tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmail from Cindy's Box #03-01

Email from Cindy's Box #03-01


It was 11 am. I'd just woken up to an empty house, as usual. It's the summer now and I'm home from school. I still do some classes online, but mostly my time is my own these days.

I always work out first thing. It wakes me up and gives me a good excuse to have a nice, hot shower. Plus, it's what they make us do at school, so I'm used to it.

I slipped on a sports bra over my good-sized C cup breasts, and headed to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I went over to the room we use as a gym. I'd slept in some silky black panties, and they were fine as far as working out. I mean, it wasn't like I was going for a run down the street or anything. We have a treadmill.

We also have some weights and some sort of arm-lifty thing with metal bars I don't use. I'm not much for the upper-body workout. I just like to keep my tight little Asian body all tight and little.

We also got a new recumbent bike. It's not much for strength, but it's a great cardio work out. I just did it yesterday, and I figure alternating is good. Today would definitely be the treadmill.

Someone must have opened the curtains in the gym again, because I was greeted by an annoyingly bright room when I came in. I like to keep my bedroom fairly dim, and usually don't turn on the houselights. Even during the middle of the day, it doesn't get terribly bright inside. I squinted and looked over at the windows.

I don't know why, but my folks are too lazy to put up real curtains in this room or something. I guess because we're moving next year, they don't want to bother. Well, I guess they're moving. I graduate next spring. I'll be off at a job somewhere, putting my crummy engineering degree from a third rate state college to work. Crazy.

Anyways, the curtains are pretty much just sheets thrown over the windows and the sliding glass door to the balcony. That is, they are normally. Today there were gone. Maybe someone thought they were dusty and took them down to wash. Who knows? I shrugged and stepped into the room, my eyes still adjusting to the light.

I bent over to stretch my hamstrings. Count to ten. I lifted each leg up behind me for my quads. Count to ten. I tilted to either side for my groin stretch. Count to ten. I leaned on the wall and took care of my shins and calves. Count to ten.

I stepped up to the treadmill and fussed with my little laptop. I kept it next to the treadmill to listen to music when I ran. Well, ostensibly, that was its purpose. In reality, I ran a little program to read me stories from lit while I ran. It worked great, I was running a lot more this summer, and my already trim body was looking a bit sharper for it.

I fired up mplayer and popped in the earbuds. I'd been trying to run faster lately, to help my mile time. Long runs were good for cardio and all, but that's what the bike was for. Run time is what it's all about. I stepped it up to ten and started running.

Honestly, I can't go for long at ten. Maybe about two tenths of a mile. But, when I listen to a good story, I can go a lot longer before I need a break. I was listening to something really good about a girl playing with herself in a library, and I made it about half a mile before I needed to rest for a second.

When I stopped the treadmill, I looked up and out the window. Someone across the way ducked down. I squinted, but wasn't certain I'd actually seen anything. I watched for a second, then shook it off and started again.

I was very much enjoying the story when I saw them again. I don't think they realized I was watching them, whoever they were. 'It's the house behind us...' I thought to myself, trying to look like I wasn't looking at them, 'It must be that one guy... he lives alone, doesn't he?'

As the thought struck me I quickly felt much more self-conscious. My well-rounded tits were bouncing around in this sports bra rather significantly, and my skimpy black panties weren't hiding much from him. From over there he could probably only see my top half, though. Maybe more when I was stretching. Somehow, with the sexy story going in my ears, the self-conscious feeling was a bit more enjoyable than it should have been.

I licked my lips. Just how much had I shown off? Just how much could he see? Why was I suddenly enjoying my morning exercise so much more than usual? I looked behind me as I ran, back at the exercise bike. It was on the other side of the room, and he could probably see that whole thing fairly well through the window, and I'd be facing sideways...

I'd gotten to 0.750 miles thinking to myself, and at 10 mph, I was already sweating pretty well. The A/C doesn't come into this room if the door is closed, so it was starting to get hotter. I stopped the treadmill to have a break and fanned myself.

I glanced up nonchalantly at the window. 'If I play this right...' I thought to myself. I looked around outside the house, trying to see if anyone could see me. Obviously, that neighbor guy could, but I was fairly positive he didn't know I knew...

Acting like I was confidently well protected in that entirely exposed room, I slipped my sports bra off, freeing my tits with an extremely enjoyable shiver down my spine. They're pretty perky, so although letting the skin touch without a sports bra to wick out the sweat can get hot, they hold up on their own well enough to keep from being too bad. As long as I'm not bouncing them around on the treadmill, that is.

