tagInterracial LoveEarth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 07

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 07


"Ellen, get some napkins for our guest, please," said her mother.

The thought of Ellen, his girlfriend's sister and possibly his future sister-in-law, walking by his line of vision to get napkins burst his fantasy of hugging and humping his girlfriend's mother and possibly his future mother-in-law. Afraid to turn his head in either direction for fear of being caught leering at her, he couldn't help but lift his eyes ever so slightly to watch Lisa's younger 20-year-old sister pass by before him. Stunningly gorgeous, she was a sight to behold. She had nicely formed A cup tits with little pink, puffy nipples that were as high up as they were firm. He watched her perfect tits lightly bounce as she walked by him.

Her long, blue-black hair that draped down along her back stopping just short of her ass glistened in the overhead light. She had a rockin' ass, a flat stomach, and a shaved pussy. Truly, if there were more naked Indian squaws who looked as good as she did back in the days of the American Cavalry; there'd be no need for land treaties and Indian wars, just sex. She had a smokin' hot body and she knew how to move it as she walked. Damn, she was a sexy bitch.

The vision of her naked form took him away in a fantasy of making love to her, her mother, and his girlfriend. He wondered what it would feel like to go from one to the other in an incestuous threesome orgy of debauchery. His cock twitched with desire and he wondered if they had an Indian tradition where the bride shared her groom with all her female relatives the night of the wedding.

This by far was quickly becoming his favorite holiday. He loved Earth Day. He loved these naked women. He loved this naked family. He looked over at his girlfriend as he chewed his brownie.

'Man this brownie is delicious. This is the best brownie I have ever had,' he thought to himself.

"This brownie is delicious," he said deciding to voice his thoughts out loud. "This is the best brownie I have ever had."

"Well, thank you," said Sharon beaming her smile at him.

Mark had a full erection. He watched him stare at his 22-year-old sister's tits.

"Stop staring at my tits, pervert" said Lisa folding her arms across her breasts. "You're such a little horn ball. Mom!"

"I saw you sneaking a peek at your sister's tits," said his mother to her son while reaching out her hand and pinching the tip of his cock. Immediately, his cock deflated with the painful pinch. "Every year you get sexually excited over Earth Day. I never knew you were such a naturalist," she said with a laugh.

"He's been trying to cop a feel of my tits all night, Mom."

"Naughty boy," said his mother looking down at his cock as it started becoming erect again. She gave his erect cock another pinch and it deflated as quickly as it stiffened.

He couldn't believe that Sharon just touched her son's cock not only once but twice. Only, it wasn't a sexual touch, it was a pinch, but nonetheless, she touched his cock, grabbed it actually and pinched it. Oh, my God, this family gets more outrageous. After another bite of brownie, he suddenly imagined her giving her son a hand job before taking his cock in her mouth and blowing him.

"I can't help it, Mom," he said grabbing his cock and rubbing it, "it's the hormones. I've been thinking about baseball and math problems all day, but nothing works. Look," he said pointing over at me, "Freddie has a boner, too. You can't see it because he's concealing it with his hand, but he's got a big, stiff cock under there."

'Oh, shit! I'm busted. Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy,' went through my mind in a whirlwind of sexually depraved thoughts. Even though he was trying his hardest not to think of asses, tits, or pussies, asses, tits, and pussies were all that he thought about.

He couldn't believe the little shit ratted him out. He felt his face flush a bright red. He was so embarrassed. He tried to play it cool. Yet, there he was hiding his stiff prick with both hands hoping that no one would see it and hoping that he wouldn't be seen as a lecher.

Unfortunately, that little shit brought it to everyone's attention. Whatever happened to the pervert code of ethical sexual behavior? There they were fellow perverts and as fellow perverts they were supposed to help one another out by, first of all, not ratting on them and second to help in their pursuit of gawking, leering, and lustfully desiring the naked female form. Apparently, he had not taken the pervert oath, yet.

Ellen walked back in the room with her father and everyone stopped to stare at my lap.

"Freddie's got an erection. Freddie's got an erection," she laughed as she handed me a napkin.

"Freddie, don't be shy. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's quite natural for a young man, especially a man your age, to become sexually aroused by the naked female form. You are just a victim of your testosterone. C'mon, now, move your hand away and show us your cock. Let's see your big prick," said Sharon. "This way, you'll move past being embarrassed, concentrate on being one with the Earth, and your erection will dissipate."

