tagNonHumanDemon Delights (Allhallows Eve)

Demon Delights (Allhallows Eve)


Noise was infiltrating the haze of slumber that dragged at Sarah's consciousness. Lying in a frumpled heap, cold and dazed on the stone floor of what looked like a hovel, she struggled to sit up and take stock of her surroundings. Hay was heaped on one side of the small room, and the walls and floor were unrecognizable now that she was seeing clearly. One moment she was in her Washington penthouse, waiting for the phone to ring with news of her impending trial, and the next she was here, awakening to what sounded like the bleating of sheep and shouts coming from outside. Sitting up and gingerly moving her limbs, she saw that she was covered with bruises, scratch marks and long thin red streaks, with no memory of how she had gotten here or what had transpired.

Stretching and attempting to stand, she found herself dressed in a white blouse and a long skirt made of what appeared to be a potato sack, with leather slippers on her feet. Her breasts were more than half exposed in the blouse, her dark blonde hair falling over them, not hiding the scratches that marked her tender flesh. The blouse was somewhat bloodied, and as Sarah gathered her thoughts further, a rising feeling of panic began to fill her, her frantic thoughts adding up what appeared to be impossible but what she was indeed facing. Her thoughts ran rampant, her mind trying to grasp that she was not in a dream but in another reality altogether. A loud scurrying startled her, and she looked up in horror to see a gargoyle-like creature staring at her from a shelf that was encased in the wall, leering with impossibly large green eyes, drooling slightly from its full mouth of crooked sharp teeth. It was as surprised to see her as she was to see it, and disappeared into the cavern in the wall, only to return, jump down to the stone floor and lope out of the room through the low door on the side wall.

Shouting filled her ears, louder than the bleating she had heard, and the room was suddenly filled with gargoyle-like creatures, surrounding her and making cackling noises that were deafening. Two gargoyles that stood a head taller than the rest grabbed Sarah by the arms and led her forward, out of the room, still surrounded by the sea of gabbling grey hound-like creatures. Led into a room that was a stark contrast with her former surroundings, she now found herself in a warmly lit chamber, wooden furniture and floors, red and gold velvet coverings, and the figure of a man at the end of the room, apparently gazing into the flames of the fireplace he stood before. Turning, he uttered a short command that emptied the room of creatures, and addressed her.

"Sarah, welcome home, love." He said simply, sadness in his eyes.

She was as bewildered as she looked, she knew, but she sensed that she should know this man, this black-haired beautiful man with glowing eyes. She could not utter a sound, and just stood there, breathing erratically from fright, assessing him and struggling to remember what was on the edge of her mind, when he made a motion with his hand, sighing and looking resigned. She found herself sitting on a divan, divested of her torn clothing and dressed in a simple warm dressing gown, with him at her feet, taking her hands into his and looking deeply into her green eyes with an intense dark gaze, and the memories seemed to flood her all at once.

She had been waiting for that phone call from her lawyer, for hours it seemed, hoping and praying for news of some evidence that would run in her favour. Charged with fraud, her company no longer in her hands, a jail term and heavy fines imminent unless someone could refute the false evidence that her uncle had presented in court last week, she had been startled to hear a knock at the heavy mahogany door of her suite. Wanting no interruptions, she had nonetheless answered it, and seeing who stood there before her had caused her to faint dead away, for the first time in her life. It was the last person that she would ever have wanted to encounter again, her first lover, who she would have paid dearly for never to see or hear from again. At that moment, heavily burdened with worry, it was too much.

When she awoke, she was tied to the four-post bed, naked and gagged, and the familiar dread rose up in her like bile. He was standing there, grinning, his short hair bleached and his light blue eyes shining with an evil light, already stripped to the waist and palming a short crop that would deliver endless pain and increase his pleasure. It had been six years, but she knew the fear as if it was just yesterday, and felt her stomach clench and her eyes fill. He laughed, approaching her, and began to stroke her with his hands, caressing her breasts, tickling her sides with light touches, twisting her nipples and leaning down to taste them, tracing his tongue over the buds of puckering flesh, then cruelly biting down hard and sucking on them, seeing them redden and extend. She held herself still, not uttering a sound, knowing that any reaction would be encouragement for him.

"How I have missed you, my darling, " he said softly, belying the tender tone with his angry stare.

"The last time I saw you was on Allhallows Eve, if I remember correctly." His smile became feral.