Topless now, in my skimpy black panties, I walked over to the exercise bike. With my back to my hidden watcher, I bent over as straight-legged as I could and fussed with the seat. I had to spread my legs a bit to actually get the stupid seat to move, but I'm certain he didn't mind.

I set up my laptop and configured the bike for the heart rate mode. It keeps up your heart rate for you by increasing the load when you slack off. It's pretty neat. I sat down and started pedalling.

The bike is pretty stable, so my tits were comfortable enough sitting out in the open as they were. This was not so much with the bouncing like on the treadmill. Plus, at this angle, I was pretty certain my watcher had an even better view than I had anticipated. Lucky him.

After a minute or two, I started getting into the next story. The female lead was engaging in an impromptu football game between some cheerleaders and some football players. It was very... enjoyable.

I licked my lips and very pointedly did not look out the window at my watcher. As I took my hand off the rail the heart rate monitor beeped at me. "Oh, fuck off..." I smacked it and it stopped. Still pedalling away, I slipped my hand between my thighs and started gently toying with my silky black panties.

"Mmm..." The benefits of a house to yourself are not to be ignored. I ran my finger up and down the smooth fabric, tracing the slit between my quickly warming pussy lips. This was surprisingly more enjoyable knowing someone was watching me do it.

'How far should I go?' I thought to myself. 'Certainly a few fingers couldn't hurt...' I slipped my hand into the waist of my panties, and down to my clean-shaven pussy.

I ran my fingers along the smooth skin and drew my wetness up my slit. It felt so good, and at this point I started to forget about my audience. I ran my fingers up and down a few more times, still pumping away at the bike with my legs. This was the way to get a workout.

I pressed one finger into my slippery wet hole and breathed in sharply. It felt so good... but I wanted more. I looked out the window, less subtle this time, and looked straight at my little would-be-hidden watcher. I looked away again quickly, but I wasn't positive that he didn't know I knew. 'I need more...' I thought to myself.

I stopped the bike and got up, walking over to the balcony door. Before stepping out, I paused and grabbed my top. Walking out in panties and a sports bra was pushing it already, forgetting the sports bra was a little much. I slipped it over my tits and went out for a few cool-down stretches.

I started with my hamstrings. Partly because they're always tight after I run fast, and partly because it let me bend over straight legged and ass in the air for the guy I presumed was still watching. Heck, I'd still be watching me.

Bent over so far, my panties barely covered my ass. Of course, they were doing an even poorer job covering my crotch, stretched the way they were in this position. I looked up between my legs and found out whether he was still watching when our eyes met.

'Wow.' I though to myself as a shiver ran up my spine. Knowing he was watching was already fun, knowing he knew I knew was, well, it was more fun. Recursion is always more fun. 'Well... I do need more...' I licked my lips and smiled up at him, still bent over, my ass definitely not the only thing suddenly feeling very exposed in those panties.

"Hey there Mike!" I shouted up, in the normalest, friendliest way I could manage. I stood, my panties riding up into my ass as I did. I started to reach back to fix them, then decided to wait. I turned toward my neighbor, who now knew I'd seen him and seemed to be pretending to have just seen me. Kinda cute, actually, in a way...

"Hey, Mike!" I smiled and waved at him in his window, stepping up to the railing on the balcony as I pulled my straight, black Asian hair out of my face. I was outdoors, yes, but the arrangement of buildings meant that only three or four houses could actually see me here, and their occupants were all at work right now. Except for him.

"Hey Cindy." He opened his window up and waved back at me. "I didn't see you there!" The hell he didn't.

"What's up, neighbor?" I smiled, my panties still uncomfortably bunched up in my butt crack. I tried to ignore that and accentuated my tits as much as possible. I smiled a little broader as my mind wandered to what was going on below the window sill over there.

"Not much... you going for a run?" Yes, chit chat with the mostly naked girl... How to get him over here...

"No, I just finished..." I said, arms behind my back, stretching my chest. Why didn't I think of that one sooner? I definitely enjoyed his eyes on me now. I decided he probably wasn't even wearing pants, either. "Hey, I don't have any plans today, you wanna come over and play with me? We've got a PS3." Those two sentences were not related.

"Um, ya, sure, want me to give you a minute?" He raised an eyebrow as I tried to make my chest stick out while stretching my quads.

"Nah, I'm just gonna stretch some more and take a shower, I wouldn't hate it if you came over and hung out with me while I did." I smiled at him.

"Sure, I'll come on over..." He waved and awkwardly walked out of sight. His pants were definitely around his ankles.

There's a short fence between our houses, but there's a stair that comes straight up to our balcony from basically his back door, so it wasn't any trouble for him to come up there with me when he made it out.

