tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 03

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 03


All was quiet in the Woolpack. The cleaners had gone. Diane the landlady was away, leaving just Moira and Marlon alone to get ready for the busy lunchtime opening.

Whilst Marlon prepared his lunchtime menu, Moira was busy stacking the bar shelves and ensuring the pumps were working for the draught beers.

"Want a coffee?" Moira shouted from the bar.

From the kitchen came the reply "I could kill for one, thanks, milk and two sugars."

Moira made the brew and carried the cups into the kitchen. Sitting down at the small table, she looked at her workmate, who always seemed to have the cares of the world on his shoulders, but today seemed really morose.

"What's the matter babe?" Moira asked in her soft Scottish lilt, "you look really down today."

Marlon looked up with his hangdog expression, a tear in his eye and said "today would have been my wedding anniversary, if I still had a wife."

Moira looked at him and said "Oh Marlon, I am so sorry, I didn't want to pry, do you want to talk?"

For the next few minutes he poured his heart out, telling how Tricia had been killed in an explosion in the very pub they now worked in, and Donna had left him for another man. He and Donna would have been married seven years today.

"So one since Donna then?" asked Moira.

"No, three years and no one, I have not even kissed another woman, never mind sex, I am a 40 years old monk, apart from a monk probably gets more than I do."

Without thinking, but feeling incredibly sorry for him, Moira going against every principle she held on the sanctity of marriage, could not help herself and leaned over and kissed Marlon softly on the lips.

He responded as any man would who had not been near a woman for three years. He kissed her back fiercely, his tongue forcing open her teeth and finding hers responding with equal ferocity. His hand reached for her breast as he broke the kiss to apply his lips to her neck, Moira moaned softly as Marlon's tongue ran up and down her neck. she pulled his head up and again kissed him with a passion.

Moira was caught in a dilemma, for 20 years she had been with no other man but her husband John , but the situation she found herself in with such spontaneous sexual tension, overrode any negative thoughts.

Marlon lifted her sweater and slipped his hand under her bra, caressing her breast and rubbing the taut nipple.

They continued to kiss as Marlon reached down and began to rub between her legs. "No Marlon, I can't, not that," said a breathless Moira.

"Sorry, I just got carried away, I just thought that you were up for it"" said Marlon

"I am, I want to, but not that, though this might be OK."

With that Moira, ran her hands down his body and placed her hand over his very evident erection.

Marlon moaned with pleasure at this and was in heaven as she unzipped him and dropping his checked chef's trousers, exposed his nice sized penis.

Moira lifted her lips for a kiss, which Marlon eagerly provided. As they kissed Moira's hand slowly slid up and down the length of Marlon's cock.

Marlon's head was spinning as Moira broke the kiss and sank to her knees. She gazed at the head of the cock, the single opening inches from her mouth. Her head said to stop, not to be unfaithful, but in her heart she felt so sorry for Marlon, that she poked out her tongue and licked around the head. Marlon gently placed his hands on the back of her head his hands combing through her thick brunette hair and encouraging her actions.

Moira had always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, and over the years had developed a good technique, which Marlon was now enjoying.

Moira's mouth swallowed the full length of his cock, feeling his pubic hair on her lips, before slowly withdrawing and holding just the head on her extended tongue.

After so long without any sexual action, it came as no surprise that Marlon was soon on the edge of coming. Moira sensed this and withdrew the throbbing cock from her mouth, but continued to rub with vigour.

Marlon shouted "Oh my god, Moira, now," and the cock jerked in her hand and a great stream of white sticky fluid emerged from the end, splashing in great globules all over her face.

Moira, his cock still in her hand, licked the remaining drops of sperm from around the head , before taking the now flaccid end into her mouth, for a last touch.

Marlon just stood there, unable to comprehend what had just happened. Moira regained her feet, kissed him, her lips still covered in his jizz and whispered "happy anniversary."

They both knew it was a one off, that it would not happen again, it was just the right thing to do at the time. Or was it?

Meanwhile at Butlers farm, Moira's daughter Holly was in the barn. She was kissing Aaron Livesy having finally succumbed to his advances.

Aaron's hands started to caress her breasts, which made her kiss him harder. Her hand dropped down to his groin and she was not surprised to find him hard and erect.

As young inexperienced lovers, they were tentative in their actions. Aaron unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra to free her pert breasts. His lips found the nipple which instantly hardened under his kiss.

Holly gave a little moan, whilst rubbing Aarons now substantial erection through his jeans.

"Lets get naked" said Aaron. as he writhed against her body.

Holly was reluctant at first, but as Aarons hand slowly slid between her legs, her soaking pussy told her it was time.

Disengaging, they stood up and started to undress, within seconds Aaron was staring at Holly's nude body. Her breasts were quite small but perfectly formed with perky pink nipples, her pubic hair was jet black and formed the perfect female triangle.

Holly gazed at Aaron, his chest was muscular, he had a real "six pack", but most of all she was amazed at the size of his cock. It stood out from his body a good 8 inches. The only other boys she had been with, were from her school days, she thought they were big, but nothing had prepared her for this.

"Holly, you are so beautiful" said Aaron, taking her into his arms and kissing her.

"And you are so big, you will split me in two" laughed Holly as she took the huge penis in her hand and began to caress it.

Aaron pulled her down onto the blanket on the barn floor. He was kissing her breasts, his hand between her legs, fingers probing into her soaking pussy, while Holly had his cock in her hand, her fingers unable to reach all the way around its girth.

Aaron unable to wait any longer, lay on top of her and spreading her legs, inserted his cock into her . Holly eyes tight shut , kissed him and then whispered "oh yes" into his ear.

As Aaron continued to pump his huge cock into her, Holly thought to herself "he may be a bad boy, but he knows how to use that thing."

Aaron then withdrew and lifting Holly, lay on his back and invited the girl to straddle him. Holly reached down and grabbed hold of the throbbing penis and carefully inserted it into her soaking slit, instantly raising her hips to allow it to slide effortlessly in and out of her.

After experiencing the first orgasm of her young life, Holly was prepared to receive Aaron's load. She sensed he was close to coming and bore down on him. She took the full length, it seemed to fill every square inch of her, she felt as if she were on fire, as Aarons hot sticky fluid exited from is cock, flooding her and bringing her to yet another orgasm.

The two young lovers collapsed in each others arms, his cock still inside her as the kissed and enjoyed the post sex moments that they hoped to enjoy over and over again.

Meanwhile Ashley Thomas, the vicar of Emmerdale was planning his special sexual kink involving his wife Laurel.

But that's another story...

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