Culture Shock


For once she could be anything. Do anything. She could role-play for fun or pleasure, turning guys on and watching them type out their orgasms. She could pretend to suck them and fuck them. The possibilities seemed endless and it was all very safe. No one asked her if she was really like the persona she projected on-line. They rarely asked probing questions with their hard cocks in their hands.

About an hour ago a guy had messaged her as soon as she'd logged on. It was a man she had spoken to before and he liked playing with Naughtygirl. He started telling her she was in a nightclub with him and he was toying with her and telling her to do all kinds of crazy things. Elaine had just giggled and shook her head and typed back, "Oh yeah, baby!" The guy was very imaginative and she'd sat back and typed 'Mmmmm, Mmmmmm," at all the appropriate moments while he spun his erotic tale. When he finally, 'shot his load deep in her ass, right there in the nightclub, ' she was pretty worked up. She'd been imagining herself reaching orgasm at that moment in the crowded bar and typed back, "Oh God, yes! I'm cumminggggg!!!"

After waiting the appropriate amount of time to 'recover', she hitched up her skirt and gently stroked her pussy, finding herself to be absolutely soaked and coating her fingers with her juices immediately.

It was very exciting to read the messages he was sending her, telling her to 'finger her pussy harder' and 'suck her fingers clean'. She couldn't wait to get to bed. She glanced at the time and decided to go and play with her vibrator really soon.

She didn't want to seem ungrateful, so she thanked her cyber-partner and told him she thought he was really good and hoped they could play again. The guy started asking her questions wanting to know all about her and requested a picture so he could imagine her. This was a question she'd deflected a few times already.

The two pictures of herself on the computer Elaine didn't like. One had been taken down by the shore last year and showed her long dark hair blowing gently out behind her as she stood on the sand. Unfortunately she had been in a bikini and she wasn't showing that photo to anyone in the chat rooms.

The other was more recent; a close up of her with a girlfriend from home, tongues poking out, showing off her newly acquired shaggy 'bob-style' haircut. She thought it was a good picture to share with her family, but it was too goofy for Naughtygirl. She'd scanned them and e-mailed them to her cousin who wanted to see her new look.

But instead of showing them to Eight Inch Adonis, she told him she had to go. He asked her when she might be on again and started telling her when he would return so she could synchronise. By now Elaine was starting to feel awkward and just told him, 'Soon!' and clicked off.

"Mmmmm, such fun," she said to herself happily, switching off the computer and leaving her fantasy world behind. Standing, she smoothed her skirt over her hips and straightened the hem, then headed to the bathroom to wash her hands.

She shook her head at herself, smiling at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Thinking it over, she was amazed at the kinds of feelings she was experiencing. Who would have guessed that 'Elaine the Homebody' was Naughtygirl, the girl who sucked and fucked and took dildos up her ass? Elaine knew she should have been out having fun with her roommates or at least studying, instead of playing with herself in front of the computer and goofing off. Or jacking off. Or jilling off, or whatever it was called.

"Fingering my cunt!" she said aloud, giggling. Her hand flew to her mouth and she stared wide-eyed at the mirror in shock. She whispered, "I just said 'cunt'," and giggled again.

What is happening to me? she wondered.

It was just so... wicked! And so unlike her! Elaine had carefully cultivated an aloofness that was utterly transparent to her roommates, but worked well when keeping strangers at arms length. She avoided going out unless it was either absolutely necessary, or to somewhere she thought was 'her kind of scene'. Like a library, coffee shop, or a small party and, on the odd occasion when she couldn't get out of it, to the dance club in the city.

In real life, Elaine's manner was naturally defensive and few men had the self-confidence to approach her in the first place. Conversely, she told herself she didn't like the pushy type. On top of that, she 'didn't want to meet the wrong kind of guy'. And yet, she wanted to be swept off her feet. She was intelligent enough to recognise the irony. She felt like she was wound into a tight ball of inaction, and didn't know how to break free.

The highlight of her female-to-male sex-life had been a drunken, after-hours grope in the supply closet at the office where she worked part-time. The job itself was a mindless mail-sorting one, but the hours were good and it did have its benefits. The supply closet incident alone had been enough to give Elaine masturbation material for half a year.

She sighed deeply and frowned at her reflection while she dried her hands.

