DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


My head was clouded with flashes of Ashley's approval and my own growing fascination and curiosity, juxtaposed with doing what was morally right. I didn't say anything as Troy moved to me and put his hands on my shoulders. My eyes pleaded for mercy, even as my mouth watered.

Troy firmly guided me down to my knees, my weak resistance shattered as my body allowed the guidance to occur.

I was staring at his black cock just a couple of inches from my mouth. I was in a complete daze unable to think straight with Troy's big juicy cock just a couple of inches away from me.

Troy finally spoke. "Go ahead Coach, we both know you want to."

I hesitated. This was the moment of no return. If I stood up now, I could still maintain the coach-student relationship, yet my body, my mouth, my hunger were thinking otherwise. I could hear Ashley in my head saying, 'Go ahead baby, suck his big black cock for me'. The line between straight and gay, between teacher and student, was impossible to see and I crossed it nonetheless when I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took his big, almost fully erect, black cock into my mouth.

I couldn't believe the feeling of it in my mouth, both soft and hard at the same time, an oxymoron that I couldn't explain, I only had three or four inches in my mouth and was in awe as I felt it stiffen becoming harder, longer...it was like magic. Just the thought that I was making it happen somehow turned me on even more. There was also no taste, other than the slightest hint of soap. I wondered if his cock would taste different in my mouth after a game, his sweat mixed in. Thinking such thoughts was absurd, yet all I could think about at the time was pleasing him. His cock now completely erect, ten inches of long, hard, delicious black cock in front of me, I moved back and focused on just his wide cock head.

"That's it, Coach, take your time," Troy groaned softly, just his mushroom top in my mouth. Even after all the recent fantasies and porn, the real thing was so much different than I had imagined it. It didn't feel gay, or straight, or bisexual, it just seemed natural to be on my knees, his cock in my mouth as I slowly began to worship his massive black cock.

I reflected on how Ashley pleased me with her mouth and I tried to replicate her blow jobs starting to swirl my tongue around his mushroom top.

"That's it, Coach," Troy encouraged after a minute or two of concentrated teasing of his cock head.

Slowly, I began to take a bit of his cock in my mouth and was surprised by the heat coming from it. I was also surprised by how natural a cock felt in my mouth. My mind went blank with my only focus on pleasing the mammoth cock currently in my mouth. I had no delusions of taking it all like in the porno movies, but I was determined to do the best I could.

Over a third easily gliding in and out of my mouth, Troy finally spoke, reminding me who I was sucking, "That's it, Coach, keep taking more of my big nigger cock."

The term 'nigger', so racist, so taboo in society, and yet seemed so extra stimulating to my stiff cock, begging for release as I continued bobbing back and forth on Troy's.

"Is this your first cock, Coach?" Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock in response, my lips spread wide around his cock, a feeling that seemed both surreal and yet so right.

He repeated the question. "Answer me Coach. Is this your first cock?"

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my hand continuing to stroke his massive meat, I looked up, a sudden humiliation washing over me, as reality of my inappropriate act seemed more real when looking up at him, I answered, "Yes."

"Do you like sucking my cock, Coach?" Troy asked, pumping his cock halfway in my mouth and then pulling back out.

"Yes," I admitted, wanting his cock back in my mouth.

"Do you want to swallow my cum or feel it sprayed all over your face?" he asked, again pumping his cock in and out of my mouth quickly.

The rapid movement of his cock in my mouth caused so much arousal and stimulation that I could not concentrate on his question! I had to calm myself and focus on thinking. The thought of my face coated in cum was even more humiliating in my mind and I was curious to taste his cum, having only tasted mine when on occasion Ashley slid some in my mouth after she had taken mine in her mouth. "Both," I answered, keeping my words to a minimum, allowing my submission to him to be unconditional.

"You understand you are my cocksucker now," Troy explained, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth fast, each forward thrust going a little deeper than the time before. After a dozen strokes, he pulled out, my saliva dripping off the head of his firm shiny cock.

"Yes," I whispered, knowing I would do this again in a heartbeat, my craving to have cock in my mouth undeniable.

"And you also know that Rhianna plans to take your girlfriend," Troy added, before holding my head and beginning to fuck my face with his beautiful cock. The act should have been humiliating, yet I just focused on not gagging as at least eight inches of his dark chocolate filled my mouth. "Shit, for a first timer you are a pretty natural cocksucker, Coach."