Sarah felt her body become cold with the memory of that night, how she had finally escaped him at the costume party that he had designed for erotic pleasure, with her as the intended star. She jerked at her bonds, knowing it was futile but unable to stop herself, staring back at him with hatred and disgust. Her escape that night was due to a kind stranger, a man with a limousine that had picked her up and without question had brought her to a new city, where she had arranged for an identity without slavery. He had been the vampire at the costume party, and was not part of her plans, but he had made it possible for her to completely remove any trace of herself from her former life. Without him she would have been this animal's pawn and sacrifice that night, and now she shuddered at the implications of his having found her, even as he began to caress her again, knowing what was to come.

Four hours later, with every inch of her body caned and scratched and whipped, not with the expertise that she remembered but with careless rage, she had been ready to let herself fall into an abyss of nothingness. Every crevice and contour of her body had been probed and violated, for his pleasure. Suddenly, her world had changed, the walls of her suite becoming blurred and shifting, her tormentor fading away, expressions of disbelief and rage contorting his face. No longer caring why, she awoke in the hovel, blessedly not yet remembering what had happened.

As the awakened memories now receded, she looked into the eyes of the man before her and knew that it was he who had caused her to appear here. The vampire of her dreams, Validor, the man who had helped her before, had somehow transported her. He smiled gently, seeing that she realized who he was, and began to speak to her, a low compelling voice explaining the worlds of time travel and demons, ethereal and mysterious, and her place in it. Her memory of that night had been erased, letting her live in relative safety and ignorance of what had happened. Her first lover, half-human and half-demon, had been training her for his amusement, and had been thwarted. She had been safe until her name and picture had been printed in every newspaper in the country, on every channel and news site. As she listened to her rescuer's voice, a determination began to hum in her veins, passionate and endless, a knowledge that there was only one way to ensure her further safety from her tormentor.

As if reading her mind, Validor shook his head, a knowing look entering his eyes.

"It cannot be done, Sarah, " he said solemnly.

"It is condemnable by the Vampire Council to create New Ones now, there are too many of Us." She was about to explain her next thought when he shushed her again and pulled her to her feet, rising in a fluent motion.

"Come, I will present a plan to you, and we will decide together."

Hours later, Sarah was back in her suite, sipping tea, dressed in a tweed business suit that covered the marks on her body, calm and quiet. Her lawyer had left a message for her, saying that the trial date had been postponed to November and that new evidence in her favour had been established, leaving her free to focus on carrying out her plans. It was the 30th of October, and her excitement was quietly growing. She was not afraid, knowing that it would be her pleasure and within her power to carry out their plans. That night she slept soundly, gathering her strength for the next day.

On Allhallows Eve, at 9 in the evening, she knocked on the door of a four-story mansion, dressed to kill in a black evening gown, her upswept hair studded with pearls, a black choker and heels her only further adornment. Blood red lipstick and a deep red cape made her look like a gothic queen, and she knew she had the attention of every person in the room as she stepped into the foyer. Someone took her cape, and a hush fell over the room, but none was quieter than the man she had come for. His eyes were cold and hostile as he approached her, but she thought she saw a glimmer of admiration as well as disbelief in them.

"Sarah." Uttered in a chilling tone, she knew that he was indeed surprised. She acknowledged him with a slight tightening of her lips, and looked around her, catching the gaze of several people who had approached them. Looking back at him, she delivered her bait.

"Master Michael, how good it is to see you," she said in a rich voice, her eyes directly looking into his. Having no fear enhanced one's performance, she thought briefly. His eyes flared with some deep emotion, a mixture of triumph, rage and excitement she was sure.

"Follow me." He spoke with a deep edge in his voice, and she walked behind him, a following of guests walking with her, in all manner of costumes and guises, the excitement rising as their host led them to the ballroom in the center of the mansion. It was decorated with glowing lights, black velvet couches and chairs, and in the centre of the large room was a gorgeous ice sculpture of a demon, surrounded by a swirling mist. Michael gestured to his guests, and they made themselves comfortable, reclining on couches and sitting on the floor, knowing there was something unusual planned for this evening as always.

"Welcome all." Michael's voice rang out in the room.

"We have a special guest tonight, one who some of you may remember," he said with relish, watching Sarah's face flush at the reminder.

"Please welcome my slave Sarah, returned to complete her destiny. You will all enjoy her before this night is through."

The promise was met with murmurs of approval and interest, and the room filled with a new excitement. Gesturing to the sculpture, Michael smiled craftily, and delivered the coup de grace for the evening.

"To mark this auspicious occasion, my Nemesis will be joining us."

Amidst gasps of disbelief and shouts of wonder, the ice sculpture came alive, breaking out of what now appeared to be a thin layer of ice that had been encasing a hideous man-like form, black eyes glowing out of a dark face and the center of a horned head that rested on a muscular overly large body. The demon stretched and roared, causing the nearest guests to cry out in alarm and flee, sprayed with ice chips as the creature flexed its muscles. It calmed down almost immediately, waiting for a sign from Michael, who stood watching with a beam of evil delight, grinning with pride and relishing the reactions.

