tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeanna's Story Ch. 2

Deanna's Story Ch. 2


I slowly hung up the phone. My heart raced. I could hardly believe it. She was coming back.

It had been four months since I last saw, or should I say fucked the hell out of, Deanna. I could still remember the feeling of her leg on my shoulder as I drove my cock deep inside her again and again. Her eyes closed, her mind blank she would never be aware of the waves of cum I filled her with. And now, just maybe, another chance to repeat my assault on her body.

My life was getting better. I even had a new girlfriend, although sex wasn't as regular as I'd have liked it. Things were good and I only occasionally looked back at the photos and video of Deanna. But now she calls out of the blue, wanting to use the setting of my house to do a photo shoot with her Uncle Jim whoever the hell he was. Life was very good again. She would be here two weeks before Christmas. I had a feeling MY Christmas was cumming early this year.

Deanna and Uncle Jim would be here in about two hours. I could hardly wait. I doubted greatly that I would even dare try anything, but just to see her infectious smile, gorgeous eyes and smell her perfume might be enough. I did, however, plant my video camera in her vent again. I mean, how could I miss her changing in and out of outfits all afternoon? I stroked myself as the TV emanated images of my cock pumping into her mouth followed by the spraying of her face with my cum. I continued stroking myself as I clicked through images of her on my computer screen. Sequenced digital pictures of my finger pulling her panty aside. The final shot: her pussy exposed, every detail for me to examine and learn by heart.

Another series beginning with my cock poised to enter her. With each click I would disappear further into her until, eventually, I was buried to the hilt. I was careful not to climax. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could use it later on that night. I shut down my computer and reluctantly pressed the eject button on the VCR. Her unconscious image disappeared from the screen. I needed a cold shower. Maybe I should have cum while watching. There is a saying that you should never go shopping while hungry. It was too late now.

They arrived around two o'clock. I had figured Uncle Jim to be an old fogey that could be easily dispensed of, but he was quite young, only about 10 years older than myself. And when Deanna introduced him as her guardian angel I knew I was in for my moneys worth. Deanna, of course, was as effervescent as ever and greeted me with a big hug. The pang of guilt faded as quickly as my noticing her black leggings beneath her long coat.

I helped them in with their stuff, bringing it back to 'our' room. They wanted to start soon, as darkness was only a few hours away. Jim absolutely loved the setting here. I looked around at the snow covered ground as it fell away to the woods and pond and noticed it as well. He thought it would be perfect for the shoot. I told him that anytime he wanted to come up with Deanna or any other models it would be fine with me. Deanna slapped my shoulder and jokingly scolded me, as she knew I had a girlfriend.

The shoot went well as far as I could tell. Each time she disappeared back to the house to change my cock grew stiff. I had hoped for a racier photo shoot, but these weren't exactly sexy lingerie shots. Nevertheless she looked stunning in each and every outfit. Even ol Jim was likable but way too attentive for my liking. By 5:30 it was already too dark so we packed up for the night. They would get up early for a morning shoot.

We ordered in food and had a great evening. I even managed to get Jim to do a shot or two with me. I got a fire going and intentionally made it too big. I would hate to have to see Deanna sit there in a big bulky sweater all night. Sure enough, before long she excused herself to her room and returned with her leggings and a tee shirt. I had thought her jeans made her ass look awesome, those leggings encased it perfectly, along with her legs. Although I no longer had to imagine what her ass looked like naked, or what it would be like to be between those luscious legs it was almost worse now. It was because I was there and wanted it again. I looked at Jim and wondered how the hell I was going to pull this off. For god sake, her room was just down the hall and his room was just across from that.

As the evening wore on I knew Deanna would not be up much longer. Even though it was only nine o'clock I figured I'd test the waters. When Jim had left the room I asked her if she would okay getting to sleep. She said she's been sleeping well these days without any help but would probably take something tonight to help her. She grabbed my hand and looked serious at me. "Don't worry, I've got my own with me tonight." She then smiled at me and continued "but when I'm ready I could use a cup of tea." My hand began to sweat. I nodded and told her I'd be glad to. She then shared with me how her medication, despite its low dose, often gave her strange dreams. I wondered if she had any dreams the night I raped her. I ran scheme after scheme through my head. It would be easy enough to get Deanna passed out, but what about Jim. The shots he drank seemed to have no effect on him, as he seemed sharp as ever. He also looked like he enjoyed stayed up very late. I wouldn't dare try to drug him, he would certainly catch on. Shortly, the phone rang. It was Doug checking in on Deanna. My plan came to me. Not the greatest plan, but a plan nonetheless.

