tagIncest/TabooDestiny's Curse

Destiny's Curse


Alexis busied in the kitchen, the mother of three was racing against the clock to finish the preparations. It was Tom's birthday today and just the thought of her hubby turning forty made her feel old, but she still had three years to go until that happened. To celebrate such an event, they had invited most of their family to their mansion, but sadly, only her sweet sister and her husband could come.

Alexis thought it would be nice to see her sister again as it had been far too long and she wasn't sure if her brother-in-law even remembered her children. Alexis chuckled as she placed the salad bowls on the table, will he even be able to pick them apart? Alexis was tempted to bet that their uncle couldn't, but then again, it was nearly impossible for her youngest daughter to even compare with her elder sister's beauty.

Alexis heard the clock ring and hurried to the oven to fetch the delicious looking chicken. As she put the tray down on the counter, thoughts of her elder daughter entered her mind and the mother beamed as a result. Destiny was the pride of her life and her daughter was everything a mother could ever want, but to be blessed to have her grow into such a stunning specimen was too kind by their Lord. It made her realize she had to hurry preparing the table as she needed to see her daughter all dressed up for the event.

When the wine bottles from the cellar was fetched, Tom walked up the stairs with a smile on his face, he had chosen the strongest ones and he had prepared one bottle especially for his busty daughter. Destiny will love this! Tom thought to himself as he joined the living room to see his wife busy herself with the preparations. It pained him that such a dutiful wife didn't excite him more and she was a very beautiful woman with a model like elegance and posture as she ran back and forth from the kitchen to the dinner table.

Alexis was a fine woman, with a pleasant face that suited her creamy white skin. It was enhanced in his opinion by her pert little nose and her quite pouty red lips. Alexis spun around in her high heels and checked the spaghetti. That blonde hair, it reached past her shoulders, but the longest strand only reached her shoulder blades and it reminded him of how annoyed he was that she painted her eyebrows in a dark colour to hide her natural looks.

Alexis was a soft woman, despite her narrow cheekbones that lead the way to a rather pointy jaw and she was truly beautiful with a toned runner's body, but she looked utterly disgusting if he were to compare her with his eldest daughter and that was Tom's issue. Because Tom always did this, ever since Destiny became eighteen he had compared them. Perhaps it was an inner calling to always mate with the most beautiful woman, but whatever it was, it pained him that he neglected his wife mentally. However, he never showed her in fear of hurting her and although he had never acted on his unearthly desire for Destiny, he was going to fuck her today and make his dreams come true. Because he had endured enough of her teasingly and scantily clad body of perfection, thus he went to work on his master plan.

Placing the wine bottles on the dinner table, he made sure to fill Destiny's drink with the strongest one and even in the glass he poured the liquid into, Tom could see how the love pill began to dissolve itself. Tom, to hide his actions from his wife that bent down to get some more cutlery from a cupboard, filled all the other glasses with the other bottle he had brought, then he hid the one meant for Destiny amongst the plastic bags in the least used cupboard in the kitchen. Then, safe and sound through the exciting adrenaline rush, he made sure that Destiny's name card was exactly where it should be, next to him and caught in his love pill trap.

Upstairs, Hope struggled to get into her tight mini-skirt without vomiting all over her bedroom floor. Not because the skirt was too tight, it wasn't as it was loose enough for her to sit down with it on and still remain tight. The skirt had a cute flowery design, carved by a gifted needle and she loved wearing it. Instead, she struggled because of the sight in front of her — her elder sister Destiny. She's so fucking sexy! Hope thought to herself as she watched her sister pose in the mirror for the invisible audience that always followed her. In this moment, her sexy sister had forced her voluptuous body into the tightest and almost see-through pink mini-dress that Hope had ever seen. The fact that her mother would even allow Destiny to wear such a thing was borderline insane and Hope nearly vomited of envy.

It was so demotivating to see her sister's body. After all, Hope always tried her best in the gym and she always believed she was getting more bulky in the right places, but the moment she took in the sight of her sister's body — Hope failed to live up to her name.