"Come, my Creature, let us begin!"

The room erupted in applause, and the activities of the evening began, continuing for hours. On tables at the edges of the room were couples, in costume, some rutting and some making love luxuriously, having abandoned all clothing except for their masks and accessories. On couches and chairs naked bodies were entwined, moans were heard, grunting and slapping flesh accompanying their frantic movements, grinding and quivering flesh visible in all corners of the room. Sarah stood in the centre as if transfixed, her eyes remembering but her mind not wanting to grasp what she saw, and for a moment her courage failed her utterly.

At that moment, Michael looked at her, and the triumph in his eyes was fierce. He leapt to her side, and clasped her firmly against him, shaping her body to his and staking his claim.

"You are Mine," he said quietly, uttering the most frightening words she had ever heard. She gasped, her eyes flaring into his, and spoke breathlessly.

"Yes, my Lord Michael, I am completely Yours." The lie came to her lips so easily that she almost believed it herself, and perhaps it was this that convinced him. He picked her up and carried her up the winding stairs on the side of the ballroom, up to the small balcony that overlooked the entire room.

Although no one had watched them ascend, the room stilled as Michael presented her, holding her in his arms. His Nemesis, the ice creature, having taken one after another woman and man in costume, stilled as well, as if commanded by a silent presence.

"Behold!" Michael's voice rang out darkly.

"The Sacrifice of this night! The one who will keep our demon fires alive for yet another year, the succulent lamb of our carnal appetites!" The room filled with cheers, and quieted to a hush as Michael laid Sarah on the ornately decorated table that was in the center of the balcony.

She let him strip her, sitting quietly as he revealed her body to the gaze of every guest in the room. His inflicted marks were visible, and his eyes flared possessively on seeing them. Sarah looked down into the room, knowing that it would soon be time, making herself calmly endure, excitement growing in her as well for what was yet to come. Michael tied her to the table, her arms and legs splayed and firmly attached to the corners, and lowering the balcony railing, violently pushed the table over the edge, making collective gasps and cries rise audibly in the room.

The demon, having moved below the balcony, caught the table, holding it above its head, snarling and grunting as it absorbed the weight. It lowered the table and sniffed and growled at Sarah, its eyes glowing fiercely, saliva dripping from the corners of its mouth. Sarah gasped, her skin crawling at the mere nearness to the demon, her nostrils invaded by its foul scent. Laughing maniacally, Michael jumped down, enjoying the repulsion and fear on Sarah's face, the rapt attention of his guests and their leering and lascivious adoration. The demon stretched, as if preparing for a great battle, and approached Sarah, climbing on the table, its erect penis aiming for her opened thighs, and she prepared to scream at being impaled by it.

The demon's eyes were black, glowing, and in them shimmered a golden light, and it was at that moment that Sarah remembered who it was, and she stilled. As Validor entered her, stretching her beyond belief, she felt herself rise out of her body, and as he slid himself in and out of her brutally, grunting and flexing his powerful muscles, probing her soul, Michael and his guests looked on in admiration, stroking themselves, overcome by their lust, waiting for the creature to culminate its greed and slake its lust in their sacrifice. He came, in great spurts of violent spasms, ejecting his sperm into her body so hard that it shot out of her, coating the table, spilling onto the floor.

Sarah drifted out of her body, and felt her soul swirling up above, watching, waiting. Validor, releasing the demon's form, entered her body, his soul filling the empty husk where she had been, and as his soul left it the demon collapsed, lifeless. Michael wept with the joy of seeing Sarah being taken by his Nemesis, and as the demon fell off of her, seemingly expired from its exertions, he jumped up on Sarah's body, entering her in one hard thrust. Validor gripped Micheal's member in Sarah's warm cavern, and an expression of surprise flitted across Michael's face. The surprise gave way to shock, and then an anguished wailing erupted from his throat.

"NOOOOO!" He screamed, his body stiffening, his audience cheering madly, witnessing the greatest passion they had ever seen their leader experience, while he exploded as if a million currents of wattage had coursed through him.

Validor quickly re-entered the demon's body, untied Sarah from the table and pulled her soul back into her now still form. Her first gasp of breath was a great relief to him, and he swept her up in his arms, leaving the guests to realize that Michael had indeed exploded, and leapt out into the night. Once outside, he changed back into his own form, and Sarah was looking into Validor's warm glowing eyes once more.

"Never again, love, " she gasped, shuddering, her naked body wrapped in his cloak, her heart beating wildly next to him. Smiling, he lifted them both into the sky, back to his time, back to their world.

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