tagRomanceDreams Come True Ch. 02

Dreams Come True Ch. 02


It's Tuesday morning and I am on my way to work. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful job since most people aren't that lucky. I am a chef at one of the two, five star restaurants in town. Most of the time I am there on weekdays, but like most people, I have to work the occasional weekend, but I love my job. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a chef. I loved helping my mom in the kitchen and would watch cooking shows every chance I could. My specialty is deserts.

I finally reach my destination which is a forty-five minute drive from my house. I hop out of my most prized possession which is my 2002 Hummer. Not your typical girl car I know, but I have always loved mud riding with my two brothers as well as past boyfriends. I have only had it for nine months and thus far she has lived up to all of my expectations! It has a custom paint job, white and pink of course, not to mention the best system money could buy with all the extras.

Like I said, it is my prized possession, my 'baby'! Well, enough about my baby and off to work. This day happened to be a really strange day. Unusual things were happening today, things I just couldn't control, small things that just made the day crazy.

I can usually be found at the gym right after work except on weekends with the exception of Sunday. Today was definitely a day for a work out and then after the gym a nice soak in the hot tub at home. To go out for drinks or something tonight would be great. After my workout I change my clothes and head for home. On the way I hear my cell phone ringing and fumble for my purse.

When I answer it I am shocked to hear Robert's voice on the other end asking what my plans were for tonight. See what I mean about weird things happening today? I tell him that I just finished my workout at the gym and tell him that I am on my way home to soak in the hot tub; other than that I have no other commitments for the evening and ask if he would like to go out for drinks or something. He says to me laughing, "This has got to stop, you always asking me first I mean." I giggle and say, "I am very sorry, was there something you were going to ask me?"

"Well yes as a matter of fact there was, would you like to join me for dinner and a few drinks? Surely you haven't eaten dinner yet." By now we are both laughing about the incident and I tell him, "I would love to join you for dinner and drinks, where might we be going?"

He tells me that it is lady's choice, but I persuade him other wise and tell him that if he is taking me anywhere that he must choose or I will be dining alone.

He reminds me that he has no idea where I live so I give him the directions and ask what time I should be ready. He tells me that he will be by at around seven so that leaves me a mere two and a half hours to get ready. Meanwhile back at my house I get to soak in the hot tub for a few minutes before I have to start getting ready to go. My mind drifts off to thoughts of Robert and the night that lay ahead of me and suddenly I am looking forward to our evening together.

He arrives at my door ten minutes early which is very unusual for the guys that I have dated. Most tend to range from fashionably late to, 'sorry, I totally lost track of time'. So his eagerness to see me has made an even bigger impression on me than the one I had already gotten from the great morning I spent with him lying on the beach cradled in his arms. He is really such a gentleman, well rounded, sincere, very polite, the kind of guy you would be proud to take home to mom, and he has these strikingly handsome features to go with the awesome personality.

On our way out the door I grab my purse and my shirt to cover my some what skimpy top that I was wearing. When we get out to his car I looked a little puzzled and he asks, "Is there something wrong?"

"No, it's just I thought you drove a truck? The one you met me at the beach in that Saturday morning after our night at the club, which I thought was a great truck!" I guess I have a thing about trucks. The one he had drove that morning to the beach was about a 1998 Dodge Ram with around a six inch lift kit, royal blue paint job, and roll bars; it was just an all out 'bad ass' truck that I truly admired! But his response amazed me.

"Well, I thought that if you were dressed in any way like you were the night we met then I didn't think that you would feel up to crawling in a big truck, besides most girls I have dated would rather ride in my car."

This car that he showed up in was very nice I must say, a fairly new BMW Roadster. I complimented him on it because it was a lovely shade of baby blue and it was nice, I must say. I guess I am just a true truck girl. Sometimes I feel like I should have been raised on the farm with pigs, cows, and chickens or something like that.

I have rode horses, which I love by the way, but have never really been to the country. He tells me that his truck is what he drives most of the time, but that when he first got the truck girls had a hard time getting in while wearing short mini skirts like the one I was wearing when we met.

I guess I am just a sucker for those sweet guys. I asked him if his favorite color might be blue, and with one of those sexy little grins he replied, "Why, yes how did you ever guess?"

"Oh, just a hunch." As I flash him a sexy grin of my own. He smiles back at me and he has the most amazing smile. I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before tonight. I did however notice his eyes when we danced and they have got to be the most beautiful shade of crystal blue I had ever seen before.

I think what I liked most about this excitingly handsome man was that he had such a gentleness about him. In this day and age it is hard to find a man who still opens doors, and pulls chairs out for the lady he is with. He even stood as I excused myself to the little girl's room once we got settled at the restaurant.

All of this reminded me of the stories my grandmother would tell me about the time she first met my grandfather. She would tell me all these stories and would always talk about what a gentleman he was and how even at the ripe old age of sixty-two years old he would still hold the door for her no matter where they were.

