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Dreamy Lynn


Growing up, I have always had the world at my finger tips. Throughout school, I was the popular athlete who took pride in maintaining the finesse of my body. Basketball, Track and Soccer helped me keep my body slim and toned. Reaching my maximum height of 6'1'' at an early age, I always looked to be years older than I truly was. I was more of a ladies man than any other high school guy could ever dream. Ladies from all schools would follow me and do anything that I asked. It was heaven.

Right before graduation, I meet a girl named, who played the same game I did. She was 5'4'' 110 lbs with blonde hair and a nice BOOTY! Although I am a white man, I feel that I came from African American blood due to my attraction to a fantastic BOOTY! And she had that bottom that would make every man get the stiffest stiffy they have ever had. Well, when we first meet, she played hard to get, making me chase her and make the moves on her which I never had to do ever in my life. I was lost, yet I was hooked.

The first night we spent together was at a party at a mutual friend's house. We played drinking games all night. She kept giving me the look of lust throughout all the games we were playing. She would also walk up to me as if giving me a hug but would gently tap or rub my quickly growing erection. Many times that night I had to sit down so nobody would notice the tent in my pants. Finally as the night ended, she took me to her friend's house where she was staying and asked me to come in. I followed her up to the room where I was anticipating the night of my life.

She opened the bedroom door, and she quickly found my lips. We stood there for what seemed like hours exploring each other with our hands and never breaking the kiss we desperately needed all night. I pulled of her tank top revealing her bra covered breasts. I needed to see them, to taste them, to feel skin on skin. I reached behind her and undid her bra, finally breaking the kiss, not to watch the bra fall to the ground, but to see her breasts exposed to me for the first time of many. I reached up with my hand feeling the soft skin around her nipple, then brushing my hands over her beautiful nipples. Bringing my mouth down from hers placing it on first her right tit, savoring the flavor. I felt her hands fall from my back and reach for the shirt covering my back. In one quick fluid movement she pulled the shirt off of my back exposing my well earned chest. Dropping the shirt, she placed her hands on my chest feeling every inch of my abs, quietly moaning with desire.

Reluctantly, I moved my mouth away from her breast absorbing the rest of her. I needed to see her butt and the only thing holding me back was a small skirt. Reaching up to pull off her skirt, Lynn placed her hands on my own looking into my eyes and said,

"Leave that on, I've always wanted to fuck in a skirt."

All I could manage was a smile. She pulled me in for another kiss. Finding the bottom of her skirt with my hands, I reached to pull her panties off but could not find any.

Lynn said, "I had a feeling I wasn't going to need those tonight."

I couldn't take any more. I dropped down to my knees and hiked up her skirt to reveal the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I kissed her knees and slowly worked my way up her inner thigh towards her vagina. Right as I was about to kiss her in her hot spot, I stuck my tongue out and brushed her clit with my tongue moving it down toward her other leg. As I kissed my way down her other leg, Lynn let out another moan of passion, louder than the first and I knew she was moving into heaven.

I gently pushed her onto the bed, keeping my hands on her legs and keeping them open. I moved back into position kissing and licking my way back to her pussy. I could sense her trembling as I got higher and I knew that neither she, nor I, were going to be disappointed. Finally reaching the sweet spot, I knew I would never give this pussy up. She tasted sweeter than a peach, and I could not help eating up as much as I could. I felt her reach down between her legs where my head was devouring her pussy and held my head down silently hinting at me not to stop.

Minutes later, I felt her body start to rock, and spasm throwing her into the greatest orgasm she had ever had up to that point. I knew that I hadn't disappointed my new sex goddess. As she recovered from her orgasm, she began undoing my belt, pulling it off, then working on getting my pants off. As she sat there in her short little skirt and tussled hair, I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Finally getting my pants off of me, she wasted no time in finding my cock and stroking it to full size.

Now, I am not the type of guy who brags about the size of my penis. I do have an average size penis, nothing extra special. However, the difference between my penis and all others is that I know how to use it.

