tagBDSMElla's Men Ch. 03

Ella's Men Ch. 03


Snapping back to her surroundings, Ella slid away from Mark to the center of her two dinner companions. Showing her emotional vulnerability hadn't been on the agenda tonight. No feelings, no complications, no neediness. She repeated to herself.

Ella was curious how John and Mark would react. It wasn't every day that a woman you just met on a casual encounter board shared the details of a torrid affair. Granted, they had pushed her for the details, but she had been fairly graphic about what had happened.

While telling the story had taken an emotional toll, her body was still responding to the physical memories. Greg, the subject of her tale, may have turned out to be a jerk, but it was by far the best sex she had ever had. Not an experience to be repeated with him, but there were parts she wanted to recreate with someone else.

Glad she was wearing jeans, Ella felt her cream dripping out. Not having worn anything in between, she was dependent on the denim to keep things from getting embarrassing. Finally mustering up the courage to look at her companions, Ella was relieved that they didn't seem angry or disgusted.

Mark was the first to make immediate eye contact with her. "You definitely left out the best part of the story in your first edition, Ella. And you told it beautifully. However, I am feeling the need to hunt down Greg and teach him a lesson or two on how to treat a lady."

"I'll join you on that mission, partner," John chimed in. "With pleasure."

"Ok boys," Ella laughed. "Regardless of my size, I can take care of myself, thank you. I don't think you can change guys like him, anyway. And," she added with emphasis, "I don't need protecting."

John and Mark shared a 'like hell you don't' look, but they stayed quiet. Ella obviously wasn't like most women. She was independent, funny, smart, sexy, and, it didn't hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous.

Mark checked his phone and asked Ella if he could excuse himself for a moment.

"Only if you leave me your wallet to go through," Ella joked. Surprisingly, she wasn't still mad at him for looking at her cell phone earlier when she had been in the bathroom. It was a weird thing to do, but she now felt like Greg was completely out of her system, and that felt wonderful.

Getting up from the table, Mark dropped his wallet in front of her. "Be my guest."

"I was joking..." Ella started to say as he walked away. She looked over to John, who seemed just as puzzled as her. "Alright, John. I think its time you told me why you and Mark are here. My instinct tells me that you have more to do with this than Mark."

"That is one problem with smart women," John said giving her his charm-boy look from earlier, "not very easy to slip things past them."

"Spill it, and fast," Ella told him. "Before Mark gets back." John looked a little uncomfortable and started to shuffle in his seat. "Now," she demanded quietly, raising her eyebrow at him.

"You will have to settle for the short version. Mark and I really are partners, as you can probably tell. We were in Special Forces together after college for about ten years and have worked together since our duty ended a few years back. My girlfriend is still overseas. She's given me free license to explore and enjoy. That's a long story in and of itself."

"Mark's story is a little more complicated. His girlfriend left him about a year ago. They met while he was on leave and they were together about five years. She realized that most of their time together had been a long distance relationship, and while a week every couple of months was great, day in and day out the relationship didn't work for her."

"He was pretty devastated even though he still won't admit it. Not many women can handle his strong personality and dominant nature. He knows it, and seems to have given up even trying. So, that's where I come in. As a partner, he has been excruciating to work with. I've tried to set him up a few times. He's been a real bastard from what my acquaintances say. Toying with them, asking crazy questions, driving them out of the restaurants as fast as he can. Mark told me his personal record is 5 minutes."

"So, being the resourceful guy I am, I saw your ad and thought it might be a perfect opportunity to get him laid and back to normal for a bit. We did this a few times when we were young, so I was playing on old times to convince him to do this. And honestly, I think it is working. He's been on super good behavior and I can see that sparkle in his eyes."

Ella almost choked on her water. "Good behavior???. Really? He's looked at my cell phone, forced me to the table and said that he would punish me if I lied. That's good?" Ella questioned. "What is bad behavior? Do I want to know?"

"Nope, just feel good that he really seems to dig you," John laughed. "And the fact that he is almost at the table means this conversation is now closed. You know nothing."

The trio finished dinner quickly. Ella wasn't very hungry, but she managed to get a few bites in and to move the food around her plate a bit. John excused himself and Ella found herself sitting uncomfortably close to Mark.

His hand started to trace the back of her neck with his strong fingers. That was her weak spot. She tried not to let it show. The heat started to build back up inside her. As she started to relax she felt him twist up a strand of her hair near the nape of her neck.

"So, Ella. Is tonight what you were hoping for?" Mark asked, as he looked deep into her eyes.

She could feel him searching her soul. Before she could respond, he twisted her hair in his finger just enough to cause her to start. A slight moan escaped her lips.

A grin spread across Mark's face. He tugged a little harder, whispering, "I think you are ready to continue this game, aren't you?"

Ella shuddered. Her pussy was on fire, but every good girl neuron in her brain was telling her it was the wrong thing to do. She shouldn't go through with this. Her body and brain struggled against each other.

Tugging back on her hair, but not letting go, Mark waited until she looked at him. "I'm going to make this easier for you, little one. Your eyes have already given me the right to whisk you away. John has paid the bill and is waiting for us outside with the car. I promise you are safe. Come with me." His eyes were clear. He wasn't asking her. He was telling her.

"Yes," Ella mumbled weakly.

Pulling even harder on the hair twisted between his fingers, Mark looked at her with his disapproving stare. "Yes, what, Ella?"

