tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDare Me Not Ch. 11

Dare Me Not Ch. 11


Recap: Janine is on her way to be an honour student! Professor Dawson gave her the command to excel in her exams in their private session as a bonus, and she'll be sticking to it. Of course the Professor put his own twist on it, and Janine still has no idea the depths that the Professor has gone within her psyche and body. He also left many new commands with the poor girl for his future gain and her future degradation (Ch 10).


The weekend passed uneventfully for Janine Tyler. She desperately needed a break after a week of over-stimulation and craziness, so she opted for house chores and self-study. She may have been a quiet and unassuming student before this week, but she would never have chosen textbooks over a good paperback novel on a weekend. But since the command Professor Dawson gave her in his office, she instinctively knew what she needed to do to ace her exams - she simply had to study.

She had itched to test if Natasha could still give her commands. The Professor had bet that Natasha would have no more control over Janine, but she had not had any opportunity to test it out. A part of her was worried that it would not work, or worse yet, would have an alternate, even more devastating outcome, but the Professor's command had been very clear and concise with no room for her subconscious mind to interpret otherwise.

Monday rolled around and Janine enjoyed the freedom of choice when it came to choosing her clothes. She tugged on her favourite pair of jeans and stood topless in front of her mirror. She never considered herself to be sexy, but she had to admit that she had curves that she had not given a hoot about before. They were simply well hidden before this week, and tighter clothes and short skirts had exposed them to a wider appreciative audience.

She picked out a pink cotton t-shirt and reached for a pink bra to go with it. She put it on expertly and found it strange that the bra made her uncomfortable. She had worn this bra just the week before but something made it feel simply not right. She tried on another bra and had the same sense of discomfort and unease. She took it off and it was like her body breathed a sigh of relief. She tried all her bras but felt better without her bra. She recalled that she had fought a similar battle on Friday, but had sucked it up and just suffered through the whole day with her white bra. She had gone braless over the weekend during her self-imposed exile and had loved the liberation. Chewing her lip in thought, she decided that she would wing it today as well. She felt sure that no one would notice her freedom under her top since it was opaque.

Slipping the pink sleeveless top on and checking herself in the mirror once more, she grabbed her book bag and left for her morning classes.

She felt a lot more attentive than usual during her lessons and less distracted by the general gossip as the day went on. She could get used to this! Her note taking felt more focused and had fewer doodles in the margins. Breezing through the day without a care in the world felt good, and put her in a good mood.

Her next class was a Psychology 101 lecture in LT27. She bumped into Drew at the door as he held it open for her and a couple of other students. As she walked in, she felt an unusual blast of cold air. "Come on in," Professor Dawson tapped his watch. "I know it is cold in here, and I've already contacted maintenance to have it checked out. I expect your full attention regardless. I have the results of your pop quiz from last week."

Janine moved towards a second row seat, with Drew closely behind. He took in her T-shirt and jeans and recalled her outfit choices from the week before. Prior to seeing her in the light blue cotton skirt the week before, he would never have noticed Janine's legs. He certainly noticed them now as they led the way to their seats. The way they swayed provocatively on her low heels seemed almost hypnotic and he caught himself mentally swapping her jeans out for the skirt again. It would be pretty cold to wear a skirt in this lecture theatre though.

He glanced around and saw some of the other girls in class tittering as they rubbed as much warmth into their exposed arms and legs as they could. It was hot and balmy outside and everyone had taken advantage of the good weather. Janine would not be so affected with her casual jeans, he thought.

"Good luck. I think I'm going to flunk this one." Drew leaned in to whisper in her ear as they sat down together.

"You'll do fine. For a football jock, you're not that bad."

"Thanks. Aren't you glad you wore jeans today."

"Goodness, am I ever! It's still pretty cold though." Janine replied as she rubbed her arms.

Drew's gaze floated down and latched on to two sharp points on her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra! Encouraged by the cold, her nipples pushed proudly against her pink cotton top as if daring him to look. His body stirred in response to the challenge and his mouth became dry. He gulped and forced himself to focus on the Professor who was giving out their graded tests. This was his girlfriend's best friend, he chided himself.

"Miss Tyler, Mister Carter," the Professor called out as he held up their two tests.

