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Dragon Age: First Knight


"All right. I guess I really don't know how to ask you this," Alistair said, approaching her. He was trembling and sweat stood out on his forehead.

"Ask me what?" she replied.

"Oh, how do I say this? You'd think it would be easier, but every time I'm around you, I feel as if my head's about to explode." He threw his hands in the air. "I-I can't think straight."

"That's very sweet," she said, smiling.

Courageously, he continued. "Here's the thing: being near you makes me crazy, but I can't imagine being without you." He paused. "Not ever. I don't know how to say this another way. I want to spend the night with you. Here, in the camp. Maybe this is too fast, I don't know, but... I know what I feel."

"You want to spend the night? Are you sure?"

"I wanted to wait for the perfect time, the perfect place... but when will it be perfect? If things were, we never would have met." He smiled. "We sort of... stumbled into each other, and despite this being the least perfect time, I still found myself falling for you in between all the fighting and everything else." He laughed nervously. "I really don't want to wait anymore. I've... I've never done this before. You know that. I want it to be with you... while we still have the chance. In case..."

Her heart fluttered wildly as she said, "No need to say anything else. I agree."

Closing his eyes, he leaned in to kiss her, gently resting his fingertips on the back of her head. The kiss started as a chaste meeting of lips, but it quickly became more fevered. Not wanting to go too far where the others could see, she broke the kiss, her hand on the back of his neck. Both of them were breathing hard. Alistair started to say something, but she held her finger to his lips, begging him silently not to speak.

She took his gauntleted hand and led him to the supply packs, looking for the rags he used to polish his armor. She recalled Wynne washing them and returning them to the packs. Quickly she found the rags, smelling mildly of soap. She thanked the Maker for Wynne and her cleanliness.

Rags in one hand and Alistair in the other, she led him to her tent, and together they relieved him of his armor. He needed little help with his metal barrier, but she helped to keep up his morale, lest his Templar upbringing cause him to decide this wasn't the right time and be unable to follow through. When he was stripped down to the clothing he wore to protect himself from armor bites, she took his hand again.

She crouched, lifting her robe above her knees one handed, entering the tent, with Alistair in tow. Once they were inside and the tent was closed, they knelt facing each other in the dimness, illuminated only by the soft light filtering through the tent from the central camp fire. She leaned in, finding his lips with her own, and brought her hands up under his shirt to the skin of his back. She opened her mouth to him as he explored her with his tongue, his seeking gentle and hesitant, as her hands cautiously explored the wide expanse of his back within the confines of his shirt. Keeping his mouth busy, she slowly removed his shirt, breaking the kiss only to lift his shirt over his head. His touch was light as a feather as he placed one hand on her shoulder, the other on the back of her neck. Tossing his shirt, she began to kiss him back, exploring his mouth with her tongue, while her hands slowly descended his neck, over his broad shoulders, down his strong back, to rest at his hips.

Alistair suddenly registered where her hands were, and broke off the kiss, blushing deeply and shyly removing her hands. Not discouraged, she used her hands to slowly lift up her robe, over her buttocks, above her navel, to the base of her full breasts. Alistair stared, his breath quickening. She continued, languidly exposing the thin linen and lace of her bra, and heard his breath catch. Encouraged, the robe was over her head and free of her arms in a flash.

He stared at her breasts, hands at his side. Alistair must have realized he was staring because he met her eyes and gave a shy smile. She smiled back gladly and slowly took his hands into her own and placed them on her hips, arching into him and rubbing his chest with her own, carefully avoiding contact with his hips. He groaned, utterly lost. He began kissing her again, his hands gripping her hips as though his life depended on his hold on her. She cautiously placed her hands back onto his hips as they kissed deeply, tongues dancing.

The kiss became so deep that they both had to come up for air. He touched his forehead to hers and she noticed he was trembling. How long he had been thus she didn't know, distracted by his mouth on hers. She needed to slow this down before his fever turned into frenzy.

Calmly and gently, she moved her hands from his hips, fingertips lightly skimming his washboard abdomen and resting on his chest. She could feel his heart galloping beneath her palms. She moved her hands to the space between his chest and arms, encircling him to lay her head against the wide muscle where his neck met his shoulder. He embraced her lovingly and held her to him, quieting. As he composed himself, she became more excited, his hard length pressed against her where their hips met.