Ella was confused. "Yes, I'm coming?" she tried.

Mark stared even deeper into her eyes.

Suddenly his meaning was clear. "Yes, sir?" she squeaked out. That she had succeeded with this attempt was obvious from the pleasure in his eyes.

The resistance and tug of war within Ella subsided. Mark was making it easier. He understood her need to have control taken from her. Helping her up from the table, he put his hand around her waist and guided her to the door. Ella could feel the intent in the way he touched her. She needed his hands in more places than just on her waist, but Ella knew that would come.

A black sedan was waiting at the curb. Mark held the backseat door open for her and Ella climbed in. The seats were dark gray leather. Ella was feeling flush, so the coolness of its touch felt good.

"John's our chauffer for the evening, aren't you partner?" Mark said giving him his best 'don't question me' stare.

"Absolutely, partner," John chuckled. Things were going much better than he had expected.

"Safety first," Mark said in a surprisingly seductive tone as he drew the seatbelt across Ella's chest, grazing her breasts with his hand before buckling her in. "Don't want you jumping out of the car now that we have you so close to our lair," he joked.

Lifting up her chin, he let his lips brush over her soft, naturally ruby mouth. Ella strained to take more, but he had moved back to look at her again. "So, Ella. Let's get back to where we were when we first met this evening. I want you to unsnap those sexy jeans of yours and pull the zipper down real slow."

Ella's heart started to race. In the car? What if someone looked over and saw her?

Mark could sense her struggle. Putting his hand on the inside of her thigh, he gave her the kiss she sought before. Taking her lips roughly and then gently, he worked her tongue and mouth until she started squirming beneath the seatbelt.

"I like the constrained look on you, Ella. Your cheeks are glowing. But, I want to be fair. This is your last warning. When I ask you to do something I expect you to cooperate, whether you think you want to or not, do you understand?"

"Yes," Ella murmured. "Yes, sir," she quickly remembered to add.

"Thank you for remembering, little one," Mark said as he continued to rub the inside of her thigh. "Now, unbutton and unzip."

Ella moved her hands to the top of her waistband. Unsnapping wasn't so hard, but the embarrassment of not having any underwear on caused her to wince in shame. It seemed like a sexy thing to do when she made the decision. But she didn't think through the implications. What would they think of her?

Realizing there was no turning back, Ella slowly unzipped her jeans, keeping her eyes closed to shield herself from the disappointed stares she expected to get. As she came close to the end, Mark's hand covered hers very gently.

"Oh, beautiful, please tell me that there isn't anything between your gorgeous skin and those jeans of yours," his husky voice taking Ella by surprise.

She opened her eyes hesitantly. Did he just tell her it was a good thing she wasn't wearing underwear? "No, I, I, don't have anything on under my jeaanns, sir," Ella stammered.

The smile in both his eyes and on his mouth made Ella breathe out a sigh of relief. "You are too hard on yourself, little one. Nothing is more attractive than a woman that knows how to dress, or not dress in this case. Now slide two of those slim fingers of yours down and let me see how you are feeling right now."

Ella, feeling bolder, glided two of her fingers down her flat tummy and under her jeans where the zipper ended. Her hand brushed against her clit causing her to let out the smallest whimper. At the entrance of her sex she could feel her heat and her desperation for relief. The pull of her sex driving her to move the tips of her fingers inside her.

Mark grabbed her wrist and withdrew her hand. "No taking what is mine. You will have to wait a little longer." Holding her wrist tightly, her brought her wet fingers up to his lips and slowly sucked each one until all traces of her need had been consumed.

"Save something for me," chimed John from the front seat.

"Oh, yeah, you're still here," Mark growled softly but let out a short laugh. "You can have your turn with this goddess in just a little bit, John. Good thing we have arrived."

So caught up in the past few minutes, Ella realized she had no idea where they were. They had just pulled into an underground parking structure. How long had they been driving? She wasn't sure.

Mark moved his hand over her zipper and across her hot skin taking his time zipping her back up and snapping her button. His touch was like an electric shock. When he moved his hand away to unbuckle her, she wanted to grab it and put it back. But John had the door open for her and took her hand as he led her to the elevator nearby. Mark came behind them and pressed the elevator button as John told Ella one of his boy-next-door jokes to get her laughing again.

Alone in the elevator, John gently eased Ella towards the side until her back was pressed up against the wall. Pulling her hands above her head, John leaned in and started to kiss Ella with the passion that had been building in the ride over. Arms pinned, with John's hand roaming over her hips, she leaned into his body and let herself feel his need. It was hard and big, and felt wonderful pressing against her jeans.

"Didn't want you thinking my partner was the only game in town. He's got his good qualities, but I don't want you to forget that I do to..." John softly said as he nibbled her ear. John moved back to her mouth kissing her with an unbridled, but sweet lust that reminded her of her youth.

The elevator door opened and Mark nudged John aside as he scooped Ella up and carried her to the door. "Wasn't sure how sturdy those legs would be after a kiss like that," Mark explained.

Mark deposited Ella in the middle of the room. It had a modest and modern feel. No clutter, just simple. Maybe a little stark. The couch he sat down on looked out towards Ella and the windows facing the city. The moon, nearly full, was the only light illuminating the room.

"Ella, I want you to get undressed. You can take your shoes off, but I want you to put them back on when you are finished," ordered Mark. Ella knew there was no turning back, and bent down to take off her red heels.

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