Pushing her melancholy thoughts to the back of her mind, Elaine returned to her room, reminding herself that she had fresh batteries and a couple of hours before her roommates returned. Nothing was going to dampen her mood when she'd been waiting all week! As she slipped off her robe and lay on her bed, she blushed as she recalled the guy in the chat room ordering her around. She couldn't believe she almost sucked her juices from her fingers! She giggled. She couldn't even remember his name.

"I'm such a slut," she said aloud, shaking her head. She swallowed as she retrieved her plastic toy and reached for the lamp switch. Her excitement mounted. She chose to leave it on. Then she had a crazy thought. She grabbed her small pocketbook mirror from her bag on the floor.

How dirty would it be to watch myself while masturbating?

She threw back the sheet and felt a rush of arousal spread over her body as she held the small mirror to reflect exactly what she was doing.


Goosebumps broke out on her arms and thighs and her nipples pulsed. She'd never looked at herself like that before. It was strange. It was almost like watching someone else. The thatch of fine dark hair on her pussy grew naturally into a cute little Mohawk, and the lips were almost hairless and tucked in. She had taken to shaving the strays around her pussy a few years ago and it was framed nicely in the reflection of the mirror in her hand.

She draped her other hand gently over her lips and drew up her fingers, lightly grazing over the warm, soft flesh. Tingles rolled over her skin and her eyes glazed in a fixed stare. Spreading her first and second fingers, she drew apart her outer lips and gasped at how pink and oily the inner lips appeared. Drawing up her feet, she bent her knees and watched in fascination as her pussy flowered open. With her legs at a ninety-degree angle, Elaine could see the wet inner lips nestled between the more pale puffy outer lips. She couldn't think how to describe it. It was kind of pretty, but well... she wasn't sure. It was just fascinating.

She grabbed the spare pillow and arranged it between her legs so she could lean the small mirror up against it. Folding over her other pillow, she leaned back against it, happy with the result. She smiled wickedly.

NOW I'll finger my cunt!

As soon as she had the sinful thought, she blushed and reached for her pussy with both hands. Again she parted her lips, this time drawing a deep breath as she spread her knees even wider. A pearl of wetness appeared at the base of her pussy.

That's my hole, she thought. My cunt.

In the mirror she guided her shaking index finger down to the bead of moisture and drew it slowly up between her lips, groaning at the sight and feel. With knees widespread and her buttocks clenched, her nether lips parted wetly, showing the glistening hot pink flesh within.

Mesmerised by the sight, Elaine slowly caressed her fingertip up and down, back and forth between her lips, feeling herself becoming feverish, her skin crawling with voyeuristic pleasure. She arched her ass upward, spreading herself more lewdly as she pushed her finger slowly into the hot velvety tunnel of her pussy. Releasing her now slick outer lips, her left hand reached up to her chest, grasping her nipple and pinching it firmly, just the way she liked. She groaned, wishing she had a larger mirror so she could see all of herself. The thought evaporated and her mouth gaped as she added a second finger and slid them both all the way in.

"Ohhh, Goddd..." she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Without her maidenhead, she loved the feeling. She was sliding the fingers over her slick flesh and into herself, stimulating clitoris and vagina simultaneously. Thick honey flowed and a large drip was headed down between the cheeks of her ass. She shivered, watching as each pump of her fingers added a little more moisture to the downward trail.

Finally she could stand it no longer and reached for her vibrator. Turning her head she realised barely ten minutes had passed. She almost laughed, thinking it was going to be a long night. Hurriedly turning it to the highest setting, the toy leapt to life in her hands and she shuddered in anticipation.

Elaine got comfortable and slid two fingers back into her pussy, hovering the toy over her clit. As she drew her fingers up and out, she spread them, opening her inner lips widely and unhooding her sensitive little pea. She trembled throughout her body as she watched the toy descend agonisingly slowly toward its target. It seemed like the air crackled around her ears as the vibrator and her little pink bud met. Elaine convulsed, her hips rising off the bed as she fought to draw back the toy. Again and again she tortured herself, touching and withdrawing, building higher and higher.

