tagMind ControlDo You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 04

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 04


"Hello," John answered the phone with nervous anticipation as he recognized the number on his caller ID.

"Mr. Smith?" the soft female voice asked.

"This is he," John cordially replied.

"This is Nadine from Dr. Willbond's office. We have had to reschedule your appointment from next week to this afternoon. Please be here at 5pm."

"I...um," John's mind raced as calculated how to get away from work and with what was being asked his mind worked overtime in paving his early escape," no problem. I will be there."

"Just remember what you are supposed to bring," she finished before he heard the phone on the other end hang up. John felt a subtle shiver as he thought about the red scarf he was to keep clean and bring with him whenever he was with Mistress Vanessa.

Things seemed to be much more routine after his second visit to Dr. Willbond's office. He always tried to make her happy as she was becoming more and more of a focal point in his life. She was always there to take away the stresses his life put on him. She gave him direction and true purpose. In a very short time she had come to make up his world. Thinking about it his mind quickly came to the conclusion that he did not want it any other way.

John finished up his work as quickly as possible and made an excuse about an early doctor's appointment, which was really more of a truth than a prevarication, and made his way to his car. John got into his car and opened his glove compartment verifying the red, silk scarf was where he put it then placed a key in the ignition and drove to his appointment.

John liked to think of them as appointments but Mistress Vanessa fondly called them his training sessions. She had told him that all men needed training else their libidos would control their lives and that only brought on depression and guilt which was no way to lead a healthy and happy life. She had in a sense taken the pressures his sex drive placed on him and taken the reins. Her will was clearly strong enough to rein in his libido which left him a carefree person. For all that he his Mistress had his unending gratitude.

When he walked in the office door he saw the familiar and lovely face of Nadine welcome him with a smile. Her long, dark hair seemed to shine in the light. She wore a black silk blouse which contrasted sharply with her red painted fingernails and lips.

"Good afternoon Nadine," he said with a smile that showed in his eyes.

She returned his smile with her exotic eyes sharing the genuineness of her lips as well," good afternoon Mr. Smith." Her smile faded a bit and her face became almost apologetic," I am sorry Mr. Smith but Dr. Willbond is delayed on an appointment," John's face showed his let down at hearing her words. Nadine stood up quickly at seeing his crestfallen face," but please see your way into her office and make yourself comfortable," her hand gesturing towards the door to Vanessa's office.

With a nod of acceptance John made his way into Vanessa's office and threw himself down onto the divan chair he had come to be so familiar with. His attitude was one that could only be called pouting. His elation at an early appointment was brought down so quickly by having to wait, even if only a short while.

The short while turned into half an hour before he heard footsteps. The divan was situated facing away from the door. John noticed the black hosiery first encasing thin, but nicely formed legs as they travelled up to a red leather skirt that ended just above the wearer's knees. His eyes moved up to see the same black blouse then up to the same, pretty smiling face that had greeted him when he walked in the office.

Nadine looked down at him again with the same apologetic look, " I am sorry about your wait but it will be a while longer before the doctor returns," she looked around briefly grabbing a chair and moving it next to him," but how about if I keep you company?"

"Well..." John thought and did not want to appear rude," thank you Nadine, it would be nice to have some company."

She smiled at him again," I always find a little company comforting when I am upset John," her words made him feel a bit embarrassed but he tried not to let it show. And failed.

"It's okay John," her use of his first name did not register," everyone gets upset when they feel neglected...especially by Dr. Willbond."

"She's helped me so much Nadine," John said a bit whimsically.

"Oh I know she has," Nadine said crossing her legs before continuing," she helps many men who have lost their way." Her hand moved slowly over her knee then slowly back up and John's eyes moved to the motion," it's not easy being a man and carrying all the burdens you do." She continued on as John looked at her legs, her skirt had moved up a bit when she crossed her legs revealing the top of her black stockings and just a bit of olive skin divided by black garters.