Delicately she moved a small distance away from him. She kissed him lightly on the lips and slowly pulled him down to the furs that made her bed. They both stretched and lay facing each other, Alistair propped up on one elbow. He watched her curiously as she lay on her back, pushed her heels into the furs and raised her hips in the air. She removed her small clothes, revealing the light hair between her legs. Alistair, blushing anew, was enraptured as she sat up to reach both arms behind her back before slowly removing the lacy barrier from her breasts. She returned to her side facing him again, but this time she meticulously applied pressure to the shoulder he wasn't leaning on, guiding him to lie on his back.

When she had him flat against the furs, she began to kiss his chin, his neck, and down, kissing a trail to his navel. Breathing hard, he watched her, clearly uncertain what he was supposed to be doing while she ministered to him. Kissing back up to his neck, she put her weight into her legs, freeing her hands to skillfully untie his breeches.

Again, his hands came to block her advances. Carefully, he grasped her shoulders, pushing her into a sitting position away from him. Before she could become abashed, he removed his breeches and small clothes in one sweep. He then knelt before her, his manhood standing proudly before him, larger than any she had ever seen, one glistening tear adorning its purple head. On his hands and knees, he crawled toward her, forcing her to lean until her back touched the furs and her legs were spread before him. But he didn't stop there. His hands came to rest on either side of her shoulders, bracing himself as he wholly rested his hips against hers. She sucked in a breath as the fullness of him pressed into her belly. He gave a distinctly masculine chuckle despite his inexperience.

Turn about being fair play, she lifted her hips to his, grinding in a circular motion before lowering her buttocks back to the furs, causing his eyes to roll back and his fingers to grip the furs, his arm muscles bunching. He groaned again from deep in his chest. She moved, intending to guide him to her opening, but the moment her hand touched his erection, he sucked in a great breath, head going back making the tendons in his neck stand out as his whole body quaked. Recalling his innocence, she deftly moved him to her opening and pushed with her hips. As he slipped partway in, his whole body shuddered again, his breathing quick and hard. Shifting his hips he pulled away briefly, and as he entered her fully he came undone. A mixed gasp, groan, and sigh escaped his lips as his hips jerked spasmodically, his seed spilling into her in pulses. She pulled him to her just before he collapsed, his great strength abandoning him. He lay against her, shivering and panting as his first climax ran its course through him.

Recovering, he gave a nervous laugh while lifting himself off of her, not quite able to look her in the eyes. Before he could hide behind a joke or flee from her, she kissed him. Deepening the kiss desperately, she leaned him to the side, forcing him to roll onto his back, taking her with him. Soft, he slipped out from within her as she straddled his hips, kissing him for all she was worth. Thankfully, he kissed her back, tongue exploring all previously missed crevasses. She broke their kiss to lightly kiss along his cheek, to his neck, his shoulders. She used her hands to lift his right hand, calloused from years of sword work yet gentle, tempered by his kind heart. She kissed from his shoulder down his enormous biceps, his muscular forearm, to the inside of his steady wrist. His breath caught as she kissed from his wrist to the palm of his hand. Then she took the first finger of his hand and placed it between her lips, twirling her tongue and suckling the digit.

"Oh, Maker." His utterance was low and deep as if dragged from his very depths. She serenely removed his finger from her mouth, placing a small kiss upon the tip before smiling down at him. She had his attention now, no longer abashed and fearful but fascinated. Keeping a hold on his right hand, she reached for his left hand. She placed a kiss on the palm of his left hand before moving his hands to rest upon her ample breasts. Assigning one breast to each hand, she leaned back, bracing her arms on his well-built thighs.

He caught on quickly, losing his timidity and becoming bolder as the night went on. He kneaded her breasts eliciting a low moan from her. Alistair watched her, warmth in his eyes showing both his love for her and the fire rekindling in his blood. She felt his manhood growing beneath her, moving to press into her buttocks. Taking his cues from watching her, he began to play with her breasts, kneading them, cupping them to gauge their weight, learning their secrets. When he discovered her nipples, she nearly leapt off him from the inferno that swept through her.

When she jerked, he stilled, concern written on his face. Meeting her eyes, he took in her flushed face, parted lips and panting breath, and slowly gave a very predatory smile. He teased, brushed over, lightly pinched and rolled her nipples with his agile fingers, learning her body and how she responded to his touch. Her breath came in large gasps and pants as he enjoyed her female vanguard. Having too much of his play, she bent forward to partake his sensual and passionate mouth, but that didn't deter him. Being a quick study, he continued to attend to her nipples while kissing her thoroughly.