As Deanna gabbed on the phone I excused myself down the hallway to the bathroom. Just out of sight I slipped in Deanna's room and quickly unlocked the window. I cheap ploy, but entrance through the door was out of the question. I then headed to the bathroom where I prepared my sleeping mixture. I placed the crushed powder in a small vial and slipped it in my pocket. She would have to be out cold. I didn't trust her meds to do the job. On my way back down the hall I flicked on the attic fan. I would need all the sound masking I could get.

As I returned to the room I overheard Deanna mentioning how tired she was to Doug. I headed to the kitchen, grabbed the teapot and motioned to her as she spoke. She smiled and nodded. I motioned to Jim and he just stuck out his tongue in disgust. He did ask if I had any coffee. That's all I needed.

Deanna finished her call just as I poured her 'tea'. Once again my hand shook as I poured, the white powder dissipating into the swirling mixture. She gave Uncle Jim a kiss on the cheek and thanked me very graciously as she took her cup and headed off to bed. I watched her walk off down the hall. I returned to the room with Jim. I was in no hurry.

Jim and I talked for awhile, mostly about Deanna and what a great girl she was. We turned on the TV and watched the sports scores and the news. About and hour after Deanna had left for bed and Jim was in the kitchen, I got up and went into my room. I had decided that it was best that Jim think I was not at home, since if he needed me and I wasn't around, well, I just decided it was best. I set my computer to automatically call my home line in 5 minutes. I then returned to the room. In exactly five minutes the phone rang. I answered it and gave my best fake conversation I could muster. My girlfriend would need me to pop over to help her out with something. Jim winked at me knowing what the pop in meant. As a pretended to talk I switched off the ringer on the phone. Hell, I really wouldn't want her calling while I was 'busy'. I hung up and asked him if he'd be okay. Jim said he'd probably be hitting the sack in a little while and not to worry about the house.

I went back to my room for any last checks. My heart raced with excitement. I loved this adrenaline rush. I changed into sweatpants with no underwear, might as well go streamlined. I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed out. Jim gave me a thumbs up as I left. The poor guy just doesn't realizing that he was cheering me on to go fuck his little niece in the next room while she slept. I laughed to myself as I closed the door behind me.

Of course I had to get in my car and drive off. I circled around and parked in a spot that was near my house. I trudged through the snow on the way back to the house. At this point I realized that I might have to do something about the tracks I was leaving. I'd figure that out later. I came up to Deanna's window. I had intentionally left the curtain open the tiniest crack so I would be able to look in. I could see the TV was on but she was deeply asleep. I slowly lifted the window open and climbed in. I had undone my boots before jumping up so they would stay outside. Don't need to be dragging in any snow. I stepped in and closed the window. I took off my coat and set it down next to the nightstand. Her empty teacup sat there. I looked at Deanna lying there under the covers. So peaceful, so beautiful with the light of the TV flickering on her face. My cock was hard as a rock.

I walked to the door, checked the lock, and listened closely for sounds in the hallway. The hum of the ceiling fan was the only thing to be heard. I returned to her bedside, stripped off my clothes and placed them on the chair near the window. I then lifted the cover and slid under the sheets next to Deanna. Somehow it seemed so natural to climb into bed with her, I wished I could do it every night. She still wore the same tee shirt but when my legs touched hers I could quickly tell the leggings were gone.

I pulled myself close to her warm body. The frigid night air had chilled me more than I had realized. On any other night she would have jumped at the touch of my cold hand on her warm belly, but tonight she lay motionless. I kissed her neck and savored the faint smell of her perfume. I made a mental note to find out which brand she wore as it would be my new girlfriends next present. Though she was a far stretch from Deanna's natural beauty, it's amazing what the mind can imagine when the eyes are closed. My cock grew hard as rubbed slowly against her leg. This time there would be no agonizing teasing. My hand slid up under her shirt and began fondling her pert little titties. Not grabbing and squeezing, but just barely grazing with only the tips of my fingers. The sensation gave me shivers as I traced up and around her nipple and then across her chest to her other breast to repeat the process. Only then did the whole of my hand take a firmer grip of her and begin to softly squeeze and pinch in hopes of stiffening her nipples. I could feel wetness at the tip of my cock where it rubbed against her.

I rose up on my elbow and hiked up her shirt exposing her breasts. I looked up at her face again but the only motion was the colors from the TV altering her complexion. I then leaned over and placed my lips on her breast and began kissing and sucking. As I enjoyed the taste of her sweet breast, my hand wandered south and began caressing her pussy through her panties. I would occasionally stop rubbing her and stroke myself. At one point I stopped sucking on her, took her little hand in mine and wrapped it around my cock. Holding her hand in place with mine I was able to have her jerk me off. I could feel each and every finger on me. Even though I knew I would be able to cum this way I had better plans for my orgasm.