The tanned skin on her sister looked delicious and when she wore dresses like this one, with hemlines barely covering her ass, everyone could ogle at her shapely built legs. Destiny's thighs in particular were enormous and yet despite the insane muscles, they were soft and annoyingly sexy and so delectable Hope wanted to lick them. Hope had to catch her breath when her eyes glued themselves to her sister's ass. In fact, she became so jealous she took her sister's discarded cheerleading uniform and threw it across the room in rage. How can it be so big!? How can it be so fucking round and sexy when I try so hard and barely manage half of hers?!? Hope screamed at herself and crashed down on the bed.

Hope clutched her face with her hands as she tried desperately to not burst into tears as she had spent so long putting on her makeup and she wanted to look her best for her daddy on his big day. The jealousy of her sister's stunning figure and looks, had deep roots, but she didn't want to be jealous of Destiny. Especially because of how much she meant to Hope and the fact was reinforced when she sensed her sister's presence.

Destiny was sitting before her, knelt down into a squatting position and she knew what her sister wanted to do. Thus, Hope opened her eyes to look at the best sister she could ever have and the brilliant smile that welcomed her eyes was so warm and loving she couldn't help smile back at her. Hope felt her sister collect her hands in a tender grip as her sister's white teeth shined at her along with her radiant blue eyes.

"Hope...Don't do this to yourself. You have no reason to..." Destiny spoke sweetly to her and the softness of her voice did things to Hope that she didn't want to admit to herself and staring down at her sister's bulbous and outrageous cleavage wasn't helping her self-confidence.

"Easy for you to say!" Hope snapped back at her and had Destiny not known her sweet little sister, then she would most likely retreat her hands from hers, but she knew it was her way of defending herself and hurting herself, hence she remained and battled her little sister's struggles with love.

"Hope..." Destiny began to speak as she heard her mother's heals clicking in the stairs as she ran up to see her all dressed up, but before she could continue pouring her heart out for her beloved little sister, that same sister interrupted her.

"Destiny, please, you will only make this way worse! Please do..." Hope snapped at her but the moment she heard her elder sister place her heart in Hope's hands, she was powerless to speak.

"You are breathtakingly beautiful! You are! You might not want to admit it, but you are and I love you...always will." Destiny said as she rose up and straddled her little sister so that she could hug around her petite body. Destiny loved her sister more than anyone in the whole world and she hated the fact that her little sister kept measuring herself with her. Because it always kept them from being as close as they were now as she felt Hope press her body into her. Destiny was rather glad she could make her little sister smile and feel loved and beautiful, even when she was amped up with jealousy, but she was no fool — she felt her little sister try and touch her tight ass.

Hope was in heaven, her stunning sister in her lap, her massive D-cups pressed against her C's and her hand nearly touching her incredible bubble butt. Fuck! Why must my sister be so fucking hot?!? Hope questioned herself in frustration as all she wanted was to rip her sister's dress off and fuck her tanned body silly, but that would be betrayal of a sacred love, hence she endured the torment that their intimacy was.

Hope wasn't a lesbian, she loved men, but her sister was just that hot, that all she wanted was her. It was so nice to feel their bodies this close and she couldn't wait till the day they moved out of their family's mansion. The feel of the fullest lips pressing against her forehead brought her out of her daydreaming and saw those big knockers directly in front of her face. It was torture for hope, but when Destiny removed herself from Hope's lap and turned to face the mirror — Hope had to do it.

Thawck!! The sound of her hard slap on her sister's right ass cheek was loud and so fucking good to listen to. The gasp that her sister let out was sexy as hell, but she couldn't slap those ass cheeks of perfection again, one time was enough. Destiny turned around and her braless knockers jiggled around with her turn. Hope was grinning mischievously as she watched Destiny's heart shaped face blessed with cascading curly blonde hair reaching past her ripe and full breasts and resting above her navel. She could even see the silvery jewellery she had on her naval through the dress, that's how see-through it was and annoyed at seeing abs rippling the pink material, Hope glued her eyes to the blue pearls between the long eyelashes.

"I love you too!" Hope grinned as she saw the shocked expression on her cheerleading queen transform into a big smile. Destiny's blue eyes that added so much to her beauty, gleamed with happiness and Hope knew that had it not been for her mother's arrival — Destiny would've jumped on Hope and kissed all over her face with tears running down her lovely cheekbones.