She did not show disappointment after working my dick to full potential. She slowly began licking the shaft of my cock. Up and down, around and around, she worked her expert cock sucking mouth like no other had done for me. She placed her lips around the head and descended the length going all the way down to my pelvic bone. Feeling her deep throat my dick for the first time, pushed me over the edge and I had to blow my load into her mouth. She took every drop and swallowed it down as if it were a crime to let one drop fall from her dick sucking lips.

"Wow. I have never blown my load so fast."

Lynn responded "No man has lasted more than one minute with me. I take pride in that ability."

She crawled her way back up into my arms and we cuddled for a few minutes before the effects of the alcohol finally took us and helped us drift into sleep. I dreamed of her and I getting married and living a fulfilling life together. I dreamed that we were on our honey-moon and we were out at a beach wearing nothing. She was on her knees sucking on my dick as if it were a lollipop.

Something in the room stirred and woke me. When I opened my eyes, I looked down into Lynn's eyes as she had my raging hard dick in her mouth. She stopped as soon as she saw me awake.

She said, "Good morning handsome'

"Good morning beautiful. You still got that skirt on?"

Seeing where I was going with this, she came back up into my arms and positioned herself right above my cock. Before dropping herself onto me she asked me "Do you think you can handle me?"

I said, "Oh I know I can handle you, what I am worried about is whether you can handle me."

Lynn laughed and said "If that's how its going to be..."

She leaned back and turned around. She pulled up her skirt revealing to me for the first time her perfect, tight ass. I was on my back watching her maneuver her way putting her back to me about to ride me cowgirl style. I knew exactly why she was doing this. She was using her greatest ASSet to show me how I will not be able to handle her.

She was a competitive girl and I was enjoying that. I was going to show her that I could handle her. She lowered herself onto my faster than I had expected, yet it made me smile because I knew that somehow I had made her wet enough to just slam it right in. She began rocking on my dick stimulating her own clit on my pelvic bone and getting my dick to penetrate her reaching her G-spot. Her pussy was perfect. It was tight enough for me to feel the stimulation all around my cock, yet loose enough for it not to hurt.

Only 2 minutes into us fucking, I began to feel my load building up and getting ready to shoot out into whatever orifice she was willing to fill. I started to think about what I needed to do to get ready for basketball practice the next day. I think she sensed what I was trying to do, so she switched it up and leaned backwards laying her head right next to mine. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her bouncing tits. They felt incredible bouncing up and down on her chest and her nice pussy sliding up and down on my dick. NO! I wouldn't let it happen so soon! What was the score of the game last night? Who was the high scorer?

And there it was, she began to slow, I knew I had her! I was no longer focusing on making her cum, I was just trying to put off me cumming. I thought that I had myself back under composure and that I would start to work my magic on her. But instead she readjusted herself one last time on me rising up onto her feet. She began bouncing up and down and my dick. Up and down, up and down, faster and faster. I felt the tip of cock reach the entrance of her pussy and back down to the very deepest of her pussy to the end of my dick. Giving up, I threw myself deep into fucking her sweet pussy watching her fine tight ass bounce up and down on my cock. I knew that I was about to blow, and I started moaning loudly telling her what was about to happen.

She rose up off my cock as she felt my shaft tighten with my orgasm. She dropped down onto me in a 69 position slamming her pussy onto my mouth and opening her mouth wide to place around my dick. Seconds later, I ate her pussy as if I was a starving man, I pumped her mouth full of cum. This must have helped in my effort to get her to have an orgasm of her own because as I was depositing my sperm deep in her mouth, she began shaking once again. I could feel her moan on my dick and some of my cum spilled out sliding down my dick as she had an orgasm of her own.

Finally she regained her composure and swallowed the mouth full of cum and went at the cum she missed that was falling down my shaft onto my balls.

We laid there for a couple more minutes enjoying each others company. Once we finally woke up, I asked her for her phone number. She obliged and told me to call later that day so we can get together once again.

Days, months and years went by. Lynn and I were married 3 years later. Almost everyday leading up to the wedding day, we would not only have passionate love, but we would fuck each others brains out. Little did I know that I was only getting a taste of everything she had to offer.

To Be Continued....

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