I was surprised by the bluntness of his announcement of Rhianna's plans, as he pulled out of my mouth again, I asked, "How does she know Ashley will give in?"

"The same way I knew you would," Troy shrugged. "You have a look of hunger in your eyes, the same yearning your pretty little girlfriend had when talking to Rhianna on Sunday." He returned his cock back to my mouth before adding, "Plus no white girl can resist Rhianna. Just like no white boy or man can resist falling to their knees and slobbering over my black cock, no matter how straight they think they are it just seems to be one of the laws of sexual submission."

The idea that this was about race and that no white man could resist his black cock was an obnoxious philosophy yet there I was, straight, white and on my knees sucking his cock, just like Eric had a couple days ago and assumedly yesterday and who knows how many other times.

Troy continued, "I should stress that no white girl can resist my black cobra either, as soon as I unleash this thing the white chicks are ready to drop their facade of propriety as they fight over who can fall to their knees the quickest."

I imagined Eve, the sweet innocent daughter of the minister, bobbing up and down the other weekend, and agreeing to take it up her ass and pondered who else had been on their knees worshipping this perfect cock.

As if reading my mind, he instructed, "Your turn again, Cocksucker."

Being called a 'cocksucker' hit me with another jolt of shame and yet only seemed to enhance my eagerness to please, absurd, irritating, but true.

As I began bobbing again, thankful to be in control and not being face fucked, Troy continued, "No white slut has ever refused my cock. You already know about Eve."

I stopped surprised he knew I knew.

Troy chuckled, "of course, I know. I was surprised and briefly worried when I saw you watching, but when you didn't stop us or freak out, I figured I would test you by letting you catch me using Eric. Get sucking, Cocksucker."

I obeyed, realizing just how much I had been played by my player.

"My first white slut was actually Mrs. Marshall," Troy revealed, implying that our married, no-nonsense vice-principal, had sucked his cock.

I didn't respond since I had a mouthful of cock as Troy continued to list people I knew that had apparently fell under the spell of his dark magic wand.

"After I had my first taste of power over a submissive white woman I was addicted. The excitement of seducing a white woman or girl was thrilling and seeing them on their knees begging to suck my cock became an obsession, every one a challenge," Troy continued. "You wouldn't know all the white sluts who have begged to suck me or to fuck them but you would know a few like Mrs. Rose, Kimberly Atkins, Jessie Amberson, Ms. Waters and Ms. Walker just a couple of weeks ago."

My head spun with the names he listed. Mrs. Rose, of course, is Eve's mother and the minister's wife, a woman that seemed to brim with propriety; Kimberly Atkins is likely to be the prom queen and is dating the quarterback and all that other high school stereotypical jazz; Jessie Amberson is a chubby senior in charge of our school council; Ms. Waters is the cheerleading coach, just twenty-five and an ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (and in the room next to me); lastly, Mrs. Walker is the new English teacher from Canada who had moved here after a bad break-up with her husband and if I were single, I would have been all over her (especially because she wore nylons every day).

"Eric was only the second guy to beg to blow me, the first being at basketball camp this past summer," Troy continued, before adding, "I'm not gay or anything, but a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass."

My eyes went big at his last words a lingering hint of his future intentions. It was one thing to suck his big juicy cock, it felt so good and natural in my mouth, and it was a completely different matter to take a cock in my ass. I couldn't explain it but sucking a cock didn't feel gay to me, I was drawn in almost against my will by the sheer majesty of Troy's glorious black cock, yet allowing him to sodomize me seemed pretty gay.

I had no idea how long I had been bobbing back and forth, taking eight inches of his cock in my mouth, not trying to do more, when Troy finally spoke again. "Fuck Coach, you really are a natural cocksucker. Sucking me so slow and casual like that, you love it in your mouth don't you?"

I moaned in agreement, again admitting the obvious.

"It's time to receive your reward, Cocksucker," Troy announced, adding, "now bob back and forth like a eager little cocksucker, show me how much you want my cum."

I didn't hesitate as I shifted into high gear, bobbing back and forth furiously, my obedience a bit embarrassing.

