tagSci-Fi & FantasyDescent Ch. 08: Graduating

Descent Ch. 08: Graduating


She'd made it. Despite all the hardships and distractions, she had aced her final tests. Emma had the diploma in her hands, received in the ceremony that ended just moments ago. Her classmates were cheering, people were hugging, everyone relieved that these years of hard work had finally paid off. The future was open to them.

Emma had been fielding job offers all year, her frenzied studying having put her at the top of her class. She had been to interviews at several of the best firms in the city. She knew several of them were currently negotiating with Damien for her employment, trying to outbid each other, but he hadn't informed her about a decision yet.

She was hoping for one, particular firm to convince her owner. She'd really liked the place, had been eyeing that company for years, as she tried to figure out where she wanted to go after her studies. At the end of the interview, the CEO had even walked by the room, introduced himself to her. She figured the corpulent man had been informed a doll was interviewing and that he was there mostly to get a close look at her body as it strained to be contained in the sober business suit she was wearing. Even so! She bet few junior interviewees got to shake hands with the CEO!

Emma's reverie was interrupted as Amelia moved up and hugged her, leaned in and kissed her earlobe. The redhead held her out at arm's length, looking at her with a proud look in her eyes. She smiled like the sun.

It had been such a happy surprise seeing Amelia in the audience during the ceremony. She looked amazing. Like a young queen. Regal, beautiful, heavily pregnant and suitably submissive, she hung from the arm of her geriatric husband.

Once Damien had finally claimed Amelia, he'd proven he properly knew how to do redheads as well. His changes to her had made her look even more glorious, almost unreal. Amelia had managed to stave off both de-voicing and enslavement for several years, but eventually, Damien had managed to thoroughly push his will onto her, unconditionally enslaving her. He hadn't kept her around for long after that. She'd dropped out late last year when she'd been sold and married off to an old, childless industry magnate. Now, she was hugely swollen with his heir in her belly.

Amelia wasn't the only beautiful classmate Damien had told her to invite to his apartment. All those stories had gone the same way.

Emma could smell the scent of cum on Amelia's breath. Looking carefully, Emma noticed a wet spot in her hair, a white glob soaking into one of the red braids of her fancy updo. Amelia must have been on her knees in the limo during the ride here.

Blissfully unaware of the cum visible in her hair, Amelia smiled at Emma. Amelia couldn't speak, having been permanently de-voiced, but she smiled, a healthy flush to her cheeks. She was positively glowing. Emma couldn't help but think of a swollen, content, purebred broodmare. Damien had really done a number on her. Emma's best friend in this city had been turned into livestock.

With her pedigree, it made sense that Amelia had been bought for her family and genes, as much as her looks. A good girl, from old money, that had fallen to a slave - it was remarkably rare. It was very prestigeful to own her, even more so to breed her. With the age of Amelia's owner, though, Emma would be surprised if he managed to live long enough to see his son come of age.

They hadn't gotten to see each other much, this last year, once Amelia was married off. They texted each other, but she'd only seen the redhead a couple of times at lavish parties. Emma hanging on Damien's arm, or on the arm of one of her tricks, Amelia on her husband's. No ability to talk to each other, just being silent, pretty accessories for their owners.

Amelia's husband had vetoed Amelia's request to invite Emma to the wedding and had instead secretly arranged for her to serve as the rented entertainment at his bachelor party. She stripped and danced for all those old men, at their sober gentlemen's club, and then served on her knees and on her back. Emma had been fucked by Amelia's husband before Amelia had. While Amelia had gotten married the next day, Emma had been sleeping at home in her bed, worn out from the previous long night, Amelia's husband-to-be's little soldiers swimming up her tubes in their frenzied attempts to impregnate her. She'd never told Amelia about it, but she was blushing about it every time they met. She was embarrassed about it even now, as the heavily pregnant Amelia smiled at her.