'Yeah,' I thought to myself, 'I'd like to be one with you on the Earth outside. I'd love to pound your hot body into the soil and roll you over and over on the grassy lawn.'

"I'm so sorry," I said moving my hand away and looking at my girlfriend's B cup tits and trimmed pussy. "It's just that you're all naked and I never expected this." My cock stiffened with the site of Lisa, her sister Ellen, and her mom Sharon all naked and all staring at my cock.

'Asses, tits, pussies...'

Lisa's mom even came over and leaned over me to have a closer look at my cock. Her mouth was only inches away. It took all the control I had not to wrap an arm around her neck and pull her forward. I expected her to reach out her hand, wrap her fingers around my stiff dick, and hold it up for her personal inspection. I half expected she'd pinch it as she did her son's cock, so as to dissipate my erection.

"You do have quite the erection," she said. I was so hoping she would touch it with her fingertip. I was hoping she would pinch it the way she did with her son's cock. I was hoping she'd wrap her hand around it and jerk me off before blowing me.

"I'm sorry, but this is my first time seeing my girlfriend naked and then to see her mother and sister naked, well, it's a bit exciting."

"Yes, it's understandable that you'd be sexually stimulated. In any event, you do have a very nice penis," said Sharon staring at my cock. "My daughter is a lucky girl."

"Thank you, Sharon," I said looking down at my cock. I wrapped two fingers around it and pushed it forward in her direction for her to have a better look at it. "You don't think it's too big do you?" I stared down at it. "You don't think that it's too long or too thick?"

I saw Ellen out of the corner of my eye staring at my cock while Lisa appeared to be embarrassed by my bold behavior.

'I freaking amazed myself asking her, my girlfriend's mom that question. What the Hell has gotten into me? What the Hell was I thinking to ask her that? Yet, I just didn't care.' As soon as I asked it I was embarrassed, but more than embarrassed, I was turned on and I was curious now what she'd say in response to my question. As soon as I was turned on, I didn't care if I made anyone feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to satisfy my sexual urges wherever they'd take me.

"Oh, God no," said Sharon practically jumping up out of her seat, "I'd gobble that big hairy dick right up in my mouth before shoving it straight up my pussy."

Well, if I was amazed asking her what I just asked her, then I was stunned by her answer. I couldn't believe my girlfriend's mom said she'd gobble my big, hairy dick before shoving it up her pussy. Had she not excited me so, she would have shocked me. Suddenly, I imagined her gobbling up my cock and sticking it in her mouth before sticking it up her pussy.

'Asses, tits, pussies...asses, tits, pussies...ass, tits, pussies...'

"Mother, really!"

"Oh, Lisa, have another brownie and relax. It's just a cock. It's no big deal." Then, Sharon looked at me and smiled. "Only, in your case it is a big deal," she said staring at my erection, "a very big deal," she said wiping away brownie crumbs from her lips with a blip of her big, red tongue.

Lisa stood and took a brownie from the plate.

"Only, Earth Day shouldn't excite you sexually," Sharon said to me.

"I'm so sorry," I said.

I was mortified. Actually, I'd be more embarrassed if I wasn't so sexually excited. Who was I kidding? I wasn't mortified or embarrassed and if given the chance, I'd do my girlfriend, my girlfriend's mom, and my girlfriend's sister, if I could. And if more of their family and friends showed up, aunts and female cousins, I'd do them, too. I was seriously hoping that friends of the family would show up, as well. I was hoping that this Earth Day celebration would be one big naked bash.

"These fucking brownies are delicious," I said out loud.

'Shit,' I said to myself, 'did I just blurt out that these fucking brownies are delicious?' I couldn't believe I just said that? Where'd that come from? Oh, my God. What's gotten into me? It just blurted from my mouth.

Mark was rolling on the couch laughing. Sharon ignored what I just said and Lisa and Ellen giggled between them.

"It's disrespectfully wrong to feel sexual about this holiday," said Lisa's Mom. "This is the one day that we are free of our confining clothes to explore our native traditions. This is the way that we bond with the earth. One day out of 365 we return to how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago when they lived off the land and ran naked through the forest."

She expressed her feeling with her hands, much like the Italians and Hawaiians do. The movement of her tits mesmerized me every time she moved her hands. I couldn't take my eyes off her nipples. Whenever she raised her hands while talking, her nipples moved up with them.