"Oh my GOD!!" Alexis exclaimed the moment she laid eyes on her eldest daughter. Destiny's dress perfectly matched her pink lips and her manicured nails and toenails that was coloured in the pink cuteness as well.

"You look so beautiful!" Alexis told her eldest daughter while she spun her stunning creation around to see how her shapely and toned body fought for air in the dress. Alexis was one proud mother and she couldn't have dreamed of raising a daughter like this, but while Alexis inspected Destiny and checked that her silvery necklace was perfectly emphasising those youthful breasts, she completely ignored her youngest child.

Destiny felt her mother check her blonde locks that fell to her ass while she stared apologetically at her little sister and she hated that her mother ignored her little sister and how hot she looked in her flowery skirt and her white halter top and especially with those adorable pigtails, but she did and thus Destiny apologized without saying a word out loud.

Hope saw her sister's efforts and gave her a reassuring smile of love before she walked out the door to find her big brother.

Downstairs, Tom was imagining how to do it. He had to get her drinking and constantly keep on touching his daughter to prime her, but he needed the others to drink heavily for him to fuck Destiny like he always wanted; with her on her hands and knees, screaming her lungs out as Tom made his daughter his. Worried he wouldn't have time to come up with anything before the guests arrived, he thought long and hard. Party games! Tom clapped his hands at his own genius. Party games was the solution and since everyone would be drinking, including his three children, it could work. He ran to the front door and got his shoes on. Outside he ran to the shed to gather chairs. His plan would have his sexbomb of a daughter sitting in his lap willingly and for fun.

In her big brother's room, Brad was playing some videogames while his little sister stared out the window and into the darkness of the evening. Brad guessed she was looking at the road for the guests to arrive and had he not already been deep down in the lust grave for his elder sister Destiny, then he might've noticed how similar his sisters were. They were the same short height as their mother at only five feet and they both shared the same tanned skin and the same blonde hair, but Hope's hair wasn't nearly as long.

Brad wished she wasn't here, even if he really liked Hope and got on miles better with her than with Destiny, he wanted to be alone, because he had planned on masturbating to the newest picture of Destiny. Brad had no idea why she posted such sexy pics of herself, after all, the Instagram account was private and only here family followed her, hence Brad joked to himself that she was the family's fap material number one. However, his little sister was here, hence he turned off his videogame and turned his attention to her.

"It has been a long time since we've seen our uncle Keith and aunt Faith, you miss them?" Brad asked her and he had partly hit the nail with his hammer.

"It has been three years now and past time for them to come and see us!" Hope snapped, but she was more sad than angry. After all, she loved her aunt Faith so much and the fact that she hadn't seen her because of their travelling and their working abroad lifestyle, it hurt her, but that wasn't why she was nearly trembling with excitement.

Brad looked at her toned shoulders and arms. It made him proud to see his little sister look so healthy and that was the weird thing about her; healthy on the outside, sick on the inside. Not in a bad way of course, but a sickness that made her doubt and question herself. It obviously didn't help to have a living sexbomb to look up to and Brad could understand her difficulties with the entire family just focusing on Destiny; hence he paid her extra attention and they were more like buddies than siblings.

Hope wanted to tell him why she was trembling with excitement, but she couldn't. After all, she was going to meet him today and she had seen so many pictures of him and Destiny through her posts, but she had never met her boyfriend of two years before. Perhaps she too would have a boyfriend someday and perhaps it was just around the corner as she was eighteen now, the same age as Destiny was when her and Sean got together.

Looking out towards the road, she saw a motorcycle creep over the horizon and as if a socket had charged her back to life — Hope jumped to her feet and ran out of her big brother's room and with her gone, Brad found Destiny's Instagram and went to work.

Tom had gathered the chairs and put them up against a wall, he would need them later, but not right now. Tom looked over the living room and was happy with his wife's work. The balloons hang from the walls and the roof while the food was cooked to perfection and readied for the guests, that were sadly running a bit too late. Looking up from his watch, he checked himself in the mirror and his beard was a bit longer than what he wished, but he hadn't had time to shave and thus he looked like he fought grizzlies for a living.