Breaking the kiss, she gently grasped his hands in her own and moved them to her hips. Then, shifting her weight to her heels, she raised herself up just enough to find his swollen manhood and guide him into her. Removing her hand, she slowly impaled herself on him, her eyes holding his as she took him to the hilt, feeling him press into her depths. Maker's breath, the way he filled her...

Using her hands atop his on her hips, she showed him how to guide her to ride him as she deliberately raised and lowered herself on his thick shaft. He watched her, mesmerized by her sinuous dance and swaying breasts. She increased her pace, quickly finding her pleasure until her climax exploded throughout her being, causing her movement to become jerky. Her whole body shuddered as she continued to ride out her pleasure, moaning his name between agitated breaths. When she was finally sated, she looked down at him and was caught off guard by the open wonderment of his expression. He leaned forward, brushing her lips with a gentle butterfly's kiss and shifted them both so that she sat in his lap, still within her, his knees making a V to hold her hips, her knees pressed to his sides under his arms. He raised his hands to both sides of her face, cupping her cheeks in his palms, and whispered so softly she almost didn't hear him, "Come undone for me again."

She chuckled breathlessly, smiling radiantly at him. Hands still cupping her face, he drew her tenderly to his lips, lightly kissing her forehead, each eyelid, each cheek, the tip of her nose. Sweetly, he touched his lips hers, breathing her in and, in doing so, affected her heart in a way no one ever had before.

Boldly, his hands caressed down her neck, grazing her breasts to reach around to her back, holding her to him. He began to slowly rock them both, sensually retreating from and pushing into her. She put her arms around his neck and did what she could to move harmoniously with him. Soon, they were both glistening with sweat, breathing in short gasps, working together to bring her to fruition. She felt herself clench as her second climax hit her, and Alistair felt it too, groaning as she writhed in his arms, her fingers digging into his massive shoulders. Never wavering in his thrusting and showing great restraint, he weathered her undoing before reaching his own, quietly crying out her name.

She remained in his lap after, devotedly holding him to her and he returned her embrace with the same devotion as their hearts and breathing slowed and their skin cooled. She knew after this night she would never be able to let him go, even if she had to move land and sky to keep him. The ominous thought caused her to shiver.

Alistair withdrew from her then to pull up the first layer of furs and guide her between them. Her shivering must have worried him. He joined her between the furs, aligning himself against her, his chest to her back, his spent manhood to her buttocks, his legs bent behind hers. He lifted her head gently to lie on his biceps, draping his other arm across her navel. She brought the hand of the arm pillowing her to her heart, entwining her fingers in his. He tightened his hold on her, squeezing her briefly, whispering, "I love you" into her ear before relaxing and enfolding her gently again.

They must have fallen asleep like that, for when she opened her eyes pre-dawn light permeated the canvas of her tent. Either Alistair was already awake or she had awoken him with her stirring, because she found him watching her as she rolled toward him. He smiled shyly at her. Well, that just wouldn't do after the night they had shared. She passionately kissed him good morning and his look changed from reserved to heated. Much better.

Wanting to touch and be close to him, she helped him dress. His manhood was awake and standing proudly, whether due to the dawn or her presence she wasn't sure, but he certainly made himself known through Alistair's smallclothes and breeches. He helped her dress in return, seeming to need the same closeness as she. Once they were dressed, they silently stole out of the tent into the dark chill of very early morning. After helping him don his armor, his usual cheery and joking self emerged. The donning of both sets of his armor was not lost on her.

He spoke quietly. "Hmm. You know, according to all the sisters at the monastery, I should have been struck by lightning by now."

She regarded him earnestly, a small smile playing on her lips. "Not for that performance."

"Meaning that it was so great that the Maker Himself has decided to spare me the usual punishment, right? Right? Aww." His voice was light with humor but his expression was touched by her compliment. "You do realize that the rest of our little party here is going to talk, right? They do that."

"First smart comment and I feed them to the darkspawn," she growled jokingly.

"See?" he said, smiling. "This is why I love you. So... what now? Where do we go from here?"

"We stay together, no matter what happens," she said in earnest.

"Right, I can handle that. I hope." He sighed. "Before we go, have I told you that I love you?" He grinned. "I did? Well, it won't kill you to hear it again, will it?"

"I love you, too," she said, returning his smile.

"See? Was that so hard?" He chuckled, moving away from her as their companions began stirring and the new morning continued to brighten the sky.

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