tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDirty Dozen Ch. 05: Alessandra Ambrosio

Dirty Dozen Ch. 05: Alessandra Ambrosio


I couldn't quite get my mind off the glare of the CCTV camera as I fucked Romee Strijd.

I'd first met the 22-year-old supermodel two weeks earlier. After some wild group sex - Romee had spent almost an hour sandwiched between me and Stella Maxwell - she'd been arrested for her role in an international drug smuggling ring. Now she was serving five years in prison in the Bahamas, and I gave her weekly conjugal visits.

We'd already given each other oral sex and fucked in missionary and cowgirl positions. Now I was taking Romee from behind, giving me a view of her round bubble butt. It was only here that I noticed the camera pointing down at us. It had a high angled view that would be giving it a great shot of Romee's pussy being pounded while also capturing the expression on her face as she looked over her shoulder. I was certain that at least one guard would be watching us, cock in hand. It was an unsettling thought.

"I want to take your ass quickly," I said.

"Go for it," said Romee.

I switched holes and pounded Romee's asshole for a few minutes, desperate to finish so the guard wouldn't get off on us any more. It worked, and I was soon shooting my seed deep in Romee's bowels.

"You're amazing," I told her.

"Well, it helps when you're being fucked by someone amazing," said Romee.

We spooned for a few minutes and made conversation.

"I'm not going to be around next week," I told her. "After the... incident, Victoria's Secret don't want the beach house because of the bad publicity associated with it. I've made a lot of money recently, so I'm buying it off them, and they need some time to remove all the valuable furniture and artwork."

"Couldn't you just get a hotel?" said Romee. "I don't know what we'd do without your visits."

"I need to get away from the Bahamas for a while," I told her. "I'm going to go to Brazil."

"Where Candice lives? And where Lais is from? And Adriana, and Alessandra, and Izabel..."

"Someone's jealous."

"Well, can you blame me? I only get an hour a week with you. It's tough enough having to share with Stella and Elsa, without you also sleeping with every supermodel in the world..."

"Lais and Candice will be with their husbands and children. I think the chances of Adriana or Alessandra having any interest in me are pretty low." I checked my watch. It was late. I climbed out of bed and got dressed. "I need to get going. I have to pack. Good luck in here."

"Thanks," said Romee, showing remarkable skill to put her bra back on while handcuffed. "It's not so bad. Sure, the guards are pretty controlling, but there are lots of people to talk to and we keep ourselves busy."

I knocked on the door. "We're done," I called out.

The door opened surprisingly quickly. "Strijd," said the guard. "What did I tell you? You have 60 minutes. If you go over then there will be consequences. How long has it been?"

Romee glanced at the clock on the wall. "72 minutes, sir."

"74 minutes, actually. You're 14 minutes over. I think 14 days in solitary confinement will be a suitable punishment."

"What! No! Please, sir..."

"And it won't count towards your time served." The guard grabbed Romee's arm and brutally dragged her away. Romee had obviously learned not to protest too much.

I signed out and the guards allowed me to leave. I headed back to the house to get ready for Brazil.


24 hours later, I was already diving into a shoot on a Brazilian beach. Despite what I'd promised Romee, Lais and Candice were both there, along with former Angel Izabel Goulart and Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the longest-serving and most famous Angels who had shockingly resigned a few weeks ago to focus on other projects. That news had been drowned out by the drugs scandal, and meant that VS were currently four Angels short.

Brazil is the home of the beach bum. All four girls had great butts which they were keen to show off. Alessandra and Lais also had plenty going on for them up top, but I had been told to focus on their butts, and I knew those pictures would ultimately sell better.

Unlike on the private beach in the Bahamas, we inevitably attracted a crowd. I decided that this actually helped. Having large groups of men surrounding the models would emphasise their undeniable sex appeal. As long as they stayed out the way, they'd improve the shoot.

Some of the men struggled to restrain themselves. Alessandra was attracting a particularly large amount of attention. Lais and Izabel were the next generation of Brazilian supermodels, and Candice's butt was world famous, but Alé was the archetypal Brazilian beauty and the greatest sex symbol in the sexiest country on Earth. For most of the men, who had been fantasising about Alé since she became famous in 1999, meeting her was a dream come true.

To try and hold them off, Alé and the girls promised that they'd pose for photographs and sign autographs once the shoot was over. Unfortunately, some men kept harassing Alé, even slapping her ass while she posed. I called a halt to the proceedings and waited for security to lead the men away.

At this point, Alé pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear.

"You're fucking Candy, yes?" she said.

I was surprised she knew, but not shocked. "Yes."