Both of them reached forward. "I'll get them," Drew offered and Janine nodded, plopping back into her seat, unknowingly grazing his arm with her left breast. Drew shivered instinctively and shot a nervous look at Janine, but she seemed unaware of her indiscretion. He handed her her test and breathed a sigh of relief he had scraped through with a 55%. He looked over and noticed that Janine was equally shocked with her 95%. "Wow, that is impressive. I take it you studied really hard for it?"

"I don't remember. I fell asleep while listening to his audio CD." That was the CD with the subliminal commands, she thought.

"I listened to the CD too, but I guess it didn't get in deep enough. Maybe next time I'll sleep on it."

Professor Dawson remarked about the need to study for subsequent tests since the average mark he had given out was 65%, but no one was really paying attention as they continued to shiver in the cold. He carried on undaunted into his lecture proper, but not before his eyes locked on to Janine's tenting nipples. Maybe I get her to stay back after class, he mused.

Drew found himself surreptitiously eyeing Janine's breasts. Stop it, he cautioned himself, she'll notice! Her nipples were now impossibly hard and so was he. Janine's body was hot, but Natasha's was even more so, but he could not help but mentally undress her. The professor now had his face down as he talked through his slides to no one in particular and the others in the lecture theatre were busy chatting, sleeping or struggling to keep warm.

He folded his arms and took one last hard look at her breasts and muttered under his breath to himself, "I bet those breasts would be a nice handful." Janine wasn't listening to him, but the human ear is capable of picking up all sorts of sounds and processing them subconsciously. Her body moved of its own accord and she leaned into Drew.

"Yes they would be," she found herself saying.

"Wha...?" Drew found her left breast cupped perfectly by his left hand. He could feel her nipple poking in his palm as she thrust her breast against him. To a casual onlooker, she was leaning over his shoulder to talk to him, but his folded arms covered their true contact point.

"My breasts would be a nice handful," she whispered as her mind screamed in alarm. No! What am I doing? What am I saying? Don't touch me!

Drew blinked as if to shake off a spell, but this was really happening. He had the breast of his girl friend's best friend in hand, and she had offered it. The gentleman in him wanted to pull away, but he couldn't help but squeeze it lightly. He lifted it gently and enjoyed its lightness. Would she let him touch those amazing nipples?

Janine only flinched mentally as his fingers wrapped gingerly around his nipple. When did they get so hard? It must have been the cold. She shivered involuntarily as he pinched her. Another five seconds, and I can move away. Drew's mouth grew dry again as he fondled her breast. He didn't understand what was going on, but Janine seemed to be coming on to him. He gave her breast another tender pat and squeeze as he looked into her troubled face. Janine was fighting to move away, but she could not ignore the good feeling of his touch. One more second and she could back over. Or was it another five?

She lingered there as his fingers moved silently over the cotton. They walked along the underside, danced across the top and returned to her firm nipple. Each movement he made gave her chills and made her feel strangely warm. She was not aroused or horny, but his touch felt so good. When she finally came to her senses and disengaged herself slowly a minute later, she gave him an almost apologetic smile. Drew did not know what to make of it, and smiled back before quickly looking down at his non-existent notes. He was turned on, and it gave him mixed feelings. He was Natasha's boyfriend, and he should have stopped Janine's advances, but he did not. He would not, and thus he was as guilty as day.

Janine's head was in a dizzy. What had she done? Natasha was her best friend, but she had come on to her boyfriend! In her defence, she had no control over her initial actions, but she had lingered for much too long. She could have reclaimed her control in ten seconds, but had let it carry on and get out of hand. What had she done? They spent the rest of the class in silence, caught up in their own thoughts.

Janine dashed out of the lecture theatre once the class was over, with Drew rushing to catch up. Professor Dawson looked on and shrugged it off. He had intended to congratulate his star student, maybe even reward her, but it was alright. There would be plenty of other opportunities to do so later.

"Janine. Janine." Drew called after her as she hurried away. Had he crossed a line? But she had initiated it. He felt so confused.

"I'll talk to you later Drew, I need to use the ladies," she lied as she vanished into the crowd. Maybe if she just ignored it, they could treat it like it never happened.

This is the start of an arc that will open up lots more trouble for Janine. If you like where things are going, please give this a good review. I appreciate and look forward to your feedback.

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