no problem!" I said, giggling.

"The first condition, girl, is that ye understand you will be paying a price for your lesson. The second condition, girl, is that ye don't waste my time."

"A price?" I said.

"A price, girl. Irrelevant if ye are unable to defeat your enemy, but a price nonetheless. You are going to atone for your transactions symbolically, girl, but I will speak about it no more. Do ye agree to the conditions?"

The vague nature of the "price" made me feel a bit dubious but I didn't really have a choice. I nodded.

"Speak up, girl! Either ye accept it or ye don't, but stand on your two feet when ye do either!"

I giggled. "Oh! Oh, yeah, I totally accept!" I clenched my teeth. I sounded like I didn't have a brain in my head. Thank goodness Viper could see past that.

Viper nodded, then stood up. "And done, then. Now, strip, girl."

My eyes widened slightly. "Stwip?"

Viper's nostrils flared momentarily. "Ye agreed to the terms, girl, and one of those terms are, 'Don't waste my time'. Do ye fight naked?"

"Well...no...I mean, yes...well, sometimes...."

"Do ye feel stronger when ye are fighting naked or when you are dressed, girl?"

"Well, dwessed, of course!"

"Exactly, girl. You could learn everything I have to teach ye, and ye will forget it the moment ye get stripped and flustered out there, girl. But if ye learn it while ye are naked, it will stay with you. And that is the last time I am explaining myself to ye, girl. Now, strip."

She had a point. Fine. I stripped off my clothing and stood before Viper in all my naked glory.

"You have a lush body, girl, and you are a plaything, but you have the advantage of being underestimated. Do not be so quick to discount such an advantage, girl," said Viper.

"Plaything?!? I am not a....!"

"Silence!" thundered Viper. "I'll not abide your constant chatter, girl!"

I shut up then.

Viper explained that the most important thing I was going to learn today was protecting my mind against uninvited intrusion. I would be able to set up a shield around my mind that would prevent most attempted invasions. Tyger had obviously used a shield the night of our match, which was why when I attempted to touch her mind I had been unable to grip anything.

I giggled. "But, like, I don't project stuff. I change things in their mind, you know?"

Viper gave me a flat stare. "Are ye really that unknowing, girl? Anybody can make a mental shield whether they have abilities or not. Those who are talented in the mind can make a better shield, that is all."

"Oh!" I replied, but in a really smart way.

"Now, girl, picture an unbreakable bubble molded around your mind."

I closed my eyes to let the picture come into focus. I gasped suddenly as I felt a stinging blow on the back of my head. "Owwwww.....!" I said, hand on the back of my head. "What was that for?!"

"Are you going to close your eyes when you fight Tyger, girl?" asked Viper.

I looked down. "No," I said.

And so it went. Viper verbally and occasionally physically abused me but soon I was projecting a solid shield. It was time for the first test.

"Alright, girl, I'm going to give you a solid mental tap inside your skull. Ye will maintain your shield while I do this. Do ye understand?"

I nodded, ponytail bouncing. "Do it."

I waited for a moment and then felt a tap against my shield. I smiled as I realized my shield was holding. I got ready for a second tap when I suddenly felt a hand on my bare ass. I gasped and spun, realizing it was Malik just as Viper's next tap popped my bare brain. I recoiled instinctively and took a step backward, stumbling, then falling. Viper stepped forward and placed her foot on my throat.

"You're not focusing, girl," she said.

"Malik totally grabbed my ass!" I said.

"So are ye saying your bottom will not be touched when you are fighting, girl?"

I opened my mouth to answer, then closed it again. Dammit. I was being a bad grasshopper again.

It was a brutal hour. Creating a shield was much harder than I would have expected. All my previous experience with my power involved working with stuff already in place...building a shield required creating something from nothing and this was far more exhausting.

Viper did not waste time babying me and her voice cracked like a whip. Just building a shield was not enough. The shield had to be maintained as well, regardless of whatever distractions were occurring at the time...such as having one's ass grabbed.

At the end of the hour I was completely drenched in sweat and my head and body ached but I could put up and maintain a reasonably strong shield. For warm-down exercises Viper showed me some tricks unlikely to work against any experienced opponent but good for developing mental discipline, such as projecting a reflection of your opponents mind so that your opponent attacked their own mind instead of yours. I remembered seeing that during my so-called "research" on a web site and chuckled ruefully.

I was finally allowed to dress once more. Viper spoke as I did so.

"Do not ask for further instruction, girl; I have interfered too much as it is. The price will be known to you after your contest. I wish ye luck, girl. You have a quick mind and the ability to change. Be what ye are, not what you think ye are. If ye manage to beat Tyger there may even be hope for ye."

NEXT: Day 5- part 2: Onyx vs. Dominatrix

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