The thundering stairs above him caught his attention and the sound of a motorcycle coming closer over the courtyard signalled the arrival of Destiny's boyfriend. For that reason, he believed he would see the sexiest ass in the west emerge down those stairs to welcome the biker boy. As he ran towards the stairs to get a close up of her stunning thighs and ass, he was beyond happy to see that she had on a white halter top along with a tight skirt that showed off her great cheeks and even better, she had made her hair into pigtails.

Tom could still see the faintest outline of his daughter's full breasts and as she stood on tip-toes looking out over the courtyard from the peek hole in the door, his mouth went dry when he saw her shapely and tanned thighs tighten. Fuck! I need to fuck her soon! My God she is hot! Tom thought to herself and then she turned to shout to the others that we had visitors, and Tom saw that it was Hope. Tom froze as he realized he had ogled his little sunshine and he felt sick to his stomach.

Alexis finished making sure her daughter was absolutely perfect and utterly irresistible. Alexis knew she was trying to relive long lost teenage years whit her obsession over her daughter looking her best and living life as best as she could, but it didn't bother her in the slightest and Destiny was so cute, sweet and adorably gullible that she found it fun to be with her.

Walking her precious daughter down the stairs, hand in hand to present her pride and joy to her future son-in law made her so happy and proud. It was a moment she had wanted to share with her mother, but unlike Destiny, she hadn't been so lucky. Alexis had wanted her daughter to wear high heels and they had spent quite some time arguing. Well, not exactly, Destiny was never one for arguing, she always yielded and boosted those around her, but she was concerned about them hurting her. However, Alexis made sure her daughter was convinced and with a smile she helped those pink heels on and boy did they make her legs look good.

Alexis saw the stunned faces of her family as she guided the family's jewel down the stairs and poor Destiny's short hemline meant she had to hold it down to keep them from seeing her lack of underwear.

Sean had taken off his biker jacket and his shoes as he saw his girlfriend hitting the bottom of the stairs. My fucking God... was all he could think when his girl threw herself in his black arms. Kissing those lips was an act he could do forever and the heat that he felt from her hot body nearly had him falling over. The two lovebirds kissed and kissed as he out of habit took both of her delectable ass cheeks in his hands. Fucking perfect! Sean thought to himself as he forgot where he was and exactly who was watching. The loud bang of a car door followed by a very quiet one brought the couple out of their little bubble and Sean looked apologetically at Destiny's mother for being so out there, but he only received a warm smile, which he really appreciated as it stood in contrast to the daggers her father sent him.

Keith lead his wife over the courtyard towards his brother's mansion and as he carried the suitcases, he could feel an anger that his little brother had become so successful, but that didn't mean he despised his little brother. In fact, he had always cared for him, much more than his two other brothers, but this wasn't a trip for festivities nor catching up. Keith had a plan and it involved his brother's utterly outstanding daughter. She was the family's fap material and her posts had replaced porn for him and for the rest of his brothers. Keith couldn't wait to see her in person and see just how much better she would look. It did make him slightly uncomfortable though, after all, he had seen her grow up and he really did care for her, but he could not let such a beauty go unchallenged from him, thus his only objective was to fuck her.

Keith's wife, Faith, walked first through the door as Brad let them in after a quick hug. Keith took a moment to admire his good-looking wife. She was in her mid-forties, but still ripe and young looking. It was nice to see his sister-in-law as she looked like a skinnier version of his curvy wife. Alexis was nice and she always smelled good when he gave her a hug. After Keith had shaken the hand of his little brother and been introduced to the black man currently dating his sexy niece, then Keith saw her.

Holy shit! Keith was taken back with her beauty and could barely react when she gave him a full body hug. Keith was slow, but he got his arms around her and beamed at the pretty little thing. Such big titties! Keith noted when her chest pressed into his body and his slightly overweight frame made it impossible for her to grab all the way around him. Keith wanted to lift her up and get an excuse to grab at her thighs, but all eyes were on them; hence he gave her golden crown a nice and sweet kiss.

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