"My husband's ancestors are 99% Sioux Indians and 1% Irish, from when the American Calvary raped our lands and raped our women. My ancestors are 100% Native American Indian from a small tribe in British Columbia before a French trapper raped my great, great grandmother in British Columbia and impregnated her with twins."

"I'm so sorry," was all that I could say. Suddenly, as a Caucasian, I felt responsible for the violent actions of the white man against the Sioux nation and all the Native American Indians that they abused, raped, and murdered.

I wanted to go hide somewhere, that is, until the thought that this Earth Day celebration should be a week long, no, a month long celebration and should include the rest of the family members, aunts, female cousins, and female friends of female cousins. Yes, if I was to marry in this family, I'd work hard to make this Earth Day celebration bigger and last longer. I'd make this holiday last as the long as the Chinese do when celebrating their month long Chinese New Year.

'Happy Earth Day,' I imagined saying to every naked female who walked across the threshold of my home, as I hugged them in a tight embrace making sure my cock found that warm wet place between their legs. 'Happy Earth Day,' I imagined them responding to me as we hugged and I humped.

"You must remove the sexuality from this day and concentrate on nature and how man and women once coexisted without clothes and without feeling embarrassment or shame. Asking a fellow pervert to remove sexuality from hot naked females was like asking a man dying of thirst not to drink water. There are still tribes of people who dot the rain forest and who live as our ancestors once lived naked and free."

'...and loaded with bug bites,' I thought.

As much of a sexual pervert that I was, there was no freaking way that I'd be running around the rain forest naked. These people are nuts. At the very least, I'd be wearing my running shoes and underwear, okay, maybe a light cotton pair of pants and a nice Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, socks, and a floppy cotton hat. ...and I'd have my Blackberry with me, too, just in case...I wanted to leave and needed to call a rescue helicopter.

Suddenly, he saw two images of Sharon, as the room started circling his head. What the Hell was in that brownie? He smiled as he stared at his naked girlfriend, his naked girlfriend's mother, and his naked girlfriend's sister. Like a laser beam, looking from one to the other, surprise, surprise, surprise, his vision focused on their tits, nipples, and pussy.

"You are so beautiful, Sharon" he said smiling at her while reaching down between his legs and gently stroking his cock. He looked over at Lisa and Ellen and stroked his cock faster as he ogled both of them. "You are all so very beautiful and you all have beautiful asses, tits, and pussies."

"Look, he's playing with himself. He's jerking off over you, Mom and you Lisa and you Ellen," said Mark.

"Ewww!" Lisa hid her face in a pillow while Ellen laughed.

"Oh, that's just the brownie making him do that, the poor man," said Sharon. "He's not use to Peyote. It's probably his first time eating it."

Trying to remember what happened, he remembered that it all had started when Lisa had called him that morning to invite him over to celebrate Earth Day. He thought he'd be alone with her. He thought they he'd be planting trees, picking up recyclable trash, and painting fences, that is, until she opened the door naked. Then, he thought they'd be having wild, passionate, unbridled, lustful sex. He had no idea that her parents celebrated Earth Day by getting naked and eating peyote filled brownies. He had no idea they'd all be there naked.

"Earth Day? No one celebrates Earth Day? It's not even an official holiday," he said out loud as he relived the conversation that he had with Lisa earlier. "What do you do plant a tree, paint a fence, and recycle plastics?"

He verbalized his every thought now continuing the private conversation that Lisa had with him.

"No," said Lisa while dancing around the living room naked, "it's the one day of the year that we get in touch with our roots. We return to how our ancestors lived before moral conformity and puritan ethics strangled the life out of love for our family and friends. Yeah, baby, I'd like to make love to your naked family and friends."

"Mom, he's regurgitating everything that happened. He's spitting out his dialogue and Lisa's dialogue."

"Don't interrupt him, Mark, I want to hear what he has to say," said Ellen.

"The poor man," said Sharon. "He's so out of it."

Everything that happened before was jumbled in his mind, especially the sequence and time of events. He was so confused.

"Okay," he said repeating what he had said earlier to Lisa, "so what time is this Indian Earth Day celebration?"

"Since you are our special guest this year," said repeating what Lisa had said to him, "whatever time you arrive is when our celebration begins."