I returned to her body, kissing her belly while my fingers worked themselves under her panties and into her pussy. It wasn't long before I decided that the panties had to go. In just a few moments they were lying somewhere on floor next to the bed. Now in a semi-sixty-nine position, my feet up near the head of the bed, I began to taste her for the second time. My fingers gently pulled her lips apart allowing me to find her clit. I took long strokes with my tongue on her. Then it happened. She moved.

It wasn't much, but her hips definitely moved. It was not in a random motion either, but rather in a rotating fashion not unlike that of a woman enjoying being licked. My heart stopped, as did my assault on her clit. I heard a deep sigh come from her. I lay motionless for a few minutes unable to move. There was no further movement. I turned back around and lay on my side next to her. I pulled the cover back up over her, but returned my hand back between her legs. I watched her eyes intently as my finger slowly worked itself back inside her. I considered getting out of there right then, but my cock wasn't going anywhere, not yet anyway. I was slowly fucking her with my finger when she moved again. Her hips gyrated and once again she let out a deep breath. Her face then turned away from me and that's when I noticed the 'other' teacup on the dresser. I realized then that one of the cups must have been left from when my kids stayed over last. I got up on my elbows and winced when I was easily able to tell the cup was still well over half full. My cock corrected me, it was half-EMPTY. I rationalized. With her medication plus some of mine she should still be pretty well out. I was at least sure she just wasn't going to wake straight up. I'd continue.

I began rubbing her again and my fear slowly turned to excitement with each of her movements. Occasionally she would mumble something under her breath. When I began to feel wetness inside her I knew I wasn't going anywhere until I fucked her, and that time was now.

I was still on her right side and she on her back when I moved down her body just a bit. I took her right leg and carefully began to pull it over my legs. I positioned myself on my side and hiked her leg over my hip. She was now ready for me. I worked her now spread pussy with my fingers in order to bring some more wetness out. That's when I heard a definite 'No Doug, no'. I looked up at her. Her eyes were still glued shut. She had spoken in only a whisper and was silent again. I moved my hips closer to her and I could feel the hairs of her pussy on the tip of my cock. I couldn't believe how excited I was. I wanted to slam my cock right in and blow my load.

I held her lips open as I worked the head of my cock inside her. Her hand was suddenly on mine and she whispered again. "no, no, up early for shoot, Doug please" I didn't move wondering if her eyes would suddenly pop open, but Deanna fell silent again. My cock slid further inside her. Would Doug have continued to fuck her if she had to get up early? Well, tonight he would.

I could never properly explain the incredible feeling of having Deanna's warm and wet pussy wrapped around me. And even though she thought it was her boyfriends dick stuck inside her I didn't mind in the least.

I removed my hand from between her legs and returned to caressing her breast. I let her hand remain at her pussy, her fingers resting against my moving cock. I fucked her slow and deliberate, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding my entire length back in. I was in heaven when she would move. Out of nowhere her hips would begin to gyrate for about twenty seconds. I could feel her squeezing me. I had never before felt that sensation and realized that I must have missed a lot of things with the women I chose. Whenever she moved she would also speak in a whispering tone. I kept waiting for her to respond in the positive but it was always "no" or "stop". She was definitely one of those 'when I say no I really mean yes' girls. I didn't matter anyway, she would soon have a load of my cum deep inside her.

I could have fucked her all night, but I was ready to go now. I pulled back the covers so I could watch her move. I felt my orgasm coming but waited until she started moving again. I then shoved my cock as far as I could into her tight wet pussy and held it there. When her cunt began squeezing my cock I let my cum flow. Deanna would never realize that she was now fucking me, grinding on my cock, making me cum inside her. I watched her hips move and thought of what an incredible fuck she must be when she was awake. I would have loved nothing more than to have her cum but just as before her labored breathing and movements stopped. I pumped her a few more times squirting the last of my cum. I lay perfectly still with my cock still rock hard inside her. It was then that I heard noises outside her room. From under her door I could see the lights go on in the hallway. It was time to go. I reluctantly slid out of her. I cleaned her up as best as I could, put her panties back on and tucked her in. I got dressed, kissed her on the cheek and headed to the window. I stopped short when I heard another noise from the hallway. I walked slowly over to the door to listen. That's when, to my horror, I found the door slightly ajar. I knew I had locked it. But if Jim had opened it, why didn't he come in? Holy shit! I knew I was dead, he would surely tell Deanna, Doug and the local police. I decided to go out the window anyway, just in case for some reason he didn't actually look in.

When I came back in the front door Jim was waiting. I was relieved he wasn't carrying a bat but awaited the verbal onslaught. When he finished talking all I could do was nod my head in agreement.

To Be Continued...

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