With knees so wide they were almost touching the bed, she fingered herself quickly, holding the toy to her clit. She gritted her teeth as the pleasure grew and blossomed across her skin, her inner muscles tightening and fluttering in approach to orgasm. She recognised it and tried to stop, oblivion seconds away. With a mighty effort she pulled the toy away and slowed her fingers, careful not to touch her clit. Her body shuddered and she squirmed in protest, moaning hotly. Elaine knew she was right on the edge. Her body shook with need. She was going insane and wanted it so bad. She needed to be free. She needed to cum and cum hard.

Twisting her head, she bit into the corner of her pillow before turning her eyes back to the incredible sight of herself skewered on her fingers. She straightened the slender digits and started pumping them hard. Her back arched and her body caught fire! The vibrator crashed back into her clit, forcing grunts and squeals out of her mouth and into the soft pillow. She was trying not to cum, revelling in every last excruciating second before release. Her ass was high off the bed, effectively tightening her pussy and tripling the pleasure.

Unable to stop herself, her orgasm burst free, sweeping her away into unconsciousness.

The last thing she remembered before her eyes rolled back into her head, was the incredible sight of her convulsing pussy, squirting juices right at the mirror and her own anguished voice, muffled by the pillow, crying out, "Fucking my cunt! Fucking my cunt!"

She woke up the next morning with a start, wondering what happened. Looking around, she breathed more easily, noticing nothing out of place. Throwing back the bed sheet and remembering little, she was surprised to see she'd even gone to the trouble of putting her panties back on. She pulled open her bedside drawer, finding her mirror and vibrator. She swallowed, thinking the toy had blood on it. She didn't remember fucking it, and certainly not hard enough to hurt herself. She took it out, her breath catching in her chest.

In sultry red lipstick, someone had left a kiss right on her toy.

Chapter 02

Sitting on the side of her bed, Elaine looked at the vibrator and her mind raced. If she cleaned off the lipstick, whoever kissed it would know she'd seen it. Would they check? If she left it how it was, could she pretend she hadn't seen it?

She quickly put it back in the drawer and shoved it closed, accidentally making a banging noise. She hushed the errant drawer, making herself blush. The walls of the small three-bedroom apartment were paper thin, and she hoped neither of her roommates recognised the sound.

Ugh, what am I thinking? This is ridiculous.

She slid the drawer open again and reached inside. Holding the toy up in front of her, she sniffed it to see if it had been washed. It had. Wondering what difference it made, she admonished herself.

So I used it. Big deal. It's not as if it's earth-shattering news. Get a grip!

Biting her lip, she reached for a tissue to clean off the lipstick. Before she noticed what she was doing, she found her fist wrapped around the inert toy, separated only by a layer of Kleenex, cleaning it off in a twisting, pseudo-jacking off motion. Memories of last night's festivities turned up the corners of her mouth. She brought the toy up in front of her face to examine it more closely. It was all clean and ready for 'next time' so she put it away again, this time quietly.

Hopping up from the bed, Elaine grabbed her robe from a corner chair and drew it around herself. It was soft and thick so she didn't have to bother with a bra. After grabbing a fresh towel from the hall closet, she went to take a shower but the bathroom was occupied. She had to see her roommates sooner or later and decided to face the music and make herself a coffee in the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath, she rounded the corner and found Chelsea groaning and tidying up some spilt sugar. "Can I help?" Elaine asked.

"God. Sorry Elaine. I'm all thumbs. We had a big night last night and I feel like shit," Chelsea complained.

"Here, let me do it," Elaine offered, deftly cleaning up the mess.

"Thanks, Elaine. You're an angel."

"It's okay," she said, enjoying the praise. "I don't mind." Things were already going better than she'd hoped. She feared finger pointing and sniggering, but at least she and Chelsea were adults. Either that or it wasn't Chelsea who kissed her vibrator. Hmmmm... Blushing and turning her back on her roommate and filling the kettle with water, Elaine asked, "Um, I was going to make coffee anyway. Would you like one?"

"Could you make one for Kendra too?" Chelsea pleaded, slumping in the kitchen chair.

"Sure, just relax. I don't know how you guys can go out every weekend and get smashed like you do."

"We're young. We're supposed to, and besides, it's where the guys are." Chelsea was leaning on her elbows, holding her head in her hands. Her robe hung open almost to her navel, exposing the smooth, tanned skin of her chest and the inner swell of each breast. After trailing her eyes down to Chelsea's flat tummy, Elaine realised what she was doing.