Emma got pulled away into another hug, losing sight of Amelia in the crowd. More than just her friends and classmates were offering hugs to her. Teachers, young guys she didn't know, some people that she was pretty sure were students' fathers - or grandfathers - were pulling her into their arms, copping a feel of her volleyball-sized tits as they got the chance, looking down into the perfect view of her cleavage that her dress offered them as they talked to her.

She always arched her back, crossing her wrists behind her, let them have a look. She was happy, and as horny as ever. And Damien was here. If he didn't approve, he would indicate it to her. Looking at his face, she was sure he found the unsolicited groping entertaining.

She didn't know the man Damien was talking to. He'd sat beside him during the ceremony, the two of them leaning in towards each other at times, chatting. Though she'd noticed with pride how they'd paused their chatting during her speech.

She'd managed to complete her speech without incident. No devoicing this time. She'd been so relieved once the last word had left her mouth.

And now her owner called her over, a small gesture with his head to indicate he required her presence. She detangled herself from her celebrating classmates, elegantly tottered over in her high heels towards her owner. She noticed the man next to him was holding a leash and collar. A pair of handcuffs. Uh-oh. Was it that time? So much for making plans...

Damien pulled her in for a hug. "Congratulations to your diploma, doll," he said softly into her ear. "I know you have worked hard. I'm very proud of you."

She blinked, trying to keep moisture from forming in her eyes. "Thank you, sir," she whispered.

"You know I made an exception for you, that I normally tend to move my property fast. You wanted a Master's degree. Now you have it. So I've sold you," he said, his right hand sweeping the blond tresses hanging in front of her face to the side, him really looking at her. "You've done good. You ended up being very expensive, and the degree made for a late bid that pushed your price up considerably. I'm even considering putting a few more of my dolls through school if it would raise their value. You should be very proud."

She bit her lip, looking up at him, nodding. Shifting her head, that stray lock of hair fell in front of her face again. She blinked. Her long eyelashes caught against the blonde tress, flexing against it. For some reason, she was paying a lot of attention to that, her eyelashes, those strands of blonde hair. She knew why. Meant she didn't have to think about other things. She took a breath, collected herself. "You told me the first time we met that it was going to happen," she said.

"I did," he said. "We both knew it was true."

She nodded.

"This man is the handler your new owner has sent to manage your transportation," he said.

"Right now?" She started to lean her head as she'd been trained to, offering her throat to the collar.

Damien put a hand on her neck, teasing the side of it with his thumb, then cupped her cheek in his hand. "In a moment, doll. First I need to do this," he said, bringing out a small, metal rod with his other hand. "Tongue," he ordered.

She opened her mouth, pushing her tongue forwards slightly, getting the piercing out past her lips without letting her lengthened tongue hang too far out of her mouth. Damien touched the end of the rod to her piercing, and there was a sudden snap. She jumped, gasped. She realized the ring had broken into two parts. The metal pieces fell to the ground, lost among the feet of celebrating, happy people.

The piercing she'd had in her mouth since she first met him was gone. Destroyed.

He did it to her nose piercing too, her nipple rings, the clit ring - stripping her of permanent things that had been part of her for years. The rod worked through her clothes, the pieces of the piercings falling down between the fabric of her dress and her skin, getting lost where she couldn't see them.

"The RFID tag?" she asked. "The profile page?"

He petted her head, smoothed her hair to caress her as if she was an unruly pet. "Your new owner has control of the page now. He'll give you a new tag if he wants to." He moved his hand from her head. "There, doll, you are ready to transfer."

"Now?" she said.

"Now," he said.

She leaned her head to the side, arched her neck, offering herself to the collar. Her hands behind her back. Her handler collared her, then took her diploma and cuffed her.

"Make him proud," her previous owner said behind her as she was being led away.

"Yes, sir," Emma whispered, looking back, trying to meet his eyes. But Damien was already turning to her family, probably to explain why she was leaving. He had put his hand around her baby sister's waspish waist, possessively pulling the young doll towards him. The golden-haired girl was looking up at him adoringly, smiling in happy rapture while he talked to her parents.

Emma's handler tugged at her leash. She lost sight of her family and friends as she was pulled out the door.

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