He continued the conversation repeating both parts of the dialogue, his and Lisa's.

"Special guest? Who was your special guest last year?"

"My Mom invited her boss last year and the year before my father invited a friend of his."

"Should I bring anything?"

"No, there's no need. My mom made brownies."

"This is too, funny," said Mark.

"Mom! Tell him not to make fun of my boyfriend."

"Don't make fun of your sister's boyfriend, Mark. Some people have a natural intolerance for Peyote."

"Aha! Brownies," he said, "that was a code word for you won't want or need any food or drink once you start eating these drugged brownies, so there's no need to bring anything."

"I remember arriving and my girlfriend answering the door naked. I remember seeing Lisa naked. She was naked. Yeah, I remember that she was naked when she opened the front door. Did I tell you that she was naked? Oh, shit, I'm repeating myself." Freddie rocked back in forth in his chair with his head tilted back.

"Oh, shit, am I saying all this out loud? Oh, shit, I'm stroking my cock as I'm staring at my girlfriend's naked mother and naked sister. Oh, shit, did I just say that out loud, too?" He started laughing.

"Lisa's sister is a siren. I'd love to bone her up the ass. I'd love to suck her pussy. I'd love to make love to all three of them. Oh, shit, I can't believe I said that. Happy Earth Day everyone! Isn't fucking Earth Day a great holiday? I just love this fucking planet."

"I think our special guest is high," said Lisa's brother laughing, "really, really high and higher than I've ever seen anyone."

"What the Hell? Why are you naked, Lisa? Yeah, I remember saying that," said Freddie rambling. "Why are you naked, Lisa? Man she's got a hot body."

"Oh, yeah, the brownie has definitely gotten to him," said Lisa's sister. "Fortunately, he'll have no recollection of this in the morning."

"This is how I celebrate Earth Day, she said to me. I'm starting to like this holiday I remember saying to her. Happy Earth Day!"

"Don't worry, Dude," said Mark, "I had an erection the first time we celebrated Earth Day a few years back and the first time I saw my sisters' and my mom's tits, ass, and pussy. Then, when I ate a brownie, I was a sexual animal. Now, I'm used to it, well," he said looking down at his stiff cock and looking over at Lisa's tits and then Ellen's tits, "almost." He looked up at his mother's tits. "Damn, I'll never get used to this."

"Mom, the little pervert is staring at my tits, again," said Lisa.

"Stop staring at your sister's tits, Mark."

"Mom, Mark grabbed my tit, again," said Lisa.

"Mark, leave your sister's tits alone."

"Oh, God, now this is embarrassing. I'm talking out loud and sharing my most private thoughts with people who I just met. I can't believe my girlfriend, my girlfriend's Mom, and my girlfriend's sister are naked, too. Boy, I'd like to make love with them. I'd love for them to take turns blowing me. Yeah, I'd love for them to suck my big cock. I would love to cum in Sharon's mouth."

"Dude, I can't believe you said you want to cum in my Mom's mouth," laughed Mark.

"Do you see what you did, Mark? I told you that I didn't want you talking sexually on Earth Day. Now you've given our honored guest the wrong impression of us and about this sacred Earth Day celebration. Sex has nothing to do with his celebration. Since sex was on his mind before ingesting the Peyote, which explains why he is like this now."

"Sex," said Mark smiling "has everything to do with this celebration." He pulled Lisa's hand and wrapped it around his cock.

"Stop it, you little perv," she said pulling her hand away and finishing her brownie.

"Mom, he just put my hand on his cock."

"Knock it off, Mark."

Mark took Ellen's hand and put it around his cock. She left it there while slowly stroking him.

"Don't encourage him, Ellen," said Lisa to her sister.

"It's just a hand job, Lisa. It's no big deal."

"Freddie, Freddie," said Sharon shaking me. "Are you okay?"

He looked up and Lisa's Mom was standing over him. Her big tits were so very close to his mouth. He reached up and felt one tit and then felt her other tit. He watched as his hand went from one tit to the other and back again. His fingers quickly found her nipples and he fondled them while caressing her big tits.

"I'm a little dizzy is all," he said with a giggle. "You have very nice knockers, Sharon. I would love to suck your big, brown nipples."

"Thank you, Freddie. I'm glad you like my tits. Let's get you some fresh night air," she said helping him to stand and escorting him out on the back porch.

To be continued...

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