"Th... There you go," she stuttered, passing Chelsea's coffee to her and staring at the sugar bowl. "So um, did you meet any nice ones last night?"

"Guys? Naaa. Just the usual bunch of dropkicks. I'm sore all over though. We danced all night."

"Sounds like fun."

"Yeah. I guess. Just once I'd like to meet someone who wasn't a complete wimp. Most of the guys we meet are like lapdogs, following us around, hoping for a taste. Either that or they're overbearing oafs. It'd be nice to meet someone who knew what I liked."

"What are you going on about?" asked Kendra, entering the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her body and another around her head. "Is that mine?" she asked Elaine, sitting down and reaching for the spare cup.

Elaine nodded.

"I was just saying," repeated Chelsea. "That most of the guys we meet are just boys. I'd like to meet a man. A real man."

"What? Someone old and wrinkly?" Kendra asked, teasing.

"Nooo! God. I just mean someone who knows how to treat a lady."

"Oh, so you're a lady now, are you? You could have fooled me. You didn't look like much of a lady when I poured you into that taxi last night."

"Oh, stop it. You weren't much better. And anyway, you know what I mean."

Kendra shook her head with a smile and brought her coffee to her lips. "Well, my idea of a 'real man' is someone cute, muscly, can cry in movies and brings me flowers every time he picks me up. Haven't found him yet, though." She turned her gaze to Elaine. "What about you, Elaine? What kind of man would you like to meet?"

"Hmmm... I'd like to meet someone who impresses me. Someone I can look up to and learn from. Someone I can respect. Someone with substance."

"Someone who isn't plastic?"

"Um, yeah. Not plastic. Yeah..." As Elaine blushed five shades of red, she figured it was safe to assume Kendra had kissed her vibrator and was now teasing her about the use of it. Her nipples started getting hard and she was mortified, pulling her robe closer around herself.

"I think I'm gonna spew!" Chelsea gasped, standing and running to the bathroom, her hand covering her mouth.

Seemingly unconcerned, Kendra sipped her coffee, eying Elaine over the edge of a cup with a pussycat on it. "She's a lightweight," she said finally, fixing Elaine with a stare.

"What do you mean?"

"Lightweight! You know."

"You mean like a lush?"

"Yeah, like a lush, Miss Ohio, 1958. Jeez... You gotta get out more."

Elaine sighed. "Yeah, I know. I just don't like the crush and the drinking. The music's okay, I guess."

"And some of the men are just dreamy."

"Chelsea doesn't seem to think so."

"Chelsea wouldn't know a real man if he bit her on the ass."

"Mmmmm." Elaine giggled.

"Mmmmm." Kendra echoed, winking and grinning. When the pleasant moment had passed, Kendra leaned forward a little and whispered, "I hope you didn't mind that I put you in bed and tidied up a bit last night. I thought it might be a bit embarrassing to wake up like that."

Elaine didn't know why she took the bait, but she did. "Like what?"

"Like, sprawled over your bed, all the lights on, stark naked with a vibrator in your hand."

"Oh." The image made her speechless, and wet. God, she even put panties on me!

"Just wait till I get the pictures developed!" Kendra teased.

Elaine's eyes went wide, and she was about to squeal.

"I'm kidding! I'm kidding!" Kendra insisted. "Jeez Elaine!"

"You're mean," Elaine whispered, feeling like she was blushing to the roots of her hair.

"Oh, c'mon. I'm just having some fun with you. You know you like it."

"I so do not. This isn't fun at all. It's embarrassing. And I'd rather not be um, reminded of this... episode either. I'd like to think I have some privacy here, at least in my room! And I can assure you I don't like you making fun of me." Elaine was pleased with her response. She rarely got a word in once Kendra started talking.

"Riiight... . Then tell me the truth. Are your nipples hard?"

"What?" Elaine gasped incredulously, pulling her robe even more tightly around her body.

"Go on. Tell me!"

Just then the toilet flushed and Chelsea stumbled into the kitchen. "I wouldn't go in there for a while if I were you," she said, flopping into the chair in front of her cold coffee.

"Um, it's okay," Elaine said, quickly snatching up her towel and fleeing into the bathroom. She didn't mind what the air in there smelled like. She didn't want to answer any more of Kendra's questions.

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