"Good boy," Troy moaned, at my fast-paced assault on his cock.

I craved his cum, I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to feel his cock twitch in my mouth as he spurted his white goo down my throat.

Suddenly, he pulled out and before I could even react, Troy ordered, "Open up, Coach."

Again my obedience was without hesitation as I opened wide, on my knees, waiting for his cum. Troy pumped his cock and the first rope went high and into my hair and onto my forehead, the second rope followed hitting me directly on my nose and lips, while the third rope shot into my mouth and onto my chin. Again without thinking, I leaned forward and took his cock back in my mouth, hungry to retrieve every last drop. I milked his cock like a cheap slut, the taste of his cum more addicting than I could have impossibly imagined. He gave me an appetizer, but I hungered for a full meal.

"Shit, Coach, if I had known how big a cocksucker you were, I would have been filling you up daily," Troy chuckled as he pulled away from me.

My face went red with shame at the obvious humiliation of his words. The cum on my face just adding another level of shame to my complete submission to him.

He reached for his phone and I went to cover my face.

"Don't you dare, Cocksucker," Troy warned his tone surprisingly firm. "This isn't for blackmail, I don't need to resort to such things to shoot my load down someone's throat. No this is for memory; I keep a facial pic of my first time with every cocksucker."

"Please don't," I protested.

"Look up at me or you will never get this cock again," Troy threatened.

The thought of never having him in my mouth, never getting a full load of his sweet seed, was impossible to imagine so I obeyed his demand looking up at his phone.

"I thought so," Troy said, snapping the picture. "No one has been able to resist coming back for seconds and you, Coach, have been the most eager I have ever had."

Again shame filled me as I sat on my knees, my face covered with his cum.

Troy looked on the floor and pointed, "There is a bit on the floor if you are still hungry."

Yet again without hesitation, my humility no longer relevant, I bent down and licked his cum off the dorm room floor, ignoring the thought of what else might have been on that floor.

When I sat back up, his cum taste lingering in my mouth, I was staring at Troy's still completely erect cock.

Troy shrugged, "What can I say, I'm eighteen, I usually shoot four or five loads a day. Most ending up on someone's face or in someone's mouth, I hate to waste it."

I stared at his black cock, the thought of there being another load in his balls for me, had my mouth again watering.

"You can have seconds if you want, Coach Cocksucker," Troy offered, watching me amused from his dominant position standing before me.

Again, my mind thinking with only my hunger to please, I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. I returned to slow back and forth movements until Troy ordered, "Suck my balls, coach."

My lips wrapped around his cock like a suction cup, I moved slowly back until there was a loud pop as his cock head escaped my lips.

"Shit," Troy groaned, "you are better and more eager than most of my white bitches."

Before I had time to stop myself, I quipped back, "I aim to please."

Troy chuckled back, "As do I."

I used my tongue and slithered slowly down his long pulsing shaft, before reaching his balls. I paused briefly unsure where to start, before opening my mouth and taking his black bag in my mouth as I searched, and quickly found, one of his balls. I sucked on it awkwardly for a few seconds, before retrieving the other one and replicating the odd attention.

Returning back to his monster cock, I again slid my tongue up his cock as if I were licking the biggest, most delicious Popsicle ever. Once back to his mushroom top, I swirled my tongue around savouring the opportunity to worship Troy's perfect cock.

Long and hard, I briefly wondered what it would feel like in my ass, but just as quickly I pushed that thought out realizing just how thick he was.

I again took his stiff missile in my mouth and returned to slow bobbing, in no hurry to get him off, revelling in the majesty of his hypnotic black cock.

As I continued back and forth bobs, Troy brought Ashley up again. "So is your girlfriend going to succumb as easily to Rhianna as you did to me?"

His cock left my mouth as I answered, not wanting to give him any insider information about Ashley's weakness for black women, "I don't know."

As he tapped my nose with his rock hard cock, he said, "I think you do. If you want my cock regularly I expect you to be completely obedient."

I sighed. Was I willing to sell out Ashley to be allowed to suck a student's cock? A couple weeks ago such a question would have been absurd, yet there I was on my knees, staring at the black missile directly in front of me considering exactly that. As I pondered my answer, I was confident that Ashley would not be angry I revealed such personal information.

