tagSci-Fi & FantasyDigital Eros Ch. 05

Digital Eros Ch. 05


A deep voice boomed out of the darkness of the vast chamber. "Sister, are you ready to proceed?"

Claire steadied herself, and looked across the white sand desert, the purple sky blazing overhead, the three suns distantly shining a pale light.

She had completed all of the trials to the satisfaction of the elders of the temple. She had but one trial to complete before she could ascend into the sisterhood of priestesses. She had completed all the trials of knowledge, having mastered texts stretching back centuries; she had mastered the trials of discipline, having fasted for a week; the experience had nearly taken her, but she persevered in the end.

The last ritual was secret, closely guarded, never revealed by the priesthood. Most knew that a ritual existed, but none dared speak of it. The ritual remained a mystery in the outside community, barely whispered about. The only thing known was that many had failed, and failure meant complete exile from the planet.

"I am ready," Claire called out, trying to hide her apprehension.

The ground underneath roared and split open in front of her. A massive temple emerged from the earth, spikes and glass violently protruding outwards in every direction, sucking in the sunlight into its core. Claire gasped and jumped back. Within a minute, the temple was so tall it was blocking the very sky itself.

"Proceed, sister," the voice boomed.

Huge spike doors swung open and a rush of cold air greeted her. Claire stepped in, shivering.

The doors violently swung closed behind her. Claire was now in total darkness, but was very aware of the depth and size of the room. It felt like the chamber stretched for miles below, above, in front, and behind her.

"Sister," a voice whispered. It was tinny, almost as though it came from her own clenched mouth. "This is your final trial. Here you will face your fears in front of our master."

Claire felt her body suddenly explode with warmth. She gasped and panicked. Her deep, dark tunic felt as though it was on flame. I have to remove it. By the gods, what is happening?

Claire, hyperventilating, began ripping at the fabric. Despite the strength of the robe, it tore easily under her panicking hands. Her cowl went first, then she ripped down her chest to her waist, exposing her breasts. She then went for her skirt, ripping and kicking until it was in shreds.

She panted as her body cooled off, the hot clothing removed from her body. And then a bright blue light flooded the chamber.

Figures stood around her. Hundreds of them, thousands. She was standing at the bottom of what appeared to be an amphitheater, and she was being watched by dark-robed, hooded standing in rows spiraling up to the a ceiling she couldn't see. They all stood silently, without any movement, but Claire knew. They saw her.

Claire gasped and spun around. They were looking at her. At her naked, exposed body. They were looking at the curve of her breasts and buttocks, the pink between her legs. She yelped and covered her breasts with one arm and her cunt with a hand.

A metallic shriek and a burst of blurry light. Claire saw a vision of herself, standing naked, vainly attempting to cover herself in a chamber, a man next to a tray of oils. James... Another burst of blurry light. A woman, ordering her to take off her clothes in front of blinking cameras. Amy...?

Another burst of blurry light. Claire was back in the temple chamber. Her hands became furiously warm against her breasts and cunt, and she was forced to remove them. She groaned in frustration as she was totally bared to the eyes of the thousand witnesses, all staring into her.

Another burst of light. Claire felt as though she was floating now... What? she thought. She was floating! In pale electroconductive gel, Her eyes could not focus through the gel, but she was dimly aware of her body, the shape of her breasts and legs as the gel caressed her parts.

Claire was thrust back into the temple. "You will now face your fears, Claire."

Claire panted as she felt outside energy crashing into her exposed, vulnerable body. My fears! Yes, that is it! She realized, attempting to ward off the energy of the surrounding crowd. In each of the visions, my modesty was challenged! My fear of being exposed, naked. She was churning at the realization. That must be why the virtual visions are so powerful, they drew me into my real sexual complexes!

Claire groaned with the effort of warding off the rising energy of the crowd. Even though she was now aware of their virtual nature, she could not fully defend herself. There must be some other reason I can't pull myself out, what is it...?

Claire realized she had to continue with the scenario. There was some possibility that the rest of the sequence would give her some clues as to what would be needed to extricate herself. And she needed to find Amy and James...

Claire, in resignation, thrust her arms out to the side, opening her eyes, breathing deep. She felt the sexual energy of the gathered audience drown her, pulling her into into a thousand different debaucherous directions. In one man's vision, she was being compelled to masturbate in the cold darkness of space. In another, Claire was falling deeper into an orgy of hundreds of people, all conjoining and fucking madly like snakes. In another a collar slipped around her neck; her eyes pleaded futilely as a cock inserted itself into her mouth, and her eyes resigned themselves to pleasure. In another she was on all fours next to a dozen other women in the same position, eagerly waiting her turn as a man went fucking down the line.