"Fuck me, right now."

That did shock me. "We're in public. There are hundreds of people with phones all around us..."

"I need to get back in the news after Elsa took the spotlight. I'll get more money if I'm super famous. Fuck me and I'll be the most famous woman in the world."

Alé dropped a hand inside my shorts and started to stroke my erect cock. "Fuck me for twenty minutes, then fuck my ass. In exchange, you can fuck me again three times, however you want."

I wasn't sure what Alé was thinking, but she was basically offering to have sex with me four times. Alé was the sexiest woman in Brazil, and arguably the whole world. I wasn't going to say no.

Alé lay down on the sand and I mounted her. Observing men had already whipped their phones out and started recording. I tore off her bikini, freeing her ripe D-cup breasts and exposing her hairless pussy. I freed my own cock, standing fully erect and ready to go, and plunged into her sopping wet pussy. Alé was very tight. She'd obviously had a lot of men exercising her pussy and helping build its strength. Although she was wet and ready for me, it was difficult to squeeze my entire length inside her.

There were whoops and cheers from the crowd, including Izabel and Lais, as I finally got balls-deep inside Alé. I began thrusting in and out of her. She squealed with pleasure. "Oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with your cock!"

I took Alé hard and fast, rhythmically plunging into her and loving her dirty talk. She felt amazing. I caressed her large breasts, squeezing her firm nipples. I ran my hands over her flat belly and curvaceous hips, enjoying every contour of the ultimate supermodel's body.

Lais and Izabel were clearly loving the sight. Candice, less so. We'd been having an affair for two months, but due to the emphasis Candice placed on saving her pussy for her husband, we hadn't had vaginal sex. And yet here I was, pounding her rival's pussy right in front of her.

The South African came and leant against me, feeling the recoil of my thrusts into Alé. At times like this I wished for extra cocks, but this would do nicely for now. I kept nailing Alé while my mistress rubbed her breasts against my back.

"I'm gonna come," said Alé. Sure enough, she had a big orgasm, arching her back, digging her fingers into her breasts, and contracting her already vice-like pussy around my cock in waves.

"Me too," I said, still pounding away at her.

"Don't come inside me. I want it on me."

"Face or tits?"

"My tits! Give it to them!"

I pulled out of her vagina and straddled her diaphragm. I shoved my dick between her large tits and pressed them together, surrounding my dic by her soft mounds of flesh. I pumped myself in and out of her cleavage. The titfuck didn't last long as I was right on edge to begin with, and quickly blew a huge load all over her breasts.

Now it was time for anal. "No matter what I say, don't stop," said Alé. "I'm going to act like it is more painful than it is to get attention. If it's too painful to bear then I'll stand up."

Alé rolled onto her front and spread her buns with a smile. I dived down face first and ate her ass out, licking and spitting all around her asshole to make sure it was properly lubed up. Once I was satisfied, I started fucking her, hammering away at her most precious hole. The crowd were really cheering now. They'd been living their wildest dream to see Alé having sex. To see her doing anal was somehow even more thrilling for them.

"Go on, fuck me harder!" Alé urged. I obeyed. I drilled her ass with all my might, jackhammering her tight hole like there are no tomorrow.

"Aargh... ahhhhh... ooooooohhhhh... ow ow ow ow ow," Alessandra cried out as I destroyed her asshole. She wasn't physically struggling, so, given what we'd agreed beforehand, I knew she wasn't too uncomfortable and wanted me to continue.

I focused on nothing but smashing her asshole as fast and hard as I could. I almost entirely removed my cock with each thrust, before smashing forward against and crashing into her sweet ass. You could hear the sound of our flesh slapping together, as well as her tits bouncing back and forth under the force of my brutal fucking.

Fortunately for us both, it took me a long time to build to my second orgasm. Alé had two anal orgasms of her own, which I just powered straight through, before I felt my second coming on. I let Alé know that I was about to blow.

"Cum on my ass," said Alé. I really wanted to cum inside her, but I wasn't going to argue with the lady. I kept thrusting into her until the last second, before quickly pulling out and covering her butt with my cum.

"Thanks so much!" said Alé. "That will do it nicely. I'll give you a call next time I'm free and you can arrange a marathon fuck." We got up, and Alé blew kisses to the crowd. They knew it wasn't going to get better than watching Alé have her ass destroyed, so they thinned out quite quickly. I finished the shoot with the other three models, and led Candice to my hotel room.

In retrospect, I wish I'd never agreed to fuck Alessandra in public. If I hadn't fucked her, then I'm sure her life would have turned out much better.

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