"Answer me, Cocksucker, or I will get Eric in here to finish what you started," Troy demanded with a threat.

"She wouldn't put up much resistance," I revealed, his stiff rod all I could focus on. I wanted it, no I needed it, back in my mouth.

"Is she bi?" He asked.

"Yes," I admitted.

"Delicious," Troy said, the smile on his face already thinking about future plans.

Deciding I should make it clear that he would never get her, at least I hoped she wouldn't succumb to him, although I was hoping she would succumb to his sister, I explained, "Ashley and I have agreed that same sex play isn't cheating."

"Really?" Troy said, sliding his cock back into my waiting mouth. "So you can suck cock, or get sucked by another guy or take it up your ass or fuck another guy's ass and it isn't cheating?"

He pulled his cock out so I could answer.

"We have never talked about whether I could have a man suck me off or if I could f-f-fuck another guy," I explained.

"Shit," Troy laughed, "This is even more interesting than I could have imagined."

He filled my mouth again with his juicy member as he continued, "So she has given you permission to suck another guy?"

Again, pulling out so I could speak.

"Kind of, it is one if her fantasies," I admitted, realizing instantly the mistake I had just made, accidentally setting up a lot of potential situations.

"Hmmmmm," he smiled, "Does she know about your hunger to suck me off?"

"No," I answered, "but she knows I saw you with Eve."

"Interesting," Troy said.

"And she saw you and your sister leave the room at church after Eve," I added.

"That was crazy, watching Eve's first time with a girl while at church was pretty hot," Troy said.

The thought of him watching his sister be pleasured by Eve was strange.

Noticing my quizzical expression, he laughed, "I didn't join in. Sis and I just like to share sluts sometimes."

He shoved his cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face again, this time rougher and deeper, having me choke on occasion as it reached new depths in my mouth. "So Ms. Grisham wants to watch you suck cock?"

I moaned on his cock in response when he didn't give me the opportunity to speak.

"And you want to make her fantasy come true?" Troy asked.

Again I moaned in the affirmative.

"That can be arranged," Troy promised, his tone implying he already had a plan in mind.

He continued fucking my face as he asked, "So, Ashley is allowed to munch cunt and it isn't cheating?"

Again I moaned in agreement.

"But taking my cock in her white cunt would be cheating?" Troy continued.

All I could do was moan in reply as I focused on not gagging as he shoved his cock so deep into my mouth I could feel his balls hit my chin.

"Fuck, I love your mouth, Coach," Troy grunted, as he continued fucking my face, his hands in my hair keeping me immobilized and completely at his mercy, tears rolling down my eyes as I gagged on occasion. He promised, "A mouth I plan to use often."

I worried briefly about keeping this humiliating submission a secret, yet I knew I would be back on my knees in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Although I didn't remotely want to be sucked off by a guy and I didn't have the remotest interest in fucking a guy, since I already had the perfect woman to please me with her mouth, pussy and ass, yet sucking black cock was irresistible to me.

There was no more talking as Troy continued to assault my mouth, his breathing getting heavier, until I heard a grunt and a second later I felt a spray of cum hit the back of my throat. I eagerly swallowed his cum as shot after shot spurted into my mouth and down my throat. His full load in my mouth, unlike the small taste I got during the facial, fulfilled my hunger, the taste unlike anything I had ever tasted. A mixture of salty sweet and a lingering tang that was inexplicable had me wanting more, even after every last drop had been shot from his cannon.

Pulling out, Troy asked, "Did you enjoy becoming my cocksucker, coach?"

"Yes," I admitted, my shame fading rapidly; rather than quenching my appetite for my student's impressive cock, my hunger had only grown.

"And you want more?" Troy asked, already knowing the answer.

"YES," I replied without hesitating, my urgency scaring me a bit.

"You know I plan to take your ass, Coach," Troy said, as if it had already been decided.

"I don't know," I hesitated, the thought intriguing, but I wasn't sure I was ready to cross that line so soon after my first submission.

"Next time, I take your ass, coach," Troy stated, his tone brooking no argument.

"Can I just suck you again?" I pleaded, hardly believing the words as they left my mouth.

"Oh, you will," Troy promised.

"I am not ready for... that," I said, turned on by the thought of submitting to him so completely, but not ready to admit it, even to myself.

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