A thousand other visions bombarded her, every other one pushing her body to orgasm. Her juices began to spurt and drip out of her cunt, and her knees went weak. She dropped to all fours as the sexual energy continued to attack her.

She then saw a white light at the end of the amphitheater. She realized that she had to reach it. She began to crawl on all fours as the visions continued to invade her.

As she crawled, her cunt now clearly peeked out from behind her, exciting the crowd even more, though they remained physically in utter muteness. A vision of a woman, an artificial phallus tied over her mouth, fucking Claire from behind. A vision of a man somehow fucking her both from behind and in front. A vision of a man masturbating as he watching Claire pleasure another man with her mouth, as a woman watched the first man and masturbated.

Claire moaned as more orgasms washed over her. As she crawled, she left a trail of her juices shining on the path. More visions, more orgasms. Claire buckled and sobbed with pleasure. She could see that she was almost at the source of the light, which appeared to be... a statue?

Yes, a marble statue, of a naked man. He appeared to be almost floating, his arms seeming to defy gravity. And the statue's cock was erect.

No, not just erect...it's... The statue's cock was pulsating, and ripples of energy passed over its flesh-like surface.

A blast of blurred light. Claire was looking at James, floating in the tank of gel, naked, his cock fully erect, pulsating.

Claire was back in the temple. I'm being bound by that vision... she realized slowly. Seeing James ejaculate in the tank had aroused her, deeply; it melded her sexual inexperience with her fascination with science, her ignorance of the human body with a deep lusting curiosity, her modesty of her own body with the raw exposure of a man in orgasm.

Claire grasped the statue's cock and began to pull back and forth on it. It immediately responded, and Claire could feel the real warmth in it. Claire winced as another spectator's vision invaded her, distracting her from the statue; in the vision she was deep inside of a space vessel, her naked body held suspended by wires as the physical tumult of warp speed brought her body to orgasm. Claire moaned and whined as she orgasmed, trying to bring herself back to the "reality" of the statue.

I have to finish this, she thought desperately. She impaled her mouth onto the statue, sucking madly. She could feel the dark sexual energy of the crowd escalate to a roar, trying to deter her from her task. Claire knew she was doing the right thing now.

Another orgasm shook Claire's body, and another. A vision of a cock between Claire's oiled breasts. Another orgasm. Claire continued sucking, and she felt the marble of the statue somehow groan. The cock in her mouth shuddered, and she knew she was close. And then four orgasms at the same time pummeled her.

Claire screamed over the cock. Her body convulsed and fell downwards, her mouth leaving the statue's cock with a pop of saliva. Her body was left suspended, her hand clutching the cock with the remainder of her strength. As another orgasm hit her, she pulled back and forth on the cock as hard as she could, and then her body crumpled to the ground.

Waves and waves of beautiful semen gushed from the statue's cock, as a fountain that had been stopped for centuries. It poured over her, dispelling the dark sexual energy of the crowd, easing all of the tension in her sweating, heaving body. In delight she opened her mouth, and a stream of cum dripped into her mouth; she swallowed deeply in satisfaction. Blinding whiteness overcame her.

When she came to, she was floating in the air. Semen dripped noisily from her toes and fingers onto the ground with a satisfying noise. In front of her was the statue, taken corporeal form, a crowned, naked man, his cock erect. James.

"You have passed the final trial, and are now admitted into the ranks of the high priestesses," the statue boomed. "You shall know the respect of your people as my servant." The statue's cock pulsated, and a small amount of cum dropped from its head onto the floor.

Blurry light. Claire was back in the tank of gel, her real physical form. Am I really back? Claire jerked a finger. It moved! Claire would have cried with joy if it was possible. In full control of her body, she could now escape from the tank.

Claire closed her eyes, and was back in the temple, her semen-coated body suspended in the air above the statue of James. She sighed, clenching her fists. I can't leave yet. I have to pull both of them out.

She smirked. But I'm in control now.

Claire floated towards the statue of James. James let out a deep gasp of alarm, realizing Claire was moving out of his control.

"I do not think I am content to be the servant," Claire said with authority as her legs wrapped around the hips of the statue. She took the statue's face in her hands, and looked deep into its marble eyes.

"James..." she whispered. Her legs fully gripped to the statue's body, she reached behind herself and grasped its cock. "I am going to rescue you." With a gasp of joy she drew her body downwards over the statue's cock.

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