I guess I am a little old fashioned when it comes to guys, maybe that is why I still have not settled down; that and the fact that my job is sometimes a little more demanding than people might think. Besides it is going to take a very strong man to be able to put up with me for the rest of my life that's for sure!

I have never been one to think about marriage, but as I am walking back to the table and looking at this man that I am so pleased to be having dinner with, I could see me walking down the isle with this sophisticated man standing at the end waiting for me. He looks up and smiles so sweetly and soon has removed himself from his seat to pull out my chair once again.

This is so new to me because I have never had a man do any of the things that he has done tonight. We both ordered a steak, baked potato, and salad and enjoy our meal while laughing and getting somewhat better acquainted. He really is a very brilliant man as well as good looking.

Most guys that I have been fortunate enough to meet can't seem to keep up their end of a conversation. Robert on the other hand has kept up quite nicely and I must say I am starting to feel a little inadequate as far as intelligence goes. He is in med school to be a surgeon. If you were to guess at this mans age you might say twenty-three years old, give or take.

He is actually a twenty-eight year old sweetheart, whom I am finding myself longing to know more and more. When we finish our meal the waiter asks if we will be ordering desert and in my line of work I can't refuse deserts no matter what. I ask him to pick something he would like and that we will share it. To my surprise he picks my favorite desert of all time; cheesecake.

I think I like every cheesecake variation there is, and cheesecake is definitely my weakness. This is where my waist and I disagree. As we alternate bites of this delectable desert between the two of us we are laughing and sharing our most embarrassing moments.

As we are walking out to the car I can smell the warm ocean air blowing just lightly enough to give me chills. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of the ocean breeze, well except the thought of this man lying naked with me under a blanket on the sand in the ocean breeze.

When we reach my house and I look down at my watch and notice that it is only ten o'clock I ask Robert if he would like to come in for a drink. I giggle as I tell him, "I would invite you in for coffee, but I never drink the stuff."

"I don't either," he tells me. "Don't you know that stuff will kill you?", as he flashes me a flirty grin. I laugh as we walk through the door and as I walk to the kitchen to get him something to drink, I notice that my bra from the night before was still thrown across the back of the couch. You see I have a habit of taking my bra off when I am relaxing on the couch watching TV late at night all alone and usually pick up when I get home from work the next day, but with everything that happened today I didn't even think about it.

As Robert follows me into the kitchen I feel the blood rushing through my body and it is suddenly getting very warm in here. We make our way into the living room and seat ourselves comfortably on the couch. I reach across Robert to grab the remote control and turn on some music; he touches my hand and pulls me up close to him. He leans in to kiss me and pauses for what seemed like forever while he looks deep into my eyes.

That was all it took and I suddenly found my self lip locked once again with this magnificent individual. God, did this man ever know how to kiss, and as far as I was concerned that was enough for me. I found myself straddling his lap while his mouth was kissing down my neck, making its way back up to my earlobes, then kissing my lips again.

I could not resist the temptation to run my fingers through his soft, dark tresses. I feel his strong hands gently run up underneath my top slowly removing my shirt. His hands feel magnificent as he traces his way down my back where he finds the fastening to my black lace bra and with no difficulty slides my bra down my arms and tosses it aside.

Meanwhile I am slowly unbuttoning each button that runs down the front of his shirt to expose the hottest chest I think I have ever seen on a man. He pulls me close and my nipples are longing to feel his bare chest against mine. Our kisses are becoming more passionate as I feel his hands exploring every part of my body before they come to rest on my cheeks as he cups my face in his firm embrace.

I gradually place my feet firmly on the floor and pull him up so that he is standing just in front of me. I gaze up into his fiery eyes as he towers over me like a shadow. He leans down, reaches around my petite figure to seize my firm ass with his hands. He lifts me up with such ease as if he were picking a flower from the garden.

He carries me to the bedroom, but we stop before climbing the stairs up to my room and I feel the weight of his body over top of me still kissing and exploring my body with his. Inching our way up the stairs with Robert's body still pressed against mine we at last make it to my bedroom door.

He pulls his shirt off completely and lets it fall to the floor and then reaches for the buttons on his jeans as I lean in and kiss him he anxiously pulls them down to his ankles and steps out of them.

I fall backwards on the bed and he is once again standing over me. This man looks so irresistible watching me as I come to a sitting position on the bed in front of him. His hands move down his body to remove his boxers and as he works their way down his body his penis springs forward slapping his tight stomach muscles before pointing directly at me.

A sigh escapes my lips as he gives me one of his sexy smiles and I can see shimmers of light in his eyes as he lowers his knees to the floor and pulls at my skirt and panties. With one tug from this masculine man the remains of my clothes are gone and I feel his mouth start kissing up my legs to the inside of my thighs as he gently pushes me back to a relaxed spot on the bed.