John's only felt he looked for a moment but the look did not escape Nadine's notice," see John you can't help yourself. That's where the doctor helps you," her hand moved up and down her leg this time caressing her calves. A soft whooshing sound was made from the motion which again drew John's eyes. "She takes all that pressure away from you John."

"Yes," he said with a sigh, " she does."

"What did she give you to help you John?" she asked in a soft voice.

"Um..." John was not sure what Nadine meant.

Seeing his confusion Nadine elaborated," she uses a focal point for her subjects. Something they can associate her with," John's mind immediately went to the silk scarf in his pocket and his hand moved to retrieve it.

"She gave me this," he said pulling out the scarf and showing it to her.

Nadine leaned in and looked closely at the scarf," and how do you feel when you look at the scarf John?" she asked still looking at it.

"I...well...I feel relaxed," he said looking at the scarf.

"Mmmm...yes," Nadine's voice continued in a soft monotone," it makes you feel relaxed John. The scarf can take away all that pressure life places on you can't it?"

"Yes...it can," John said softly.

"Feel how much more relaxed you are getting John?" but she did not wait for an answer," the scarf makes ever part of your body relaxed. It does not take much and you fell even more relaxed," John's eyes were beginning to glaze over as Nadine continued. Her voice remained soft but her eyes took on an almost predatory look as she continued," but that's not all the scarf does John, it also makes you oh so aroused doesn't it," this time she did pause.

"Yes," the word was almost a whisper as it escaped John's lips.

"Yessss...that's right Johnny, relaxed and aroused," Nadine shifted in her chair leaning in closer to John's ear, almost whispering," and where does the scarf belong John?"

"Arou...around my cock," he breathed.

"Yes that is where it belongs," Vanessa unzipped his pants and reached into his boxers taking out his cock. She took the scarf and slowly wrapped it around his stiff member. "Now feel Dr. Willbond's control around your cock John. Her will is wrapped around your cock, controlling it, controlling you," Nadine stood out of the chair and straddled John's thighs as she held his cock wrapped in red silk. "Now feel it as I release her control over your cock John," she slowly began unwrapping the scarf," fell her hold over you fall away slowly." Nadine held just the end of the scarf onto his cock," does it frighten being back on the edge of the abyss again John?"

His mind reeled at the feeling of being left out there and suddenly the last of the silk fell away from his cock. John felt as if he floated in nothingness. Nothing there to hold him down. He was almost desperate to have the feeling of security returned.

"Do you long to be held away from the abyss sleepy Johnny?" she softly cooed in his ear.

"Yes," he breathed out heavily.

"Would you like me to help you Johnny?"

"Please," he softly cried.

Suddenly John felt a wet warmth slowly encasing him," you feel yourself being wrapped in my warmth Johnny. You long for it. This warmth is my will Johnny," Nadine was slowly riding up and down his cock," it is taking over every part of you and you cannot resist, can you?"

"No," he replied.

"The warmth wraps around you drawing out any control that remains in you," her hips began to move faster over him," any will you have you feel building, ready to be expelled by my will," John's mind spun. He felt the knot forming in him. A tight contraction of his muscles as he gathered every part of his being," you are going to give it all to me Johnny, feel it build." Her body moved on him, her stocking encased legs sliding up against him as she rode his cock.

"The building is too much johnny, Mistress Nadine is here to take it from you and give you peace. Do you want that?"

"Yes," he moaned as the tension became overwhelming.

She leaned down as she fucked him into sweet submission and breathed quietly into his ear," give in to me now sweet Johnny," and with her last words he erupted crying out over and over the word "Yes". Nadine rode his cock and quietly savored her own orgasm as she sucked ever last drop of cum out of him with her pussy.

"Ohhh baby," she said," you could have been free if only you could have refused me," she looked down at his closed eyes and took in her conquest," but a nice man like you never stood a chance."

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