"So, what're you doing home?" I asked as Mike came up the balcony steps, my ass at his eye level as I bent over in an awkward ITB stretch. It managed to pull my wedgie even tighter into my crack, but at least it gave him a lot of skin to take in, which I definitely liked. This was some of that "more" I'd wanted.

"I have to work this weekend, so I get off today." I grinned when it struck me that his phrasing was practically a lead-in to a cheesy porn. My ass still at his eye level where he paused on the steps, I oh-so-daintily pulled my skimpy black panties out of my crack while considering a witty response. I guess I need more practice with cheesy porn.

"That's cool! You should work weekends more, so you can come over and entertain me. I get so lonely all by my self!" I sat down and did a butterfly stretch, baring the crotch of my panties to my new favorite neighbor as he came the rest of the way up the steps.

"I should. I should indeed." He smiled at me, sitting down in one of the chairs on our little balcony. This put his crotch right at eye level for me, and I smiled as I noticed just how much he was enjoying his view. Definitely a fun workout for me today.

"Well, I should go ahead and take a shower, don't want to be all sweaty for you." I said, unnecessarily stretching my hamstrings once more. I couldn't resist sitting spread eagle in these panties while I still had a captive audience. Very enjoyable.

"Should I come back when you're done?" He got up, the bulge in his pants still very noticeable. I smiled, standing.

"Don't be silly, I just hafta get clean real quick, it'll only be a minute! Come inside!" I opened the balcony door and gently pushed him in. Now he was definitely my captive.

"Um, sure, okay..." he said as I followed, closing the balcony door. He looked around the room, eying the bike. I couldn't help but giggle. "What?" He said, self-consciously.

"If only you knew what I did on that bike!" I winked at him, knowing full well what he knew. "C'mon, I'll lead you to the living room." I walked out, Mike in tow, and led him downstairs.

The nice shower was upstairs, but I figured I might as well take advantage while it was mine to take. I mean, the shower curtain down here is clear, and the bathroom is right next to the living room.

"Here, the shower's in here, I'll just be a minute. Sit down!" I motioned at the couch, walking into the hall and over to the bathroom.

"Um, thanks." He said as I walked out. I slipped off my sports bra and panties as soon as I got into the bathroom, the door still ajar. I reached for the shower when a thought struck me.

"Hey, Mike," I yelled out to him, only the corner of the hall blocking his view of my nakedness. Okay, this was getting very fun now.

"Ya?" He yelled back from the living room.

"Hey, thanks for coming over, I know it's your day off and all." I started the shower and waited for it to get warm. Turning on the shower, that meant I was naked, right? Was it clear now?

"Hanging out with people is what days off are all about, right?" He said back to me.

"Hey, I'm actually kinda thirsty after that run. I think I'm gonna have something to drink, you want a soda?" I'd hafta walk past the living room to get to the kitchen. Not through, just past. Say yes.

"Ya, uh, sure. Is the kitchen down the hall?" He asked.

"Oh, don't bother, I'll grab you something." I licked my lips and stepped out into the hall. He was still in the living room. I darted past fairly quickly. Wow... This was all much more exciting than I'd anticipated.

"You want a coke?" I asked, the kitchen close enough that I didn't need to raise my voice any more. Totally naked and close enough to stage whisper, even. Did he know? I gulped down a glass of water while he hesitated to answer.

"Um... sure..." I think he knew. I bit my lip and grabbed it for him. 'Toss and run?' I thought to myself, 'Or ask him not to look? Oooooh... I like that.'

"Oh, hey, I took off my workout outfit, do you mind not looking for a sec?" I didn't ask him not to look when I came out before... Whatever. This is fun. What does he care for consistency. He's not supposed to be seeing me naked. I'm the good little girl next door. He knows my parents. He's not supposed to look!

"Oh..." He paused. "Ya, sure, don't worry about it." I smiled. He'd peek. I walked out into the living room. Well, I snuck into the living room. I was naked after all. He had an arm over his eyes. Here I was, totally naked and right in front of him. I bit my lip and cracked open the coke, startling him slightly with my sudden closeness.

"I'll just set it here for ya." I put it on the table in front of him.

"Thanks..." He didn't peek. Shame.

"I'll just hop in the shower..." He should've peeked... oh well. Still very exciting, even if he wanted to be good.

"Alright." He nodded as I walked out and into the bathroom. I'd left the water on and it was really hot now. I turned it down a notch and stepped in, pulling the clear plastic shower curtain closed behind me. Of course, I was already hot and wet before I got in.

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