He continues to devour me as though this were his one purpose in life. I can feel my eyes begin to roll back into my head from the immense pleasures he is giving me. I clutch the comforter that lies beneath my smoldering body as I feel the colossal orgasm boiling up inside of me. My back arches and I feel Robert's hand reach for mine never losing contact with my burning pussy.

His pace quickens and soon his face is covered in my juices. I pull him up to me with what strength I have left and raise my head to kiss his lips that have been soaked by me. I long to taste my come all over his lips so I suck his tongue deep into my mouth and hold it there. After this rigorous tongue session there is only one thing that will satisfy the craving my mouth has and that is to taste him as he did me.

I roll out from underneath him so that I am kneeling beside the bed as he moves to sit in front of me. Taking his enormous cock into my hands I look up into his eyes as I take the head of his dick into my mouth and start circling my tongue around the tip working my way a little farther down with each passing moan from this gorgeous man sitting before me.

With half of his engorged member lodged deep within my mouth my tongue is licking the underside of his erect penis. I start to moan as I take him deeper into my gullet to let him know how much I am enjoying this. My eyes start to close as I am getting weak from the intense pleasures I am getting just knowing and seeing how much he is enjoying this.

As I suck harder, my finger and thumb are stroking him at the base of his manhood. I come back to the head of his dick as I mutter his name in my throat and the vibrations have caused his hips to buckle above me. I take his balls in my hand and work them gently as I start bobbing up and down intensely and I feel the loads of hot sperm explode against the back of my esophagus as I eagerly swallow every drop of his semen.

Still licking softly along the edge of his cock he pulls me up for a kiss and I can still taste my juices on his lips and mixed with his now on mine has got my pussy starting to pulsate once again. We lie on the bed for what seems like hours kissing and holding one another till I can't take it anymore and climb on top of him. I gradually lower my tight pussy onto his now rigid pole and take him deep inside of me.

I feel as though he would rip through my stomach from the sheer size of this wonderful man. I have finally lowered myself as far down as is humanly possible and I have never been so fulfilled in my entire life.

I feel as if this man completes me in every imaginable way. Now that my vagina has comfortably expanded to the size of its new companion I start to move up and down ever so slightly and with every movement I can feel his cock growing inside me.

I rest my hands on his chest for balance as I start to move my pussy in circles around his huge cock. His hands reach for my ass, but I grab them and force them up over his head while I continue thrusting my pelvic muscles up and down along this massive cock.

His ass pushes up trying to bury his member deeper into my twat, as he comes closer to his next orgasm and I feel his stomach tighten again, my passion gets the better of me as we collapse together in the throws of ecstasy.

As I lay there on top of him trying to catch my breath his hand pulls my head in closer to him as he kisses my sweat laden forehead. With my long blond hair matted to my body from the heat of our sex romp I push the wet hair from my face and kiss his cheek as I roll over to lie next to him.

I think I have finally found the one man that I would never want to get out of bed with unless it was to take a shower or bath together just to return to the sack for another love session. As we lay there he rolls over and is running his fingers over my tightened stomach and I can feel my muscles knot up with each touch. He holds me close to him and I feel nothing, but security while I am cradled in those strong wondrous arms of his.

I tell him that he is welcome to take a shower before he leaves, but he says to me that he is off work tomorrow and wants to enjoy the scent long after he leaves my side. I kiss him again before he rises to dress himself as I watch him step into his boxers, then retrieve his pants from the hallway.

I wrap myself up in the blanket from my bed as we make our way down the stairs back to the living room to get his shirt and other articles of clothing. I walk to the door with him and he reaches under my arms and pulls me up for a long adoring kiss. When he does this the blanket that was covering me drops to the floor as I am lifted a couple feet off the ground then slowly make my descent back to the floor where I stand once again completely naked before this handsome gentleman.

He holds my chin in his hand and kisses my forehead before bidding me farewell, but not before he says, "Can I call you tomorrow?"

"I would be very disappointed if you didn't." and with the most sincere smile I have ever seen, he winks and says, "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I could never see you again!"

I smile shyly and say, "Until next time my prince." As he gets into his car I watch him drive away and begin replaying the entire night over again in my head. I lock the door and head back to my room and no sooner than I crawl into bed, my phone rings. It's Robert.

"I forgot to tell you something," he says in a whisper.

"What did you forget to tell me?" I ask.

"I didn't tell you how beautiful you are and I didn't tell you good night and sweet dreams."

"You really are something Robert and I've got news for you; if I didn't have to work tomorrow you would not have gotten away from me tonight quite as easily as you did!"

He laughs and says, "I know how to turn my car around; for you..."

I giggle and tell him that maybe we should save some excitement for another day! We say goodnight once again and as I turn the phone off I clutch it next to me and fall fast asleep only to wake the next morning wondering if that was a dream or if it was real.

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